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"The Ghosts are awesome!"

Ghost Recon is not a run and gun shooting game. It requires strategy and a lot of stealth. It sounds boring, but once you get used to it this game is hard to put down. I've played the Gamecube and Xbox version, and I personally think the Xbox version is better.

Story 10/10
Ghost Recon is set in the near future (2008). Some guys want to retake Russia and once again form the Soviet Empire. That's when the Ghosts are called in, a group of US Special Forces soldiers, group 5, First Battalion, D Company. Their misison: to prevent the new war from spreading. blah blah blah that's enough already.

Graphics 8/10
Although GR is 3 years old already, the graphics are pretty good. They won't totally blow you away, but they get the job done. The environment is nicely detailed and looks incredibly real. The trees sway in the wind, the reflection of the sun on the water, and the clouds in the dark night skies look excellent. Character models are also well done, and there unlike the Gamecube version there is no lagging in their movement, which is a good thing.

Sound and Music 8/10
All the sound in this game is perfect. You can hear the bullets whiz past your head, an enemy soldier sneaking up on you, and your squadmate's radio chatter. But why did it get an 8, after all of this? Simple. There's no in game music. There's only music when you're in the menus, but during gameplay it's totally silent. This is pretty disappointing because in the Gamecube and PS2 versions there's dramatic and chilling music when an enemy is near, when you're out in the open alone or when you complete an objective. If Red Storm had put this music into the Xbox version like how they did with Gamecube and PS2, then it would have gotten a perfect 10.

Gameplay 9/10
GR is a first person tactical shooter. You command 2 fireteams, Alpha and Bravo with 3 soldiers in each. That makes a team of 6 soldiers. You can choose from 4 different kinds of soldiers: rifleman, support, demolitions and sniper. There are a number of kits to choose from for each soldier, and weapons range from the basic M16 assault rifle to the deadly M249 machine gun. During gameplay you can switch through all the soldiers by pressing the Y button. To command your team you have to bring up the command interface by pressing the left trigger. Here you can check each soldier's health, ammo, and both team's ROE (Rules Of Engagement). To order a team to move you have to select waypoints on the map. GR is very realistic and unlike Halo you don't have recharging shields. Each soldier can get killed in a few hits, and one well placed shot from the enemy will bring you down. Stealth is the main idea in this game, and it is really helpful since in most missions you need to sneak around enemies a lot and go in undetected. Believe me, stick to stealth instead of starting an all out gunfest and you'll live. There are 15 missions, taking place during the day and night, and in locations such as forests, cities, riverbanks and more.The night missions are the best :)

Multiplayer 10/10
Here is where GR shines. There are a number of multiplayer options, ranging from co-op to deathmatch. You can play with 2 people on splitscreen, 1-16 on system link (unfortunately, splitscreen is not supported with system link) and 16 on xbox live. I don't have Xbox live so I don't know what the gameplay experience is like. The only problem is that in splitscreen the players cannot have different looks. For example, say one person likes inverted, and the other likes regular. There can only be 1 setting, so if one likes inverted and the other player doesn't, he or she is going to have to spend some time getting used to using the inverted look.

Rent or Buy?

Overall Ghost Recon is an excellent game, and with a lot of multiplayer options, a full single player campaign and 50 secrets to unlock, this game will keep you busy for a long time. Ghost Recon 2, the sequel to the first Ghost Recon, will be coming out later this year.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/22/04

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