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"An already amazing game perfected"

Ghost Recon is truly one the most amazing games I have ever played. Tom Clancy is a pure genius.

Story: 9/10

Its in the year 2008 and there’s about to be a war on you have to stop it before it blah blah blah the same old stuff but better. :P

Gameplay: 10/10

Ghost Recon is a really fun game. Although at time sit may seem very difficult and requires patients but in the end its very rewarding with 50 UNLOCKABLE things such as weapons, new multiplayer game modes, and new characters to use. But it has some flaws or I would have given it a 10. The menu system is a little difficult to navigate through and sometimes you have to press the select button more then once before it responds. But the realism and amazing gameplay takes your find off those flaws. I mean every game has its own flaws. Now that doesn’t stop us from playing does it? HELL NO!! Anyways…In the campaign mode you control 2 teams of 3 through 15 breathe taking levels, indoors and out.

Graphics: 10/10

Ghost Recon has some of the best graphics Xbox has to offer. Those people at Redstorm really did an amazing job at the graphics for this game. I think that the Xbox version’s graphics are a lot better then its computer counterpart. Redstorm put in a lot of detail in almost everything from guns to grass. Great job Redstorm!

Sound: 10/10

Some of the music in this game is really great. In the tense music in some parts really gets you into the game. The sound effects are really great. The sound effects are pretty cool too. The weapons sound great. And the fact that you hear fuzzy noises when a grenade or rocket explodes near you is really amazing. It really makes this game a lot more real.

Buy or Rent?

Well I recommend that you buy this like I did. This game is truly a masterpiece. One that every gamer should have in there collection. But if you are still not sure, then rent it and find out.

Replay Value: 10/10

Well it may seem short because it only has 15 levels, but those are 15 long and exciting levels. And many of you hard-core gamers will probably finish this game in a week or so but here’s where the beauty of Live shines. Yup Ghost Recon is an online game. So you might be sitting there bored and proud at the same time saying HEY I finished this game n unlocked everything. Well guess what… that’s NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF. Now going online and killing other players and their teammates and proving you are the best of the best-of-the-best is something to be proud of. This game should last you till Halo 2 thanks to XBOX LIVE!!

Overall: 10/10

Personally, I enjoyed this game a lot. And I still am enjoying it. Ghost Recon is one of those jaw-dropping games that you cant stop playing. It has some minor flaws but they can be over looked. It truly deserves this 10. Great job Redstorm.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/10/02, Updated 12/10/02

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