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Reviewed: 08/28/02 | Updated: 08/28/02

Learn! to like!

After I've bought my xbox this was really THE game I was waiting for after I finished my first game Dead or alive III..

It's a quite Ok story, It's 1900 or so but there a lil more advanced then the real 1900's where for us because a meteor hit the earth somewhere in England & they use it like a energy source for all kind of cool stuff..
Your character is part of the gunvalkyrie and you have to investigate the problems that are recently on the planet tir na nog. I believe the advance early 1900 where in some animes before something like this (sakura wars)

Graphics 9/10
The Graphics are good & there is some nice shining & bump mapping done here. The characters & enemies look enough too. What only catches my eye is that saburouta's suit is very shiny and metal like & kelly's isn't, pretty weird I think.

Sound 8/10
The sound effects are pretty good, the gun sounds really like that kind of gun has to sound. I really like the music it just fits the game perfectly.

Gameplay 8,5/10
The gameplay really reminded me off space harier in the arcades in ShenMue ^_^. It's just very cool to fly around, shooting, running & boosting your way around all the levels. The upgrades are nice extra's to to add to your character when you've played some more of the game, but it's not really Rpg like because if you buy at max 3 upgrades your out of money.

Controls I say 8/10, my hands say 4/10
Ok the controls are quit good, there only not to well explained in the manual. But when you finely got them (It'll take some longer as at most games) You'll have great fun of this game. but 1 bad disadvantage is that when your playing against the final bosses you've got a change that your will get a freakin' hernia after you made it, it's recommended to place a bucket of water next to your seat.

Replay 7/10
The game is good enough to play again after you beat the final boss & you can also go on in challenge mod and do all your fafourite levels again..

Final score 8/10
This is really a must buy if you finished halo and want to shoot on aliens again. It's absolutely worth the money and it's not as bad as some game sites/magazines say. Just learn the controls & love it!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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