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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rodthefencer

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    Mission impossible: Operation surma  FAQ/ walkthrough, by Rod Ferrada. version
    Copyright 2003 Rodrigo Ferrada Lopez
    Contact information (important please read):
    e-mail: rodferrada@hotmail.com
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    Current version: 1.00
    started: December 23 2003.
    December 26 2003: finished sections 1 to 6.
    walkthrough in progress, completed for missions 1 to 2.3.
    December 27 Finished mission 3.
    january 5, finished mission 4.4
    January 9, updated weapons section.
    updated tips section. Finished mission 5.0.
    Some revisions made to grammar and spelling, will work further on this, please
    have patience.
    January 10, Finished the entire game with mission 5.3, guide complete.
    5)About stealth
    6)about the walkthrough
    Greetings, I'm Rod Ferrada, and this is a guide for Mission impossible:
    Operation surma.
    I've always being an avid video game player, and very fond to the guides of
    Gamefaqs.com, so when I saw that this great game was Guideless, I decided to
    get to it, I really Hope it will be useful to you, and e-mail me for questions
    and I will investigate the issue.
    of course, suggestions, and contributions are welcome, you will be given credit
    for your contribution.
    right now this guide is in progress, but I promise it will be done at a fast
    pace, so updates will appear even on a daily basis. And it will improve.
    I hope you enjoy the game and the guide.
    EWG gun: this cool gadget shoots rounds consisting in electromagnetic impulses
    that can be used to track a human, create a distraction by means of noise, and
    it's most useful function, disable security cameras.
    select from inventory using the left directional button, press X to select this
    gadget. Aim with the Square button. Fire with R1
    ELP hacking device: a device for hacking encrypted security systems such as
    communications, computers and alarms.
    press and hold the triangle button to automatically use this device on certain
    Laser cutters: Hand-held laser emitter, used for burning door locks and other
    use triangle to use it when it's available.
    RCV (remote Camera viewer): with this you can access the security cameras of a
    certain location, Luther needs to hack the system first.
    Sonic imager: an image intensifier, amplifier, that allows the user to see
    trough solid doors, good for Recon.
    Digital binoculars: these are not only binoculars but also serves as a
    digital camera, and an audio amplifier for overhearing conversations.
    Micro cord: shoots a cable allowing you to reach high places.
    Health kit: use it to heal your wounds after the heat of battle.
    Tranq Gun: shoots darts that can knock guards unconscious.
    IP_45: semi-automatic gun, great when used properly.
    FAAR-7: Automatic assault rifle, very powerful, fast fire rate.
    5)About stealth and random tips.
    Even if this game is not insanely hard for the most part, you will still need
    some stealth tactics to survive in your missions, so here is a piece of advice.
    Some of you, that have already played some similar games will be already
    familiar with these Tactics, and the rules of stealth gaming, and some others
    players that are new to this, will be a little lost. This tips are to help
    those with less experience, and will serve as a reminder for the veterans.
    1) Remember the locations of the alarm controls on each level: Every location
    on this game is equipped with alarms all over around. However, you can disable
    the alarm when is engaged. Every alarm has a control unit near it. These are
    Yellow control boxes, than you can hack using the ELP device (stand in front
    of the control unit and press and hold the triangle button).
    You must hurry, because you have limited time to shut the alarm off, and then
    you will fail the mission.
    so memorizing where the controls units of the alarms are located is important.
    Shutting off the alarm can become a real problem if you left bodies lying all
    around the place, as will be explained in point 3), of this section.
    2) Shadows are your biggest ally: Yes, Hiding in dark spots will ensure that
    you're less visible to the enemy.
    So whenever possible, stick to shadows and darkness. When you're hiding
    successfully in the dark, a "stealth" icon will appear on the top, right
    corner of the screen.
    3) Hide the bodies: Remember, that whenever you kill or incapacitate a guard,
    you should hide his body in some dark area. The perfect spots for hiding
    bodies are the same ones you could use to hide yourself.
    If you leave bodies in the open, there's a chance that another enemy will see
    those bodies, and they'll probably activate the alarm, compromising your
    Always take the time to hide the bodies when possible, or you could be in
    trouble, like in this particular situation:
    If you leave bodies around and an alarm is sounded, you will have a difficult
    time shutting off the alarm, because every time, after disabling the alarm,
    one of the enemies that came to search for you, will discover his comrade
    body, and the alarm will sound again. This situation will ruin you mission so
    avoid it by taking the time to hide the bodies.
    4) Be quick in hand to hand combat: Unlike some characters in others games of
    this genre, Ethan is very fast and deadly with his Punches and kicks, so you
    can incapacitate an enemy in no time if you surprise him and tap x very fast,
    to give him a beating.
    This technique is very good if the enemy is close to you and has already
    detected your presence.
    5) Go for the silent kill: Whenever possible, approach your enemy from behind,
    and when close enough, an icon will appear in the top, right corner of the
    screen, press X when the icon appears to incapacitate the guard.
    you can also do this when hanging from pipes and ropes, When you're above the
    enemy. The icon for the stealth kill will appear and you will drop down on top
    of the guy, knocking him out.
    If the situation gets difficult and approaching the enemy would be to much of
    a risk, then use the tranquilizer gun.
    6) The Radar: it's very useful to know the location of cameras, motion sensors
    and your current objectives. Also, it's a good idea to shoot guards or VIP
    escortees with the EWG gun to track them and know their positions on radar.
    6)About the walkthrough
    Please, if you find some errors in this guide, (grammar or about gameplay),
    drop me a line so i will correct this, But keep in mind that i prefer the
    guide to be up rather than pursuing spelling perfection. I give importance
    to grammar anyway, so i will work on it. Also, feel free to let me know about
    any new methods For passing a mission or a particular area.
    Credit will be given to those who can add more to this walkthrough
    Mission:1.0 Yugaria
    Briefing: one Simon Algo, former intelligence agent, has seized control of the
    Balkans nation of Yugaria. he has an extensive spy network, and one of his
    most trusted advisors wants to defect, and in exchange for safe passage, he
    offers a mini disk filled with juicy information about Algo's covert ops, your
    mission, should you decide to accept it, is to make contact with markov and
    obtain the minidisk, and ensure his safety. (these mission briefings you will
    see in this guide are not the actual briefings from the game)
    Part 1: Objectives: Hack the Telecom junction box so Luther can invade their
    We begin the adventure with a simple tutorial leave, like in most games,
    you'll receive instructions on the gameplay as you proceed.
    When you start you're in a courtyard, in front of a large statue, proceed down
    the stairs in front of you towards the statue, and go around the water by the
    statue either by the left or by the right, you will be soon facing a low wall,
    as suggested by our dear cpu, you should climb that ledge, so do it (press
    Triangle) (Ethan can climb any object that is almost his same height)
    now very close by is a gate, open it by pressing triangle and continue down
    the path, beware, for the area has a lot of security. when you enter the
    pathway, a short cut scene ensues, now you know that 3 guards are very close
    by, when the cut scene ends, quickly run to the shadows right in front on you
    and hide there, wait a little, looking to the alley, and you will see two
    patrolling guards walk by you, as soon as they pass, get out, and proceed left
    on the alleyway, carefully, and take a left, be careful here, another guard is
    waiting, he's stationary and looking the other way, but if you rush in, he'll
    spot you, if you bump him he'll become aware too, if you stay there doing
    nothing, you will be caught too, so approach him slowly and fix the camera
    with R3 so you have a good view, approach slowly, and when you see the icon
    for a stealth kill, press the X button to incapacitate the guard, if he sees
    you,  tap the X button as fast as you can to give him a beating.
    Now as suggested by Luther and the game itself, you should hide his body,
    grab him with R2, and deposit the body in a dark spot, one is very nearby
    around the corner. now you've hide him. proceed.
    return to where the knocked out guard was, but carefully, see the open gate?,
    a guard patrols it, and he goes left to right, when he passes by the gate and
    is no longer in sight, crouch (L1) and hide in a dark corner that intersects a
    wall with the aforementioned gate. observe the guard, when is turning his back
    at you, go for the kill, or, you can wait for him to pass by and follow him,
    them beat him to a pulp, do it fast, observe the situation, and time you
    movements, when he is finished, hide his body in the same place you hid the
    other guard, mind the first pair of guards that you didn't incapacitate, as
    they could return to that spot.
    Now return to where you killed the last guard, pass the gate and down
    the stairs to the right, you should see a yellow box in the dead end wall that
    has red little lights on it, that's the telecom box we want to hack, a
    cut scene begins, with a brief explanation on how to deal with the alarm
    the alarm is close by, is a red box on the wall to the left of the telecom box,
    besides the alarm to the left, is the system to deactivate it, it is a yellow
    box, should the alarm sound stand in front of it and press and hold the
    triangle button to hack the device with your ELP gadget.
    Now you need to hack the telecom junction box with your ELP device, simply
    stand in front of it and press and hold the triangle button, you will hack the
    system, and get a cutscene
    after the cutscene, you will be prompted to use you RCV gadget, a device that
    let's you view trough the base security cameras, thanks to the hacking job by
    Luther, to use it, press the left directional button, to enter and browse your
    inventory, when you're going trough the RCV select it using the X button, and
    press the square button to use it. to browse trough different security cameras
    around the base press R1, exit with the square button. take a good look and
    try to remember what you see.
    time to move on, you need to recover your gear my man, so here we go.
    part2: objective: Jasmine dropped your gear in the garbage, you must find it.
    to the right of the telecom box you hacked previously, there is a gate, it is
    electronically locked, but it shouldn't be a problem for top CIA operatives
    like us, just face the control panel, and press and hold the triangle button
    to use your ELP gadget, and the gate will open, so proceed, but carefully,
    there's a camera nearby, you will have to use your EWG gun, to disable it, I
    suppose by now you know how to browse your inventory and equip items, so, just
    equip the EWG gun and press the square button to enter aiming mode, aim to the
    camera, and shoot with R1 a burst of electronic interference, to render the
    camera inoperable.
    proceed to the door near the camera. you will get to use the sonic imager, a
    gadget that let's you see trough solid structures, try it out, equip it from
    your inventory, to use it approach the door and press square. you will see a
    guard, he is actually looking the other way. hack the control panel of the
    door with your ELP and enter. you will reach a checkpoint. the Geezer looking
    the other way will walk ahead, time to practice a new move, the corner kill,
    go to the wall in front on you and hug it, press L3 to press your back against
    the wall, when the guy returns to where you are hidden, and he is close to
    you, an icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen, this is the
    moment when you should hit the X button, and you will perform a move to get
    rid of the guy in style.  then climb the ladder nearby.
    you're on a balcony now, go around the corner, until you can't go further,
    above you is a pipe you can hold to, so press the circle button to grab the
    ledge (in this case the pipe), and shimmy to the left, drop down on the
    balcony across the gap. continue trough the balcony, and a cutscene begins.
    Watch out, there are laser wires all over the place, equip your NVG (night
    vision goggles), by pressing L2 and you will see the lasers. advance trough
    the lasers in crouch mode and be alert, because you're near a security camera,
    it is near the big metal box where the second laser wire is, disrupt the
    camera with your EWG gun and continue forward, you will get to a gate, open it
    and move on.
    A little distance ahead, is a gap, you should see a dumpster there, drop down,
    your gear is here, once you've dropped down, climb on top of the dumpster to
    get your kit, including binoculars and the microcord. the door near the
    dumpster is locked, you need to use the microcord, that allows you to reach
    high places. equip it and enter aiming mode with the square button, and aim to
    the pipes up there, fire the microcord to go up and grab the pipe, now move
    across the pipe, push L1 to lift your legs up when doing this if you need.
    while going trough the pipe, a little ahead directly below you is a guard,
    you know what to do, get above him and press X when the icon appears on screen.
    to drop down and knock him out.
    part 3: Objective: Take pictures of the communication tower and the
    communication receiver. Send the pictures to Luther.
    now you're in the a huge courtyard with fireworks everywhere. advance a
    little, Checkpoint reached, a guard patrols this area so be careful, stick to
    the wall right in front of you, far away is the comm tower, across the
    courtyard, beyond the fountain. Equip your binoculars. enter binocular view
    with the square button, Zoom with triangle, take a pic with R1, enter analysis
    mode with circle.
    Now you should take care of the guard, hug the wall from where you took the
    photo of the comm tower, and observe the situation, be patient, the guy should
    appear soon, wait for him to be looking away, and try to approach with stealth
    and press R2 to grab him, take him over to the door close by, that door has a
    security palm reader, that's like a retinal scanner, so we need to use this
    guy to unlock the door, once you're close to the scanner, press triangle to
    force him to unlock the door for you. (by the way, is not necessary that the
    guard is alive). Do not enter yet. Now for the communications receiver, the
    other thing you need to photograph, it is actually, the big metal box you
    passed in the balcony with the lasers, to find it, stand near the comm tower,
    and aim your binoculars to the balcony, when you see it, take a photo. (you
    remember you passed just by The receiver before?) use the analyze mode in the
    binoculars if you have trouble finding the receiver. turn on your night vision
    sometimes, just in case you encounter lasers.
