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"An excellent addition to a great franchise but its been done before"

The Tony Hawk's pro skater series has been around for a long time now. The 4th game has been out for months now, but I'll take the time to review the 3rd. edition.

With that said Tony Hawk games have been incredibly successful, and very entertaining to play. Neversoft has made each game better and better, but as good as the games are, one has to ask themselves the little updates or features made to each game could have been made into one game.

The first game was fun and addictive, something the sequels share but each of the sequels add a new move. The 2nd game added the manual, which added the ability for one to link up combos on ground, this game adds the revert which links up combos from airs and add that in with the manual and you could the ability to pull of sick combos.

Its very very fun to play, no doubts there, but honestly only people who will get deeply involved with the game will try out the combos. Which is what makes the game so special, it gets the casual gamer involved, or people that don't like skateboarding. Its neversofts special ability to make a game franchise that can be milked is what I praise the most. The series has an old school flavor with the combos, and is very reminiscent of the mario games from the early super nintendo era.

Essentially the entire series could have been put into one game, much like the early mario games. This however doesn't take anything away from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 except maybe some cash, this is why I waited for the price to drop to $20. For this price the game is a great value and I suggest you buy.

The games visuals are very strong, great details on the characters and locales are present. Nice clean textures, and a good polygon budget all make for a pleasant site will the game lay still. This is where we get to the best part of the visuals, the animations are outstanding. Excellent use of motion capture are clearly obvious, neversoft also used some nice special effects such as sparks.

The Audio offers a nice package as well. Very good music, which offers different genres, and sound effects are simply great. Grinding to different surfaces crashes and teh sound of rolling wheels are very nice.

Replay value is strong as well, the game has plenty of characters to unlock, plenty of skateboards, characters, and skill points to be earned all around.

The gameplay which I likened to early mario games really speaks for it self. Mixing a nice touch of old school addictiveness and modern technology. This game is a definite must buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/26/03, Updated 04/26/03

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