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    House Telvanni Guide by Alecto

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    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
    By Ursil aka Erin Bell
    (c) Erin Bell, 2002,2003
    This document may appear only on gamefaqs.com, DLH.net, morrowindfiles.com and
    neoseeker.com. It may not be reproduced anywhere else, in part or in full, for
    profit or otherwise, without first obtaining my permission.
    Version 1 - July 9, 2002: First version submitted. I hope to have all quests
    and stronghold information completed within the next two days, and an update to
    the ranks section.
    Version 1.1 - July 15, 2002: Updates made to all areas. Quests, ranks, and
    stronghold information is now complete.
    Version 1.2 - July 29, 2002: Thanks to several emails, I now have a complete
    list of the locations of the books required to complete Baladas' first quest.
    Also, new information on how to get a Silver Staff of Peace if you reach the
    Fast Eddie quest but no longer have the one Aryon gave you. I've also included
    how to get around the bug in the unpatched version of Morrowind that won't let
    you advance beyond the rank of Master. (See section 4.5.10). Also, an update to
    the Dren/House Hlaalu glitch, which makes it possible to remain a member of
    both Great Houses without problems on the Telvanni side. (See section 4.5.8).
    Version 1.3 - March 29, 2003: Finally got off my butt and made the few final
    corrections and additions based on emails from people, who have all been
    acknowledged in the body of the guide where applicable. Also, thanks to Darth
    Executor for pointing out the non-violent ways to obtain the special artifacts
    from the NPCs. Since the trickle of emails has seemed to have dried up, I now
    consider this guide to be complete.
    1. About the House
    2. Joining House Telvanni
    2.1 Location
    2.2 Skills
    2.3 Spells Needed
    2.4 Spells Recommended
    2.5 Ranks and Advancement
    3. Chores from the Mouths
    3.1 Arara Uvulas Chores
    3.1.1 Sload Soap Delivery
    3.1.2 Staff of the Silver Dawn
    3.2 Felissa Ulessen Chores
    3.2.1 Therana's Skirt
    3.2.2 Abebaal Eggmine Rebellion
    3.3 Galos Mathendis Chores
    3.3.1 Deliver note to Divayth Fyr
    3.3.2 Cure Blight potions
    3.3.3 Daedra skin
    3.4 Mallam Ryon Chores
    3.4.1 Baladas' 3 questions
    3.4.2 Dwemer Blueprints
    3.5 Raven Omayn Chores
    3.5.1 Muck delivery
    3.5.2 Black Jinx ring
    4. Chores from the Wizards
    4.1 Baladas Demnevanni
    4.1.1 Three Dwemer Books
    4.1.2 Ring of Dahrk Mezalf
    4.2 Mistress Therana
    4.2.1 Auriel's Bow (aka ash yam bow)
    4.3 Mistress Dratha
    4.3.1 Amulet of Flesh Made Whole
    4.4 Master Neloth
    4.4.1 Robe of the Drake's Pride
    4.5 Master Aryon
    4.5.1 Becoming a Mouth
    4.5.2 Cure Blighted Queen
    4.5.3 Rudimentary Spells
    4.5.4 Odirniran
    4.5.5 Redoran Councillors
    4.5.6 Shishi
    4.5.7 Becoming a Master (Fast Eddie)
    4.5.8 Hlaalu Stronghold
    4.5.9 Redoran Stronghold
    4.5.10 The Final Promotions: Magister and Archmagister. The advancement bug.
    Defeating Gothren.
    5. Fast Eddie's Chores
    5.1 Ring of Equity
    5.2 Amulet of Unity
    6.Building a Stronghold
    6.1 Stage One
    6.2 Stage Two
    6.3 Stage Three
    Telvanni is the most xenophobic, isolationist, treacherous and arcane Great
    House in Morrowind. Its powerbase is in the exotic far east coast of
    Vvardenfell, where Imperial influence is felt the least and Outlanders are
    still viewed with deep suspicion and sometimes even open hostility. Telvanni
    caters to mages, scholars, and anyone who isn't afraid of a little
    backstabbing. This is only to be expected from a House run by wizards who live
    in trees, whose personalities range from somewhat eccentric to homicidally
    insane. Telvanni is a subtle and challenging House, which offers great rewards
    to its members.
    House Telvanni's structure is a little unorthodox compared to the other two
    Great Houses, Redoran and Hlaalu. The Council is run by wizards who reside in
    the many towers of Vvardenfell (Tel Vos, Tel Branora, Tel Fyr, Tel Aruhn, Tel
    Naga). However, these wizards, being an arrogant bunch, can't be bothered to
    actually physically come to the Council Hall and participate in meetings.