    Part3: objective: meet the informant.
    Go to the gate, you unlocked with the palm reader and now enter, go up the
    stairs, until you reach a balcony, our contact is here, go meet him, now for
    a cutscene.
    part 4: objective, extract the contact.
    after the dialogue, you should be with the informer now, you have to get him
    out, first thing you need to do is to take out you EWG gun, and fire at the
    guy so you can tag him with a tracking device. then go down the stairs, he
    will follow, now that he's tagged you should see him clearly on radar. when
    you get to the gate, a checkpoint is reached.
    Go across the courtyard to the exit, no need for directions as the informer
    will start walking on free will so he can lead you, but be on your toes.
    because once you reach a place with two doors there is a laser, and beyond,
    a door. Ignore that door that's blocked by a laser. To the right is another
    door, you need to use the laser cutters to open it, stand in front and then,
    press and hold the triangle button, then open the door and enter.
    now this room has lasers everywhere so be careful, turn on the night vision.
    what you need to do, is to use your microcord on the pipe above you, and to
    your left, once you're hanging from the pipe, raise your legs and cross the
    lasers, once past the lasers, drop down, and DON'T, go around the corner. a
    guard is waiting here, approach the corner carefully, and pan the camera
    around to observe the situation, you need to distract this idiot so you can
    eliminate him, how?, simple, take out the EWG gun and aim for the barrels, it
    will create a noise and will attract the guard, but first, hide in the
    shadows, then aim for the barrels with the EWG gun and shoot, a noise will be
    created and the guard will come to inspect, when the time is right dispose of
    him the way you prefer, but i would recommend to act quickly and surprise him
    with punches and kicks.
    Now, around the corner, where the guard previously was, there's a camera. you
    know what to do, shoot it with the EWG from a safe distance, be quick, because
    it will spot you with no doubt. when the camera is out, go to the yellow panel
    in the wall, stand in front of it and use your laser cutters (press and hold
    Now it is safe, so go outside to the informant, the laser that was obstructing
    that door outside i gone. the contact will start walking again, so escort him.
    But, the door is locked, with a palm reader scanner, so you need a guard to
    open it, go for the last guy you knocked out, pick up his body and take him to
    the scanner, then use him the unlock the door (triangle in front of the
    And that's all she wrote for this part of the mission, because is complete.
    Mission 1.1
    Briefing: somebody killed our contact, we got to chase him.
    part 1: objective: Chase the assassin.
    you start this level, with you back against the wall, a guard is around the
    corner, the game encourages you to try hand to hand combat with him, and
    practice some combos, but you can also deal with him with a corner kill,
    then go down the stairs, a guard is at the bottom, looking away, you can
    approach with caution or do it fast and do some punches and kicks. Keep going
    and down another small set of stairs and at the bottom another punk is waiting,
    send him to his maker, is should be easy.
    Then a cutscene begins. after the scene, take the Medical kit by the right
    side of the gate, burn the lock of the gate with your laser cutters and open
    it. you will get to a checkpoint, keep going using the orange arrow on the
    radar for navigation.
    when you reach a point with a statue in the form of a head, (you can't miss it)
    you will receive your tranquilizer gun and some tips to use it.
    beyond the doorway near the big head, two guards are waiting, chances are that
    you're going to exchange fire, good news is that the darts of the tranquilizer
    gun can go trough the fence, so strafe and fire your gun to these guys,
    staying in cover and strafing to fire sometimes, it shouldn't be a problem. be
    accurate, ammo is limited.
    after the fight, go to the fence the guys where, and burn the lock of the gate
    with the laser cutter, then proceed.
    when you get to the guards, you will get a decent gun, with lethal ammo,
    (square to aim, R1 to fire, Circle to reload, L3 to toggle manual aiming or
    so you now got a IP-45, use it wisely.
    proceed trough the doorway to the little square with trees in the middle and
    you will pass a checkpoint.
    keep going (navigate with the arrow in the radar), take a right, and a little
    further is an alley to the right but...there are some dudes waiting armed to
    the teeth so prepare yourself , and observe a little.
    then draw your IP-45, and shoot the guys, remember to strafe for cover quite
    often during a firefight, (remember, fire and hide, fire and hide, don't
    expose yourself too much), and aim high, a headshot is always good. it should
    be easy.
    when all the dudes are finished, the mission ends.
    Mission 2.0 Los muertos secret facility.
    Briefing: something big is cooking according to the minidisk given to us by
    Markov, involving a military production facility In America, it is believed
    that a foreign agent is stealing important data.
    Your mission, Should you decide to accept it, is to infiltrate los muertos
    and Gather intel on the situation.
    Part 1: Obejectives: take a clear photo of doctor Norton, take a photo of a
    guard, transmit the photos to luther for mask fabrication.
    you star high up in a platform overlooking the heliport, do a little recon of
    the area. there's a chopper on the heliport, and a guard standing next to the
    helicopter, further in the distance, a little to the left, you can see a guard
    and near him is a security camera, there are only two guards in the heliport
    section. advance a little further to your left in that platform you are now
    and drop down the next platform, the chopper will now take off and the guard
    below will now walk towards you. time to take him out, you can do it in two
    method 1: for this method, you should have your micro cord ready before
    dropping down to the platform on the left. look up adjusting the camera,
    there's a zipline above (it is more like a rope, since you can't slide with
    this rope only advance slowly on it) you need to enter aim mode with the
    microcord (square button), aim to the zipline above you, and when the aiming
    reticule gets green (try to aim directly above your head) fire the microcord,
    and you will fly up to the rope. now start advancing in the zipline, and look
    down with the camera, try to get directly above the guard, when he is below
    you and you're aligned with him, press X to do a stealth kill dropping down on
    him (if you had your legs up while advancing through the rope, put them out of
    the rope).
    method 2: to take this particular guard out is just to simply snipe him from
    the platform with the tranquillizer gun.
    no matter how did you manage to take this guard out, you need to take a photo
    of his face with the binoculars. so approach his body, the photo must be clean
    and clear, so if (and is likely to) the guard is not in a good position to get
    a clear shot of his face, pick up his body and drop him in a place with enough
    space for you to aim at his face with the binoculars, and of course, don't get
    too close to the other guard in the area. (also of course, make sure to drop
    him in a way that he ends up lying on his back looking up to you), then select
    your digital binoculars, and try to get in front of his face, in a crouch
    position, aim to his face with the binoculars, (no need to zoom believe me)
    and make sure to get his face well proportioned around the frame of the
    photograph, then snap the photo. if you took it right, luther will confirm it,
    if not, he will say that the picture is no good. should this happen, try again
    until you get a good, clean photo of the guard's face, remember, you need a
    detailed photo, so make sure his face is shown properly.
    now you must advance to your left and around the heliport, towards the next
    guard. make sure you draw the tranquilizer gun. you should see the guy walking
    in the distance. This area is well lit, so is not difficult for him to spot
    you, so you should give him the tranquilizer, snipe him from a safe distance,
    not far from the guard that you photographed. aim well, and shoot, it
    should not prove difficult, but do not get too close, and if you get near him
    and he sees you, be quick about it.
    Once this guy is down advance to where he was patrolling, get your EWG gun
    near this last guard you should see a little bridge/passageway, with a floor
    made of grey bricks, around the corner there are stairs leading down, but
    watch out, since the  stairwell is filled with security cameras, from a
    position before entering the brick bridge, you should see a camera mounted to
    a wall on your right. snipe it and fire some jamming interference to disable
    this camera. once it is inoperable, proceed into the small brick bridge, and
    go around the corner to begin going down the stairs. the first set of stairs,
    the upper stairwell is clean since you already disabled the camera on it.
    proceed down to the other set of stairs, but don't go too far down, around the
    corner from these particular stairs is a camera. you should see it to your
    right, from the top of this second set of stairs. aim to that camera with your
    EWG gun and shoot a it to render it inoperable, then proceed down to the third
    set of stairs. around the corner at the bottom of this  stairwell, the lower
    stairwell, is yet another security camera, from the top of that part of the
    stairwell you should see it to the right. shoot that one with the EWG gun from
    the top of the stairs like the previous cameras.
    No more cameras now, keep going down, and keep ready your tranquilizer gun
    just in case things get ugly.
    at the very bottom of these stairs where we shot the three cameras, is a huge
    parking lot, a solitary guard patrols it.
    descend from the stairs with care, and in the same place the last camera was
    there's a pillar that has written on it "LEVEL 2", put your back against that
    pillar. to take a good look of the parking lot, and make sure the patrolling
    guard isn't near your current position.
    now, Doctor norton the man you need to photograph, is close, there are two
    methods for taking his picture.
    method 1:
    From the pillar on the stairs that has written "level 2", with your back
    against it, observe the situation, wait for the guard patrolling the parking
    lot to go away to the other side of the parking lot. If the coast is clear,
    proceed going down the stairs. when you're near the end of the stairwell,
    and you see the words "level 1" written on the wall, make sure you are
    crouched and advance slowly or you will be caught by a guard that is in an
    office to your right, the office has a window that has a clear view of the
    place you're approaching, so be careful, keep advancing crouched, sticking to
    the wall on the right below the window, making sure that the guard is not
    facing your direction, and wait for the guard to be staring to the phone on
    the wall, near the window, sneak forward, don't rush in or you might be
    spotted, around the corner to the right, to enter the office the guard is in,
    there's no door, and the guard will be looking away to the phone in the wall,
    so sneaking behind him and incapacitating him (X button when you see the
    action icon) should be easy. besides the door, is a light switch, turn the
    lights off to create shadows. if the guard gives trouble, tranquilize him.
    pick up the health kit at the wall in the end of the office.
    Turn off the lights in the office by using the switch near the door. this will
    give you shadows to hide.
    while in this small office, Doctor norton, the man we need a picture of, will
    appear shortly on the parking lot, and be prepared for the moment Luther
    informs you that he's there, you need to be quick or he will leave.
    you can use the yellow panel opposite the computers, the panel has written
    "monitor" on it, this panel will let you check the security cameras, browse
    trough different cameras with R1.
    luther will warn you that doctor norton is heading inside the facility, and
    that you have little time to take his picture, and you will see norton on
    camera, so head to the door of the room you're in now, and stay inside,
    looking to the parking lot, get your binoculars ready. you will see Norton
    walking on the parking lot, be quick and aim at him with the binoculars,
    zoom into his face and snap the photo with R1, luther with confirm your
    success on taking the picture.
    method 2: stupidly easy. from the stairs with the cameras, after disabling the
    cameras and while going down, in the pillar that reads "level 2", you can get
    a clear view of the left side of the parking lot, now take you binoculars and
    look with them far in the distance, and observe the gate at the very end of
    the parking lot, that marks the limit of the base. Doctor norton is by that
    fence to the left, beyond a yellowish colored car and a wall, he is talking
    to somebody and you can hear the conversation, wait for him to approach your
    position, zoom into his face and approach some distance to get a clear shot,
    when luther tells you that he's heading inside the base is the perfect
    opportunity to take the pic, you have to be close enough remember, but still
    keeping yourself at a reasonably safe distance.
    part 2: objective: Hack the security computer so luther can unlock the door
    of the base.
    no matter what method you choose to get the picture of Norton, you need, to
    prevent exposure, to clear the small office at the bottom of the stairs, the
    details on how to clear this room are on the description for the first method
    of norton's picture (above).
    exit the office from where you took the picture of doctor Norton, or where
    you knocked the guard out if you took the picture using method 2. Right in
    front there are some rocks that can provide you with cover and shadow for the
    moment, remember that a guard patrols the parking lot. don't let him see you.
    if you look a little to the left, you will see a security camera mounted on a
    wall, you can recognize it's distinctive green blinking light, you know what
    to do, draw the EWG gun, and snipe the thing to fire some electronic
    still in the shadows by the rocks, wait a moment for the guard that patrols
    the parking lot, (he goes around and around it) when he is near you and starts
    walking away, follow him a bit, until you get to a wall in a parking space,
    next to a green car (you should be to the left of the car), the guard will
    stop then and will look around, he could see you if you attack now, so wait
    for him to walk to the right and THEN follow him and get close enough to
    incapacitate him.
    if you want it fast and easy. tranquilize him when you're hiding on the rocks
    and he passes by near you. Either way, hide him in some place, like the rocks
    you were hiding in.
