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"First you say woah, then you say YEAH"

What to say about Ghost Recon. Well first of all it’s GREAT and very fun to play, Live or not it’s still fun. This game has some great replay value and multiplayer gameplay.


Have you ever played Halo? SWEET, then you’re going to LOVE this game. Only bad thing is that you cant jump in this game BUT, you can crouch and lay down in this game. You have radar and every thing in this game that you would have in any other game like this. Even rocket launchers and grenade launchers.

*Xbox Live users* Unlike Unreal Championship and Mech Assault you don’t just talk to talk on Xbox Live you HAVE to push the White button. (I learned that the hard way)

Controlling really isn’t that hard. JUST like Halo but no jump. Jump in this game is to reload. See, not that hard at all. I mean come on people who can resist a GAME OF THE YEAR game for PC? + Rainbow Six is even coming to Xbox and the previews on this disc look so great! You don’t want to miss any of these games!

I didn’t find the sound that great I this game but I mean hey, what is a little bit of sound problems going to do to the game? NOTHING MUCH! The sound for the guns is the BEST but when you get hit or something all it is a “UH” and than you just fall dead. OR, of you get hit and don’t die a man will yell “NEED A MEDIC” and there is no medic in the whole darn game so see, needs a little improvement on the sound area. And with your silenced weapons all you hear is “tick tick tick tick tick” when you shoot them and it gets annoying at some pins in the game.

If only they would have made the game with downloadable content where you could upgrade the sound this game would have been the best game of the year for Xbox also. But like I said what is a little sound problem going to do to this game? It’s not THAT bad that you shouldn’t buy it. That’s not what I am saying at all. It’s still a very very fun game!

Graphics I think are GREAT. You look at the snipers, they look great. And there cammo almost looks REAL. The guns are great the grass and everything is great. The grass isn’t as good as Halos grass but it is still very good.

The people look very good to but not as great as I thought. I thought it would be a little better but it isn’t. Like I said that won’t make a “grave” difference. This game still rocks. It’s not sound or graphics that matter to me, it’s the gameplay!

Replay Value:
You never get the same thing you did the first time and I mean NEVER! Any time you play the same stage over it wont ever be the same as the first time you tried. You will either fail or succeed the second, or first, time.

Overall this game rocks. Yup that’s the only way to put it, is rocks. You won’t get tired of playing it single player. Actually I, myself, get tired of live 1st then go to single player. Weird eh?

To rent/to buy?
I would recommend that you rent it first. You may have a totally different opinion that me so I would say rent. Plus you can see how good I am. I might be to good for you to handel that you will be afraid and never play again. Hahaha (yeah right)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/25/03, Updated 06/30/03

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