Review by Cablevision2

Reviewed: 02/26/07

Great concept. Not done well, though.

This was one of my first games for the X-Box. Of all the games I got at that time, this was number two out of five on my favorite list. Unfortunately, now that many other games have come out that have exhibited more advanced graphics and better game play, this had dropped off my list.

Story: 1/10

Not much of a story here. Almost none. You must win a race to reach the final race, in which you stop the evil character from completing his evil plan. This is very much related to the Crash Bandicoot Racing games.

Game Play: 8/10

This is where it gets its rating raise. You must run a footrace(WHAT?!) to win a chance to race the final boss. Seems simple enough. The developers took much of the simplicity out by adding obstacles, things that can hinder your character's ability to run, or even speed it up. You have a choice of a few characters, each with different abilities. One can do a quick dash, one can smash through walls, one can even glide through the air for a short time.

There are many courses, each displaying a different kind of place ranging from Ancient Ruins, Rain Forests, Volcanoes, Underwater Pipes and much more. There are also different ways to run the course, like shortcuts, and special areas with items that you can use to unlock something. There are also places where areas turn into half-pipes and they skid and slide as if they were snowboarding. This allows you to jump and do tricks, but the tricks are mostly limited to spins. Enemies line the path, planted by the big chief evil doer, trying to stop you.

This game is rather difficult. The AI of the other racers is very good and they will win most of the time. You must find a way to avoid as many obstacles as possible, including enemies, and also find the fastest lap through the course. If you manage this, the game seems like a piece of cake.

Music: 3/10

Most of the time, you don't even remember if there was ANY music at all. But it's there. Also a lot of explosions and character jibes are here. But most are unnoticeable.

Graphics: 5/10

These are very cartoonish. Many of the courses are very well done and many are just beautiful. My personal favorite course is the White Water Rapid in the Amazon(not sure if that is the name, but it's what it looks like). The water and the volcanoes are done brilliantly.

Replay-ability: 7/10

There is quite a bit to go back for in this game. Maybe you can find a new route to take, maybe a new item. The special abilities of the characters open new areas and can really make you come back for more.

Overall: 5/10

Although it was a great concept, they could have gone deeper in the story, which was very overused. But there is something here, maybe for the kiddies. This game is not for an experienced gamer looking for a racing fix. Enjoy what you can get out of this and move on is all I can say.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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