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    Boss FAQ by livetnediser

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    =-----------Hunter: The Reckoning Boss Guide-----------=
    =-------Written By: Kevin Zuehlk (livetnediser))-------=
    =-----This document copyright 2003 by Kevin Zuehlk-----=
    =---------------------Version 1.17---------------------=
    Hunter: The Reckoning was released for both the Nintendo Gamecube and for the
    Microsoft XBOX. This guide is based off of the Gamecube version, however, it
    will be exactly the same for anyone who wants to use it, no matter which
    console you play it on.
    7/16/03- Version 1.00- first version
    7/19/03- Version 1.10- fixed boss name error, added a new strategy
    7/23/03- Version 1.15- Added updates section and section with those who are
                            allowed to host this FAQ
    9/15/03- Version 1.17- Fixed some spelling errors, added my new website to
                            the list at the bottom, and cleaned things up a
    With that said, on to the Boss Guide!!!
    Boss 1: The Playground Boss
    Found in: The Playground (level 3)
    Difficulty: Easy
    This boss is the first boss in the game, and he is very easy as well. He only
    has 3 different attacks, and most of them are easily avoidable. His first
    attack only happens when you get to close to him. He'll swipe out at you and
    try to hit you. This attack can do some massive damage, but if you just stay
    out of his way, you should have no problem whatsoever avoiding this attack.
    His second attack is hitting the ground and making the ground bulge in a
    circle and spread out. If you are a fast character like the Defender and
    Martyr, just run away, and you'll be absolutely fine. If you're a slow person
    like the Judge or Avenger, you have to jump. It takes a little bit of timing
    to nail the jump just perfectly, but it really isn't that hard. His final
    (and worst) attack is where he will drop several Skitters on the ground.
    In case you're not aware, a Skitter is a little exploding spider that
    is extremely fast and can be hard to avoid. If you see this happen,
    immediately stop shooting the Playground Boss and concentrate on the Skitters.
    If one explodes on you, you'll suffer massive damage. The Avenger is the only
    character with which I find it hard to avoid the Skitters, but that's only
    because his shotgun is so slow at shooting.
    How to Beat This Boss:
    This boss is pretty easy, but he has a high amount of HP for something you
    encounter so early on. Before you start, I highly recommend that you walk
    around the entire area and kill EVERY zombie that appears. This will make the
    boss fight that much easier. If you have two players playing, you can make
    one go inside the fence, one go outside the fence, and then have them both
    walk down the road. This will make most of the zombie appear, so then you can
    kill them and not have to worry about them during the boss fight. This will
    make things one hell of a lot easier.
    The only strategy for this boss is basically to run around and shoot the hell
    out of him until he dies. Strafing and shooting while walking backwards is a
    very good strategy to use. Once his health starts to get lower, he will turn
    red instead of yellow when you hit him. That's how to tell when he's getting
    close to dying. You can use your special weapons (the shotgun and machinegun
    in particular work pretty well), but it really isn't necessary, 'cause he
    isn't that hard to beat. When your health starts to get low, use the glyph by
    the burning school bus, and you should beat him no problem.
    Boss 2: The Giant Teddy Bear
    Found in: The Church (level 5)
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    Who'd have guessed that Kaylie's teddy bear would come to life, huh?
    Anyways, this guy has a few attacks. Like the last boss, he can pound the
    ground to make a tremor effect. It has a longer range than the first boss,
    but it's still easily avoidable. He also swats at you if you get too close, so
    just stay away from him. He'll run at you at hit you, which is kinda hard to
    avoid, but luckily, it only does minimal damage. His final attack is puking
    on you. This isn't the easiest attack to avoid, and it does alot of damage,
    but just try your best to avoid it.