    Rather, they sponsor a protege, called a Mouth, who sits in Council for them
    and communicates their messages.
    By the way: If you become the Archmagister of Telvanni before completing the
    Fourth Trial of the main quest (becoming Hortator of each Great House) Aryon
    will automatically make you Hortator of Telvanni and you won't have to talk to
    any of the other councillors. Yay!
    2.1 LOCATION
    To join House Telvanni you must travel to the Telvanni Council Hall in the city
    of Sadrith Mora and speak to one of the Mouths.
    2.2 SKILLS
    The primary skills recognized for House Telvanni are Mysticism, Conjuration,
    Illusion, Alteration, Destruction, and Enchant. I would also recommend learning
    the spells listed below, as they will aid you in completing House quests.
    Fireball/Greater Fireball/Firestorm - You must learn this spell to complete one
    of Master Aryon's chores.
    Levitate/Great Levitate/Wild Levitate -- Most wizards' towers and chambers are
    deliberately difficult to reach to keep out the "peasants". Some chambers and
    doors can only be reached by levitating up to them (or using a potion).
    Levitation is also one of the basic wizard spells you have to know for Master
    Recall -- This is another of the basic wizard spells Master Aryon asks that you
    learn. Note: If you complete Felissa Ulessen's first quest, she will teach you
    this spell. (See section 3.2.1)
    Calm Humanoid -- Useful when dealing with crazy Therana.
    Divine and Almsivi Intervention -- These are good for quick travel to the
    western half of Vvardenfell. For example, if you cast Almsivi Intervention from
    Sadrith Mora, you will be taken to Ald'ruhn.
    Open 100% -- Some wizards, notably Divayth Fyr in Tel Fyr, have some powerful
    artifacts lying around that you can take when you visit them on quests. Well,
    not lying around exactly...that's where this spell comes in.
    Water Walking -- A few of the areas you'll need to reach, such as Tel Fyr, are
    accessible by water but don't have a boat service. Using this spell is faster
    than levitating or swimming across.
    Ranks:      Needed for Advancement:
    Hireling     WILL 30, INT 30
    Retainer     WILL 30, INT 30, 1 skill at 10
    Oathman      WILL 30, INT 30, 1 skill at 20
    Lawman       WILL 30, INT 30, 1 skill at 30, 2 skills at 5
    Mouth        WILL 30, INT 30, 1 skill at 40, 2 skills at 10, patron
    Spellwright  WILL 31, INT 31, 1 skill at 50, 2 skills at 15
    Wizard       WILL 32, INT 32, 1 skill at 60, 2 skills at 20, stronghold
    Master       WILL 33, INT 33, 1 skill at 70, 2 skills at 25, mouth
    Magister     WILL 34, INT 34, 1 skill at 80, 2 skills at 30
    Archmagister WILL 35, INT 35, 1 skill at 90, 2 skills at 35
    You will be able to advance to the rank of Lawman by performing chores for the
    Mouths and making sure your primary skills and stats are at the appropriate
    levels. To become a Mouth, you must get a wizard to sponsor you to the council.
    More on this in section 4.1.1. To become a Master, you must sponsor a Mouth of
    your own. More on this in section 4.1.7. Once you reach the rank of Master, you
    will get the assignment to take out your Hlaalu and Redoran counterparts. Once
    you have done that, you will be eligible for promotion to Magister and from
    there you can challenge Gothren to become Archmagister. More on this in section
    Arara asks you to bring her 5 portions of sload soap. You can buy the soap from
    Andil, the apothecary in Sadrith Mora.
    Arara asks you to acquire the Staff of the Silver Dawn and tells you she
    believes someone at the Sadrith Mora Mages Guild has it. Go to the Mages Guild
    in Wolverine Hall (it is in the same tower as the Imperial Shrine, one level
    above). Once there, talk to Arielle Phiencel, who will sell the staff for 300
    drakes. Bring the staff back to Arara for a nice reward.
       Glass jinxblade (paralyze for 10 seconds on touch; worth 6500)
       Blinding spell
    Felissa gives you a skirt and tells you to deliver it to Therana in Tel
    Branora. She warns you that her mistress can be difficult, and gives you a
    scroll of Almsivi Intervention incase things get ugly. You can take a boat from
    Sadrith Mora to Tel Branora, and Therana's chamber can be reached by levitating
    to the upper level of the tower. When you talk about the skirt to Therana, she
    will react with paranoia saying something to the effect of "how do I know it's
    not cursed? Why don't you put it on first!" However if you put it on she will
    become offended that you are wearing her skirt, and will attack. Killing her
    probably isn't a good idea, so there is something better you can do. If you
    speak to the Khajit slave in the chamber, you can tell the slave to put on the
    skirt and Therana will attack and kill the slave instead. You can then talk to
    Therana again and she will give you a message to take back to Felissa. If you
    don't want the slave to die, you can cast a Calm Humanoid spell on Therana
    after giving the slave the skirt, so she will stop attacking and you can speak
    to her to get the message for Felissa.
