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"X-Box got some major Action Games up their sleeves...."

Gun Valkyrie, a game developed by Smilebit. Smilebit is known for such game titles like Jet Set Radio and JS Future. Will Smilebit grab the tops spots with Gun Valkyrie like what they did with the said titles? Read on to find out...

Gameplay - (9/10)

Okay, let's start. First of all what do we all gamer wish for a good action game? Yes! An easy controls. GV do requires you to have quite a bit memorizations before getting used to itor before mastering it. Too bad you can't customize the controls in this one. So learning how to manuever the controls first is a must in this game before you can actually play it to the fullest.

It doesn't mean that if a game has quite bad controls doesn't mean that it is bad. The game is actually made for total enjoyment. You'll be given a mission to either start killing everything, capture something, get to this point yadda yadda. Like I said after getting used to the controls gives you a smooth gameplay and a much enjoyment. A bit of an adrenaline pumping game allows you free movement through every parts of the game. It's a relief that jumping won't be much of a problem here.

Yes! Simple missions yet it'll turn into long minutes of enjoyment and fun. You'll encounter hordes of creatures jumping from every sides popping everywhere. Faced into grieve danger. Make perilous jumps from a gap to another. Tricky movements allows you to be more evasive and to be like Rambo/Ninja all in one. A good stress relieving game and for people who likes a total gun firing, attack dodging, gap leaping, action. Perfect for those people looking for fun in just a short while.

Story - (7/10)

Now the sotry department, I don't actually pay much attention to Action games' story, well some actually. Gun Valkyrie don't really have much of a story line than you'll find in Role-Playing Games. Of course, this are merely Action Games not something that you Role-Play. Okay let's pass by the RPG thingy, GV is much like the 3D Shooter game Wolfenstein. In 1800's, a scientist(Is Dr. Gate a scientist? He looks like one anyway) has given the British Empire some technology that changes humans into crazy creatures (not that crazy actually).

You can either pick whether be Kelly, a sexy looking lady yet strong and fierce, or be like Himura Kenshin and Go with Saburouta, a mix of a Samurai/Ronin like guy. Both are members of a team called ''Gun Valkyrie''. You'll be ordered to investigate on what had happened to Dr. Hebble and the people.

Graphics - (8/10)

To make the long story short. The game offers a great graphics. Though some minor and unoticable flaws are found after quite a while but it doesn't take any good experience from the game. The appearance of the Characters and some stuffs are good but not that great. When playing the game the appearance of the jumping creatures at you are great specially the sounds so why not let's move further on.

Sounds - (7/10)

Sounds are quite good but not as great as the graphics. Though some would actually say that it's great considering the sounds your weaopn make and the grunts of your enemies when hit etc... really sets you in a much better gaming atmosphere. Though for quite a long time playing the game you'll notics the music suddenly fades into the background. It's unnoticable considering that you're concentrating on making your jump work or when up with hordes of foes. Try listening to the music, yeah... quite nice but a bit repetitive.

Replayability - (6/10)

The approximation of the total lenght of the game is 5 to 8 hours even longer if you find the control too dragging. Not much game secrets could be found not even a special character or a special weapon. You can only compete for a good score. You can also try replaying it just for new sets of dialogues and actions when playing different characters. You can't actually miss most special part of it some aren't hidden enough to be called a hidden item so only the tops score and beating it with both characters maybe the only thing why to replay it.

To buy or to rent?

Anyone could beat the game within a day, but beating it with both characters and reaching the top score would mean longer. This thing is up to you if you think you wanna keep an action game like this or just wanna test it out first. Your call!

Overall Rating: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/18/02, Updated 04/18/02

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