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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Meyerboy14

    Version: 2.6 | Updated: 06/14/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 JET SET RADIO FUTURE
     ~(FAQ/WALTHROUGH)~~(VERSION 2.6)~~(By:Meyerboy14)~~(Meyerboy14@hotmail.com)~
     NOTE: This is my very first FAQ so I hope you like it.  Remember I'm doing the 
    best I can and that's all I can do.
                              INFORMATION ABOUT THIS FAQ
     This walkthrough is for the amazing roller skating, graffiti spraying, cel 
    shading, yo-yo saving game, Jet Set Radio Future for the Microsoft Xbox.  Sure 
    the story may jump around in logic and half the time the bosses are people that 
    have absolutely nothing to do with the game, but lets face it you aren't 
    playing this game for the story anyhow.  This FAQ is intended to help those who 
    are lost in the vast worlds of Jet Set Radio Future.  So if you just need to 
    know what to do next in the Sky Scraper District, or if you don't know how to 
    beat Rapid 99 in a game of capture the flag, or if you need to know what in the 
    world a street challenge means, well... I can't really help you out there, but 
    for all the other ones you have come to the right place.
                                   GAME INFORMATION
     As explained above Jet Set Radio Future is an amazing game.  It has some 
    amazing songs that you will sometimes play the game just to listen to.  It has 
    amazing cel shaded graphics that are the best of any cel shading game.  It has 
    some amazing level design.  And to top it all off it has an amazing control 
    scheme that will not take long to get used to. Everything about this game is 
    just flat out amazing.  If you do not already own this game I would highly 
    recommend it or at the very least, renting it (but if you happen not to like it 
    don't blame me for it).
     The main story here really jumps around and you may have a tuff time trying to 
    put it together.  But the meat and potatoes of it, is that a corrupt old guy 
    named Rokakku Goji has pretty much taken away the freedom of everyone in the 
    future Tokyo.  So it is up to you and your gang, the GG's, to stop the corrupt 
    Rokkaku and get back Tokyo's freedom.  How spraying graffiti on the walls on 
    towns and spraying the backs of police men with spray cans can get back Tokyo's 
    freedom is beyond me, but you are not playing this game for the story, I 
     This game has an ESRB rating of T for Teen.-Strong Lyrics and Violence
                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1. -- Copyright Information
    2. -- History and Updates
    3. -- Game Basics
    4. -- Walkthrough
            -The Garage
            -Dogenzaga Hill
            -Shibuya Terminal
            -Chuo Street
            -Rokkaku Dai Heights
            -99th Street
            -Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility
    5. -- Alligator Names
    6. -- Frequently Asked Questions
    7. -- Sites That Can Use My FAQ/Walkthrough
    8. -- Credits
                                 COPYRIGHT INFORMATION
     This FAQ is copyrighted (c) 2002 by Meyerboy14. Any reproduction of this
    FAQ without the author's permission is forbidden. If you wish to post this FAQ 
    on your websites contact me at Meyerboy14@hotmail.com. If you wish to use this 
    FAQ for your personal and private use only, then a printed copy may be made.
      {March 29, 2002} Started the structural layout for the FAQ and added the 
    table of contents and copyright information.  Started some of the walkthrough 
    for Dogenzaga Hill and Shibuya Terminal. Also added game basics.
      {March 29, 2002} Did an update on the first day because I found a lot of 
    things that were really hard to understand.  Also I changed some of the layout 
    for it because most of the level FAQ's were just one paragraph.
     {March 30, 2002} Did the walkthrough for Chuo Street and Rokkaku Dai Heights
      {April 5, 2002}  I've finally come back from my well deserved spring break 
    and am now ready to update again.  The only real change is the fact that I took 
    out the tabs because this could ruin my chance to get it on the site.
      {April 12, 2002} No real updates today.  I just added the list of sites that 
    are allowed to use this FAQ.  Remember if you see a site that has my FAQ and is 
    not on the list email me at Meyerboy14@hotmail.com  O and I also got rid of 
    that stupid saying on the bottom.  Think my cousin put it there.  There will 
    soon be some new levels added and a new layout soon.
      {June 02, 2002} People of the world rejoice!  I'm back and ready to update.  
    I added two new levels (well one and a half actually) and I added the alligator 
    names section which should be a lot of fun.  There is also the Frequently Asked 
    Question part.  There will be more updates about every week or so from now on 
    until I'm done.
