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"Don't like sports? Get Tony Hawk!"

Many gamers, such as myself, will frown on a Video game that is in the genre classified as 'Sports'. We tend to steer away from it, going towards to more interesting games. Something that seems like a nice juicy steak to drive our teeth into. We tend to forget that some video games in a different category can be just as juicy. This game is a perfect example of such an exception. Now I fully understand the fact that a lot of people do like sports game, and I respect that.


Well I suppose a good place to start would be the tricks. The immense amount of tricks you can pull is astounding. It even has it's own menu in the option menu. From a basic 180 to a Christ air, a lame grind to a triple impossible + a 180 cannon ball. These are the tools you have to reach you goals. In every level you have to do a number of things. 1 thing is you always have to find a secret tape **with the exception of the fast 1 minute runs in which you play against other characters** Their is a secret board in every level as well. To make things even better you have the option of creating your own character, in just about any form you want. This is a great part of the game and the weight of it's potential.

SCORE: 10/10


Lets see here, what do you like to listen to? Well you have the option of making your own soundtrack, or listening to the sound track on the game. The soundtrack is pretty decent, has a few good songs, nothing to really gasp over but 'Red hot chili peppers' is a plus. So what do we do? listen to some Garth Brooks play some Thunder rolls as we drive our skateboard down the middle of LA? Or do we listen to some Slipknot as we surf Canada?

SCORE: 10/10


Very well done, very well done indeed. As you fly 30 ft in the air, land backwards in the middle of your 'Japan Air' you notice the huge streak of blood that resembles your failure as you go sliding away into that big pit of ice. Almost everything in the game is usable. As a wall ride, to a grind, even a ramp to get that extra boost of air for that extra 120 degrees. You can even make a half pipe out of 2 things that are about 2 feet wide a piece. This isn't easy to do but the fact you can actually do it is a plus. You can get ran over by cars, run into specific people and they knock your block off... lots of good stuff.

SCORE 9/10


So you unlocked the last level, you beat it now what? well you have those stat points to collect, that'll make you much better than Tony Hawk ever dreamed of being. You got those extra decks to find, got to go in with style nowadays. You got those nifty little gold medals to get on those 1 minute runs, and finally you have to get all the goals you couldn't get the last time. Unfortunately, after these their is not much reason to play the game a second time around.


All in all this is a really good game. Even people that are not heavy into sports games can entertain themselves with this game. I highly recommend it to just about anyone that has an Xbox.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/07/03

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