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Reviewed: 05/08/02 | Updated: 05/08/02

A fun game that offers a solid challenge

Gunvalkyrie is the second game released by smilebit for the xbox. It's a fairly short game, but is a lot of fun to beat multiple times, so it has good replay value.

Gameplay: 9/10
The most important aspect of GUNVALKYRIE is your jet-pack. You'll use the jet-pack to get from platform to platform, and once you're skilled, you'll also be able to fly over your enemies(bugs) and kill them much easier. However, you have a small amount of fuel, so you have to do combos to stay in the air. Performing combos is somewhat difficult because movement with the jetpack is controlled by pushing the left stick in, and then moving it in the direction you want to go. The controls can't be remapped, so many people will find the game to be excessively frustrating at first. But if can handle them you'll be in for a real treat, as mastering the various movements is very rewarding. The levels are huge, and feature numerous platforms that you'll need to get to if you want to kill all the bugs in the levels, which is your most common mission objective. Even though the levels are large, there are only 4 or 5 basic worlds, but you'll see 2 or 3 variations on each one. Additionally, there are Boss levels, which can be fun or just plain annoying, depending on who you're dealing with. There isn't much of a story, but the bits that are there are interesting.

Graphics: 9/10
The levels in GUNVALKYRIE look amazing. The characters look amazing. Indeed, everything looks amazing, and the framerate moves along with only a few hiccups towards the end. I have no complaints about the graphics.

Sound: 7/10
I suppose this is the weakest area of the game. Some of the songs are very catchy, but others just sound like generic techno, and don't really sound too good. The sound effects are decent, but I found myself getting annoyed after hearing the gunshot noise a thousand times.

Replay Value: 8/10
This value will vary a lot from player to player. The actual story in the game takes about 12 hours to complete. But, you're ranked in several different categories, and it's very hard to get the highest ranking, ''S'', for each category in the game. There are also two characters to unlock, but you'll probably have them both after you complete the game a second time.

Overall: 8/10
Despite various flaws with the controls, a lack of unlockable secrets and some tedious sections, GUNVALKYRIE manages to be one of the finest games that has appeared on the Xbox so far. If you like a challenge, and consider yourself a perfectionist, then GUNVALKYRIE is the game for you.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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