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Where to begin? Well, let me just start by saying this; GameFAQs is a place where people can share information, cheats, tips, tricks and well..anything else, really. It's like PSO if it were text-based. You always have someone who wants to take shortcuts through everything. Through cheating or otherwise. Some reviewers try to get away by typing out half-arsed pieces of excrement and try to pass them off as legitimate reviews. They play a game for only a few moments, perhaps not even an hour, and pass judgement on a game. This does nothing but provide an unreliable source for information. God forbid someone would read an unfair review and miss out on a good game because of it. So, for a game that's dancing that thin line between good and bad for so many people, this is going to be a straightforward and honest review. Skip to the bottom for the straight facts. Read on if you want more details.

Ah, SEGA. Canst thou do no wrong? Well, not lately. A lot of good stuff has been coming from SEGA as of late. GunValkyrie is no exception. First up..

Gameplay - 9/10

Wow. Stellar stuff here. I won't go into the controls just yet. The gameplay is great. You get a lot of bug-blasting fun out of GunValkyrie. You are sent on different missions on a now abandoned planet and given objectives for that mission. These objectives range from ''kill everything'' to ''go here'' or ''get this and come back''. It's varied enough but never stays from it's true purpouse; bug killing. They come in swarms at you and it's great fun to stand atop a hill, firing the Drive Gun and seeing them pop one by one infront of your face. Evasive manuvers, once mastered, can be smoothly executed and makes for a nice show for someone watching. The games levels usually contain a nice blend of platform hopping and killing spree. It's quite challanging too. You'll be assaulted from all directions as you make perilous jumps and become nothing less than simply overwhelmed with enemies in some parts. It is definately quite the challange and worthy of a hardcore gamers attention. Perfect for the type of person who beats a game just to get the satisfaction of beating it.

Control - 7/10

This is what all the fuss is about. It's got no coustomization what so ever so you'll actually have to learn a new set of controls. Come on everyone, suck it up and learn. Everything can't play exactly how you want it to. This is another reason why this game is mostly for people who want a challange. Let's break down the controls;

-Left Thumbstick moves. Turning is fairly slow.

-Right Thumbstick looks. A quick-turn is available, which is good. You can only look as far as your actual character can turn. It's limiting, but realistic.

-Three of the face buttons switch your weapons. Easy enough.

-Right Trigger fires. Duh.

-White and Black bring up your map and time elapsed meter, respectively.

-Left Trigger is your main button. It activates your boost which you use in conjunction with the Left Thumbstick to boost-dash and dodge. This is the part people whine and gripe about. It can be quite tricky sometimes to execute the proper moves such as aiming and dodging while hovering in mid-air. With some practice it will become comfortable.

So the controls are not as bad as everyone says, but they certianly aren't the smoothest either. They take a moment to learn but a long, long time to master. Hang in there. It just provides more of a challange.

Graphics - 9/10

Actually, there's not much to say. The graphics for GV are great. There are only a few minor flaws here and there but nothing takes away from the games overall experience. This is standard XBOX fare. Only a few jaggies and a little TOO much orange mar the game experience.

Sound - 7/10

While the sounds are great (the noises the bugs and your weapons make, the sound of you boosting, etc..) the music is what really kills this score. It just kind of...fades away into the background. You won't notice it when your concentrating on making a jump or fending off ten or twenty bugs at once. When you DO listen to it, the tracks are fairly repeditive and only a few good ones tend to stand out.


+Great Graphics
+Great Sound Effects
+Quite Challenging
+SEGA and Smilebit

-Quite Challenging, a turn off to some
-Hard to master controls
-Bland Sound Track
-Your thumb will hate you

As always, rent before you buy unless your sure you can get your money back if you don't like it. This is a great game for the Old School gamer who needs a refreshing challenge.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/21/02, Updated 03/21/02

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