Review by r987r

"Good idea... Bad game"

I first saw this game for 20 bucks at Meijer. Heck, I said, I can try out a game for 20 bucks. Its four player. Maybe my friends will like it. How very wrong I was... After playing the first few stages, I just got plain bored of it. It was a good idea... but they just didn't do it right. They tried to mix 2 different genre's of games but failed in doing so. They could have added more modes in the game also. Maybe a platform mode where you collect stuff instead of a race the whole time.

Graphics: 8

Pretty good graphics. No complains here. Pretty good designs on characters and good usage of the xbox graphics system.

Story: 1

The story pretty much sucks. Its not even any good. I couldn't even understand it (even if I did, it still woulda sucked).

Music: 4

Good music. But I really hated the sounds. Those characters making these really annoying noises. No environmental effects either (splashing water makes a noise).
Fun Factor: 4

Its the same thing ever level. You get bored after seeing it a lot. 2x levels and smaller levels may have made the game worth it, but these long levels are very annoying

Replay Value: 10... or 1

really... depends. My friends didnt like the game. But, replay seems to be good since you can keep playing with friends who may like the game. System link play would have been nice also. Maybe make a max of eight people. That would be sweeter and make the levels fit more. The levels are very huge and dont seem to like 4 people maps.

Overall (not an average): 5

Either you like it or you dont I guess. I thought it was the biggest waste in my life (next to azurik). Smaller levels and maybe system link support and make it a 8 player race may have made it better. Much better characters needed of course. The designers tried to make the characters ''''COOL'''', but it didnt work well. They were all dumb and very very lame. They need more unique abilities also. There are only three abilities and like 12 characters who each get one of them. Making 12 UNIQUE abilities would have been much better.

Dont buy or rent it unless you see it for 10 dollars. If you really like racing games and spot this game for around 20 bucks, you can buy it. I just didnt like this game as much as I think other people liked the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/14/03, Updated 04/14/03

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