      {June 3, 2002} Well I didn't do much.  I added on to Tokyo Underground Sewage 
    Facility.  Then I added one more alligator name (keep sending them in). And I 
    added more to the list of people who can use my FAQ.  I will finish Tokyo 
    Underground Sewage Facility real soon.  O and I also realized that I did not 
    add 99th street and TUSF to my table of contents.
      {June 6, 2002} I finished up the Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility level.  
    Expect me to finish the Bottom Point of The Sewage Facility tomorrow. I also 
    added more people to the list of people that can use my FAQ.  But I think there 
    is more.  Check to see if yours is on there, and if it isn't and you asked me, 
    then please e-mail me again.
      {June 13, 2002} It is exactly 12:00 at night, and for some reason I'm 
    updating.  Don't get excited and wet your pants just yet, I only corrected 
    spelling mistakes, and added a name to the alligator names.  Sorry!  The Bottom 
    Point of The Sewage Facility will be completed before Sunday, I promise.
      {June 14, 2002} Well now it is 12:19 at night, so I guess it would be 
    considered June 14th.  I just had the idea to change the layout so things that 
    should be centered are centered.  So now the layout looks like the way I 
    intended it to be.  Hope you like it.    
                                      GAME BASICS
     If you have just bought the game and you do not know what to do and even how 
    to start a new profile this is the section of the FAQ that you need.
                                 Creating A New Profile
     As with all things in Jet Set Radio Future, Smilebit has come up with a way to 
    make your life even easier.  And this time it has to do with creating a new 
    profile.  To create one just wait for the start up screen to show up and once 
    it is up hit start.  After doing this select New Game.  It sill ask you to pick 
    a profile, if you have not created one yet select Profile 1 after doing this 
    the game will start up, it's that easy.
     If you have ever played the first roller skating, graffiti game made by 
    Smilebit, Jet Grind Radio on the Dreamcast, (if you have not played it you 
    really should it's an amazing game, and if you don't have a Dreamcast they are 
    only 50 bucks now) then you know how easy the controls were.  Well some how 
    Smilebit has miraculously come up with a control scheme that is even easier 
    than the last one. Here is a simple lay out.
    Button A--Jump. Select during menus.
    Button B--Turbo Boost at cost of 10 spray cans
    Button Y--Character does a 180 degree turn while on ground and doing tricks
    Button X--Changes trick you do while on a rail or in the air
    Right Trigger--Spray graffiti (must have spray cans)
    Left Trigger--Centers camera behind character.
    Right Control Stick--Lets you look around from characters perspective.
    Left Control Stick--Push forward to move character. Speed changes depending on 
    how far you push it.  Can also do the "shuffle" when "clicked" in.
    D-pad--Used to navigate some menus.
    See how simple it is.
     The game play here is pretty strait forward. Just listen to what people like 
    Professor K say and you should practically know what to do.
     If you have a character who is not very good at spraying graffiti then when 
    you come up to a place that needs graffiti to be sprayed just slow your 
    character down by doing the "shuffle" or if their on the rail pull back on the 
    control stick so they can slow down and get the graffiti done in one pass.
     Look for secret tapes, they tell you how to do street challenges to get 
    graffiti souls so you can have different graffiti designs. To look at the tapes 
    (after you get em') press start and select GG's Notebook to look at what you 
    have to do.
     The camera can sometimes be a little crazy.  If it is not behind you remember 
    to always pull the left trigger.
     When you do tricks try not to go to fast or to slow or else you will just get 
    a "dong" sound and will not be able to do anymore tricks for a few seconds.
    First and foremost create a new game. If you need to know how go to Game Basics
    -The Garage
     When you start the game the Leader of the GG's, Corn, will begin talking to 
    you.  It seems that you would like to join there little gang.  After Corn talks 
    to you he will tell you to find Gum, (no not the sticky chewy candy, the girl.) 
    To find her go forward and a little to the left and she should be on a platform 
    close to a pinball machine and a punching bag with the face of Rokkaku Goji on 
    it, more on him a little later.  Speak to her by pulling the right trigger.  
    She will tell you to do some pretty basic things like jumping.  To figure out 
    how to do these go to the Game Basics section.
