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"Party Game that's fun to play!"

What can I say? This game is surprisingly fun to play!
There's a lot of repetitiveness, but most X-box/PC games seem that way. However, as a party game, this game beats all of those co-operative play games. Each stage isn't exceptionally big. Just big enough so that you won't get bored of it easily. And each stage is different from the previous. Messy as hell with each additional player (more zombies appear with more players), it requires a lot of team co-operation, especially with the unforgiving camera trying to frame all the players on one screen.
The difficulty (and fun) comes with the hordes and hordes of zombies around every corner trying to kill you. (We're talking Gauntlet, except EVERYONE IS ''IT''!) And the fact that you all share limited amount of continues makes the game stupid-hard in the later stages. But if you have skilled players that know what they're doing, then you have an unstoppable team.

The characters are each extremely unique and powerful in their own way. Whichever player you end up picking, you'll eventually learn to like. Because of their uniqueness, every character has their specific role to function as a team.

Each character has their own set of stats that they begin with, as well as a spell. All these can be leveled up throughout the game and more spells learned, and depending on how co-operative you are, one character may end up hogging a lot of experience points.

As a one-player game, it's extremely bland and boring. Don't bother with it unless you really want to go around blasting zombies.

I'd get into the nitty gritty details of the game, but they're not significant and noticeable enough to make a difference in the gameplay.

So fun-factor, it's an 8/10

Story wise, hey. It's White Wolf stuff.

Graphically, this game is impressive. Relatively high polygon characters, and a whole lot of them on screen at once with no slow-down. The textures on some of the characters look poorly done, and the animation really sucks, but this is not really noticable when you're playing, cuz there's so much other stuff happening on screen. I give it 9/10 for background graphics, and 2/10 for NPC graphics. 8/10 for the main character graphics.

Replay value is extremely low for one player, and doesn't offer much for team play either. You can unlock the harder ''Nightmare Mode'' as well as some new costumes for your characters (that don't look as cool as the ones you start with, but match the roles of the characters much better- example- the Defender gets a police outfit) So once you and your team finish the game, you'd either get rid of the game, or share your experiences with a new team.
3/10 for that.

Controls take a bit of getting used to. It's like Smash TV. But it's extremely straightforward after that, and you'll be glad it's arranged in such a way, although pulling the right trigger all the time kinda sucks.
7/10 for that.

Sound? Bland. Forget it's even there. The guns sound pretty good, but the music and the hacking and slashing leave a lot to be desired. The voices suck too.

2/10 on that.

So overall, this game makes the effort, and knows what makes a good game fun. But it falls slightly short on details for the nitpickers out there. If it had higher replay value (I would like to keep my experience points after I finish the game and start a new one... kinda like a New Game+ sort of deal), a better music atmosphere, and MORE characters to choose from, then you would have a game as solid as the arcade Dungeon's and Dragons game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/01/02, Updated 07/01/02

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