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"Puts Splinter Cell to shame"

Ghost Recon is a Tom Clancy squad based shooter game from developer Red Storm. The version I am reviewing is the one for X-Box. The game is not like splinter cell at all. The game is set up like Rainbow 6, but instead of indoors it is set in battle fields across Europe. To help I have split the key areas into categories.

Graphics: The character models in this game are very impressive considering that this is a port of a PC game released over a year ago. The backgrounds however look like a Nintendo 64 or Dreamcast game and are not up there with the rest of the games currently available for the X-box. For example, the trees and shrubs look absolutely terrible, but the water effects are surprisingly good. The graphics are not bad, but I just think Red Storm could have done a little bit more with them.

Sound: The sound in this game is excellent if you have your X-box hooked up to some sort of surround sound system. You can hear bullets fly by and even approaching enemies. The really good thing about the sound is listening to your team-mates on X-box Live. If You are playing on Live, the sound coming through the X-box Live communicator is amazingly clear. The Player can speak to others by hooking up the voice communicator and pushing the white button to talk. Overall, the sound is awesome.

Gameplay: This is by far the best element of this game. Playing offline is fun, but playing online is a blast. However, be warned, this is not your average First Person Shooter. The game requires patience and using stealth to achieve victory. The offline game consists of the player and three Artificial Intelligence soldiers and 4 AI players on the other. The player can switch to the AI men in the game if they are dead, or if the player decides to. The online game comprises of 3 main types;Team, Solo, and Cooperative. Team is probably the best if you like gaming with other people by your side. The game does have some lag issues if you are not on a good server so you need to choose servers wisely. Overall, this is the best game (other than Halo) on the X-box so far.

Overall: Overall, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is an incredibly solid X-box game both online, and off. I recommend this game highly for offline, and If you have X-box live, you should be playing this game right now!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/04/03, Updated 04/04/03

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