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"Time to get serious."

Ghost Recon was a smash hit on the PC a while ago and wowed many gamers with its online play. Many gamers are today still playing this online game religiously. Ubisoft has decided to port this game over to the home consoles, which is great. Well actually its not great, especially if you don’t own the Xbox version. You see this game is a cool single player experience with a lot of challenge on offer, but this game really shines with online play. So I am focusing this review on the Xbox version.
Ghost Recon is set in the near future featuring your typical Clancy cold war style scenario. You are a member of an elite team called “The Ghosts”. This team primarily comprises of the best US green berets sent on missions to diffuse hostile situations that could cause worldwide warfare.

You take control of a unit which is of an undisclosed size, however on each mission you are allowed only six team members .Divided into two teams of 3 although you can mix it around a bit such as 2 teams of 2 etc. The team consists of specialist troops which fall into the following categories: Sniper, Demolitions, Support and finally Riflemen. Each specialist has his or her own strengths and weaknesses which you will learn as you play through the game. Also each category of soldier has his or her own unique sets of weapons that they are skilled in the use of. This means that you will have to plan your mission before you start. Choosing the right team is usually paramount to your success when playing through the campaign.

So you’ve got the right team together and away you go. First thing to point out here is that GR is not a run and gun fest. You can run and shoot but you’ll end up not hitting anybody and usually dying. One head shot from an enemy will bring you down here. Creeping around and really keeping your eyes peeled then letting rip is usually the best approach. The sneaking isn’t as in depth like Splinter Cell but is a requirement for success in this game. Working with your team is key as often they will spot enemies before you will, many times saving your butt. You are also able to give specific orders to your 2nd team which is hard to use but great when you get it right. I managed to complete a whole mission just by ordering my second team. The locations here are all outdoor locations with wide open spaces littered with bushes and trees to hide in. These look impressive enough and convey the feeling of being in open battle well. Some missions are also played out in dense fog or at night which adds new tactics to the game.
The single player game is a decent challenge with 15 missions to overcome and various other game modes to try and unlock. There are also secret characters to unlock and weapons. This will take you some time to wade through and lots of patience if you want to unlock everything. Not as deep as other Clancy games but still very Good.

Ghost Recon on Xbox is supported by Xbox Live which means as well as your usual split screen, or if your lucky, link play you get to play online with loads of people from around the world. The voice chat brings new elements to combat especially in co-op or team games. With the right people GR can be an absolute blast. It is worth the purchase alone especially if your tired of mindless frag games. You have the option of frag games team or solo but they still play tense and exhilarating. If you have Live or are getting it soon then this game is ideal .

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/09/03, Updated 06/09/03

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