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Reviewed: 03/23/02 | Updated: 03/23/02

One of my person favorite games of all time.

Developed by Sega's internal development team Smilebit which has just recently gave us Jet Set Radio Future (another of the X Box's best) now gives us the long awaited GUNVALKYRIE, (Yes in all caps :P) which was orginally suppost to go on the Sega Dreamcast. This game was to be played using the Dreamcast's lightgun along with the Dreamcast controller, so the game has under went some changes. Most noticably the graphics which now take advantage of the X Box.

Graphics 9/10

This game is easily has one of the best graphics out right now. Even using a new type of look Smilebit uses in this game which make the textures look alot better then most games out there. The framerate does go down barely and it does not detract from the experience. With the massive amounts of enemies on the screen, along with the huge levels I am impressed what Smilebit has done here. This area will not disapoint you.

Controls 10/10

10 out of 10? Why? If u read every single review you see them bash the controls to hell yet you are seeing me giving this department a 10? I'm going to start off by saying this. If you pick up this game and expect it to be like 3rd Person Shooters of the past you will be in for a surprise. This is not a convential 3rd Person Shooter. The action is there but Smilebit added something more. Your Gearsuits Jet Pack gives you so much freedom and the controls let u perform everything with ease. Of course there is a learning curve along with this because no other game of the past is like GV in this area. It took me 'bout 15 minutes to learn the controls and of course you will be learning new things as the game progresses and the levels difficulty go up. The satisfaction this game gives you after mastering the controls is an experience no other game provides.

Sound 7/10

Only department I am sure Smilebit should of put more into. The sound effects are fine your usual stuff, but nothing out of this world. Same as the music most of it is just ok with the exception of some of the boss music and some level music which i enjoyed. Other then these few tracks there isn't much else here.

Gameplay 9/10

Where the game shines like no other. This game provides an experience no other game I am played can provide. With the freedom of movement you have in this game. Mastering the controls will give you a sense of satisfaction like no other. The levels are well designed not too long or short and the pace keeps up. Huge amounts of enemies coming at you will make you go crazy. The boss fights in this game as well deliver a great experience. The last 3 boss fights are some of the best I've seen in any game to date. They keep u standing up in your chair, with your eyes wide open. This game is harder then most games in this generation, which will turn off casual gamers who want an easy game. And DO NOT expect your tradition 3rd Person Shooter here this cannot be compared to anyother of this genre.

Replay 7/10

The games length is fine I just wish more was added after you complete the game. Theres always the new mode that opens up after you complete the game and getting all of the Halley's Core which I don't want to spoil what happens (its awesome!), but thats 'bout it that I know of.(Halley's Core is a black ball which one is hidden in every level and boss's always drop when defeated.) Theres one circle out of 3 which i have not lit and I am unsure what this will open up and what you need to do. 1st Circle will be lit when the game is finished and the 3rd when you collect all of Halley's Cores. So who knows maybe there is more to this game ??

Conclusion/ Overall Score 9/10

Its releases like this which make me proud to be a Sega fan. One of the best games out right now and one of the best on the X Box. Do not listen to reviews who bash and bash the controls to death. They just want this game to be something its not. This is not your Max Payne. This game features a new and innovative control setup and has a greater difficulty then games of this generation. It might turn casual gamers off. I am just going to tell u to give it a chance and have an open mind when playing this game. If not your just going to miss out on the experience. I hope we see a sequel in the future and lets see what Sega/ Smilebit brings us with Panzer Dragoon.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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