    Our next goal is on a room, the room has a sing that reads "SECURITY".
    by the right side of the door is a window, an a guard is on watch so be
    When he is away from the window, approach from the left side, to the door,
    and stay away from the window, remain crouched and observe the guard. also
    you can approach by the row of rocks to the left. anyway, observe the guard
    inside the room, his pattern is going to the window, and then to the other
    side of the room, all the time, i would suggest the following, equip the
    tranquillizer gun. when he starts to move away from the window, enter the room
    and give him a dart, fast. Or you can enter the room and punch him quickly.
    turn off the light switch by the door, because shadows are always a good place
    to stay when spying, if needed, take the health kit on a wall in the room.
    now go to the only desk with computers in the room and get in front the yellow
    keyboard, and...well...hack it of course.
    part 3: objective: enter Los Muertos facility.
    Get out of the room and sneak to the entrance of the facility, the entrance is
    the way doctor norton went when he left the area, remember?, well you should
    have paid attention to the detail. To be more specific, when you exit the room
    where you hacked the computer, look right, and you will see a "LM" sing, the
    entrance is to the left of that. By now you should've disabled the camera
    guarding the entrance. The area is clear so just go in like if you own the
    and that ends this part of the mission.
    Mission 2.1 Inside Los Muertos Facility
    tip: Beware of barrels and objects that can make noise when you make contact
    with them, avoid those objects.
    Part 1: objective: find the good doctor norton and hehe, neutralize him.
    This is a little tricky if you don't think it and rush in. Well, you will
    start, in front of a security checkpoint, with two metal detectors, you don't
    want to get pass those and start a mess, you're an impossible mission force
    operative, not Rambo, so you want to sneak in.
    Above you is a pipe, so equip your microcord and aim to the pipe, and advance
    through it. observing any guard below you. raise your legs just in case.
    wait there a little further past the metal detectors. when a guard comes near
    this detectors, get above him and drop down to knock him out. If you're quick
    enough using the microcord, you should get above this guy without waiting for
    him to come back.
    Now you should see two paths on both sides of the big LM sing. take the one on
    the left.
    you will pass a shadowy alcove, hide the unconscious guard there. and then is
    another dark alcove, advance with care and get inside this second dark alcove.
    Now look in front of you, beyond and above the desk with the computer and the
    soda can, you should see a camera, shoot it from the alcove if you can, if
    not, make sure no one is around, because there are patrols here, and get a
    little closer, behind the desk with the computer, from there, and without
    getting in the camera's field of coverage, mess it up with the EWG gun.
    Be careful now to avoid detection. get behind the cabinets just by the desk
    with the computer, get your tranquilizer gun ready, be patient and wait a
    moment, a guy will come. When he passes by your hiding spot and turns to your
    left, shoot him. hide his body in the shadows, near the wooden box pile, do it
    fast because to the left is a window with a guard. hide yourself in the same
    shadows behind the wooden boxes and pan the camera so you can look to your
    you will see a window here, a guard is inside, but the door is locked so
    forget about that room for now.
    Your radar should be showing an orange blinking dot indicating the objective.
    From the wooden boxes go straight ahead and look for a ladder, it is just in
    front of the door to the room i just described, next to a wooden board. don't
    climb the ladder, go around the corner from the ladder, sticking to the right
    side, and you will see a door, the doctor is here. Do as you wish, approach
    him and grab him with R2 and knock him out, or just knock him out, or shoot a
    dart to put him to sleep, just make sure you take him out.
    part 2: objective: hack norton's computer.
    Now in the same room doctor Norton was is a staircase next to a white board,
    close to the door. These stairs lead down to a door that is locked by a
    fingerprint scanner, so you need the good doctor to come with you. So pick his
    unconscious body and take him with you to the door, use him with (triangle
    button) to unlock it. Then, don't you forget about hiding his body!!.
    this is norton's office, his computer, the one you need to hack, is to the
    left of the door, next to a microscope, hack it.
    Part 3: objective: log doctor norton out of the security computer.
    After discovering some info on the computer of the doctor. a man will approach
    his office, and ask for him, if the body is hidden like i told you, he will
    think the doctor is just not there.
    he will go away, use your sonic imager, just to make sure it is safe, then get
    out of norton's office, up the stairs, and out of that room.
    out of that door, turn right, there's a shadowy area here, but a camera is
    close by, so go back to the door of that room where you knocked norton out and
    look trough the passageway, in the well lit area. you will see a camera mounted
    on a corner between two walls, some distance ahead, high and to the left.
    disable this one with your EWG.
    Now advance through that hallway, but in the shadows on the right side, where
    there are some containers. Keep going on that path sticking to shadows, until
    you get in front of an orange little cargo car. You will hear footsteps.
    A single guard is here, be cautious. keep in the shadows in front on the
    orange cargo cart, and put your back against the container there, if you're in
    the place you will see the guard, patrolling in front of some double doors,
    wait for him to turn his back at you and emerge from the shadows and
    tranquilize him. You could also hide in the dark alcove in front of him, but
    is kinda far. Anyway, there's a camera near this spot. you can see it on
    radar, stand in front of the double doors the guard was patrolling, and keep
    the doors to your left, now pan the camera to your right, you will see it for
    sure, it is high of course, disable it with the EWG. hide the guard's body in
    the shadows close to you, where all the crates and containers are.
    keep going in the shadowy area with crates and containers, and you will see
    the security computer's room, to the right is a room with big windows, and a
    guard is there, to the left and in front of you, is a keypad locked door, you
    need to hack it's panel. you will recognize this panel because of it's red
    Approach with caution and stealth, and get to the wooden box pile next to the
    keypad locked door and the security computer's room. and hide behind the boxes.
    stay well hidden, sometimes the guy will see you there, so stay in shadows and
    go to panel only when you see that the guy is away from the windows. When the
    coast is clear, hack the panel an enter, beware of that guard in the room to
    your right.
    Now, this is the security computer's room.  there are two, computers. the one
    on the left let's you activate your remote Camera viewer (RCV), the one to the
    right is the one for the mission objective. Now you can see trough security
    cameras on the base. (don't use the RCV now|, if you mess with the camera,
    the guard in the next room will see you trough the window in the door leading
    to the room where he is, an the alarm will sound, also, keep crouched in this
    room and out of sight, there's a window on that nearby door that leads to that
    room, the door is locked so taking out the guard is not an option now. stick
    to the wall besides the door and observe the guard, when he's away from the
    door, work with the computers.
    when you are finished working with the computer of the right side, you will
    complete the objective, and get to a checkpoint. (thank god)
    part 4: objective: rendevouz with Spelvin in the conference room.
    Spelvin will arrive, in disguise, impersonating the good old Doctor Norton.
    get out of the room with the two computers, stand by the door without exiting,
    and make sure the guy of the other room is not on the windows, then sneak to
    the shadows in front, the ones with containers and crates we used previously.
    a guard in now patrolling outside, seek the opportunity to tranquilize him, it
    should be easy, even if he is suspicious if you stick to shadows. hide him as
    if you wish, use the RCV for a little recon.
    Now retrace your steps to the room where you knocked out doctor norton.
    Spelvin is waiting for you there.
    Spelvin gives you a disguise, as a guard, but...there's no security badge.
    part 5: objective: Locate a security badge to complete your disguise.
    Exit the room  where you met Spelvin, and go left and around the path with
    crates and containers. Do you remember the door that was locked?, in front of
    the wooden box pile, the door has a window on the left and a blue barrel is in
    don't worry the guard that was here is absent now, you probably got him after
    exiting the security computer's room. so enter like if you're the king of the
    world, and go to the left of the room, past the coffee machine and left into a
    narrow passage. In here is a locker room, look for a Bullet proof vest hanging
    in the locker to the right, it has the badge you need, so take it, and exit
    this room, don't worry if you hear someone talking, it's just the TV.
    Part 6: Objective: pass through the security door and enter the weapons lab.
    Exit the room you were in and turn right, in front of you, and to the right
    side of the room with the big windows, is the entrance. WALK casually over
    the geezer in there will open the door for you.
    continue straight ahead into the double doors and this part is over.
    If you wish, go to the door on the left to have some fun with the guard.
    Mission 2.2 Los muertos facility weapons lab.
    Part:1 objective: navigate safely through the testing range and enter the
    computer core.
    advance to the fork and take a left, towards the platform with the green
    console, on it's sides there are stairs to it, take the one on the left.
    once in front in the console take some time to observe the turrets and the
    patterns of the targets they shoot, you'll thank me later.
    use the green console to deactivate the gun turrets, turn left and go to the
    door, open the door an enter.
    now the door in the right, it's now unlocked because you deactivated the guns,
    if not, it will be locked.
    There's a researcher in here.
    Past the door is a big  metal thing, go on the right side of it, the one
    closest to the door you just exited.
    Now.... bad news, the researcher will activate the turrets.
    and is powerful stuff, if you just run to them or stand there, they will shred
    you to pieces. and that sucks...hmmm, what to do? what to do?.
    What you must do my man is this.
    from where you start (the end of the shooting range), to where you need to get
    (beginning of the shooting range), there are four rows of solid, wooden
    targets, that pop out occasionally, you must use these as cover, hide behind a
    target, and when it is destroyed, quickly and without hesitation look for the
    next that pops out, sometimes they will pop on the same row of targets you're,
    so you must wait for targets to pop out in the next rows to advance, stay in
    cover, think fast, look for the targets, and advance taking cover behind the
    the last row has only two targets, so get out of there soon, then get out of
    sight of the researcher. you will reach a checkpoint. It can take a couple of
    tries and get a bit frustrating at first, but i did it, so you can too,
    (unless you really suck at playing videogames)
    the scientist will start to work on a computer so he will probably won't
    notice you, he should be easy to take care of.
    You need him for a fingerprint scanner door, to the left of the place, use the
    poor doctor on it.
    enter the room and face the "danger" sing. take your micro cord out, and aim
    up where a rope is waiting to be used.
    when you advance on the rope, below you there are pools filled with toxic
    materials, this is a matter of skill and timing, the blue one will diminish
    your energy but won't kill you, the green one, will kill you instantly. So
    watch out.
    you should wait that the thing going through the wire is at the other end away
    from you, then cross, if you fall to the blue pool, pull yourself up with
    triangle fast, and get yourself to the rope via microcord, it is safe to pass
    when the thing is at one of the ends of the wire, depending on your position.
    you will lose only a small amount of health, just don't fall to the green one
    when you reach the end drop down, and mind the guard there, stay covered
    behind the wall with the yellow ladder and a "danger" sing, observe him, when
    he turns his head to his right, you can sneak crouched by his side and knock
    him out using X.
    return to the yellow ladder with the "danger" sing, and use your hacking
    device on the panel next to it. (don't forget). there's a health kit next to
    the green sink. Take if in need.
    Now climb the yellow ladder, and pull yourself up in the grey metallic air
    purifier, then climb the next one, until you reach the fans that are currently
    follow the path into that red light corridor with lots of pipes, and trough the
    double doors to the computer core, this part is finished.
    mission 2.3 Los muertos facility, computer core.
    Part 1: objective: Retrieve files from data archive A, retrieve files from Data
    archive B.
    You will start in a platform with a ladder nearby, climb down that ladder man.
    Wow you will realize that the place is covered with laser wires all over. turn
    on your NVG (night vision goggles), with L2, so you can see the danger.
    there are a total of four laser traps in this room, and gaps will open on them.
    important: WAIT FOR THE GAP TO OPEN, don't rush in.
    go to the right wall. There you will see that there's a gap in the laser wire
    net, go trough it.
    On the next set of lasers, the gap is on the ceiling, so guess what?. Yes, aim
    the microcord up and get to the pipe above, then cross the gap, raise your
    legs just in case.
    Drop down once past the lasers.
    now for the third set of lasers, go to the left side wall, and hug the wall,
    will L3, and go trough the little gap.
    for the next laser trap, you must use the microcord again to hang from the
    pipe above, keep a little distance from the lasers tough, because in this one
    you NEED to raise you legs to get trough, and if you're too close you may
    touch the trap.
    After passing the last laser, drop down.
    There's a medkit on the wall if needed.
    Continue to your right past the health kit, turn you Nigth vision, and you
    will see a moving laser.
    But fortunately it doesn't reach the position you are now if you enter the
    room, but stay sharp and don't do anything stupid. (like touching it).
    To the left, there is a gate, and that's the data Archive A, the drives you
    need to retrieve are highlighted in RED beware, the robotic arms in this
    archive are electrified. Proceed to the gate, and stand in front and press
    triangle to use the laser cutters on the lock. Once the gate is open, enter.
    Go ahead and look for a Yellow control panel on the left. Hack this one and
    the electrified arms will be disabled.
    Take out your microcord, and aim to the ceiling into a yellow grapple point,
    when the aiming reticule turns green, fire away, to reach that.
    You will know have to reach for the data drives hanging from a cord, like in
    the movie.
    The controls are:
    Left analog stick: swing ethan back and forward.