       Mark and recall spells
    Therana's workers at the Abebaal Eggmine have revolted and Felissa wants you to
    suppress the slave rebellion before it spreads to other holdings. The eggmine
    is on the large island northwest of Tel Branora; the door is on the northern
    side of the island facing the coast. As you enter the mine, you will notice
    slaves running free who tell you to speak to their leader Eleedal-Lai. You will
    find this Argonian in one of the passages. Since we know from the previous
    quest that Therana is a crazy old hag who kills people over skirts, we can
    sympathize with this poor slave of hers and might as well listen to his
    grievances. He says Therana  is demanding impossibly large amounts of eggs, and
    that she is not even using the eggs to eat, but is decorating her house with
    them (!?). Eleedal-Lai asks you to find the key to free the slaves' bracers so
    they can escape. He says there are two keys, one somewhere in the mine and the
    other in Tel Branora. The Tel Branora key is held by Mistress Therana herself;
    you'll have to pickpocket it from her. However I didn't bother with Tel Branora
    since the mine is quite small and the second key is easy to find. Upon entering
    the mine, walk forward hugging the wall to the left as it goes around a corner.
    You will reach a dead-end wall with a circle of kwama egg sacks in front of it.
    Look up and to the left and you will see a ledge. Levitate to the ledge and
    follow the tunnel to the queen's chamber. The key is in a crate there. When you
    have given the key to Eleedal-Lai, return to Felissa and tell him that the
    slaves have escaped. He will teach you Command Create and Command Humanoid
    spells so you can "be more forceful with the slaves next time."
    There are two other possible outcomes to the quest: If you kill the leader,
    Eleedal-Lai, Felissa will reward you with a ring of firestorm. If you kill
    every single slave in the mine, you will get a ring of toxic cloud.
    Galos asks you to deliver a note to Divayth Fyr in Tel Fyr. Since there is no
    transportation into Tel Fyr, Galos gives you 4 potions of water-walking, 4
    potions of swift-swim and 7 potions of restore health. Not bad! Tel Fyr is
    southwest of Sadrith Mora and can easily be reached by
    levitation/swimming/waterwalking. Upon arriving, enter the door to Onyx Hall.
    Divayth's chamber is located on the upper level, which can be reached by
    turning right at the Onyx Hall entrance and going through the door to the Hall
    of Fyr. Look up when you enter the hall and you will see a shaft which you can
    levitate up. Divayth is in one of these chambers. In another chamber, you will
    find a closet with 100 lock level. Unlock this to find the "Cuirass of
    Saviour's Hide", a light armor worth 150k which has Resist Magic 60% as a
    constant effect. There are more cool items in the chests in Divayth Fyr's
    chamber. When you deliver the note to Divayth, he will ask you to wait while he
    writes a response, then give you a note to take back to Galos in Sadrith Mora.
       500 drakes
    Galos asks you to deliver 3 cure blight potions to Andil in Tel Vos. Home-made
    potions are not acceptable. Anis Seloth is an apothecary in Sadrith Mora
    located very near the Council Hall. She has 2 potions of cure blight. If you
    want 24 hours she will restock her items and you can buy the third one. To get
    to Tel Vos, take a ship to Tel Mora, then to Vos. Tel Vos is a large
    stronghold-type building to the northwest. Levitate up to the Services Tower
    and go through the trapdoor. Go down the stairs and Andil will be the High Elf
    on your left. Deliver the potions to Andil and he will give you 3 Quality
    Restore Health and 3 Quality Restore Fatigue potions in return. Then report
    back to Galos.
       500 drakes
    3.3.3 DAEDRA SKIN
    Next, Galos asks you to deliver a daedra skin to Master Aryon. The daedra skin
    is an alchemy ingredient so you can buy it from Anis Seloth, the apothecary in
    Sadrith Mora. Deliver the skin to Aryon in Tel Vos and he will give you 300
    drakes and teach you a Paralyzation spell.
    Mallam asks you to travel to Gnisis and speak with the wizard Baladas who lives
    in the tower there (it's called Arvs-Drelen). If you already completed the
    Imperial Legion quests in Gnisis, or Trebonius' first quest for the Mages
    Guild, then you should already be familiar with Baladas. The three questions
    are all concerning the Dwemer, and I think Baladas' answer will depend on
    whether you have taken the Egg of Time, Hanging Gardens and Divine Metaphysics
    to him. Even if Baladas doesn't know the information however, Mallam will still
    be satisfied as long as you ask all three questions.
