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"The HALO of tactical squad-based FPS's."

At a glance:
Your first thoughts of this game will more than likely be, ''Damn, this is another Tom Clancy 1 hit kill, and nearly impossible game''. If this is you, read on.

Game Play:
The games controls work wonders for fans of this genre. When you crouch, you move slower, but still smoothly, and when laying down, you can only turn so much, and then have to move with your turn to turn more. This little bit doesn't sound like much but it adds a certain depth, which is not found in all games.
The missions are all layed out perfectly and the maps are near flawless, there are just a few problems with the point-dot navigation to move your squad(s) around. Every mission is different from the other and some include tanks, enemy strong holds in which you must infiltrate, and also hostages which are found in many missions. Don't think these hostages have horrible AI and you have to watch them yourself to make sure they don't get into any trouble. While I made my way through this game there wasn't a time where I felt I needed to do this. Thus, making the game feel even more realistic.
Some missions seem incredibly difficult, but only when you are use to game like Unreal Championship, where strategy is scarcely needed. After becoming a master at planning out team routes, almost anything can be accomplished. Your teams attack when they see, and most of the time win firefights if they find the enemy first without your help. There are few times where you are being ambushed from afar and you have no idea where the shots are coming from.
10/10 In Game play.

I have a nice 5.1 Surround Sound set-up, this game takes advantage of it, if you hear enemy shots you can follow the sound with your ears and fire back. The subwoofer pounds when you are in a heavy firefight, all speakers are active when they are needed. Sometimes I would play this game with my window open and not be able to tell if the wild-life sounds were from the game, or outside my humble home.. Most of the time the sounds were from the game. They are THAT good.
10/10 In Sound.

The multi player is as fun as the single player campaign mode. You and a friend duke it out between squads in 15 different levels. This review is based on the off-line game play, but the offline game play is a strong point of the game. On a larger TV screen the amazingly detailed backgrounds can shine through as the 1st player made has them. Even if you watch your opponent's side of the screen nothing is given away, it's all relied on skill. The multi player kept me busy for weeks whenever I had a friend come over, and still does to this day since the release.
10/10 In Multi player.

Final thoughts:
The game was near flawless, but there is some weird feeling about playing this game that I refuse to give it an overall 10 out of 10, I know that finding the average will get me 10, but this isn't average. This is overall presentation of the game. The game has its ups, and its rare downs. There is something that just feels clunky or unrealistic about this game, I can't quite put my finger on it, but it is definitely worth a buy.

Buy this game. It's worth every penny.
Final game review: 9 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/11/03

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