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"THPS3 is a great skateboarding game"

I got this game for playstation two when it first came out somewhere around four to five years ago, and I loved it then. Then a couple weeks ago I was just browsing through ebay and I came across a copy of it for XBOX for only 99 cents, so I decided to buy it. It came in three days after I ordered it and for the next two days I played it constantly and beat it 100 percent. It got boring being maxed out so I erased the file and started over, and I'm still not tired of it.

Yes, most games when you play through and beat completely you can't play again for at least a year, or until you somewhat forget the game. But this game is so much fun you could play it over and over again.

Okay, now onto the review of the game:

Graphics 8/10
For as old as this game is it has very nice graphics, but the camera angles can be a hassle sometimes. Well, for the most part the camera angles are fine, but if you want to look around you use the right analog stick, and the problem with it is that it's inverted, which just being inverted isn't too bad, but also you have to hold it with the right sensitivity to keep it where you want to look. I found it very difficult to use this feature and hence never use it.

Sound 10/10
Well seeing as this is for XBOX you can have it play any soundtrack stored on your xbox. The songs it starts with I think are pretty good, but no matter what kind of music you like you can just upload it to your XBOX and play it through this game, which I really enjoyed. I mostly like to listen to Rob Zombie when playing THPS3 and thanks to the XBOX that is very plausible.

Controls 10/10
Some people that I play with complain that its different than the PS2 version, but I learned on PS2 and never played it on XBOX until a few days ago, and when I picked up the controller I was a master even after not playing for years. The controls are EXACTLY the same as PS2 and I even call the buttons X O Square and Triangle because it makes it easier for me. The XBOX controller has the buttons in the same positions as PS2 and they're all in the same place for both systems. The only difference is that only R works for reverting while riding, whereas if I remember correctly L2 worked as well as R2 in the PS2 version, but I've always used R so that's not a problem for me. Kick flips are where Box would be, Ollie is where X would be, Grabs are where Circle would be, and Grind is where Triangle would be. It's very simple to learn and after only a few minutes of playing just about anybody can start to pull off big combos.

Gameplay 9/10
The gameplay is great. The objectives are just like previous Tony Hawk games, except it's not like 2 where you have to obtain money (which I HATED). None of the objectives are really "Difficult" so long as you know what you're doing. After completing the game once you can go through with everybody and clear out all the objectives with ease.

Replayability 10/10
This game can be played over and over again, and with the cheat menu and all the skaters you can unlock, the game can be played many times through without getting bored. The only reason anyone wouldn't want to replay this game is if they can't beat it.

Rent or Buy?
Definitely BUY! Go on ebay and you can find it for about a buck (plus 5 shipping and handling so comes up to 6 total). Renting would cost a dollar less and you wouldn't get to keep it, so the obvious choice is to BUY BUY BUY!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/12/05

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