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"A military game almost everyone will love."

Ghost Recon is a military simulation (or pretty close to one) done right. Take Rainbow Six, and remove some of the tedious things that you had to do (planning, way-points, etc.) and you've got Ghost Recon. Also, there aren't many urban areas in Ghost Recon, but that's half the fun of the game... sniping enemies. Also note that this review does not cover the Xbox Live online portion of the game (only single player and split screen multiplayer).

GAMEPLAY - If there is any way to make a better game that is this realistic, I'd like to see it. This game gives you the biggest rush when you are being shot at, and have no idea where the bullets are coming from. It's a good thing that you have a Threat Indicator though so you have a basic idea of where to fire back at. When you first start the game, everything seems over-whelming. You have to look for enemies and kill them before they see you. The hard part is all of the trees and stuff throughout the levels that disguise them (you can hide too). But, you'll also need to keep your troops alive. Every once in awhile, you'll leave a gun fight without being shot. However, you can get wounded or even killed by one bullet. At the start of each mission, you select from a pool of specialists. You can choose from snipers, demolitionists, support, and riflemen. Who you decide to take with you can determine if you pass the mission, or if you are ill-equipped to finish your objectives. Each specialist also have their own weapons. Snipers don't use rocket launchers, the same way a demolitionist doesn't grab a sniper rifle. And all the troop types look different. Snipers have their guile suit, and riflemen have camouflage clothing.

*Nice levels
*Great AI
*Many different weapons
*Lots of specialists
*Many varying objectives
*Very few tedious things to do

*Sometimes AI can see you across long distances
*Need to know some basic actions
*Hard to tell where people are at times

GRAPHICS - I don't see anything wrong with Ghost Recon's graphics. They aren't the best, but they certainly get the job done. The environments are also huge, so it's not going to be as pretty as Halo or Splinter Cell. The specialists look different, and each weapon looks like it would in real life. Some textures look bland, and could probably look a lot better though.

*People look good
*Weapons look realistic

*Bland textures
*Could look better

STORY - You're an elite team of military specialists that aren't supposed to exist. That is why you are considered a ''Ghost.'' I personally don't think a story is too important in a game like this, but it is very well thought out. Soviet troops invade Georgian Territory (not the United States' Georgia) and it's your job to stop them. The game doesn't progress the story with cut scenes, but there is a mission briefing before each level.

*Contains elements of Tom Clancy's stories
*The best military story I've seen (in a realistic game)

*Doesn't really push the gameplay

LASTING APPEAL - This is where Ghost Recon gets even better. There are tons of things you can unlock from other specialists, to weapons and levels. How much more can you for? Also, after every mission you get the opportunity to raise the stats of any soldier that was involved in the mission. There's always the challenge to raise their stats as much as possible. Playing the game with a friend in Co-Operative Mode is also fun. You can't unlock things, but you each get to control a squad of three people. Or, you could decide to fight each other in Deathmatch. Each person gets to pick up to three people for their team.

*Lots of unlockables
*Multiplayer mode
*Raising stats

*Guards don't change patrols

OVERALL - I cannot recommend this game enough. If you are a fan of military games, then you must get this. I honestly enjoyed Ghost Recon more than Splinter Cell (they are two very different types of games though). The Gameplay is great and so are the extras that they added. I would give it a 9 out of 10 because very few games are perfect.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/30/02, Updated 11/30/02

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