    R1 and L1: regulate altitude in the cord line.
    square: switch between horizontal and vertical mode.
    Right analog stick: camera control.
    Triangle: access the data drive.
    You have limited time, so do it quick. but don't feel pressured as the risk
    of death is slim, and if you fail the time limit, you can do it again. If you
    lose too much health, heal yourself,  don't move the left analog stick rapidly
    to swing, leave it in the direction desired for the push for a little while,
    then push the other way. Use the camera to know when you are in place to get
    to the data drives, and when in front of it and near, press triangle, study
    the controls, and practice and you will be fine. if not, contact me and tell
    me your particular problem so i can investigate.
    When you are done, exit the gate and you will reach a checkpoint.
    Now for a little fun.
    remember that there are moving lasers, well you have to cross that to the
    other side where another data storage is.
    Turn on your night vision.
    As you advance, gaps will be open in the trap, this is a test of skill, just
    like the machine gun turrets.
    Keep you eyes opens and look for gaps in the net.
    stick to the right side and trough the gap, then a little to the left from the
    last one, passing those two gaps should be enough to get to the data storage.
    let me know if the lasers change patterns to check it out.
    now burn the lock of this gate with the laser cutters as you did with the last
    Now the control panel for the robotic arms is on the right, hack it as well.
    and repeat what you did the last time, take the microcord out and shoot it to
    the ceiling to start the show.
    now is tougher, the timer starts sooner, and there are five data drives, but
    you can do it, so go for it my man.
    remember the controls and keep trying if you fail. The key here is learning
    the controls, practice, and nerves of steel. be calm. keep swinging and don't
    be shy when swinging as you won't smash your head.
    When you're done, exit the area and a checkpoint will be reached.
    Part two: objective: find the entrance to the computer core vault.
    now onto the computer core vault, from the gate of the last data storage you
    were in, go right, and turn night vision on, because there's a room with more
    moving lasers.
    you have to go to the left, and, same as before, cross trough the gaps. they
    have different patterns, just keep your eyes open, i crossed trough this one
    on my first try.
    after that, take the sliding door on your right, and you will find the vault,
    and this part of the mission is over.
    Mission 2.4: Los Muertos facility, core vault.
    part 1: objective: retrieve files from data backup C, gain access to computer
    When you start, you will be just in front the computer core. but you can't use
    the console in it, because the safety is engaged, hack the yellow panels
    beyond the main console of the core to release the locks, hack both panels
    fast and then quickly run to the console and use it, or the locks will engage
    again, then the core will open. proceed inside. There's a console in the
    middle of the room, use it and you will know that you need a code.
    part2: objectives: retrieve files from backup C, Hack the computer core.
    you will be instructed to look for the data backup C while the teams looks for
    a code.
    go back down the stairs the way you came, and take a left and up a small set
    of stairs, then left again and a short distance ahead it will be a ladder. Go
    up this one. you will reach a corridor that reads "main storage" on both left
    and right walls, proceed into this corridor.
    When you proceed, you will be informed that the director and two civilians are
    headed your way. The woman is about to use the computer terminal, so you must,
    from where you are, obtain the code by spying on her using your binoculars,
    so get them ready from your inventory and wait. but wait, the woman left the
    terminal unlocked, now is your opportunity for getting the data, so head there
    take a right back into the corridor you came from, the one with the walls
    written "main storage", and down the ladder, as you descend, a guard will pass
    near you. Act with haste and kick punch him until he is out, hide him in
    shadows nearby. Now so go back to the console in the core, and use it, now the
    mainframe will emerge, you need to go around the back of it and you will find
    a yellow panel..hack it.
    after some shocking news, go back to the ladder where you knocked the guard
    unconscious, to the data backup C.
    enter the data storage, and you will reach a checkpoint.
    Now you need to do the same as with the other data backups. using the
    microcord, and swinging on it, but this time, you cannot shut down the robotic
    arms, and they are electrified.
    There's a way to avoid those arms. Make sure you are aware where their are,
    and while you're working, assume vertical position when they approach, and try
    to stop from swinging, this time there's no time limit, so take a moment to
    think whenever is possible. always use your camera to check the position of
    the electrified robot arms. The data drives in the upper levels are easy, but
    as you descend it will get a little harder, of course, in the upper levels try
    to work on the data drives when the robot arms just pass by you and until they
    are in the bottom, then be ready when they start to come up, when they are
    getting closer, stop the swinging the best way it is possible and get vertical
    when the arms approach. And while working on the bottom levels drives, wait
    for the robot to just pass by you and begin to work until it is up, when the
    arms begin to descend be alert and when they get closer, stop the swinging the
    best you can, Whenever the arms approach, get vertical. to avoid the arms,
    if necessary, if you're swinging to fast, try to rappel down or to ascend with
    the cord at the right moment to pass by the gap between the arms.
    Good news is that you won't lose your entire work should you fall, but beware
    of falling from a place too high. to check that you're aligned in height with
    the data drive of choice, assume vertical position. then put the camera so
    that it is behind ethan, and then make sure ethan's head matches the drive.
    do as i tell you here and you'll be fine. use your medkits if hurt. Be patient
    here. remain vertical, and wait for the right moment to work on the drives.
    when you're done, get out of the data backup.
    part 3: objective: proceed to main office floor trough the secure elevator.
    Go to the corridor on the right of the gate out of backup C, the one with the
    ladder, and climb down that ladder.
    Now get out of the computer core to where you first started this area of the
    mission. To open the door to get out of the core, use the yellow panel with
    the red button in the right side wall near the door, when it is open proceed
    out. Then take a left, the elevator is just there, you must hack the panel
    near the elevator on the left side. The elevator will open, enter now and use
    the panel on the elevator, this part is over.
    Mission 2.5: Los Muertos facility Main office.
    part 1: objective: grab a scientist and take him  conscious to Spelvin in the
    server room.
    Remain a moment in the place you started, peek to the right, there's a
    receptionist there, the phone will ring and she will answer, this is your
    chance to slip in unnoticed, you cannot knock this woman out, but she can be
    tranquilized if you wish. as soon as you pass the receptionist desk, don't
    rush into the corridor, put your back against the wall just pass the
    receptionist, you will see a scientist and a guard, while they chat, take out
    the EWG gun, look up in the distance and look for a security camera, disable
    it. Then shoot with the EWG gun the scientist AND the guard, they won't notice
    and this will give you their position on radar.
    now the guard and the researcher will separate. As soon as they begin walking,
    and the guard goes to his right, follow the doctor and stay out of sight, get
    near him and grab him R2. with the doctor grabbed, advance trough the corridor,
    straight ahead, and then take a right around the corner, mind the position of
    the guard around, and use the camera to peek the corner, there's a door nearby,
    enter, you can miss this spot, because the radar will show the orange blinking
    dot showing an objective, when you enter the door, you will get a cutscene.
    you can do this part without getting caught, i've done it many times. here
    you'll get to a checkpoint.
    part 2: objective: locate all four computer codes and erase sensitive data
    from the server.
    The server is in the same room you're now with the disguised Spelvin, but you
    got no codes.
    So get out of the room, and observe the position of the guard on radar, you
    should have tagged him with the EWG gun. tranquilize him when you can, this
    should be a piece of cake. Just use standard stealth tactics. hide him in the
    server room.
    The computers or devices where you can get codes from are represented on your
    radar by small orange dots, the first code is in front of you as you exit the
    room with the server, up some small stairs, and to the right, is on a PDA in a
    little waiting area on top the table between the two couches. now get out of
    that waiting room and into the hallway, towards the server room but don't
    enter. take a left, then slowly creep to the right, a guard is waiting in an
    alcove near here, next to a door that is locked with a keypad.
    surprise him and punch/kick him unconscious. Hide him in the server room with
    the rest of the bodies including the doctor and the other guard. Now return to
    this keypad locked door where you knocked the guard out, and hack the keypad.
    enter the door, there are two scientists here, wait for them to walk away.
    One of them will begin to work on a computer in a cubicle to your right, take
    this chance to take him out with stealth.
    get out of that cubicle and  return to the center of the room, advance through
    here and take a left slowly, the other guy is in a cubicle here working on a
    computer too, knock him out as well.
    You must search the codes in the computers that are in that office, and
    represented by small orange dots on radar,  one is on the cubicle where the
    first scientist lies unconscious, and the other is in the last computer on the
    opposite side, to the right of the cubicle containing the second unconscious
    researcher. When in possession of both codes, get out of that room to the
    Now go to the room which door is the closest to the security camera of this
    area. Is a room with a projector, and a scientist is staring at the
    presentation. sneak towards him and knock him out, now you will find here the
    last code, so head back to the server room and input the codes.
    part 3: objective: Exit through the elevator to meet Spelvin in the bio lab.
    Now go back to the area near the receptionist. as you approach you will see a
    keypad for a door.
    Be careful, a guard may appear from the place the receptionist is, be prepared
    to knock him out, you should be able to surprise him.
    Go to the keypad, and hack it when the area is clear. Enter the room with the
    EWG gun ready and aiming, there's a camera mounted in the wall to you right as
    you enter, disable that quickly.
    now just hack the pad by the elevator to open the doors and then enter, and
    use the elevator, this will ends this section of the mission.
    Mission 2.6: Los Muertos facility, bio lab.
    Part 1: objective: use the incubator controls to destroy the viruses
    Open the door in front of you, and enter. Go down the ramp, keep going, and
    you will see the door to the lab, but is locked with a fingerprint scanner, we
    need a guard. So go around the lab until you get to some stairs, the guard is
    above. When you enter the door, he will come to investigate, keep your tranq
    gun selected, you should have ammo, like about three to one darts, depending
    on how have you executed this mission.
    Tranq him or just kick/punch him if low on ammo.
    Pick up his body and take him to the fingerprint scanner, use him on that,
    and then on the other one, and now dispose of him, now enter the lab.
    on the lab there are incubators with the virus in it. you must use the yellow
    keyboard on the incubators to proceed with destroying the virus. As your
    teammate Spelvin told you, you must keep the indicator on the yellow, do not
    get to red. regulate this with the triangle button. it is easy to do, just
    press the triangle button and at regular intervals, retire for a short moment
    the finger from the button. It is easy, i would be surprised if you can't do
    this. Do this with the three incubators until the virus samples are destroyed.
    part 2: objectives: escape the lab before is too late, leave through the
    security boot.
    Now you must get the hell out, or you will be poisoned by toxins that are
    filling the lab.
    Take out the microcord and aim for a pipe in the ceiling, above you, when you
    get to the pipe, you will escape. Advance on the pipe and drop down at the
    end, then drop down to the left, now you're near the room where you knocked
    out the guard you used for the fingerprint scanner, this is the security boot,
    run through it following the objective indicator in your radar, and this
    section of the mission is over.
    Mission 2.7: Los Muertos facility, basement.
    Now we're in for a nice firefight, when you start, run to the dead body ahead
    and get the IP-45 Gun.
    And start shooting the bad guys, Van dame's style. Remember to aim high, to
    give them lead right between the eye (head shot). And if you wish, take cover,
    and use the good tactic of hiding and poping out of cover by strafing.
    The path is kinda straightforward. However, when you first hit some stairs, be
    ready to fire your weapon at a guy that will appear there to avoid taking
    unnecessary damage.
    Then go through the door. in this computer room, there a two guys, it will be
    cake, and you will get to a checkpoint. Go to the only door in this room
    besides the one you entered from.
    In this room is a bad guy waiting, dispatch him. there's some IP-45 ammo on
    the table and a health kit on the wall near the next door. Enter this door and
    shoot the guy waiting there, another will come in.
    This room is a storage/warehouse. in the center of the room on the ceiling
    there's a pipe that you could climb to via micro cord, do it to get through
    the fenced area here and get some ammo, and a health kit.
    then exit the fence and go the the next door.
    here you will find another two bad guys, if necessary, take cover by the wooden
    crates, shoot the explosive barrel if you want, and keep going, and you will
    eventually reach some double doors and the end of this section.
    mission 2.8: Los Muertos facility, fuel storage.
    part 1: objective: defuse the explosives
    When you start, inside the room there are three patrolling guards...shoot them
    at your leisure. Take the ammo by the wooden box near the entrance to the room.
    to the right from where you entered, is a small office, open the door, and
    enter, there's ammo and a health kit here. Now push the red button in the
    panel next to the medkit. a nearby door will unlock, it is located to the left
    of the last room in the circular path. enter this door that has a green
    light next to it, and shoot everything that moves, and run to the very end of
    the room, you will hear a bomb beeping, disarm it (hack it with the ELP).