    How to Beat This Boss:
    It's a good idea to first shoot out all the benches in the church. This gives
    you more room to run around and attack. Don't even bother with those little
    blue ghost things. Use your shotgun or machinegun (the chainsaw works very
    well, too), and run away while shooting behind you (run forward and hold
    back on the C-stick). Use the glyph if necessary. He should fall pretty
    Boss 3: Degenhardt (big dumb vampire)
    Found in: Mansion Inside 1 (level 13)
    Difficulty: Hard
    This guy only has 2 or 3 attacks, but they're big ones, and they hurt like
    hell. His first is another shockwave like deal (much like the first two
    bosses). You probably know by know that it's easy to avoid. He can also
    whip you with a tentacle that's growing in place of his arm. It's damn
    near impossible to avoid this, and it hurts bad. He also makes tentacles
    appear in random spots throughout the room. These aren't that difficult to
    avoid, but they still do plenty of damage.
    How to Beat This Boss:
    There are a couple strategies to use in beating this boss. The first is of
    course just running around him while unloading your weapons and trying your
    best to avoid his attacks. The next (and probably quickest) way is to get
    close to him and use your melee weapons. If you have an Avenger, use the edge
    that powers up his axe, and he'll fall even quicker. It also helps to use a
    chainsaw on him. For those playing with two or more people, there is a
    strategy that makes this fight quite a bit easier. Simply have one player
    get the vampire to chase him, and put a pillar between the vampire and the
    player. Sometimes, Degenhardt will keep running towards the player, but won't
    be able to reach him because of the pillar. This allows time for the other
    player to unload everything into Degenhardt. The player behind the pillar can
    also use a flamethrower to cause some damage, too. Just try your best, jump
    to avoid the attacks, and you shouldn't do too bad. Most likely you'll lose
    3-4 lives, but it's okay (I've played through this game 4 or 5 times, and I
    can't beat him without dying).
    Boss 4: Dr. Hadrian (Mad scientist with one strange left arm)
    Found in: The Morgue (level 21)
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard
    This guy isn't that hard. He only has two basic attacks. These are shooting
    out this green beam thing that hurts you and makes you walk slower for a
    little bit, and his other is summoning a ton of monsters to fight you (such
    as those damn Skitters and a weaker version of the Playground Boss). He only
    does that when he's about half dead, but he summons so many of them that they
    start to take up too much room. This is where the problem comes in. It's
    kinda hard to get a good shot to hit him with. His green beam is pretty easy
    to avoid, just jump or roll out of the way.
    How to Beat This Boss:
    Dodge all his attacks, and try to concentrate your fire on Hadrian himself,
    however, don't let there get too many monsters, either. To best do this, stay
    pretty close to him. If you choose, use your special weapons. I've found that
    the flamethrower and shotgun work particularly well. If you use the Judge,
    your Word Of Power edge does wonders on the monsters he summons. Melee weapons
    work decently on him as well. You'll probably lose a few live on this boss
    Boss 5: Carpenter
    Found in: Death Row (level 24)
    Difficulty: Medium
    This boss's fighting style is basically getting close to you and beating
    the hell out of you. He lashes out at you with these two knive/sword things
    (kind of like the Martyr's melee attack), and it does pretty big damage. He
    also kicks you, but it doesn't do a ton of damage. He's also lightning fast,
    so you have to be careful.
    How to Beat This Boss:
    To begin with, you can't kill Carpenter until you destroy his electric chair.
    The only thing to really do with it is to beat the hell out of it until it's
    gone. The rocket launcher does wonders for this. It only takes 7-10 rockets
    to get rid of the chair, then you're free to kill him. He chases you all
    around, so just run away while shooting one of your special weapons at him,
    and you should be just fine. The machinegun is almost completely useless in
    this battle, though. It doesn't do very much damage to begin with, and since
    Carpenter moves so fast, he's really hard to hit. Use your shotgun first.
    If you time it right, it shouldn't be too hard to hit him, and it does decent
    damage. If you run out of shotgun ammo, you could try using the machinegun,
    but only if you have alot of ammo. You may shoot 30 shots off, but only hit
    him 5 times. Your normal ranged weapons don't do very much damage, but they
    work well as a last resort because you have unlimited ammo. This boss isn't
    very hard, he's just hard to hit. You should only lose a life or two max on
    him. Use the healing glyph if you get low on energy.