     After doing all these you may want to play around in The Garage and figure out 
    how to do all the important stuff like grinding.  You can also talk to the 
    robot named Roboy and at his menu select practice and he will teach you some 
    basic things like how to wallride and spray graffiti. To go to the next level, 
    Dogenzaga Hill, press start and look at the map of The Garage.  It should show 
    you where Dogenzaga Hill is.  Just go towards that way until you see an arrow 
    that says Dogenzaga Hill. 
    -Dogenzaga Hill
     Welcome to the very first level of the game. This is probably the most strait 
    forward level in the game.  First you may want to take a lap around the level 
    to get acquainted with it so you know where everything is. After doing that 
    collect some spray cans, if you haven't already, and look for some graffiti 
    spots to leave your mark on.  They aren't to incredibly hard to find, most of 
    them are on the ground.  After doing this there should be a boy that appears 
    right before you go inside the building that is before the half-pipe.  Speak to 
    him (incase you didn't know the guys name is Beat) and he will go up the rail 
    into the building.  Follow him up the rail and talk to him again he will run 
    away again and you just have to follow him.  Keep doing this and eventually he 
    will run away.
     After he runs away for good, look at the map, he is the little blue dot.  Go 
    towards the dot and you will find him again.  Speak to him and he will 
    challenge you to a game of City Rush, which is basically a race around the 
    level.  He really isn't that hard to beat. (Hint: when you get to a part of the 
    level that has a rail and a big drop off, jump down into the drop off to get a 
    big lead, also use the turbo boost when necessary). If you beat him he will 
    join your gang and will run off to The Garage. After he does that, the Rokkaku 
    Police will show up.  
     You don't have to fight them if you don't want to, if you don't just head to 
    The Garage.  To fight them run into them and when they are lying down, pull the 
    right trigger and spray their back until their health meter depletes.  After 
    you have defeated them they will all run away.  Congrats you have just beaten 
    the first level.  Now on to Shibuya Terminal.
     Secret tape: To get to the secret tape go close to the building where you 
    first found Beat DO NOT GO INSIDE THE BUILDING.  Now just before the rail you 
    use to get inside the building, there will be a little pit to your left (if you 
    are facing the building) covered by some little signs.  The tape is inside the 
     To get Beat just follow what is said up at the top of this level FAQ.
     I think that building that you can go into is a Music Store.  On IGN it said 
    it was called "The Virgin Mega Store." 
    -Shibuya Terminal
     Shibuya Terminal is the second level in your quest to stop the corruption of 
    the evil Rokakku Goji, and in my opinion it is probably the lamest level that's 
    in the game, other than the fact that there is some major grinding to be had 
     When you start off this level there will be a whole bunch of graffiti that is 
    not your own all over the walls of Shibuya Terminal.  And what would any roller 
    skaten' maniac do when people are covering up all of their property in 
    graffiti; well cover it up with your own of course.  It is just like spraying 
    graffiti in all the other levels except you cover it up.  If you are having a 
    hard time finding some of the Graffiti spots try looking on the side of the 
    parked buses and you may find one that you missed like I did. Also, remember to 
    look at the map to see where they may be hiding.  
     After all that is taken care of your rival gang, Poison Jam, will show up.  
    This part is just like what you did with Beat, just follow them around and talk 
    to them.  You will do this 3 times before they run away into the next level 
    Chuo Street. Combo will show up after that is done.  Talk to him and he will 
    challenge you to a game of follow the leader. Just ride the rail that he does 
    without falling and he will join you.  After he joins you the Rokkaku police 
    will show up again along with Hayashi.  Beat the Rokkaku police like you did 
    before.  To beat Hayashi turbo boost into him and spray his back.  He has more 
    stamina than the police though.  Now onto Chuo street
     Secret Tape: The Secret Tape is located on the platform above the Graffiti 
    Stop.  To get to it ride the stair case rail that is facing the rail on the 
    platform and when you get to a little slope in the rail jump.  Then land on the 
    outside rail of the one on the platform
     You can not access the very, very high platform of this level AT ALL. So don't 
    waste your time trying.  I did =(
     To get Combo just play his game of follow the leader and win. (Hint: when you 
    get towards the end of it, after you jump off the ramp, slow down or else you 
    will keep going onto another rail and will lose.)