    Now go to the other side of the room, and you will find a ladder, climb it, a
    bomb is in here, be sure to watch your steps as you advance, you will hear the
    bomb beeping. Disarm the bomb (again, hack it with the ELP) now you'll get to
    a checkpoint and will be given a time limit, 5 minutes, get back to the ladder
    and climb down and take a left, look for the doorway with the words "ground
    level" written above it, go through it and take a left down some stairs, keep
    going down till you reach the very bottom, shooting any guard in sight as you
    proceed, in the bottom of the stairs is a big room with some bad guys, shoot
    them and take ammo that is nearby. Now run to the other end of that room and
    you will get to a door. Open it and inside there's ammo and a health pack. Now
    use the red button on the panel located to the right, next to the lockers.
    this will unlock a door nearby, so exit this room and go to the door on the
    left side from the last room, it has a green light on it's right side, enter
    and be ready to shoot some guys in here, when they are finished, move ahead
    and up the stairs on the RIGTH Side, then face left twice, and you will see a
    hatch with a ladder leading down....take it.
    here's another bomb, you should find it by it's sound, disarm this one too and
    go all the way to the circular area near where you started, and shoot the
    baddies. Look for double doors, open the doors and, this section is over.
    Note: remember the old mathematics rule, the order of the factors does not
    alter the product, so if you wish, try to disarm the bombs in different order,
    i've done it a couple of times with good results, do it the way it will result
    most comfortable to you.
    Mission 2.10: Los Muertos facility, Heliport/parking.
    part 1: objective: prevent Jong Ho Li From escaping.
    This is simple, but take care anyway. You need to go back to the Heliport, and
    shoot the living daylights out of anyone, the honcho, Jong Ho li, will be at
    the heliport, shoot him as well, you can take him alive, by punching him, but
    is not mandatory, and it is difficult to approach him since his assault rifle
    can disintegrate you in seconds. So just eliminate him.
    When you're in the heliport, watch your back, as some baddies could appear
    behind you sometimes, heal yourself when needed.
    Jong Ho li has an assault rifle, so take cover and wait for him to finish
    firing his burst, then pop out and shoot him. you can also shoot enemies from
    the cover of low boxes, you still have space to aim.. try it out.
    when he is dead, along with every one, approach the helipad and the Mission is
    complete, congratulations.
    Mission 3.0 : Back to Yugaria, Vilstra.
    Briefing: The woman who escaped from Los Muertos facility is now identified as
    Sofia Ivanescu. A Software engineer. She's is returning to Yugaria.
    Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to intercept Ivanescu and get
    her out of the country, Alive.
    part 1: objective: follow sofia.
    From your starting position, look above you and behind. You will see a pipe,
    use the always useful microcord to get up there.
    Advance on the pipe, and pay attention to the ground below, a guard is waiting
    here to be your prey, so, if the coast is clear, drop down onto him to render
    him unconscious. but make sure nobody sees you, a guard could appear in sight
    while you take care of this one.
    Now stick to the wall on the right, put your back against it, the other guy is
    just around the corner at the end of those small stairs, take i'm out silently
    if possible. If nobody is aware of your presence now, search for yet another
    guard and take him out too. If things get too hot, and this last guard or the
    previous one become suspicious, apply some fast close quarter combat.
    Now, advance sticking to the wall on the left side of the alley, and when you
    get to a corner adjust your camera view so you can see a camera with it's
    distinctive green blinking light. disable that camera with your EWG gun. now
    prepare your tranq gun, a guard will appear from the stairs right in from of
    you, located to the left of a green dumpster. Tranq this one too, but don't
    leave his body there, take him with your other friends down the alley where
    you started, because the woman we're following will appear here.
    After hiding this body, get behind the green dumpster mentioned previously.
    and now it is time to try out our new toy. The WASP, this sweet gadget is, a
    robotic remote control little flying bug, that has a camera attached and can
    deliver a stunning electric charge to an enemy.
    the best way to control this toy, is to imagine it is an helicopter.
    because the controls are:
    left analog stick up: pitch the wasp forward allowing you to advance
    left analog stick down: this is your brake, just like a Helo you see?.
    rotate the WASP on its own axis with the right analog stick.
    fire the Taser with R1 when close enough to the victim and the aiming reticule
    turns orange.
    Now, hiding behind the green dumpster opposite the stairs where the last guard
    came from, select the WASP with your inventory button, and release it by
    pressing square. fly the WASP to the alley beyond the aforementioned stairs,
    and pass the red scanning beams into the room, rotate right here and you will
    see our target, sofia, talking to a guard, ready to enter.
    you must follow her with the WASP all the way until she gets inside a building
    and slam the door shut in your WASP's face, this will destroy the WASP
    probably, if not, take it back to you.
    You will reach a checkpoint.
    PArt 2: objective: catch up with sofia.
    now head with the WASP to where sofia was talking to the guard (send another
    WASP if the first one is lost).
    Approach this man with the WASP, and get the WASP close to him, then shoot the
    Taser at him.
    when he is down, run to where he is, (avoiding the red sensors), and push the
    button closest to the door you entered from.
    Now rush to the gate Sofia went trough, and hurry because if you take to long
    it will close and you'll have to repeat this last step.
    as soon as you cross the gate, ready your tranquilizer gun, and enter this
    place towards the door sofia entered, in aiming mode, and with speed and
    agility tranq every guard here. Then disable the camera with the EWG gun. Once
    the area is clear, hack the keypad of the door, and enter, and this section is
    Mission 3.1: Yugaria, Ministry of information.
    Part 1: objective: place a bug in sofia's computer.
    From your starting position, stay in the shadows and watch the patrolling
    guard. when you're sure that he will not see you, go and find cover in the
    boxes of the right side, that will give you some nice cover in the shadows.
    Now turn left and aim with your EWG at the Camera and take it out. The guard
    could get suspicious, but this shouldn't be a problem given the fact that you
    will be in shadows. Dispose of this guy the best way you can figure out, and
    silently. You must use his body on the fingerprint scanner locked gate that
    is to the left from where you were hiding (to the right of the camera), after
    unlocking the gate, move him away from it.
    You better hide now, because the open gate will arouse suspicion in a guard
    that will come to investigate, so hug the wall by the gate, where the
    fingerprint scanner panel is, when that imbecile of a guard comes near,
    surprise him and punch/kick him with speed. or knock him the way it is most
    convenient to you. Hide him in the shadows in the same corridor pass the gate.
    Hide the other Guard too, just in case.
    now follow the path pass the gate.
    Around the corner to the right there are more of those red scanning beams, be
    sure to avoid them, and when you turn left past the beams, there's a camera
    above, disable it with the EWG gun.
    Around the corner to the right now is the security post, but wait, before
    doing anything, stay behind the bushes and observe the scene.
    Above the security post is a balcony with one guard on patrol, and due to his
    good vantage point, he will spot you easily if you emerge from the tall bushes
    you should be behind now.
    Observe the patterns of the guard in the balcony, and keep your tranq gun
    ready, but not aiming. after looking over to your direction for a while, he
    will turn around and will walk the other way, take this opportunity to aim at
    him with your tranq gun and wait for the aiming reticule to turn red, then
    fire a dart at him.
    Now look to your left and high. There's a pipe over there, head there now but
    make sure the guy walking just outside the guard post doesn't see you.
    Now use the microcord to get to that pipe and shimmy across it to the balcony
    with the tranquilized guard.
    Follow the balcony and around the corner to the left where the unconscious
    guard is and you will get to a checkpoint.
    Near that tranquilized guard in the balcony is a ladder that you must take
    down. But beware of the guard on patrol nearby. Wait for him to be looking
    away and then quickly descend the ladder (press and hold the circle button for
    ladder slide) and knock him out fast, hide him in the shadows behind a wooden
    sing that is in front of the guard post. In front of this sing, is a camera.
    Mess it up with the EWG.
    Now from behind that wooden sing, look to your right. In front of a bus stop
    there's a little sentry post boot. a guard is there. Approach with stealth
    and position yourself behind the boot where is dark, and take the guard out
    in the right moment. If he is not there, then he is in the tunnel nearby,
    wait for him to get out then. Hide him in the shadows behind the sentry boot.
    Behind that boot is a tunnel, go to it and follow it a bit, and when you get
    to the corner you must turn left, but watch the guard. When he is looking the
    other way, go and neutralize him. Inside the guard post near where he was
    standing is the laptop we need. use it to Place a bug on it to complete the
    Part 2: objective: Observe Sofia's meeting with Berkut
    Get out of the Guard post with the laptop and go back and exit it.
    hide behind the shadows in the sentry boot to observe a guard in the distance,
    in front and a bit to the right. Now go the wall  located to your right, from
    the small boot, and hide in the darkness behind it. Pan the camera to check
    the guard's movements.
    When he is not looking move to back of the car in front of you and hide there.
    Wait for him to look away from your position, and advance to the wooden sing
    In front of the car and hide in the shadows there in the back of the sing.
    now hug the wall in front of the sing near the guard.
    If you did what i told you, you should have the guard on the right side of the
    Wait for him to look away and then emerge from the wall and incapacitate him
    as you wish. Hide him in the shadows of the wooden sing.
    Now proceed down the tunnel where this last idiot was standing.
    When you exit the tunnel, in front of you is a wall and if you advance a little
    to the right you will see a camera. Take it out as usual with the EWG gun.
    But do it fast and don't hang around much without cover because there are
    guards near and you will start a mess if they see you.
    Advance to the Balcony using the arrow on your radar that marks the objective,
    and try not to bee seen in that large open area
    If you wish, hide in the green dumbster near the camera. And send a WASP to
    take out the guard on the right side of the large courtyard near a bustop and
    near the ladder that is your goal. Take advantage of the wasp for Recon. you
    could take out the guard old fashion tough.
    When this idiot is done advance towards him and use the ladder nearby, it will
    be represented by the large blinking orange dot on your radar.
    Sofia is on a balcony in front of your position. Use the binocs to spy on her
    and the other guy.
    Part 3: Objective: Infiltrate The Yugarian information ministry.
    Climb down from the balcony you're now and head to the position sofia was.
    under this balcony is a door. take it.
    Mission 3.2: Inside the Ministry of information.
    Part 1: objective: Search Berkut's computer and find out what he plans to do
    with Sofia.
    You will be now in a corridor with some motion detector beams. Advance through
    this corridor with care, and keep the EWG gun ready because around the corner
    to the left and up the stairs there's a camera, so take it out fast.
    In front of the camera is a door and you will hear some conversation.
    Enter the door as nobody is inside this room. Hack the yellow panel at the
    wall in the end of the room across the door. You will now have access to the
    Ministry's cameras via your RCV.  The next room is guarded by a single guard,
    so use the sonic imager in the door to observe him. When the time is right,
    enter the room and dispatch the guard.
    Go to the door next to the red Soda vending Machine, open the door but don't
    enter, take out your EWG gun and stay there a moment to disable the camera in
    front of you. Now follow the path in the corridor with the dark alcoves until
    you reach a door and a gate. Enter the door and you will be in a dark office
    and will hear a conversation. After the scene with the conversation, enter the
    room where the two guys were chatting in the scene, and use the yellow keyboard
    in the computer on the desk.
    Now exit trough the other door in this room.
    Part 2: objective: Access the mainframe and transmit the registry info to
    As you exit the last room, a guard could be on your right. he will sneeze if
    there. If not  wait for him. Take him out. observe the movements around the
    corner to the left, there's a camera nearby, disable it with your trusty EWG
    when it's field of vision is away from your position.
    Now you must advance with stealth on this corridor, to the very end, to a
    room beyond the metal detector in the entrance, to the left of some desk with
    computers. if you have Ammo in the tranq gun, Use it on the two guards here.
    In the room i mentioned above, there's a window in the right side. A guard's
    inside and he will see you if you re not careful. Wait for him to be away from
    the window, and enter to knock him out when he is staring at the computers in
    the left side of the room. In this room is also a red panel that you must hack
    with the ELP. A large automatic door will open. Enter and you will get to a
    checkpoint. when entering the room, turn on the night vision to see the lasers.
    There are lasers on the floor, so climb to the boxes to get to the other side,
    where you need to climb yet another set of boxes. On top of this boxes you will
    see a yellow control panel. you must burn it with the laser cutters. This will
    disrupt some of the lasers. but the ones on the floor and above the mainframe
    remain, so you must drop down from the boxes and advance a little bit towards
    the mainframe, but without touching the lasers on the floor.
    From there look up to see two pipes and a grapple point between, them use the
    microcord on the pipe on the left and shimmy across until you reach the other
    end and you can see another yellow control box below. Drop down here and apply
    the laser cutters to the control box. Now turn around and climb on top of the
    servers of the mainframe and use the microcord on the yellow grapple point
    between the two pipes, to hang from it like in the movie.
    When you're hanging, the colonel and another man will enter and engage in
    conversation for a while.
