"Now I want to join the military"

I don't know what the people were thinking that gave this game bad reviews. This game is the most realistic military sim on any console to date and it packs awesome graphics, Surround Sound capability, Live play, a lengthy 1P, and countless hours of tearing Russians, Georgian Rebels, and your online friends a new one.

Graphics - I was blown away by the detail put into this game. Individual pieces of gravel, blades of grass, and leaves that sway in the wind will leave you in awe when you first start up your campaign. There are also many ways that characters die. From staggering with hand over heart, crumpling into a small ball, or flying head over heels when running, death is always entertaining in this game. Individual pixels are a rarity and the characters are anything but blocky and pixelated. The shading is extraordinary on a decent TV. Nuff said, I give graphics a 9/10.

Sound - In what other game can you hear the shuffle of a uniform against the pavement, the plod of boots on the grass, or the thud of your opponent dropping to the ground with a bullet just north of his right eye? With Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, it is helpful to be able to hear someone running up behind you. The bullets being fired and grenades/rockets going off all sound different and each gun can be distinguished by the noise it makes. I give the sound a definite 10/10.

Gameplay - This is where this game shines. You get to pick your 6 man wrecking crew during the campaign from Riflemen, Support, Snipers, or Demolition experts. Once selected, the game begins and it is a bloody battle of guns, grenades, and anti-tank missles. If a character is killed in a campaign, they are gone for good, just like in real life. Medals are awarded for doing well on a mission and experts can be unlocked, along with powerful guns that they can use. I give Gameplay a 10/10.

Live - I have put down all other games that I own, to play this game on Live. Every opportunity I have, I play this game on live. I skip school, to play this game on Live. I neglect HW, to play this game on Live. There are 25 different levels of varying type available for play with up to 12 players and many different game types. Team: Last Man Standing, Siege, Hamburger Hill. Solo: Last Man Standing, Cat and Mouse, Domination. Co-op can also be played with other people to take on some of the missions. The host has utter control and can eject players, abort the mission, change the map, kit restrictions, team uniforms, spawn points, number of spawns, game type ... well you get the picture. No longer will you have to wait for everyone on your team to vote off the glitcher/team killer/annoying player. The guns, maps and gametypes can be used on XBL. There are maps, almost all with different formats from Woodland, Farm, City, Airport, Snowy Square, Docks (Night/Day), Castle (Night/Day), River, etc. This game never gets boring and with the new expansion coming out, it can only get better. Live play gets an 11/10.

Overall, this is my favorite game for XBOX that I have played (better than Halo, Splinter Cell, Sports Games, etc.) IMO. Even if you don't have XBL, this game will keep you entertained for hours.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/20/03, Updated 04/20/03

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