       3 Messenger scrolls (summon scamp)
    (NOTE: if Baladas doesn't answer all three questions you won't get the scrolls
    as a reward but you will get a reputation increase.)
    You must journey to the Nchuleft ruins and bring Mallam back any Dwemer
    blueprints you find. Nchuleft is southwest of Vos near the Ghostgate. The
    blueprints are in a chamber down the stairs and to the left of the entrance.
    NOTE: while here, you can find a copy of the "Chronicles of Nchuleft", which is
    one of the books that Baladas asks you to find for him before he will join the
       Gothren's Cephalopod Helm (bound helm 120 secs when used, summon daedra when
    Raven wants you to bring her 5 portions of muck to use for potions. Buy the
    muck from Andil the apothecary in Sadrith Mora, and bring them to Raven.
       300 drakes
       Healing spell
    Raven's patron desires the Black Jinx ring, and Raven asks you to bring it to
    her. She believes it is somewhere in Sadrith Mora. If you ask around you will
    be told that the ring belongs to the Morag Tong, who happen to have a guildhall
    in the northeast part of the town. Go to the guild and speak to Alven Salas,
    who will admit that he has the ring and challenge you to a duel for it. If you
    kill him you can take the ring from his body. You could probably also
    pickpocket it from him, which might be a better solution although I haven't yet
    found any repercussions for killing him. Also, if you happen to be the
    Grandmaster of the Morag Tong, he will just hand the ring over to you. (Thanks
    to Timothy Reese and Ryan for this info). Take the ring back to Raven.
       Demoralize creature spell
       Demoralize human spell
    When the Mouths run out of quests for you, they suggest that you speak directly
    to their patron wizards, who may have more chores for you. Master Neloth and
    Mistresses Dratha and Therana will give you quests to retrieve powerful items
    and since these quests do not affect your advancement in the House, you can
    choose to keep the items for yourself rather than complete the quest. Master
    Aryon becomes your patron wizard, and the quests you do for him ARE needed to
    advance. The following section describes those quests.
    Baladas is a Telvanni wizard who forfeited a spot on the Council and lives in
    isolation in the wizard tower Arvs-Drelen in Gnisis. Your first quest for
    Master Aryon is to convince Baladas to join the Telvanni Council. Baladas is
    reluctant to join the Council, but agrees to join if you do a few chores for
    Baladas wants three books: Antecedents of Dwemer Law, Chronicles of Nchuleft,
    and Nehunak's Fire and Faith.
    //Antecedents of Dwemer Law//
    Copy #1: Ald'ruhn, Arobar Manor (under-skar). It is being used by Ethes Evos, a
    Seneschal, who will make you a copy for 300 drakes. Or you can just steal the
    original, which is on a table in a room in the Private Quarters of the manor.
    Copy #2: Ald'ruhn, Ramoran Manor, Private Quarters
    Copy #3: Ald'ruhn, Cienne Sintieve: Alchemist
    Copy #3: Galom Daeus, Entry
    Copy #5: Gnisis, Temple
    Copy #6: Holamayan Monastery
    Copy #7: Omani Manor
    Copy #8: Rethan Manor, Berenda's House. Rethan Manor is the Hlaalu stronghold.
    It is located south of Balmora along the Odai River on the west bank.
    Copy #9: Tureynulal, Kagrenac's Library
    Copy #10: Vivec, Foreign Quarter, Jobasha's Rare Books. [courtesy of Kyle
    Copy #11: Vivec, Redoran Treasury
    Copy #12: Vivec, Redoran Records
    Copy #13: Vivec, Temple District, Hall of Justice, Office of the Watch
    [courtesy of Popefish]
    Copy #14: Vivec, Hlaalu Records
    Copy #15: Vivec, Temple District, High Fane
    Copy #16: Vivec, Temple District, Hall of Justice Secret Library
    Copy #17: Vivec, Temple District, Hall of Wisdom, Library
    //Chronicles of Nchuleft//
    Copy #1: Balmora, Dorisa Darvel's bookstore.
    Copy #2: Holamayan Monastery
    Copy #3: Molag Mar, Vasesius Viciulus: Trader
    Copy #4: Nechluft Ruins. Nechluft is southwest of Vos near the Ghostgate. You
    can see it on the paper map that came with the game. Upon entering the mine,
    take the first right, then you will be forced to turn left due to a wall, then
    turn right into a large room. The book is on a shelf.