    When they leave, and still hanging, you must hack the computer. (do not drop
    down, some lasers are still present on the floor)
    When you're done working with the computer, go up a little and start swinging
    on the cord. When you're balancing back and forward, drop down when you're
    exactly going to swing above the laser free floor. (time it right).
    Part 3: objective: Exit the ministry.
    Go to the exit of the mainframe room and you will reach a check point. Use the
    red panel besides the big metal door to open it and exit.
    now retrace your steps and go to the corridor towards the office with the first
    computer you hacked, and go through the gate near it.
    Some guards may be waiting. Feel free to kill them with your IP-45. Then go
    back all the way to where you started this section to exit the ministry,
    minding the scanning beams.
    Exit through the double doors and this section is over.
    Mission 3.3: Outside the ministry.
    Part 1: objective: protect sofia from Berkut's thugs.
    You must protect sofia from the guys that are after her. She is far from your
    position and the enemy lurks.
    But fortunately we Have that great toy called WASP.
    When you start, release a WASP and fly it to the metal gate to your left and
    pass two metal gates into an alley. In this alley you will see on an alcove to
    the left, a thug waiting for Sofia, but leave this one alone for now and
    proceed through the alley around the corner to the left, where you will see
    sofia walking near a dumpster.
    Be on your toes cause shortly thereafter a thug will appear, fly to him and
    give him the electric Zap with the WASP (R1).
    Now fast, send another WASP toy and Zap the idiot that you saw before waiting
    in the alley.
    Send yet another Wasp into the alley and fly it down the stairs to the right,
    where sofia will be walking to. At the bottom of the stairs turn the WASP to
    the left where a door is. A Baddie will appear from here so keep lurking, when
    the idiot opens the door, electrocute him. Another WASP must be set free, and
    fly it down the stairs again. From the doors on the right side, Count Five
    doors and the guy will appear from here, send him to his maker.
    Now you need to snipe the thugs using your sniper pistol, Observe sofia in
    the distance a be ready. Search for thugs. Sofia will take cover or crouch,
    that means a baddie is near the poor girl, so be ready.
    Continue sniping the baddies zooming in to take them out and zooming out to
    observe the area.
    The thugs then will start to move around more, making it a little hard to
    snipe them. remember the rules of sniping. when a target is moving, you must
    aim to WHERE THE TARGET WILL BE, calculating the bullet trajectory. When no
    bad guys are around,try to reload the gun using the circle button.
    After the first sniping section, you will encounter Sofia, and she will run
    away from you, go near the door she took and Aim the gun to the right side to
    spot more enemies, keep sniping, they move so it can be tougher than before.
    When Sofia. starts to run, move a little to the left to get a better sniping
    position, and keep covering her.
    When she falls and hangs from the scaffolding, run to her position and shoot
    the enemies around. When near her, look up where she is hanging and above her
    you will see a yellow beam. Use you microcord on that, and the mission is
    Congratulations, after all your hard work, go and take a little R&R, go see
    the girlfriend or go talk to your dad or something. we will then proceed with
    the game, and this guide.
    (to be continued soon)
    Mission 4.0: Sansara prison.
    Briefing: After the extraction of Sofia Ivanescu, she provided information
    about toxicology equipment from Los Muertos been relocated to a Prison in
    You must infiltrate this highly fortified prison and get to the biolab
    inside it.
    Part 1: Objective: Photograph equipment from Los Muertos.
    When this mission starts, you should be careful. If the alarm sounds during
    this part of the mission, you will fail automatically.
    You start in front of a wooden gate and a truck. Beyond this gate is an open
    area that is the entrance of the prison and has a security camera and two
    guards. You should be able to see the guards and camera from inside the garage
    You're in now. The first Guard is the one closer to you, Above and a little
    beyond him on a pillar is the camera, the other guard will be patrolling in
    the far side of this area. The first thing you should do is to disable the
    camera, do it from inside the garage, as you will have a clear view and the
    place is dark enough to keep you hidden.
    Now you should take care of the goons.
    Wait for the moving guard (the one patrolling a little further from the one
    that's stationary), to move to the right side of the open area, past the truck.
    When he is not in a position that could compromise you, approach the stationary
    guard and grab him with R2. Take him back to the garage where you started and
    knock him out there, in the garage (to save the time that would take knocking
    him out where he was, and hiding the body, as the other guy could spot you).
    Go back to where you started, and wait in the shadows for the other guard to
    pass near the barrels in front of you and walk away under the archway. He will
    stop walking for a moment. This is the best time to take him out, the way you
    Tip: It is a good idea to tag guards with a round from the EWG gun. This will
    let you see their positions and fields of vision on your radar.
    Now you must take pictures with your Binocs, of all the crates around this
    area, with the "Los Muertos" logo on them. (they will have written "LM" on
    them). You will locate these crates easier on radar as orange blinking dots.
    You already know by now how to takes pictures. so do it.
    Part 2: objective: Hack the prison computers to help Jasmine and Spelving
    with their credentials.
    Once the pictures are taken, you must get to the roof of the garage. To do it
    you need to climb the pile of crates located near the garage.
    Climb the crates and onto the roof. In the roof of the garage, proceed
    forward until you get to a ledge on the next roof, that has a Hole on it.
    Drop down onto the prison from that opening in the roof, and a checkpoint
    is reached.
    Proceed in this room and to the door around the corner, but mind the security
    camera mounted above the door. Take it out with the EWG, and the go through
    the door (in this room there's a Yellow keyboard that you can use to activate
    your RCV).
    When you open the door you will see Jasmine and a guard talking, if Jasmine is
    not there talking to the guard, wait a Second for her, and THEN go to the door
    in front of the one you just opened.
    When entering this new room  you will see a guard in it walking away from you
    and creating and ideal situation for you to attack, so take this one out and
    leave the body in the shadows that are abundant in this room.
    Proceed through this room to the next door with you EWG gun ready, and take
    the IP-45 ammo on the little desk.
    The area past this door has plenty of cameras, one is located high to the
    right, very near you as you open the door, disable it.
    Another camera is located to the left from the door, near where Spelvin and
    Jasmine are talking to the guard. Take that camera out as well.
    Now from the last door advance straight ahead until you get to a big metal
    door near another small wooden door with a Keypad lock. As you approach, try
    to stay away from the window to avoid detection by the camera inside this room.
    When you Get to the door, Hack the keypad with the ELP gadget, get your tranq
    gun ready.
    Pay attention to this before entering the room: There's the probability that a
    guard will be in front of you walking to you as you open the door. He will see
    you and activate the alarm, this is why i told you to get the tranq gun ready.
    Tranq him fast if he is there and quickly switch to your EWG gun and take out
    the camera that is also there when you open the door.
    If this particular guard is not there when you open the door, then just take
    care of the camera, and the guard will be up the small stairs in front and in
    a vulnerable position.
    After taking care of the camera and the Guard, you need to hack the computer
    in this room to complete the objective, so use the yellow keyboard that is
    up the small set of stairs as you enter the room.
    After the scene, follow your team into the big metal door just outside this
    room. Section Complete.
    Mission 4.1: inside Sansara prison.
    Part 1: objective: Go through the prisoner area into the communications tower.
    You will start in some nice shadows. There are three guards in this area.
    From where you started, advance a little and you will see a guard looking away.
    Grab him and take him to the shadows you were, to break is neck there.
    Another guard will get suspicious but if you acted fast he will not notice the
    situation. Take him out when he approaches. Then run towards the last guy and
    beat him into oblivion.
    Or you could tranq your way trough this room if you wish.
    Anyway get the body of one of these idiots and use it on the fingerprint
    scanner at the end of this room OR, better, use the laser cutters on the gate,
    then proceed through the gate and down the small set of stairs, but don't go
    in a rush to the next area past the doorway.
    Stay in the doorway and you will see another gate leading to a room with
    a guard in it. Wait for the guard to be next to the gate, and fire a tranq
    dart trough the gate. Now use the laser cutters on the gate and enter.
    Inside, push the grey button inside the yellow square in the console
    near the gate to unlock a door.
    Get out of that room and go to the big metal double doors to end this section.
    Mission 4.2: More Sansara prison.
    Part 1: objective: Hack the communications array at the top of the tower.
    Now this part can be a little of a drag at first, but with practice it will
    become easier.
    When you start, turn on your Night vision, and proceed crouched through the
    gap in the lasers. Go to the left and down the ladder.
    Now you must go down another ladder but at the right moment so you don't touch
    the lasers. Get to the ladder and when no lasers are below, slide down.
    Once at the bottom, climb onto the nearby ledge and shimmy all the way to the
    left until you get to a yellow big control unit near a barrel and some IP-45
    ammo. Burn the control box with the laser cutters.
    Now that the floor is clear, drop down from the ledge near the barrel and burn
    the control panel near the turret to disable the turret. Or you can shimmy from
    the ledge and drop down past the turret to burn this particular panel (in case
    something goes wrong).
    Climb back to where the first control box was, and drop down the ledge on the
    other side and continue past some double doors and another yellow control unit
    will be there. (not the one in the nearby pillar). You need to hack this one
    with the ELP.
    After the hacking, climb on top of the nearby crates and aim your microcord
    up, with you night vision ON, and get to the pipe above when the lasers are
    away, and remember to pull your legs up once on the pipe. Advance on the pipe
    and drop down on the platform, and hug the wall to pass these lasers nearby.
    Once past the lasers hack the panel near you to deactivate another set of
    lasers. Keep advancing on this platform until you spot another laser control
    box on a pillar, be careful because some lasers move near the pillar, so you
    must wait for the lasers to be away and hack the panel on the pillar quickly
    before they return.
    Now from this pillar with the control box, a short distance ahead if you look
    up you will see a grapple point where you must use your microcord, once
    hanging on the cord, turn around in the cord and swing to jump to the next
    platform, where you will pass a checkpoint.
    Climb up the crates now, and then climb to the beam, and shimmy across the
    left until you get to a point where you can pull yourself up. Now pay
    attention here.
    As you pull yourself up, there's a turret nearby that will transform your
    humanity into baby food if you don't act quickly, so right after you get
    in the platform, go to your left to a yellow control box on a pillar near
    a crate, this panel is the turret diagnostic control, hack it and the
    turret will be disabled for 30 seconds, so after the panel is hacked hurry
    to the control box near another turret, and burn it with your laser cutters.
    Then hack the laser grid control panel to the left of that turret in the wall.
    Do this before the time runs out, because the turret you disabled is not the
    one that endangers you now.
    After hacking the laser grid control, go back to the turret diag panel, and
    when the time runs out, hack the panel to get another 30 seconds, that you
    must use to get up the beam near the pillar,
    Procced across this beam to the other side, where the turret is, and disable
    it by burning its panel with your laser cutters. Get on the beam again and to
    the other side to the pillar with the turret diag box, where a checkpoint is
    reached. Drop down the ledge and you will land on top some crates, and go up
    the ladder that is near, to get to another checkpoint.
    Up the ladder, turn on the night vision, and look up, there's a pipe where you
    can use the microcord, aim well to get trough the gap in the lasers so you
    don't touch them. On the beam, raise your legs and advance to the other side
    and drop down the gap on the laser grid, and be prepared to do the same
    procedure you did before with the turret diagnostic control.
    When you get to the platform, hide behind the pillars when the turret fires,
    then head to the left end of the platform to the turret diag box on the pillar
    there, and hack it to get the 30 seconds, and use that time to hack the laser
    grid control panel nearby on the wall.
    Go back to the Turret diag box and when the turret starts again, hack it to
    get some more time. When you have time, go across the wooden planks carefully
    so you don't fall, to the other side in front of you where the turret is,
    burn the controls of the turret with the laser cutters. Go back on the planks
    to the other side where the turret diagnostic is, hack the laser grid controls
    on the wall if you didn't before. Now go past the laser grid control you just
    hacked and look up on that same platform is a big yellow control box on a
    wall. You Can't reach it so you must get via microcord to the grapple point
    close to the panel. Once swinging, you must use this control box to shut down
    the power for the lasers.
    Get on the platform again, and go back to the wooden planks and cross to the
    other side near the turret again, near the turret's control you burned before
    is a button. Push it, and a platform will descend, and you will get to a
    checkpoint. Now return to the wooden plank bridge and in the center, look up
    to see a grapple point near the platform you just brought down, swing and jump
    to that new platform, up the crates, up the ledge in front (jump), and up the
    ladder to the left, use the yellow keyboard to complete an objective and reach
    a checkpoint.
    Part 2: objective: disable all sides of the jamming computer.
    You must use the consoles around the yellow keyboard where you started after
    the cutscene, to open trapdoors below you, then grapple up via microcord to
    disable the controls.
    Start with the one on the right of the starting position, use the console,
    turn on night vision and grapple up. The hatch will open below you, so descend
    there, be on your toes because a laser grid will go down towards you.
    When the lasers stop moving, just stay between them and swing towards the two
    blue panels on the mainframe.
