Review by bballmaniac15

Reviewed: 12/13/02 | Updated: 12/20/02

Easily the best squad-based army game on Xbox

I was wasnt really interested into this game all that much... until I read all the info about this game. This is THE best multi-console game in years.

Gameplay: This is the reason Ghost Recon was the PC game of the year in 2001, with the easy menu to yell orders to your squad to the great control scheme this game really does bring ''The total battlefield experience for Xbox and Xbox Live''! This game requires patience and once you feel the need to run around shoot everything you see, save the game... pop in Unreal Championship... play it for a while... then go back to Ghost Recon. Also if you love Halo you'll feel right at home because the control is pretty much the same. The A.I. is very smart too , for example, if your trying to get from point A to point B and you come across an enemy , your A.I. buddies will spot them duck down and snipe the enemy down. 10/10

Graphics: The game really disappoints me here especially on the Xbox, it is very blocky at some points and I happened to find ALOT of invisible walls here especially when I want to go up a hill to see lots of the land from one place. The characters dont look that bad though but Red Storm couldve brought more to the table graphically wise. 7/10

Sound: AWESOME! This is what most games lack but Ghost Recon made the sound so good that I feel that it is mandatory for every game to have good sound in order for me to want to play it. The gunshots sound very real... your footsteps sound real... THE WHOLE GAME SOUNDS REAL! 10/10

Buy/Rent: Id say buy, wether you have Xbox Live or not ... this game is a must have for any Xbox owner. If your thinking theres no point of getting this game if you dont have Xbox Live then think again because this game is such a brilliant offline game but it gets over-shadowed by all the great online features. I know that there are tons of game out right now that are must haves also but be sure to not let this one ''slip'' off your Christmas list. Buy

Replay Value: Hmmmmmmmm lets see... tons of unlockables and Xbox Live, Id have to say you cant get anymore replay value than that! 10/10

Overall: This is a great game that cannot be missed so if your ready to put down that copy of Halo this is the game to get. I wont give this game 10/10 just because I think that Red Storm didnt do as good as they really can with the graphics but other than that ... this is one of the best games EVER! 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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