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    Dark Legion Multiplayer Guide by Spiderboy80

    Version: .9 | Updated: 10/21/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Regnier X-Box Live Basic Strategy
    Author: Spiderboy80 (John Gibbs)
    Email: I'd prefer you to post any questions or comments on the KUF message 
    board, as my email blocks pretty much everything and I'd rather not have my 
    inbox flooded if you are able to get through
    Last Updated: 10/19/04
    Version .9
    This Faq assumes you are already familiar with the basics of the game, but if 
    you are not, I suggest you check out Thrakkemarn's FAQ on Gamefaqs. This faq 
    very specific, and describes a strategy meant for online play, not 
    single player.
    Table of Contents
    1.	X-Box Live Basics
    2.	The Army
    	2a. Sappers
    	2b. Axe Riders
    	2c. Archers
    	2d. Swamp Mammoth and Support Units
    	2e. Your Hero and Heavy Infantry
    3.	How to use the army
    4.	Alternative Army Selections
    	4a. Anti-Cavalry
    	4b. Anti-Air
    	4c. Melee Rush
    	4d. Hit and Run
    5.	Question / Answer Section
    6.	Legal Info
    1. X-Box Live Basics
    Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is a very different game on X-box Live than 
    it is on single player campaigns. All of your units will start out at level 
    0, and you have to use 10,000 experience between all of your units to create 
    your first army. It may be tempting to put all of this right into your hero, 
    but you are going to want a balanced army with diverse groups of units. The 
    only way that you can get more experience to put into your troops after this 
    point is by playing games against other players on X-Box Live. After each 
    match, you will get additional experience based on the number of enemy units 
    you killed in the match. This means that if you want to have high level 
    units, you are going to have to put some time in on X-Box Live. Luckily, 
    there is an even match search option, which allows you to search for 
    opponents who are around your skill level.
    The other difference is that your opponents are living, thinking, trash 
    talking people, not just an AI controlled army. This means you will have to 
    outwit, or simply overpower your opponent. Unlike the single player 
    campaigns, you can't replay missions and memorize what is going to happen and 
    what you need to do in order to succeed. You, and your army, need to be 
    versatile and capable of quickly changing plans during the middle of the 
    2. The Army
    The Dark Legion Army that I have found to be most effective requires a lot of 
    patience, and you may be called a sissy for using it. The basic idea is to 
    use Sapper traps to either catch your enemy by surprise, or to prevent them 
    from attacking you while you slowly advance on them. At times, it can provide 
    a quick win, although it also can end up in a stalemate that requires 
    patience and quick thinking to succeed.
    2a.	Sappers
    Arguably, the most important unit in this strategy is the Sapper. These are 
    extremely effective at any level if you use traps immediately at the start of 
    the game. The only real counter to these guys is an all out rush at the start 
    of the game, or opposing sappers to disarm traps. Even if your opponent 
    rushes you at the beginning of the game, you will still have time to get 3-4 
    traps up depending on the map, which will demolish any cavalry that would be 
    fast enough to make it across the map that quickly. Be careful that you don't 
    give away these traps at the beginning of the game by moving a group of 
    archers up near your sappers to shoot down any scouts sent to find you. An 
    added bonus to this is that your archers will get additional sp for you by 
    attacking the scout. You don't need to upgrade these guys too much, which is 
    part of why they are so effective, but keep them at around half of the level 
    of your main combat troops. A decent amount of teamwork is necessary to get 
    traps up quickly.
    *Traps cost 200 sp, but with axe rider charges giving you extra sp, you 
    should have plenty to throw traps up everywhere. Eventually, if the game 
    lasts long enough, you will be unable to set traps, but I am not sure what 
    the max number is for them. The rest of the sapper's skills are not used as 
    often, and have limited uses. 
    *Another important thing to know is that you can dismantle enemy traps. Just 
    issue the remove trap command from the spell menu and click the area where 
    you believe there are traps and the sappers will automatically dismantle them 
    for you.
    2b.	Axe Riders
    Another important aspect of any army, especially this one, is the Axe Rider. 
    These are fast, powerful, and can be used with hit and run tactics to wear 
    down your opponent. These will be your highest level units, and probably will 
    be controlled manually by you for most of the time. The most important thing 
    about the Axe Riders is that you don't let them just get into a melee battle. 