    Press triangle to work on them and deactivate them.
    Then for the console on the left, use it, checkpoint reached, grapple up again
    and go down the hatch.
    In this one two lasers will go up to your position, with different patterns
    and there are three panels to work with. Get vertical when the lasers approach,
    when they pass you, get horizontal and swing to work with the blue panels.
    Wait for the firsts two lasers to pass you and start to work, get vertical when
    the second round of lasers gets close to you. Once the lasers pass you again,
    get horizontal and get to work, until the three panels are done.
    Now for the third and final round of panels.
    Use the final console and grapple up descending then down the hatch.
    In here the laser grid is moving, up and down.
    Pay attention to when the lasers are, up or down, wait for them to go up, then
    you go up with them, reaching the hatch, when they start going down, you get
    down to work on the panels. Do this and you will be fine.
    Part 3: objective: plant explosives in the computer.
    Now go back to the yellow keyboard where you started and plant the explosives
    charges there.
    Part 4: objective: Exit the tower.
    A scene will show you your escape route, so use the microcord to get to that
    grapple point.
    and this ends this pain in the Neck of a Section.
    (i suppose some challenge is OK).
    Mission 4.3: Sansara's prison solitary confinement.
    Part 1: objective: Find and neutralize Algo's Chief scientist.
    Ok, let' move on. From where you start, from the gap in the wall, look for a
    camera mounted to the left from your position. Shoot it with your EWG gun,
    also, a guard will appear shortly in the roof right in front where you started,
    so take the moment to tranquilize this guy from the distance.
    Another guard will be walking on the ground below your vantage point, wait for
    him to appear, and tranq him from above.
    Now look down the hatch behind you but don't drop down now. Wait for a guard
    to enter the room, and he will begin to work on a keyboard. Use this moment of
    weakness and distraction to drop down and take him out fast.
    In this area there's a door and a gate, Leave this small office through the
    door, not the gate and proceed on this path until it forks, left and right.
    Take the right to enter a room with some cabinets and a locker, and keep going
    in this path, until you get to the open area again and a door is visible.
    Go into this room, then get out through the gate, and when your're exiting
    from the gate you will hear the sound of a turret getting ready to fire, so
    hide behind the short wall apposite the turret.
    As soon as the turret overheats and stops firing, run to it and get behind,
    and you will see the turret control unit. Burn it with your laser. Now turn
    around and go to the gate in from of the turret, and Hack it's keypad with
    your ELP device, and enter to get to a checkpoint.
    From the gate proceed on the corridor and you will see a camera at the end of
    the corridor, give that camera the EWG, continue advancing taking a left when
    you get near the camera, slowly and stealthy, sticking to the left side
    because a guard in near. As you approach from the left side you will spot this
    imbecile near a gate, locked with a fingerprint scanner. Lurk there a moment,
    and act when the time is right, or if he spots you, punch him quickly.
    Before Unlocking the gate locked with the finger print scanner, you need to
    take out a security camera located beyond the gate, so stay away from the gate
    checking your radar for the field of vision of the camera.
    Look for the camera (again, is beyond the locked gate), and shoot it with the
    EWG gun, if you have trouble finding the camera, use the binocs in analysis
    mode to locate it.
    When the camera is out, grab your unconscious guard to use him in the palm
    scanner, and enter the gate, proceed on this cellblock to get a cutscene and
    complete the objective.
    Part 2: objective: Exit the area and meet sofia in the data center.
    Just get out of the cellblock where the conversation took place, and take a
    left outside to get to some double doors, enter to finish this section.
    Mission 4.4: Sansara's prison cells.
    Part 1: objective: find a guard and force him to use the hand scanner.
    From your starting position, go down the stairs and go right when reaching
    the corner.
    Before you enter the gate ahead, take out your EWG gun and disable the camera
    located beyond the gate. When the camera is out, burn the lock of the gate
    with your laser cutters and proceed through the gate, but don't enter the
    long passageway now.
    Wait in the shadows past the gate, and to your right, around the corner, you
    can see a long hallway. This path has lots of cells with prisoners inside,
    and they will make a fuzz if they see you.
    So remain in the shadows past the gate and observe the guy in the first cell
    on the left side of the passageway. He will approach the bars of his cell,
    and then turn around to walk away, this is the moment when you should continue
    on the path, hiding in the next dark alcove past the first two cells.
    Now the cell with the prisoner is on the right side of the path, observe the
    prisoner without alerting him, Hug the piece of wall next to the cell and when
    he turns around, advance.
    Get on the dark alcove in the right side just past this last cell, the prisoner
    is now located on the right side of the pathway, do the same as before, when
    he turns around, go to the next shadowy alcove.
    You will soon get to a yellow panel/fuse box located on the wall on the left
    side of the passageway, in front of an alcove with some cabinets and shelves.
    Before working on the yellow control box, look for a camera mounted on the
    wall at the end of the path. Take it out with the EWG and don't let it see
    you. When the camera is out, use the ELP on the yellow control box, and the
    power will go out leaving the entire place in total darkness.
    Shortly after hacking the fusebox, a guard will come to investigate, wait for
    him to get close as he will not see you in the dark, when he is near you, take
    him out, and another guy will appear from the other side, take him out as
    Grab the body of one of these two idiots and take it to the door with the palm
    scanner located near the start of this section, enter the room and get in the
    shadows behind the wall that is in the middle of both set of stairs.
    Part 2: Objective: Hack the computer so luther can upload fake evidence.
    when you're hiding in the shadows You will hear some conversation between two
    guards, one of them will go to check the situation, wait for him in the
    shadows, he will appear from the small stairs on the right side, so when you
    see him, neutralize him and go up the stairs on the right, and go to the end
    of the room where a guard is waiting, you should be able to punch/kick him into
    Now that the area is secure, use the yellow keyboard at the very end of the
    Part 3: objective: Find and open the secret door to the biolab.
    Go back to the long cell area, all the way to the dead end near the fuse box
    you hacked previously. There you will see a button to push in front of the
    alarm system panel. Push the button to reveal the entrance behind a wall
    nearby. Turn around and go to the opened wall and quickly punch the guard
    Then open the double doors, and the section is complete.
    Mission 4.5: Biolab.
    Part 1: objective: Find your IMF kit.
    Go up the stairs in front of you and through the door, now follow the path to
    the left, creeping in crouch mode, and try to know where the sentry on the
    roof is located. Remain close to the wall until you get to a window, and
    please remain out of sight from the guy inside this room.
    Approach the window when he is away and not looking outside, and before you
    pass the window, make sure you observe the guard a little, and proceed in the
    path when he is looking away. Proceed in this semicircular path to the very
    end, passing two more windows, that are clear of enemies. At the end you will
    see your kit. Take it.
    Part 2: objective: locate and take out Berkut with a WASP.
    Now that you're in possession of the kit, remain in the shadows where the gear
    was, and release a WASP.
    Fly the WASP to the open Ventilation shaft located in front of your position,
    to the right of the third window you passed on your way to get your gear, it
    is a little high. Enter the ventilation system with the WASP and navigate on
    this conduct until you get to a dead end, where you will need to hover down
    with the WASP toy. In here you will see a guard and a scientist, chatting.
    Do not zap with the taser anybody yet or the alarm will sound.
    Fly the WASP toy passing the two guys and to the door. To the left to the door
    and high is yet another open vent. Fly through it, and you will get to a
    corridor. Follow the path with the WASP, until you get to a door with a palm
    scanner. To the left and high from this door is yet another open vent, so fly
    inside it, and navigate through, and in here you will encounter the target,
    Berkut, After the scene, approach him with the WASP toy and give him the zap
    with the taser.
    Part 3: objective: Locate and neutralize the neurodioxin tanks.
    Now that Berkut's out, you're in disguise, impersonating him. When near the
    enemy, try to walk casually by pushing the left analog stick softly. just in
    Go to the door in the first window from the start of the level (third from
    your current position, the one with the guard inside), and enter the door
    Approach the window with the speaker and the unaware guard will open the door
    for you, enter, and take a left, to get to the door leading to the room where
    this stupid man is. He is so fooled by your disguise that he will be easy to
    work with.
    Now you need to use this idiot on the fingerprint scanner locked door on the
    apposite side of the corridor (leading to the biolab). You can grab this guard
    and take him alive to the scanner, or drag the body to use him there.
    (don't use the fingerprint scanner yourself more than three times or you will
    cause an alarm). When the door is open, dispose of the dude, and enter.
    Inside this room take out both the guard and the scientist, you need no tips,
    they're easy pickings, given the fact that you're are on perfect disguise.
    Hide both bodies in the dark corner near the door you entered from and near a
    In one of the desks near the windows is the chemical application gun, it could
    be on the right desk or the left one, look for this item.
    Once in possession of the chemical application gun, use it in the chemical tank
    near the window and in the middle of the desks, that is filled with a BLUE
    chemical, use the chemical gun on it (press and hold triangle button in front
    of the hole in the tank).
    Now that the chemical gun is filled with solvent, use it on the tanks filled
    with GREEN chemicals. Use the chemical gun the same way as before, with one
    of tanks to corrupt its content. Now fill the chemical gun with solvent
    again. (use it in front of the tank with the blue liquid pressing and holding
    triangle), once the gun is filled with the solvent, use it on the remaining
    green tank. When you're done, go back to the tank with solvent and fill up
    the chemical gun, then unequip it, and go through the door opposite the one
    you entered from.
    Three guards in here, one of them will walk away, and the one looking at you,
    will salute you. When he says "nothing to report" he will walk to the previous
    room, so quickly follow him and grab him with R2. Take him to the dark corner
    where your two other friends lie lifeless, and break his neck there.
    Then go back to the room this guy was in.
    To take the two remaining guards here, approach them and when they are busy
    saluting you, get behind them to take them out. When they are eliminated,
    Apply some solvent to the chemical tank in here, and you will need to refill
    the chemical gun with solvent in the previous room. With the gun full, take
    out the last green tank in this room. return to the previous room to fill the
    chemical gun once more. Go back to the room of the last two chemical tanks
    and proceed to the door on the other side into the next room.
    In here there's a scientist staring at the last chemical tank, it is tempting
    to take him out in this position but wait, a guard can see you trough the
    window so wait for him to be looking away to take the Doctor out.
    Now work on the last chemical tank.
    Part 4: objective: rescue doctor Ivanescu.
    Go to the next room, and the guard inside will open the next door for you.
    In this room you will find doctor Ivanescu.  Section complete.
    Mission 4.6: More Prison.
    Part 1: objective: Plant explosives and extract Ivanescu
    Basically, all hell broke lose, so you're in for a huge firefight, as soon
    as you start, tag Ivanescu with a round of the EWG gun, so you can know his
    position. You must make your way to the courtyard outside the lab, planting
    explosives charges on every single one of the chemical tanks that you used
    the chemical gun in the previous objective. They are marked on radar as big
    orange blinking dots.
    When all the tanks are rigged with explosives, go outside the lab to the
    courtyard, where you must shoot everybody in order to clear the area.
    When the area is clear, doctor Ivanescu will open the fingerprint door there,
    ending this section of the mission.
    You must be careful, there are a lot of guards so you will run short on ammo
    for the IP-45, so you might end using the sniper pistol.
    Be quick when aiming, don't stand there waiting to be shot at. Strafe for
    cover when necessary, heal yourself when low on health, watch for enemies on
    the roof and that's all.
    Mission 4.7: Still in Sansara prison.
    Part 1: objective: Cover Jasmine in the courtyard.
    This is similar as the mission in Yugaria where you had to protect Sofia by
    sniping the thugs after her.
    It is harder because Jasmine is hurt and the guards here are packing some
    serious heat, and Jasmime can't take to many shots.
    First, grab the ammo for the sniper pistol in front of you in the shelves with
    some AK-47s. Then go to and follow the path on the left until you get to the
    balcony overlooking the courtyard.
    Draw the sniper pistol and snipe down.
    You will see Jasmine Behind a gate that she can't open, near some explosive
    barrels, don't shoot the barrels now or jasmine will blow up with them.
    shoot the guards, that will appear (the first one will come down the stairs
    of the tower on the right side of the courtyard). After shooting three guards
    and now that Jasmine is away from the barrels, shoot the barrels to open the
    gate and clear a path for Jasmine. she will go through the gate.
    You'll need to snipe more guards, and do it quick or Jasmine will get killed.
    Some of the guards will fire at you, this is good because you can take more
    damage than Jasmine, so shoot near the guards even if you don't have a clear
    shot, to get their attention.
    When Jasmine gets to the truck Guards will appear in front of her, to your
    left, cover the left side near you because this part is dangerous for jasmine.
    But don't cover that part only, remember to search the entire courtyard for
    enemies and try to attract their fire to you.
