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"An elite force named the ghosts, most don't see who just eliminated them"

The Game:

Based on the novels and ideas of premier author Tom Clancy. Tom Clancy has become the number one authority on war fiction. In this game you are an elite force known as the ghosts who are a first response team sent to recon engage or run havoc on enemies actions. From destroying bridges to elimate the enemies ability to move to engaging forces to eliminate a threat. The game has you in former USSR to perform 15 different missions that will stop the the advancement of establishing the old Soviet Union.

The Game Play:

The game is based on realism. You pick 2 teams of four members to help you attain your mission. As you progress your mates can either be improved or killed depending on how you approach the mission. As in real life stealth is the key to any success. Your 8 members cannot openly engage a force superior in numbers without severe casualties so suprise is the key. Each member has there own strengths and weaknesses as well as there famialarity with weapons. There are engineers, demolitionists and grunts. You choose who you want to bring on your mission. Missions range from eliminating enemey positions to taking out enemey's tanks or reconning an area.

The Controls:

Taken from the PC GR has been reworked to use the controller and does a fine job of it. You have different ways of communicating with your team either leading or let them lead watching there backs. You have a map where you can select to where you want to position yur teams for maximun effectiveness. The controls are very user friendly and do not take much tome to learn. There are arrows indicating threats as in real life the enemy is not trying to be seen.

The Sound:

GR takes full advantage of the XBoxes 5.1 digital surround sound which I couldn't imagine not using. Hearing the direction of where the shot's are coming from greatly helps establishing the enemies poition. The team will tell you when an enemey is spotted if they are engaging or if they are being over taken. The sound is fantastic each shot sounds so real and if you are creeping along and all of a sudden BAM you will almost have a heart attack. In game 5.1 really makes this game so sweet.

The Graphics:

The graphics are very adequate but could have been better. Over all though the excelent game play makes up for the lack of eye candy.

Over All:

This game is in my opinion the best squad based military game out there. I can't wait for RAVEN SHIELD and BRUTE FORCE as this game has wer my whistle for this type of game.
A definite must have for military buffs with the ability of multiplayer this game has lasting replay value.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/15/03, Updated 03/15/03

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