    They are most effective when they make several runs through enemy groups. To 
    do this, click on the enemy units and then waypoint (holding the left trigger 
    while issuing commands) them to run away. That way, they will run through the 
    enemy one time and escape. You can also use waypoints to tell them to charge 
    between 2 groups of enemy units. To do this, instead of clicking away from 
    the battle to make your cavalry escape, set waypoints on two seperate groups 
    of enemy units by clicking one, then the other, and repeat. This way they 
    will run over one group, then go hit the next group, and repeat as often as 
    you like. These units also give you a lot of sp when they attack, which gives 
    you more traps or magic. Upgrade your melee, riding, and frontal evenly, 
    although melee and frontal should have a slight priority over riding. Some 
    people may tell you not to get melee, since you will not be getting into any 
    melee fights with these guys anyway, but melee is incredibly important to 
    every unit because it adds to defense and adds more to hit points than any 
    other skill. Axe Riders need lots of hit points to survive their hit and run 
    attacks so that they can retreat to your archers for healing. 
    *When charging through enemy units, spread your formation on the turns to 
    speed up the turn, and then tighten the formation to increase the damage the 
    charge causes. (White and Black Buttons spread/tighten formation)
    2c.	Elf Archers
    That's right, archers not Cavalry archers. These regular archers pack more 
    punch than their cavalry counterparts, and do not require as many upgrades as 
    cavalry archers. This group will be spending all of it's time in your back 
    lines, shooting and casting magic. Be sure to protect these from opposing 
    cavalry attacks by keeping them near your hero's melee units or traps. These 
    are important to the army as they provide cover from air, magic, and ranged 
    support. They should have one strong magic spell (I used Fire), and they come 
    with the tree of healing spell. Use tree of healing to heal your units, 
    (especially axe riders after hit and run attacks) and Fire to inflict damage 
    on enemy units. These should be only slightly lower level than your axe 
    riders, and their melee and ranged should be upgraded equally, and their 
    magic should be upgraded whenever you have extra experience. Ranged gives 
    them more damage, and Melee keeps them alive by giving them more hp which is 
    essential if your enemy brings an air support unit. 
    *An important thing about archers is to focus or widen their fire. Use wide 
    fire if the target is moving, and focus the fire when firing at stationary 
    targets. Focusing the fire will cause more damage, but widening the fire will 
    make it more likely to hit if your target is moving quickly. (White and Black 
    Buttons widen/focus fire)
    2d.	The Swamp Mammoth (Or other support unit)
    The Swamp Mammoth, in this army, acts as a slow moving, but long ranged 
    artillery. The mammoth can take a beating, but is very vulnerable to 
    explosive damage and some magic. Keep him in your traps to protect him from 
    attacks, and let his range hit anything that tries to come near you. Be sure 
    to use your axe riders to harass any enemy siege units with explosive damage 
    (catapults, mortars etc) as they can eliminate your mammoth in just a couple 
    hits. A high level is not really necessary; just keep him within 10 - 15 
    levels of your highest group. One advantage of support units is that it is 
    pretty easy to change their class at the troop management screen as they all 
    have similar stat requirements. If you do not like using the swamp mammoth, 
    take advantage of this and switch his class to another support unit if you 
    like, I just prefer having the swamp mammoth as this strategy does not 
    require your support unit to move around very much.
    2e.	Your Hero and Heavy Infantry
    This will most likely be your least used group. I know many people love to 
    just fight with their hero, it is simply not the most efficient way to manage 
    an army. On X-Box Live there is no equipment (as far as I know) to give to 
    your hero, so the only skill you can level up is your melee. It is extremely 
    difficult to level this group up, because you need the scout skill which 
    leaves you with only melee to upgrade. This will be around or lower level 
    than your sappers. Use this group to cover your archers or as a frontline 
    melee group if you commit to an attack. 
    *It may be tempting to use this group often, and try to control your hero 
    manually all of the time, but you are going to need to get over this urge if 
    want to be more successful. Controlling your hero distracts you from 
    controlling other groups of units, and special moves by your hero waste sp 
    that could be used for traps or magic spells. By no means am I saying that 
    you should never manually control your hero, it is very fun, but only do so 
    when you have already issued commands to your other groups and all of your 
    units are engaged in combat.