    Don't let your guard down when the chopper arrives, as more bad guys will
    When Jasmine gets to the Helicopter, the objective is complete.
    Tip: sometimes is a good idea to exit aiming mode and pan the camera around
    in  third person view to look for enemies down in the courtyard.
    But don't abuse of this.
    Part 2: objective: Reach the courtyard for extraction.
    Go to the door near your position in the balcony. It will open and a guard
    will come punch this one.
    Go down the ladder in this room and the section is over.
    Mission 4.8: Escaping the prison.
    Part 1: objective: Clear the courtyard of bad guys then use the microcord to
    get to the Helo.
    You will start this part with a new toy, the FAAR-7, an assault rifle and a
    very good one indeed.
    Get the medkit in the wall if needed, open the door and get to the courtyard.
    In this assault level, you must kill everything that moves in the courtyard.
    Search the rooms on the left side of the courtyard for ammo and medkits and
    keep shooting everyone you see with the FAAR-7.
    After some shooting, the Helicopter will descend on the center of the part
    of the courtyard, so go there, when you see the chopper, take out the
    microcord and aim for the Helo, fire and you will escape, ending this mission.
    Tip: when fighting the guards, try to keep moving while shooting to avoid
    Mission 5.0: Aerial insertion.
    Briefing: Algo is in his plane, his flying headquarters, along with the
    iceworm virus and the information of the weapons research, Your Mission,
    should you decide to accept it is to infiltrate the plane, rescue Sofia
    Ivanescu and destroy the plane.
    Part 1: Objectives: Glide in a holding pattern until Algo's plane comes
    into view.
    Board the plane engaging your jetpack and fly to the back of the plane.
    Tough one. but you can do it.
    the controls for this first part are:
    Left analog stick: controls Ethan's pitch, up to pitch down, down to pitch up,
    just like you would do with an aircraft.
    Use this to get vertical, or horizontal as you guide Ethan on the glidepath.
    Turn with the stick by pushing it left or right.
    R1: this is your brake.
    Right analog stick: Use it for sharper turns.
    The glidepath is marked on you HUD so try to stay on it. When you get to an
    orange indicator, the first objective is completed.
    If you miss you will get one last chance.
    After completing the first objective, continue on the glidepath, Pushing the
    stick up or down to keep yourself aligned, and dive into the glide path.
    Turn softly when the glidepath curves.
    When you get to the indicator, ignite the jetpack by pressing the X button.
    Part 2: objective: Board the plane, engage your jetpack and fly into the
    back of the aircraft.
    press and hold the X button to boost the jetpack. Try to stay on the center
    the screen, specially when you get near to the cargo baydoor of the plane.
    Missiles will be fired at you, avoid these by maneuvering around the screen,
    when you see the missile coming, and it gets close, Evade.
    The best position to get to the plane is in the middle of the plane's smoke
    trail, so try to stay aligned with it.
    When you're close to the plane, and the squares marking a glidepath appear in
    your HUD, fly into them and press R1 to cut the jetpack and brake.
    Stay in the path and you will get to the plane to end this section.
    Mission 5.1: inside Algo's plane.
    Mission 5 is almost a complete assault level, you will spend most of the time
    in shootouts with guards that sneaking around.
    Part 1: objective: Hack the airplane's security system.
    When You start here inside de plane, you're hugging a wall.
    The place is crawling with enemies. So draw one of your guns (FAAR-7 or IP-45)
    to shoot them.
    Try to use the IP-45 as much as you can to save the ammo of the FAAR-7.
    Stay in the wall you started and strafe out to shoot the bad guys.
    You're now in the tail of the plane, near the cargo baydoor, you need to
    go all the way to the opposite side, until you can't go further.
    Here you will see a desk with a yellow keyboard, in the desk there's some
    ammo too, a medkit is on the wall.
    Use the yellow keyboard to complete the objective.
    Part 2: objective: Plant three explosive charges around the plane's cargo
    After using the yellow keyboard, you will see on radar the positions of the
    new objectives.
    Get to the ladder near the desk and climb up, (there's a ladder on both the
    left and the right sides, it doesn't matter which one you climb first).
    After you climb the ladder, behind you will see another ladder that you
    must climb up.
    After climbing this second ladder, you will be in a small corridor, check your
    radar to know the place where you must plant the explosives, plant the first
    charge in the wall on a red spot. (press and hold triangle.)
    Go down the ladder you came from, and go to the ladder opposite the one you
    used on the same level, take it up and plant the second charge there.
    As you try to climb that ladder up, enemies will appear below you on the first
    level, shoot them if you see'em, otherwise, climb the ladder and plant the
    After that second charge is planted, go down again and get to the tail of the
    plane on the second level of the cargo bay.
    Bad guys will be on the first level, shoot them.
    In the tail of the plane, near the open cargo baydoor, if you look up you will
    see a pipe that you can reach with the microcord, so use the gadget to get
    there, and shimmy to the other end, to the end of the plane.
    Drop down when you see the platform below you, if you drop before you will
    fall down the open baydoor.
    Plant the final charge here.
    When the charge if planted, turn around.
    More enemies will arrive on the cargo bay, you should use the sniper pistol
    to kill those newcomers, because of the good vantage point offered there.
    Part 3: objectives: Exit the cargo area, Cut the airplane's power system,
    deactivate the Main security system, search for Algo and Sofia.
    When they're finished, jump up to the beam again and get to the other side
    of the cargo bay, where the yellow keyboard was, grab the ammo and the
    healthpack if needed.
    Push the button of the door near the desk to proceed.
    Enter the door, and be quiet.
    Although this mission is mostly an assault one, this single moment of the
    mission should be handled with stealth.
    Get your tranq gun ready.
    When you enter the Door, you will see a guard there looking the other way.
    Beyond him in the distance, you will see a camera, tranq the guard, reload
    and wait there in the same spot until you see two more guards, tranq them
    Now shoot the camera in the distance with the EWG gun.
    Another camera is located past the doorway to the left, and be careful cause
    the third guard will be here if you did not tranq him earlier. If he is there
    Tranq him fast.
    The camera is mounted on the wall on the left as you enter the doorway from
    the corridor, take it out fast.
    In the corridor, in the right, there's a small room with some ammo and a
    Now go to the end of the corridor and hack the keypad for the door there, and
    (Note: you can go Rambo on those three guards mentioned before, but then, Algo
    will you you're there and more bad guys will come and it will become a pain,
    i leave that to your judgement. I suggest you do it as i told you. Cause if
    you go Rambo, some objectives listed above will not apply, and you will need
    to make your way to Algo in a fierce battle with guards.)
    Anyway go through the door where you hacked the keypad. then go through the
    other door. If nothing went wrong a guard should be standing here looking
    away, tranq him.
    After some advice from luther, if you turn on your night vision, you will
    see that the panel you need to use is covered with lasers.
    So return to the previous corridor where you tranqed those three guards,
    and use your radar to navigate and get to a door locked with a fingerprint
    scanner, near a disabled camera. Grab an unconscious guard and use him on
    that scanner. Enter the room and there, in front of you is a huge cable,
    between two units, burn the cable with the laser cutters.
    You will get a cutscene.
    After the scene exit the room with the FAAR-7 ready, because, as Algo said,
    you've got some company.
    Make your way to the keypad locked door on the other side of the corridor
    (the one with the lasers you saw previously), and shoot the three enemies.
    Hack the keypad again and enter the room, the lasers covering the yellow,
    panel are gone so you can work with it now, so do it, hack the panel with the
    ELP gadget to complete an objective, and reach a checkpoint.
    Now arm yourself and go to the corridor, some bad guys are here, armed to the
    teeth so shoot them, go back to the fingerprint scanner door and go up the
    stairs opposite the camera.
    You will get to and office, there's FAAR-7 ammo by the desk behind the screen.
    Go to the next door, from where the guards are appearing. Kill any hostiles.
    In this Lounge area there's ammo at the end of the room, proceed to the, next
    door, and take a right when you enter this area, until you get the a door with
    a keypad. Hack the keypad and enter, killing the man inside.
    In this room push the button on the desk with the keyboards.
    Now go back to the corridor and right around the corner, and then take another
    right, and you will get to the now unlocked door, enter and climb the ladder
    Then advance to the next door, and here you will find Algo and Sofia, and you
    will get a cutscene, that ends this section.
    Mission 5.2: free falling.
    This can be complicated, the controls are the same as the start of this
    mission, where you infiltrated the plane, so if in doubt about the controls
    see that part of the guide.
    Part 1: objective: Get a parachute from one of Algo's paratroopers.
    When you start, below you, you will see a diamond shape in your HUD.
    This is the guy you have to catch to get a parachute.
    Push the left analog stick up to dive and try to keep your head aligned with
    the target.
    To avoid the missiles, just roll by keeping the left analog stick pushed left
    or right, but remember your priority is to get the parachute, so keep in line
    with the diamond shaped target.
    When you get close enough to see the guy, BRAKE (R1), and keep getting closer
    but slowly and in a horizontal position.
    Stay on top of the guy, hold R1 if you're going to fast and release the button
    to keep descending towards him, always in horizontal position.
    You will eventually grab the guard when close enough.
    (it is impossible to get to the guy if you pass him, so drop onto him from
    Part 2: Objective: Save Sofia, catch her before times runs out.
    Now that you have the chute, push the left analog stick down to get vertical
    and dive again, towards Sofia. You will see her as the diamond shaped target
    on you HUD.
    As you did with the man with the parachute, brake with R1 when you have visual
    contact with her, and stay above her, you must not descend on top or her.
    What you want to do is to get to the orange marker in the middle of the blue
    square, and with your head in the same direction the arrows are pointing.
    Turn with the right analog stick to get in the desired direction.
    You must stay on the marker and in the same altitude Sofia is until the circle
    meter that appear fills up.
    To stay on target, Brake and release the brake slightly to regulate your
    After this trial, the section is complete.
    Mission 5.3: Final showdown.
    Part 1: Objective: Defeat Simon Algo and bring him to justice.
    This is it my man, the final confrontation.
    When you start, draw a gun and shoot the bad guys, staying crouched where you
    started. (you can shoot some of them with the tranq gun to save ammo).
    After these guards are dead, go down the stairs on the left and get some cover
    as more enemies will arrive.
    A guard will shoot you from above, to you right, kill this one with the sniper
    pistol. Advance and another guy will shoot at you from above, snipe this one
    as well.
    Advance until you get to the structures that have written "A" and "B" on them.
    Go down the ladder of the one that reads "A".
    Get behind the structure and keep the FAAR-7 ready just in case, and shoot any
    goon you see.
    When behind the structure mentioned above, look up, and you will see a beam
    accessible via microcord, get on that beam with the gadget.
    Advance on the pipe to the platform, drop down and go through the door here.
    Inside there's ammo and a medkit. Go to the other door and proceed.
    In here you will find Algo, he has some kind of stealth camouflage.
    Get down the nearby stairs quickly to get cover behind an object.
    Algo is perfectly visible even with is stealth equipment, except for when he
    moves, shoot at him when her fires at you, and you can see the muzzle flashing.
    Don't use the FAAR-7 too much because it will run out of ammo shortly due to
    it's firerate. Use the sniper pistol to shoot Algo in the head when he gets
    visible and stay covered.
    When using the FAAR-7 use the muzzle of his gun as reference to look for a
    spot to shoot.
    I would recommend using the sniper pistol in this first part of the fight
    until it is empty.
    After you shoot him with success for some time, he will run away, follow him,
    and get behind cover and be aware of his position.
    Keep shooting at him. You should have some ammo left in the sniper pistol.
    You will run out of ammo for the sniper pistol, so use the FAAR-7 now.
    and use the same trick as before, stay behind cover and shoot at him when
    he is shooting.
    After some time, he will run away again and some average goons will come and
    will start to shoot from above.
    If out of ammo, climb a ladder nearby to a platform with ammo for the IP-45
    and the sniper pistol.
    Eliminate all of these idiots. I would snipe them.
    The go to the stairs on the left and pass the fan below and keep going
    on the platforms and up some stairs, shooting guards, until you get to a door.
    Enter here and take the medkit and ammo for the FAAR-7.
    Then proceed here and you will get to a room with big spinning gears.
    Algo is in here and you will hear him.
    Ready the FAAR-7.
    Proceed on the room and take a right, and you will get to a doorway with
    stairs leading up inside. Go up these stairs all the way to the top passing
    two medkits, enter the room with the spinning gears.
    Algo is in front of you and one level below, he is now more visible because
    his stealth device is failing.
    Nothing really Fancy here, just empty your FAAR-7 on him, and he will be
    toast. The mission, and the game, are over.
    Congratulations! you finished the game, go get some popcorn and enjoy the
    ending movie.
    Ok we're done here. Take it easy now.
    This FAQ will self destruct in five seconds.

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