    Boss 6: Nathaniel Arkady (big bad wolf)
    Found in: Death Row (level 24)
    Difficulty: Hard
    Two bosses, one right after another, that really sucks. This boss is bigger,
    stronger, but fortunately a little slower. He attacks by following you close
    behind and slapping you, by summoning a circle of those blue ghosts, and
    later on he will shoot a white skull at you. The only attack that does alot
    of damage is the one with the skull, so just jump, roll, run away, or whatever
    it takes to get out of the way.
    How to Beat This Boss:
    The Judge's Word of Power edge is the absolute best attack you can use against
    him. It deals alot of damage, and there is a magic healing glyph nearby when
    you run out of magic energy. If you have the Judge, this fight is easy. If you
    don't, you'll have a little trouble. If you don't have a Judge, then follow
    this strategy:
    Use your Rocket Launcher first (just be careful not to blow yourself up).
    You have a few seconds to shoot him when he summons the ghosts and when he's
    about to shoot the skull. Once you run out, use the machinegun or shotgun.
    Shoot him while he stands still. You have a few seconds when he is performing
    his attacks to do this (just make sure that you are out of the way of the
    attacks.) If you are quick enough, you can move in close enough for him to
    initiate an attack, then run away and shoot him. Whatever strategy you are
    most comfortable works fine. This isn't a really hard boss fight, but it can
    be dangerous if you do not know how to handle yourself.
    You'll have to fight Arkady several more times in the upcoming levels. He is
    much easier that he is here, but use the exact same strategy you used in the
    first fight. Word of Power works good, and it only takes about 3-6 rockets to
    kill him, depending on where you fight him.
    Boss 6: Degenhardt (final boss)
    Found in: The Attic (level 30)
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Man, oh man! Did I have trouble with this one the first time around. He has
    several attacks. He still summons tentacles throughout the room, and he still
    whips you with one. He whips at you with his arms. Also, once you free all
    the innocents in the room, he starts to make 3 of him appear. You can rescue
    two of them, but once you get the third one, this attack starts. Back away
    when he does this. He also sends out beams that, much like the ones that
    Arkady used, hurt you and slow you down. Also, avoid that red vortex thing
    in the room.
    How to Beat This Boss:
    You just got to attack Degenhardt and the window in this room. Attack him to
    draw him away from the window. He'll go to the center of the room to heal
    himself in the vortex thing, and then's your chance to break the boards that
    are covering the window. Use your chainsaw on the window first. This is the
    best choice to use. Some special weapons work good, too. Melee weapons don't
    do crap against the boards, so don't even bother. Once in a while, an
    attack of his will also damage the window, as well. Use the healing glyph,
    and keep beating the hell out of the window. Eventually, you'll break through
    to the sunlight, and as you might have guessed, Degenhardt doesn't like it
    very much. The sunlight will destroy him. 
    You just beat Hunter: The Reckoning!! Now try it on Nightmare Mode!
    I would like to thank some people in this guide. To name a few:
    1. www.gamefaqs.com- the best gaming site on the net. Without them, this
                         guide would not be possible.
    2. gameFAQS users- to everyone on the message boards who helped give me advice
                       to put together this guide.
    3. Happybuddha311, BSulphur, kevinb500, SinirothX, briansulphur, and Karpah.
                       These guys from the FAQ message boards helped me fix things
                       up, and if they hadn't, this guide would have never gotten
                       posted. Thanks guys!
    4. Richard Peters- He emailed me and told me that I needed to change the name
                       of one the bosses that I got wrong.
    5. You, the reader- you are my inspiration to keep creating guides. If I know
                        that I helped one person, then I've achieved my goal.
    Thank You Everyone!!!
    =Attention!! If you saw anything in this faq this I did wrong, or======
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    =for reading my Guide, and I hope it helped you in some way============
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    to use this guide is www.gamefaqs.com. However, should you like to use it on
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    As of right now, there are only 4 sites with permission to host this FAQ.
    These sites are:
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    This document copyright 2003 by Kevin Zuehlk.

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