    3. How to use the army
    At the start of the game, immediately order your sappers to build a trap in 
    front of your army and use your hero to send a scout at the opposite corner 
    of the map. If your scout sees a rush coming, send your axe riders on a hit 
    and run attack on an enemy group that you think will be hurt most by the 
    attack in order to slow them down. Continue building traps whether you see 
    the enemy rushing or not. If the enemy did not rush, keep scouting but push 
    your traps more towards the middle of the map. Your biggest concern should be 
    enemy siege units, such as mortars or catapults that can quickly crush your 
    swamp mammoth. If you feel that your axe riders can survive a quick attack on 
    the enemy, send them to run through 1 or 2 groups of enemy units before they 
    run back to the safety of your traps and mammoth cover. Use the sp you gain 
    from these attacks to cast tree of healing on your axe riders and repeat. If 
    you are able to kill a few enemy units than you should be able to repeat this 
    until you win. If you are ever forced into a battle by the opponent 
    attacking, your traps will give you the upper hand. Use your magic, Fire, on 
    enemy troops and send your axe riders to repeatedly strafe and run over enemy 
    infantry, (not spearmen) which will inflict major damage and give you the sp 
    you need to cast more magic. The defensive capabilities of traps and the 
    swamp mammoth combined with efficient use of archer's magic will give you the 
    upper hand you need to defeat enemies up to 20 levels higher than you, and 
    your axe riders will be able to frustrate your opponent into attacking your 
    bunkered in position. 
    The main threats to this strategy are an opponent using a similar strategy 
    with sappers, and an all out rush. Your best hope against an all out rush is 
    that you can simply overpower your opponent with superior troops, efficient 
    magic, and the small bonus the few traps you can get up will offer. 
    If an opponent does not attack you, and axe rider hit and runs aren't 
    working, then slowly move towards your opponent with all of your troops. 
    Using your swamp mammoth as cover, start disarming traps with your sappers, 
    and be prepared to use magic or attack with your archers if an opponent's 
    support unit attacks your sappers. When you are able to open up a large 
    enough hole to allow your units to get through, you can either choose to 
    attack straight in if you have superior troops, or siege them with your Fire 
    spell and the swamp mammoth. Eventually these 2 should wear down your 
    opponent to the point where you can directly attack. 
    4. Alternative Army Selections
    If you find that you do not like the tactics that I described, or simply can 
    not get the strategy to work effectively in battles, this is an alternate 
    army made for a simple all out assault. This army requires less thinking, but 
    is much faster and can be at times even more fun to play, as there is more 
    4a. Anti Cavalry
    In this setup, you are going to replace your sappers with axemen. Why axemen 
    and not axe riders? Because axemen dominate enemy cavalry. The best way to 
    use axemen is to keep them near your infantry and position them where the 
    cavalry is charging from. They are not as effective when engaged in melee 
    battle, but will rip apart a group of charging cavalry. Use this setup If you 
    are looking for a quick match and are having trouble countering enemy cavalry 
    with normal units
    4b. Anti Air
    If your archers are having trouble stopping enemy air support from picking 
    off your troops, you can try a few options. One is to switch your own support 
    unit to Wyverns and have them attack the air that is giving you problems. The 
    other option is to replace your sappers with another group of archers or, if 
    you like, cavalry archers. If you really want to go for overkill, you can do 
    both, although I would not suggest it as your army will be fairly weak in 
    melee combat.
    4c. Melee Rush
    Basically, with this army you are just going to send all of your units 
    directly across the map and catch your opponent by surprise and then 
    outmuscle him. With this, switch your axe riders to infantry or heavy 
    infantry, your choice, and engage your opponents units in melee so that he 
    can either retreat, and be hit by your archers, or stay and hope he can win. 
    Try to avoid being trampled by enemy cavalry as you head to the opposite 
    corner. Also switch your swamp mammoth to either wyverns or a dirigible, as 
    the swamp mammoth will be way too slow to make it over to help out with your 
    rush. This strategy will lose often, but you will be able to kill some units, 
    get experience, and get into another game very quickly, which makes it decent 
    for leveling up your low-leveled initial units.
    4d. Hit and Run
    I haven't personally tried this strategy out, but it would involve using 4 
    groups of cavalry along with either wyverns or a dirigible as support. The 
    idea would be to use the speed of axe riders and cavalry archers to run 
    circles around your opponent, inflicting damage and healing before they can 
    react. In theory this strategy would be unstoppable, but theory does not 
    always translate into results in the real deal.
    5. Q/A Section
    Q. You spelled Cavalry wrong; it is supposed to be Calvary.
    A. That is not a question, and it is spelled Cavalry
    6. Legal Info
    This document is property of John Gibbs. This document is not to be 
    distributed or printed without the author's expressed consent. The author is 
    not affiliated with the makers of the game. This Faq can be found at 
    Gamefaqs.com. Any violation should be reported to the author at his email, 
    Thanks to Thrakkemarn for making a great overall faq for this game which 
    contained information that helped me a lot in writing this one. 
    Thanks to Phantagram for making one of the best console strategy games.
    Thanks to Gamefaqs.Com for providing the best help on the internet for the 
    gaming community.

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