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"Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter is an excellent Single Player FPS experience......"

Gameplay- 8/10

My main complaint about Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter is the Checkpoint Save system; If you want to quit for a while, and you select ''Save and Quit'', the next time you reload your game, you will start off at the last Checkpoint, which can be very annoying, as the Checkpoints tend to be spaced pretty far apart. Onwards, the Enemy A.I. is very good, as they will throw Grenades to flush you out from behind cover, and before storming a room occupied by you, they will set their Grenades to ''Flash Mode'', which if close enough, will make you not able to see or hear for a few seconds. The Enemies will also roll, and take evasive maneuvers to avoid your attacks. There is a lot more the Enemies do, but it would take too much space to tell you, but rest assured...the Enemies are smart. The Enemies also react realistically to where they are shot, so if you pop them in the head, they will die....unless they have an Energy Shield, which are just like the one Master Chief from Halo is equipped with. Your Health is also handled in the same manner. The Controls are exactly as you would expect them on the Xbox, and are very responsive, but take a few minutes to get used to. The Weapons are your standard FPS Weaponry, but each one has a unique Alternate Fire; Take for example, the Quad-Barreled Shotgun. You can load up to four shots into the chamber by holding the Alternate Fire button. A lighted indicator indicates how many shells are loaded into the chamber. To fire the charged up shells, just press the Primary Fire button; Anything in front of the Shotgun WILL be dead. As for the Space Craft segments of the game, it is simply just defeat the Enemies to gain Landing Clearance, and Land your Space Craft. Simple, no?

Audio/Video- 9/10

The Graphics of Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter are excellent; everything, from the Environments, the Weapons, the Character Models...everything looks great. The only thing not following this is the fact that the Explosions don't look great, but they certainly don't look bad. Another complaint is the Cutscenes...they don't look great, but certainly not bad. As for the Animations, well...they are beautiful. The Reload Animations look excellent, and the way the NPCs, and Enemies move are outstanding. The Audio is also excellent, sporting great Music that always seems to fit the mood. The Weapons sound effects are also great; You can actually listen, and hear what Weapon the Enemies are firing at you, as they all have ONE distinct sound.

Story- 8/10

You take on the role of Mace Griffin, an member of an elite Law Enforcement organization known as ''The Rangers''. You are sent on a mission, when suddenly, everything goes wrong. Your Squad is killed, and you are blamed for it, and are put in prison for 10 years. Upon release, you decide to take on the job of being a Bounty Hunter, while at the same time, looking out for those who set you up for the murders of your Squad-Members.

Replayibility- 7/10

After beating it, there isn't much to do, but the excellent Single Player experience will keep you coming back for more.

To Buy or Rent?- BUY!!!

Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter is a great Single Player First-Person-Shooter, which could have been better with the addition of a Multiplayer Mode. Overall, with great Weapons, great Graphics and Sound, and a long Single Player Campaign, Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter is an excellent deal for those looking for a nice Single Player FPS to take their minds off of Halo 2 for a month.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/21/03, Updated 06/21/03

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