    Copy #5: Sulipund, on a shelf on the right side of the upper floor [directions
    courtesy of Popefish]
    Copy #6: Tureynulal, Kagrenac's Library
    Copy #7: Vivec, Foreign Quarter, Jobasha's Rare Books.
    Copy #8: Vivec, Redoran Records
    Copy #9: Vivec, Temple District, Hall of Justice, Office of the Watch
    Copy #10: Vivec, Temple District, Hall of Justice Secret Library
    Copy #11: Vivec, Temple District, Hall of Wisdom, Library [there are several
    copies here. Thanks to SDY for pointing this out]
    //Fire and Faith//
    Copy #1: Balmora, Dorisa Darvel's bookstore.
    Copy #2: Caldera, Verick Gemain: Trader
    Copy #3: Holamayan Monastery
    Copy #4: Mababi
    Copy #5: Tureynulal, Kagrenac's Library
    Copy #6: Shishara
    Copy #7: Vivec, Hall of Justice Secret Library
    Copy #8: Vivec, Hall of Wisdom, Library
    Vishnu's comments:
    So analyzing these locations one can see that there are three locations with
    all three necessary books: Vivec, Hall of Justice Secret Library; Holamayan
    Monastery; Tureynulal, Kagrenac's Library. My advice is to go to the Secret
    Library in Vivec. Searching through all those books may take a little while,
    but it will be far quicker than travelling to either Kagrenac's Library (found
    East-Northeast of Dagoth Ur inside the Ghostgate) or Holamayan Monastery (found
    in the southeast of that large island found going directly north from the
    Shrine of Azura).
    Note: The secret library to which I referred is not the normal library. It can
    be found by going into the Office of the Watch on the top floor of the Hall of
    Justice. Under the rug on the ground is a trap door. Go through there and
    through the door to enter the secret library which may contain every book, I
    haven't checked. Anyways, I hope all this was helpful.
    When you bring the books to Baladas, he will give you some "trinkets" for
    completing his chores.
       Ondusi's Key (ring with open 50% on touch)
       Amulet of Admonition (paralyze 30 secs on target, frost damage 1-2
        pts for 30 secs on target)
       Second Barrier Belt (shield 10 pts for 30 secs)
       Surefeet (shoes with Fortify Acrobatics 6 pts constant effect)
    At this point Baladas may agree to join the Council if you ask him. Or, you can
    perform another chore.
    Baladas wants this ring, which is located in the ruins of Bthungthumz. Take the
    silt strider from Gnisis to Maar Gan, then enter the foyoda Bani-Dad north of
    the town. Follow the foyoda northwest past the entrance to Shishi, and the
    ruins should soon appear on your right. The entrance to the ruins is through a
    door under the bridge. There are many spectres in Bthungthumz, and one of them
    holds the ring. Keep killing spectres and advancing through the ruins; one of
    the spectres will have the ring and you can take it from its "corpse". Go back
    to the entrance of the ruins and Cast Almsivi Intervention if you have it to
    get back to Gnisis quickly, and take the ring to Baladas. (Note: If you cast
    Almsivi inside the ruins where the ring drops, you will end up in Balmora.
    Thanks to Casey Visco for pointing this out.)
       Ring of Lightning Storm (shock damage 2-40 pts for 10 secs on touch)
    Shock Centurion servant. This thing will follow you around like a servant,
    which is pretty cool, except that you can't fast-travel with it
    Once you have completed all of Mouth Felissa's quests, she will tentatively
    suggest that you speak to her patron Therana in Tel Branora for more chores.
    4.2.1 AURIEL'S BOW (aka ash yam bow)
    Therana wants the bow that smells of ash yams. This bow is held by Ralyn
    Othraval, a Buoyant Armiger who you can find at the top level of the Tower of
    Dusk in Ghostgate. Not surprisingly, Ralyn is not enthusiastic about parting
    with his bow and you must take it from him. Either kill him, or cast a Damage
    Weapon spell on him until it breaks, whereupon you can pickpocket the bow off
    of him. Ariel's Bow has 2-50 attack and is worth 30k. (Ralyn also carries
    another neat weapon, the Gavel of the Ordinator, a mace that drains health).
    There are a few possible outcomes to this quest.
    1. Keep the bow for yourself, if you prefer ranged weapons. It is one of the
    best bows in the game.
    2. Give the bow to Therana but don't take the gift she offers you. She will
    give you 11111 drakes.
    3. Give the bow to Therana and accept her gift. She will reward you with an
    enchanted DAEDRIC CUIRASS AND GREAVES with constant effect of Feather!
    Dratha lives in the tower of Tel Mora. She hates men, however she will still
    give you chores regardless of what sex you are.