    -Chuo Street
     After you have taken care of the police in Shibuya Terminal, the next level, 
    Chuo Street, will be unlocked.  This is probably the first great level of the 
    game that you will encounter.  99th Street and Rokkaku Dai Heights will both be 
    unlocked as well after you have completed everything in Shibuya Terminal, but 
    most of everything in those levels wont become unlocked until you beat Chuo 
     Right when you show up in Chuo Street Hayashi and his minions will show up to 
    greet you, and it seems like the brought along some tanks as well (little 
    drastic don't you think).  To destroy the tanks, you have to spray each side of 
    it until a man appears out of the hatch on top.  Stay close to the tank and 
    wait for the man to fire his gun.  He should wait a few seconds to fire again, 
    and while he waits spray him with graffiti.  That's some pretty powerful paint 
    if it can destroy a whole tank.  Them Japanese seem to always get the better 
    stuff. lol.
     After the tanks are taken care of you have to find Hyashi.  Look at the map 
    and you should be able to see that his is on a building.  He is on the small 
    building that is next to the big one in the middle of the shopping square.  To 
    get to him grind up the rail that leads up to the building.  To defeat him, 
    turbo boost into him and run him off the building.
     After Hyashi and the tanks are taken care of, its time to cover up Poison Jams 
    graffiti again.  Remember to look at your map to see where the spots are.  The 
    only hard one to find is the one that is located near the secret short cut that 
    is to the left of the half-pipe before you go into the half-pipe.  After that 
    poison jam will show their ugly faces again and now they want to challenge you 
    to a game of city rush.  They aren't really that hard to beat.  Just remember 
    to grind and wallride in the long stretch, and also remember to take that short 
    cut close to the half-pipe.
     Poison Jam will once again run off, but this time they run off to the next 
    level, Rokkaku Dai Heights.
     Secret Tape:  The secret tape is located under the funky looking statue in the 
    middle of the shopping square.
     No secret characters to unlock here yet.
     I honestly have no idea what in the world that statue is suppose to be.  Many 
    people believe that is it some kind of animal like a lizard since it has a 
    -Rokkaku Dai Heights.
     And now you have stumbled upon one of the frustrating and confusing levels in 
    JSRF.  It will take a while before you know the locations of everything, but 
    for now I'd suggest looking around the level a bit so you know how to access 
    things.  If you beat Poison Jam in Chuo Street, they should appear hear. I you 
    did no beat them then you must go back to Chuo Street and beat them in city 
     To start things off you should paint the Graffiti Stop at the entrance of the 
    level.  After that is taken care of, go strait ahead and up the flight of 
    stares.  You should see a Poison Jam member.  Talk to him and he will go up a 
    pole and on to a building.  Follow him and talk to him again he will once again 
    run away.  Follow him once more and he will run off and bust open the door to 
    what I think is a "mine shaft" this "mine shaft" is your gateway to the rest of 
    the level.  Go into it and after you leave there should be three Rokkaku 
    Police.  Just run into them and spray their backs and you'll finish them off in 
    a few seconds. 
     After they are taken care of, go to the nearest telephone pole and grind up it 
    and let it take you to where it goes.  After you get off of it you should see 
    another Poison Jam member.  You know the drill by now, talk to him and follow 
    him.  It may take you a few try's to wallride and grind up to the next level 
    though.  Talk to him once more and he will run away for good.  DO NOT TRY TO 
     Now its time to spray the graffiti.  A lot of the graffiti here is done while 
    grinding so slow your player down so it can get it all in one pass.  Go up 
    telephone polls to find it all and remember to look at your map.  After you get 
    all of the graffiti on the lower level done, return to where you had to grind, 
    wallride, grind, wallride, grind, wallride, and get up to the upper level.  
    Spray the graffiti here.  Then all the way in the back you should see a 
    telephone wire, grind up it and do the wallride and grind thing.  You should be 
    at an upper level.
     Spray all the graffiti spots here and eventually you should run into what 
    looks like a questionable playground.  You should once again wallride and grind 
    up to the next level.  Spray some graffiti.  Go far enough and you should run 
    into quite a few police men.  They should also have some police that are in 
    black clothing.  To knock them over you have to turbo boost into them.  They 
    also have more stamina than the regular police men do.
     When they are taken care of Hayashi should appear.  You should know how to 
    take care of him by now.  Just watch his bullets and run into him and spray his 
    back a few times.  That graffiti can do a helluva lot of stuff.
