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"The Best Tom Clancy Game on the Xbox.... So far"


This game is absolutely one of the best on the market for the Xbox. It is almost perfect in every way. Let\'s run down the ups and downs (not too many downs) and tell you about this superb game.


Not the best on the Xbox, but they hold their own. Tree\'s sway in the wind and players are detailed to the dot. Even though the guns cannot be seen in game, they can be seen from other people when playing through Xbox Live and look very, VERY real. When on Xbox Live and looking at another player reloading his gun, you can even see him reaching for the ammo and inserting it into the gun. Like I said, very detailed graphics. They have even put the shoulder straps on the guns, like the M16. Even though the soldiers do not put the guns on there shoulders, the little features like this are one of the things that make this game so great.


The sound in this game is some of the best sounds I\'ve heard in the Xbox this year. The wind whistling, the grass crackles when it is stepped on. And you can even hear your opponents if you listen closely enough! Though it\'s not the easiest thing to do. The gun sounds are very life like. Some sounds exactly like their real life counter parts. Another feature is when telling your soldiers to do something, they respond to your commands. I.E. if you tell them to \'\'Advance at All Costs\'\' one of the things they say is \'\'No Fear\'\'. Very cool feature if you ask me. And when on Xbox Live and talking to other gamers while gaming, in a crisp clear voice. Nothing is better.


Awesome gameplay, how else can I describe it? It is the best in my opinion on the Xbox. Especially on Xbox Live with all the interesting and great gamers. Some very talent as well. With Training, Quick Mission, Campaign this is a very packed game with lots of stuff to do. In Quick Mission you can play any one of the 15 levels and unlock new guns, and games to play with on Xbox Live and with your friends. That is all done in Quick Mission, then selecting Mission, FireFight, and Recon. Then your difficulty. Mission is where you must complete specific tasks. While FireFight is where you must eliminate all the bad guys on the level. And finally Recon is where you must get to the extraction point in full stealth, You have a gun but you supposed to avoid all enemies if possible.

In campaign there is 15 missions, which will keep any gamer busy for a while. And with different difficulties in Recruit, Veteran, and Elite there is a good chance not one gamer will be able to finish this game in one day. The Campaign is the prime feature in this game, it is very good at that. Before every mission you get to hear a mission briefing and get your objectives, then you get to go to the next screen and pick which players you\'d like to participate in that mission. Also after most of the Campaign missions, if you do the \'\'Special Objectives\'\' you can unlock new members for your team which are better than the ones you start with, they are the \'\'Specialists\'\'. Also you can look in your dossier which is selected from the Main Menu, and it tells you all 50 tasks you can do that will unlock certain things. So after all this, I\'d like to say that this is the best game I\'ve every played on Xbox since the Xbox\'s release.

Replay Value

There is only 2 things you need to keep coming back for more of this game. The Dossier, which with all 50 tasks that I\'m not even done with yet. Will give you a sense of accomplishment when you reach a new rank (Every 5 or so tasks you reach a new rank, like Private, or General). And if you don\'t have Xbox Live. I suggest you get it just for this game. It gives this game an incredible amount of replay value. With all the gamers on the Xbox Live servers, at all times of the day. And with Clans, and Teams you can join it makes it all the more fun. And even if you don\'t have Xbox Live the all 5o tasks, which aren\'t easy to complete will keep you busy for at least a week if played straight through. But if you have Xbox Live you will have so much fun you won\'t even want to do the campaign or the tasks for that matter. The good part about the tasks is that you can get special game, and weapons for you to use on Xbox Live, that some other players won\'t have because they did not do the campaign, or any tasks.

Final Scores

Graphics: 9
Sound: 10
Gameplay: 10
Replay Value: 10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/04/03, Updated 08/06/03

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