    Dratha asks you to retrieve this amulet, which is currently being worn by a
    guard in Tel Naga named Berengeval. Berengeval is in the General Quarters area
    of the tower, on the upper level (you must levitate from the lower level of the
    general quarters. You will see an opening to the upper level just outside of
    the bedrooms where you enter). Berengeval will refuse to give you the amulet,
    so you must either kill him for it, or pickpocket it. The amulet itself has
    several useful enchantments: cure poison, common disease and blight disease,
    and restore agility, strength, endurance and personality for 5-15 points. I
    would definitely suggest keeping this item, since Dratha's idea of a reward is
    an almost useless amulet of Spell Absorption that only lasts for 5 seconds.
    Neloth's tower is in Tel Naga in Sadrith Mora.
    Since Neloth is such a wise and powerful wizard, he feels that he deserves to
    wear the Robe of the Drake's Pride. Much more so than the current owner, Senise
    Thindo. He therefore asks you to take the robe from her and bring it to him.
    Senise is a servant to Archmagister Gothren at Tel Aruhn, and you can find her
    in the Living Quarters of his tower. She is wearing the Robe and is adamant
    that it is not for sale, so unfortunately the only way to get it is to kill her
    (or, again, pickpocket it.) The robe is quite powerful. It has 3 spells at
    constant effect: Fortify Intelligence 10 pts, Resist Fire 25%, and Reflect 25%.
    It's too bad the robe itself is so ugly looking. Anyway, if you take the robe
    to Neloth the stingy creep only gives you TEN DRAKES for it. So, I would
    suggest keeping it.
    If you are at the rank of Lawman and try to advance, you will be told that you
    must find a patron before you can achieve the rank of Mouth. Galos Mathendis,
    Mouth for Master Aryon, mentions that his Master may be interested in
    sponsoring you. If you travel to Tel Vos and speak with Aryon, he will say that
    he will sponsor you if you can convince Baladas in Gnisis to join the Telvanni
    To convince Baladas to join, you must perform chores for him (see the Baladas
    section). Once you have accomplished this, return to Master Aryon who will make
    you his Mouth.
       Silver Staff of Peace (paralyze 10 secs)
    The queen in the Mudan-Mul eggmine has Blight disease and Aryon asks you to
    cure her. He will offer to teach you a cure blight on target spell.
    Alternatively, you can purchase cure blight potions from Hetman Abelmawia in
    Gnisis. The mine is just west of Tel Vos, and it isn't too difficult to locate
    the queen and cast the spell on her. Your journal will be updated when you have
    successfully cured her.
       "Breathing Water" book (+1 to Alteration when read)
    Aryon will insist that as a student of his, you must have knowledge of several
    rudimentary spells. He asks that you learn a spell of Recall, a spell of
    flying, and a spell of fire damage. Spells that you have created yourself are
    not sufficient. Levitate, Great Levitate and Wild Levitate are all acceptable
    flying spells, and Aryon suggests Fireball, Greater Fireball or Firestorm for
    the fire damage. If you don't already have them, these spells can be purchased
    from Telvanni Trainers or Mages Guild members (Heem-La at the Ald'ruhn mages
    guild, for example, sells Greater Fireball and Wild Levitate).
       "Art of War Magic" book (+1 to Destruction when read)
    4.5.4 ODIRNIRAN
    A member of House Telvanni, Milyn Faram, is under attack from House Hlaalu
    mercenaries. Aryon asks you to travel to Odirniran to help Milyn turn back the
    attack. Odirniran is in the Azura's Coast region, west of the Shrine of Azura.
    If you travel south along the coast from the Dwemer ruin Nchurdamz, you will
    see a large dome coming out of the ground. This is Odirniran, and the entrance
    to it is built into some rocks just west of this dome. On the ground floor you
    will encounter some hostile Hlaalu. Be sure to kill Remasa Othril, the leader.
    Then go and tell Milyn the danger is over. You'll find him at the top of the
    tower. He will thank you and offer to share the results of his research with
    you. (NOTE: If you select to hear his research, he still won't tell you. I
    think this is a bug of some kind.)
    Your next task is to play diplomat to the Redoran councillors at Ald'ruhn.
    Aryon wants to end an unfair monopoly held by the Mages Guild which allows them
    to teach spells to non-members, and Aryon thinks that he can end the monopoly
    with the support of at least three Redoran councillors. He suggests that you
    try to speak with Athyn Sarethi first, since he is the most open-minded. If you
    use an Almisivi intervention spell at this point, you should end up in Ald'ruhn
    and can look for Athyn Sarethi in the Sarethi manor under the skar-shell. After
    speaking with him, you can speak to any of the councillors about "appeal to
    fairness" and they will support your proposal. Convince at least three of them
    to satisfy Aryon. (Garisa Llethri, Miner Arobar and Hlaren Ramoran would be the
    best choices, since their manors are conveniently accessed from the main
    under-skar area.)