     Next you will find another telephone poll that you will have to, again, grind 
    and then wallride.  Except this time Smilebit mixed it up and makes you JUMP 
    onto the billboards from the other! Oooo!  And this time there are only two of 
    em'!  Double oooo.
     After you land on the platform, grind up the, what looks like a water tower, 
    and spray the graffiti spot on top.  You have now beat Rokkaku Dai Heights.
     Secret Tape:  The secret tape is located on the right side of the "mine shaft"
     To get Ryth you have to grind up one of the telephone poles and jump on top of 
    the "mine shaft."  Talk to her and she will run off (a lot of characters seem 
    to like to do that).  Follow her (can we get a little more original Smilebit) 
    and talk to her again she will once again run away.  Talk to her one more time 
    and she will join you.
     Right when you grind up the second flight of stairs you should see a trailer.  
    Enter it and it will take you to the other side quicker and get you some health 
    and a lot of spray cans too.
     This really isn't a tip; I just think that it's kind of funny.  Right when you 
    enter this level from the garage, turn to your left.  You should see a guy 
    trapped on the other side of the fence and banging on it to try to get in.  How 
    the heck did he get there?  Poor guy.
    -99th street
     Don't be frightened when you first enter 99th street, it may look though, but 
    it isn't as hard as it seems.  The hardest part of this level would have to be 
    trying to find all the graffiti spots.  Remember to always look at your map to 
    find all of these, it can be difficult.
     To start things off here, obviously try to get fill the graffiti spots.  But 
    wait, it seems that the Rokkaku Police are after you again, but this time, they 
    are using a more deadly weapon, SPOT LIGHTS (sinister isn't it?).  You will 
    find one of these areas after you go through a tunnel that is in the same 
    location as the big dragon statue, just circle around the outside and you will 
    find the tunnel.  Go across the little bridge and play around in that area.  
    Eventually, the fences will yet again go up and you have to spray the 
    spotlights.  To get them, grind up the back side of the little neck that holds 
    the light up, it will take almost split second timing to hit the light, just 
    spray it once and you will put its light out.  Do this about 5 more times and 
    you will have gotten them all.  O and be sure not to get caught in the light or 
    else it will track you down and shoot bullets at you.  This happens two times 
    in this level.
     Once that is taken care of, finish tagging everything if you haven't done so 
    already.  Then the next group of skaters, Rapid 99, will show up.  Also make 
    sure you have at least 25 graffiti souls or else they won't show themselves.  
    To get to them, go to the spot where the dragon statue is and grind up the part 
    where the head is on the ground (with the very fake looking fire coming out.)  
    They should be on the roof.  Talk to them and they will challenge you to a game 
    of capture the flag.
     The best way to do this is to play through it once and lose (you can play it 
    again as many times as you want).  While you are losing on purpose follow Rapid 
    99 around to see where the flags are.  When they ask you if you want to play 
    again say yes.  Now forget going to the first flag.  Head over to the second 
    one and wait for them to get the flag.  Grab it and Rapid 99 should be far away 
    from the next one.  Grind up the tail end of the dragon and get the next flag.  
    Grab one more flag and you have this capture the flag game won.  Onward to the 
    next level.
                           OTHER INFORMATION ABOUT 99th STREET
     Secret Tape: The secret tape on this level is really easy to find, it is right 
    underneath the dragon statue on the ground
     There are no characters to unlock on this level
     99th street is a pretty big level.  Explore a lot to find little notches in 
    the level where there are sometimes graffiti souls.
    -Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility
     Ahh, now we welcome you again to a very frustrating level in the game.  The 
    Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility.  This is where Poison Jam is hanging out at.  
    To get to this level, go from Rokkaku Die Heights back where the statue of 
    Rokkaku Goji is at.  There you should see the back of a half pipe with some 
    stairs somewhere in the middle.  Go to your left from there and you should get 
    to the entrance.
     When you arrive you will fall down a pit and can't get out (If you can't get 
    out then how did Poison Jam manage to get out of it to move on to the rest of 
    the level).  Go up and down the sides of it and get some air.  Eventually 
    Garahm will show up and mock you for not being able to get out (and why is he 
    hanging out around the sewage facility anyway).  He turns out to want to be a 
    nice guy and he will ask you to do a few very simple tricks.  After you do that 
    Garahm (with his muscular bod) will heave a piece of steel at you so you can 
    get out.  Grind up that huge hunk of steal and get out.  Garahm will now join 
    you and your squad.
