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"Same game, better graphics"

I think that Tony Hawks pro skater 3 is a great overall game but the franchise is getting just a little too repetetive for my liking.

The Graphics in THPS3 are one of its greatest features, they really enhance the gameplay because you can easily tell where you are going and what you are doing. But with great graphics you get slowdown and that is really annoying especially in the skateshop, it takes like 15 seconds just to load up the next skater! Not a big deal but a little annoying featur and its the little things that count.

The Features in THPS3 are great, real sweet multiplayer which has been one of the coolest things in tony hawks since it started, Free Skate is a great way to polish up your skills, and the Create a Skater Mode is really really fun. It actually puts you the closest you will ever come to being a pro skater.

The Gameplay is awesome, the goals are much more complicated therefore much harder to complete. It is not a bad thing though I had much more fun in this going through wanting to complete the level so bad just to see what goals were next. The levels in this game are much improved on and are HUGE. They are so much more interactive compared to there predocessors. There are many bonuses to unlock also which is worth the effort of completing the game on its own. There is also a new character which many know of the show Jackass, his name being BAM MARGERRA o ya i was in awww and so so happy when i saw his name on the case, Good Stuff.

The Controls is where this game losses marks, some of the goals require sharp turning and long grinds which can drive you FU**ING INSANE. This is kind of solved if you have the Special X-Box Controller S which is a lot smaller and easier to use but still this is the games weak point.

The Music in this game is off the hook, there is a huge list of songs and there are some really popular bands. They can really pump you up to do some hardcore skatboarding with your favourite character.

This game would be a perfect 10 if it werent for the sameness of THPS1 and 2, and the control problem but I had a blast and If you can find it for under $30 Its a no brainer, pick it up.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/12/03, Updated 04/12/03

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