Review by Blix55

Reviewed: 01/03/03 | Updated: 01/14/03

They Call Themselves the Ghosts!

Ghost Recon is a Tom Clancy game, when I saw the words Tom Clancy I figured the game was a pretty good game. I was right Ghost Recon is one of my favorite games for the xbox and xbox live especially. Elite soldiers killing russians whats better than that! Anyways heres my review, enjoy..

Gameplay 8/10: I Think the story is pretty interesting, your a group of elite soldiers who call themself the ''Ghosts'' You do mission after mission completeing a list of objectives. Your first mission is to raid a russian base and secure the base, and a cave nearby, there is also a russian man you must hold hostage and bring him back safely. After you do that I just wasted all of the guys around the map and completed my mission.

Graphics 8/10: The Graphics were nicely laid out. If you thought Unreal Championship, Halo, or those kind of games' graphics were good then you should think these are good, they're pretty realistic such as the people's looks and the scenery of the lands you have to comeplete missions on. The maps are pretty big also like on some games mainly RPGs the cities are small when your on the main field and the houses are tiny! But on these the houses are realistic and big not really something to look at but just mentioning it! =)

Sound 7/10: The sound isnt that great in this game but its alright, it fits times when your in certain areas and it fits with the levels alright but the developers could've put more effort into the music. But nonetheless its alright and doesnt affect my affect towards the game itself.

Replay Value: This game is awesome in its own ways, I've beaten all 50 missions and I still play it over and over again. And with Xbox live it makes it much more better because you have people on there who are better than computers for a more and exciting challenge with all the different options and game styles you can choose from.

Rent/Buy?: This is a must have for xbox with xbox live or without it. Its one of the best games for xbox its definately worth every cent you pay for it.

Overall 8/10: Make sure you buy this game ASAP if you have not already boughten it. It is challenging and will keep you up and on your feet for days beating all 50 missions. Action packed games like these are what makes the xbox great. If you have xbox live it will make it even more fun with downloadable content. You can download much more levels and missions for your enjoyment.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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