       Aryon's Dominator (gloves with Command Creature and Command Humanoid 15
    levels 120 secs)
    4.5.6 SHISHI
    More trouble with a rival House, this time Redoran. Faves Andes is under attack
    and you must travel to Shishi to assist. Shishi is north of Maar Gan. If you
    follow the Foyoda Bani-dad northwest, the entrance will appear directly in
    front of you. Work your way up to the tower, passing many dead bodies along the
    way. It looks like the Redorans have been quite successful so far. You will be
    confronted by three heavily armoured Redorans who put up much more of a fight
    than the Hlaalu mercenaries in Odirniran did. Be sure to kill at least one of
    the soldiers: the one named Brerema Selas. When you reach the top of the tower
    you will find it deserted. (The closet here contains extravagant clothing that
    can be taken and used for enchanting.) Touch the Breton Skull on the table and
    a secret trapdoor will be revealed down in the lower chamber, if you go back
    down the stairs, where the alter used to be. This will take you to Faves'
    secret chamber. Speak with Faves and he will thank you and reward you with the
    "Lunar Lorkhan" book (+1 Alteration when read) and "A Hypothetical Treachery"
    (+1 Destruction when read). Then travel back to Tel Vos and report to Aryon.
       Silver Staff of War (fire, frost and shock damage 5-11 points each)
    4.5.7 FAST EDDIE
    You are now ready to be promoted to Master, and need to find a Mouth of your
    own. Aryon tells you there is a promising Telvanni somewhere in Balmora, and if
    you ask around at the Telvanni Council Hall in Sadrith Mora one of the Mouths
    will tell you that his name is Fast Eddie. In Balmora, Fast Eddie's house is
    the topmost house on the west side of the river. It's actually labelled "Itan's
    House". Talk to Eddie about becoming a Mouth and give him your Silver Staff of
    Peace (the one you received from Aryon when you became his Mouth). He will
    agree and leave for Sadrith Mora. Return to Aryon and he will promote you to
    Master. Eddie is now your Mouth, and will perform several chores for you. A
    description of these chores can be found in section 5.
       Aryon's Helper (glove with Summon Flame, Frost and Storm Atronachs for 120,
    90, and 60 seconds)
    For those of you who no longer have the Silver Staff of Peace that Aryon gave
    you, don't despair. There are several NPCs in the game who carry a Silver Staff
    of Peace. You can go steal it from them, or kill them and take it seeing as
    none of them are essential to the main quest. The NPCs are:
    Galar Rothan: Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House, Interior
    Crulius Pontanian: Moonmoth Legion Fort, Interior
    Eldrilu Dalen: Vos, Vos Chapel
    Alenus Vendu: Tel Vos, Services Tower
    Uvele Berendas: Indarys Manor, Berendas' House
    Dileno Iloran: Vivec, High Fane
    The stakes are getting higher...Aryon asks you to murder the Hlaalu noble
    Raynasa Rethan, who is the owner of the Hlaalu Stronghold named Rethan Manor.
    Rethan Manor is located in the Odai Plateau, which is south of Balmora. From
    Balmora, travel south along the Odai River. (The river should be on your left;
    don't cross any bridges). You will pass a small camp of egg miners, then after
    walking a bit further the stronghold will appear on your right. Raynasa is on
    the top floor of Rethan Manor. The two Hlaalu in the room below shouldn't
    bother you, since Raynasa attacks you first.
    ***NOTE: if you took advantage of the game bug to become a member of House
    Hlaalu by talking to Duke Dren, Raynasa won't be in the stronghold and you
    won't be able to complete the quest. To get around this, open the console by
    hitting the ~ key next to the 1, and type the following command [code courtesy
    of beestmaster and Emperor Gesthal]:
    placeatpc "Raynasa Rethan",1,1,1
    Next, Aryon wants you to travel to the Redoran stronghold and kill the owner
    Banden Indarys. The Redoran Stronghold is called Bal Isra, and it is on the
    road between Ald'ruhn and Maar Gan on the left. It is marked on the paper map
    that came with the game. Banden is behind a door in the main building and will
    attack you on sight.
