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"One of the best squad games i've ever played"

This is an awesome game, with immense depth,a good storyline, and mind-boggling graphics. This was the first Squad-Based game I've ever played and it was a great one. The strategetic combination along with the attentiveness and gaming skill needed to beat this game just took me in. There are so many things to do in this game from the 50 unlockables to the online play. This game will keep you hooked for a while, and for like $20-$30 you can't find a better deal for such a great game.

Graphics: Great, simply great. The graphics look just as if you were there, the night-vision is teriffic, and the detail in the characters and the shadows ect. are amazing. When I read other peoples reviews as to how large the maps were, and the specific detail to graphics I was skeptic as to how the slow-down factor would affect the game, but this game proved me wrong, there was no slow-down and it had great graphics just as the other reviews said.

Gameplay: As i said before, great. The pure depth of this game is just amazing. First you choose six people (three in each team) from demolition, rifleman, support, or sniper depending on the mission and what you need accomplished. then once you start the mission you choose your plan of attack, slow and steady, or rush in and let loose. Not to mention the 50 unlockables and the online play. It is things like this in the first game that make me want to buy Ghost Recon: Island Thunder.

Controls: Solid controls, while I was playing the controls felt flowing and easy to play with. Even when you just got the game and your playing the training mode all the commands are in the right place for you to have maximum evjoyment without looking down at your controler and saying, "Where is the reload button!"

Sound: The sound in this game allow you to feel as if you were right there in the middle of the action; from the ringing in your ears after a rocket launcher has just gone off, to the silent chirping of the crickets in the middle of the night. This game captures all the sound you would hear on the battle field. You can here your own footsteps, machiene guns firing, and men yelling thier commands to his squad. This game brings pleasure to the ears.

Replay Value: As I said before, there are 50 unlockables from secret soliders to exrta weapons. you can even unlock different game types for different levels, such as firefight, mission, defend, or recon. I haven't even stared on the online play. Unfortunately i havent been able to play on xbox live, but just looking at the single-player campaign and the multi-player mode it looks great.

I absolutely loved this game from beginning to end and more. I'm still working on the 50 unlockables. This game is a MUST BUY I reaeat A MUST BUY for th Xbox owner. For an awesome game like this $20-$30 is nothing.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/31/04

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