Review by Vexx17

Reviewed: 12/18/03

Go Clancy! It's your birthday!

Tom Clancy, what a name. Ghost Recon, a new addition to the Tom Clancy line of games, and game of the year on PC, now holds a title on Microsoft's Xbox. Easily one of the best squad-based FPS's out there, I highly recommend it.

Story 9/10

The year is 2008 and the USSR is trying to rebuild its empire. The story line is very realistic, not like one of those other games with a mad scientist, this is war. You play on the team that is trying to stop them from completing their play on the team that calls themselves, the Ghosts.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics are incredible. It makes you feel like you're on the scene of war. From nightvision to tanks, the graphics of this game engulf you as if you were really in the game. But so do the

Sounds and Music 10/10

I may've said Counterstrike and Halo have great music, and they do. But this game, a whole 'nother place in the lineup! This game's sounds have the best war sounds of any shooter or war game I've played yet.

Controls 9/10

Controls are great in this game, I just miss 2 things. Fast sidestepping and backing up, and jumping. In other shooters if there was like 20 guys standing together, I'd peek over a hill at one, pop him in the head, the other guys would look over to shoot me but I'd run back down the hill to avoid fire. Well, this game you back up very slowly. Which can be a good thing I guess, but for run-n-gun you'd need it and for avoiding being sniped you'd need it. But that's mainly it because jumping I can live without. It can confuse you after playing another shooter where X is reload compared to this game A being reload. But besides that, great shooting controls. It is very easy to command where you want your team to go on the map.

Gameplay 9/10

Excellent missions, some of the best in any Xbox game so far. This game will train you how to use a sniper, I stunk with one when I first played this game. But after beating the last level on Elite using only one sniper having to waste like 20 guys, it sure improved. But the real gameplay that stands firm is the online game play. You can play a lot of different modes, Siege (defending a base or holding it to win), Domination (capturing zones for points to win), Cat and Mouse (becoming the mouse to score points and win), or just a Firefight (old fashion shootin' to win) match to waste guys. You have to do those FireFights every once in a while, it's just a thing we gaming shooters need to do to relax. :-) You make strategies and then carry them out with up to 15 other players. So whether it's the online play or the single player, buy this game.

Replay Value 10/10

Some Xbox Live games may get old, but this one shouldn't. Nor should this game's missions get old. With 50 unlockables, it isn't something you can beat in one day. (actually some of us probably could if we played hours on end) And you can use the 50 unlockables online and look at other player's ranks to see if they have unlocked the stuff too to know how much they've played the game. This game can be so much fun you will turn your Xbox on at 1 P.M. and turn it off at 6 P.M.

Overall 9/10

Best Tom Clancy game next to Rainbow Six, best Xbox Live shooter next to Counterstrike. (it passes Unreal Championship) If you are an online gamer, I would not miss this game if I were you. It is still one of my favorite games after 2 years. So do yourself a favor and go pick up a copy!!! :-)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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