     When you get out of the pit you where in you will find that Poison Jam has 
    locked the way out with a device that lock doors (how ironic).  Well to get out 
    of here is going to take a very long time, so grab some chips and soda's 
    because you may have to spend a few days living in front of the T.V. j/k.
     To start off get a few spray cans.  You are going to have to spray some little 
    switches around here, they are shown on your map a little purple spark, these 
    should open the door a little bit (how spraying paint on a switch will open up 
    a door is beyond me, just use your finger dude).  Now it's time to do a little 
     This is where it gets a little more difficult.  But you really don't need a 
    walkthrough for this.  But I can give you some tips.
       - Always look at your map.  This will help you out A LOT.  The switches are 
    shown as the big purple looking sparks
    -	Stay in one area until you get all the tags in that area.  I divide the 
    areas by the half pipe that you go in.
    -	Remember what Garham thought you.  It will come in handy when you half to 
    jump over fences in the half pipes
       -  You will know that you have tagged everything when the door that is in 
    the closed half pipe is completely open
       -  Sometimes you will think that you have come to the end of an area, but 
    don't be fooled.  Most of the time you will see a small half pipe that looks 
    like it is there for no reason.  But it is there for a reason.  Most of the 
    time if you get high enough in one of those half pipes, you will hit a rail and 
    go to another floor.
       -  SAVE OFTEN!!! You would be really P'd off if you died and had to do 
    EVERYTHING all over again.
     Once you have gotten everything, you will finally be able to get out of this 
    level and go to the next, the Bottom Point of The Sewage Facility.
    *If that isn't enough help on this level, then please e-mail me, I know that 
    this level can be extremely frustrating.*         
     Secret Tape:  The secret tape is located on the first floor in the middle of 
    that weird little tube that is in the middle of the whole level.
     Do lots of exploring on your own if this level gets difficult
     If you start getting frustrated, take a break for about an hour before you lug 
    your controller at your Xbox.
     There is an alligator on this level, see if you can find him, and give him a 
    name.  In fact, send me the name you gave him and I will post it on this FAQ.  
    I named mine Terd (he does kinda look like one).    
    That is it for now, but there is more on the way when I have time.
                                    ALLIGATOR NAMES
     Tell me the name that you gave the alligator in the Underground Sewage 
    Facility level and I will post it here. Tell me your name and your alligators 
    name and I will post it here.  My Email address is Meyerboy14@hotmail.com
    -Mr. Poorly Animated
    Lovely Donkey
                               FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
     Q. What is this "it"?
     A. I don't know!  Stop Asking!  If I find it, than "it" will be in this FAQ
     Q. How do I unlock (character name here)?
     A. Read a different FAQ or check under the walkthrough of each level on this 
     Q. Can I change the control scheme?
     A. No!  Why would you want to anyway it is awesome?
                                        This FAQ
     Q. Can I post this FAQ on my website?
     A. Yes, but please email me first.
     Q. I found a website that had your FAQ but the site was not on your list.  
    What should I do?
     A. Please email me and I will deal with it.
     Q. When do you update?
     A. Whenever I'm bored.  Which is almost always.  But not everyday!  I do have 
    to go to school you know!
                         SITES THAT CAN USE MY FAQ/WALKTHROUGH
     This is a list of current sites that I have given permission to use my FAQ.  
    Remember if you find a site that has the FAQ than please email me and I will 
    deal with it.
    -- www.cheatcc.com
    -- www.neoseeker.com
    -- www.angelfire.com/ego2/xbox
    -- www.angelfire.com/electronic2/xboxcc/
      I just have a strange felling that there are more.  So if you asked 
    permission to have it on your site, and your site is not on the list, please 
    email me.
    -Thanks to Gamefaqs.com for posting this FAQ on their web site.
    -Thanks to Smilebit and Sega for creating this wonderful game.
    -Thanks to IGN for letting me know what that building was called so I didn't 
    look like a moron.
    -If you send me some info, I will be glad to put your name here, but no one has 
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    -I would also like to thank myself for being bored and writing this FAQ for all 
    those lost in the world of JSRF.
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