Review by rombus_legend

Reviewed: 11/14/11

Great fun with your friends

Mad Dash Racing is an innovating and fun idea that ultimately fails to deliver overall. Its main concept is racing, but instead of cars you are dashing it out as an animal. There are 9 characters to begin with (6 to unlock later by HARD means) with 3 special powers. These are flying, sprinting and bashing (destroying objects in the way). Each character specialises in one of the powers, but after collecting 10 green orbs can do all 3 for a certain amount of time. The maps are huge and there are countless ways and shortcuts to the finish line. Some shortcuts are only for a certain power though and it can be very frustrating when you take this path and have to go backwards. Like other party racing games (Mario Kart comes to mind), even if you consider yourself an expert it can be the easiest thing to lose a race. Lower placed players get the better power ups (missiles, speed ball, etc.) and like stated above, one wrong turn can cost you the race. There are 9 maps, but on average can each be completed in 5 minutes. This gives you just 45 minutes of gameplay before replayability. Really disappointing considering the campaign itself just requires you to win each map. There are two final boss battles, where you race against an overpowered animal. The campaign is challenging but over quickly, so quite disappointing.

The AI of the game are the usual with racing games. They will never get stuck but don’t go down the really secret paths. The most fun is playing with your mates on split screen. Getting rid of the AI and creating a more even, if not angry experience. I can guarantee you will rage at each other from winning/losing a race/doing dog moves etc. But it is all part of the fun. Being an Xbox launch title, the graphics are not that great, but there is a great lot of colour and diversity to the environments. Kind of like if Crash Bandicoot was a racing game. The music is catchy and upbeat, designed to create an exciting situation.

Overall Mad Dash Racing is a fun game. But it can be over quite quickly. It is definitely best if you play with your friends to prolong its existence. By 2011, it will be so cheap however it is worth the pickup, just to relive fun from the older consoles.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Mad Dash Racing (US, 11/14/01)

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