Review by eisenhertz66

"The graphics are ok but the game is lame"

I had great expectations when I bought this game a week ago but alas after playing it for 12 hours I gave up.

The game commences with a lengthy cut screen with so so animation in which Mace and a bunch of rangers have to dock with a station that is under attack.It is Mace's job to infiltrate the facility and re open the docking switches. Basically, after finishing this task the game again switches to a lengthy cut scene in which Mace is betrayed and sent to Jail for 10 years. After his release he is recruited by a bounty hounter who enlists his services. Thats how Mace the bounty Hunter is born.

The games strengths

I better start with the good stuff. The game is crisp and the movements quite fluid. The weapons choices are also quite good. I especially liked the default chain gun which fires instanteneoulsy and has a grenade launcher as a secondary weapon. The sniper rifle is also good with great zoom capabilities similar to Turok. The game also has frequent check points which save your progress. (This can be a liability as I will explain in the games weaknesses).
Sound and the music is quite good and nothing to complain about. But thats about all its got going for it.

The games short comings

I don't know what it is that makes game developers put a time challenge in every bloody stage of a game. In this game you have to complete numerous missions on a tight time frame with a count down timer. This makes the whole experience rather frustrating and annoying. I can understand one or two stages like that but not a whole stack load. And if you per chance cross a check point with only minimum time left to complete the mission, your only choice is to restart the whole scene. And believe me the scenes are long and hard! They certainly don't ease you in!

Then there are the space battle scenes. Talk about annoying. Basically don't try to chase the enemy fighters cause you won't catch them so just simply stop your engines and pick them off with your rockets. Lame..

I basically got to the point where the game became so annoying with its frequent time challenges, forever reapeating space battles, multiple deaths and lack of ability to save at any time that I simply walked away from the whole thing. I guess the game might appeal to some very experienced first person shooters but I would not bet on it.

It could have been a good game but the developers simply made it too hard and took the fun element out of it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/07/03

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