    Once you have slain Raynasa Rethan and Banden Indarys, Aryon is finally willing
    to declare you Magister of House Telvanni. If you speak to him about
    "advancement" at this stage, he will say that by choosing the title of Magister
    you have foresworn any chances of advancing further in the house (or something
    like that.) At this point you can choose to remain a Master forever, or accept
    the title of Magister. Ask Aryon about "Magister" to accept the promotion and
    he will tell you to challenge Archmagister Gothren for leadership of the
    Telvanni. Gothren's tower is on the island of Tel'Aruhn. His chamber is in the
    Upper Tower, which is on the Upper Terrace and must be reached by levitation.
    Go up the stairs and you will see Gothren and his two dremora guards. This will
    not be an easy fight. Gothren casts many powerful spells, including
    paralyzation, and heals himself. Once you defeat him, speak to Aryon one last
    time and he will recognize you as the new Archmagister of House Telvanni.
    Those playing the unpatched version of Morrowind may encounter a bug that won't
    let you advance beyond the rank of Master. Below is a Q & A that I copied with
    permission from the Bullhonkie Morrowind faq at www.bullhonkie.com/morrowind
    This seems to be a bug that has affected a fair share of people. What happens
    is that it is possible to go from the Wizard to Master rank after finishing the
    necessary tasks. However at this point you are not told that if you choose to
    advance to the rank of Master, you give up the ability to advance to the rank
    of Magister. To make sure this doesn't happen, you need to complete all of the
    requirements for the rank of Magister before you ask about advancement.
    If you've found yourself stuck in this predicament but still want to advance to
    rank Magister, you can use the console to lower your rank back to Wizard. Then
    speak to Aryon to activate the text to become Magister. To lower your rank,
    type this into the console:
    Player->PCLowerRank "Telvanni"
    Note: you activate the console by typing ~ which the key to the left of the
    number 1 across the top of the keyboard.
    1.Taunt him into attacking you. If you attack him first, the merchants on the
    lower level will likely run up to assist, which amounts to more people to
    2.Complete the Telvanni quests to obtain the Robe of Drake's Pride, Ring of
    Equity, and Amulet of Unity, and equip these items during the fight. They
    provide resistance, absorption and reflection of spells and will help to offset
    Gothren's powerful magic.
    3.Learn and use a resist-paralysis spell. Gothren's paralysis spell can be
    deadly, especially with two dremora guards beating on you as well.
    4.Make an enchanted weapon with destructive magic damage. My weapon of choice
    is a Daedric shortsword that does about 50 pts of fire damage with each hit.
    Use a high-level soul (Gold Saint or Ascended Sleeper) to give the item a high
    charge. Short-swords or tantos, although they have a lower enchant capacity,
    are good in this situation because they swing faster so you can get more
    destructive hits in a shorter amount of time.
    5.Bring as many healing potions as you can carry and use them! Potions that
    increase your maximum health, such as Fortify Health, are also useful.
    Once Eddie has set himself up in the Council Hall as your Mouth, you can give
    him chores.
    Eddie tells you of Master Neloth's Ring of Equity, and offers to find it for
    you if you provide him with a key to Tel Naga. Many people in the tower have
    keys including Drodos Galen, Vanel Serven, Faldon, Berengeval and Neloth
    himself. Bring Eddie the key and he will leave on the quest. In about a week
    you'll get a journal message saying he has found the ring.
       Ring of Equity (spell absorption 100 pts and reflect 70% for 30 secs)
    Eddie knows the whereabouts of another magical item, the Amulet of Unity. For
    this mission, he needs 5 Standard Potions of Invisibility. Unfortunately
    merchants don't usually restock this potion, so you'll have to buy one from
    several different sellers. Visit alchemists and mages guilds to stock up on the
    potions. In Sadrith Mora you can buy from Anis Seloth the alchemist and
    Aranger, one of the venders near the docks. Ajira of the Balmora mages guild
    and Anarenen of the Ald'ruhn mages guild also sell them. Nalcarya of White
    Haven, whose alchemist's shop is in the northwestern section of Balmora will
    also sell you one. Bring the potions to Eddie and after about a week and a half
    he will return with the amulet.
       Amulet of Unity (fortify intelligence and willpower 10 pts for 120 secs,
    fortify alteration, conjuration, illusion, mysticism and restoration 5 points
    for 120 secs)
    Once you have reached the rank of Spellwright, Aryon will not advance you to
    Wizard until you have built a stronghold. The Telvanni in charge of stronghold
    construction is Llunela Hleran, so you must speak to her. Llunela is located in
    a somewhat inconvenient area of the Telvanni Council House. You reach her by
    going to the Chambers, then down the tunnels to the Hermitage, where she has a
    small camp close to the water level (go down the ramps until you see her).
    6.1 STAGE ONE
    To begin construction on a stronghold, you must have two strong souls (i.e.
    atronach, golden saint or winged twilight) and construction papers from Duke
    Vedam Dren.
    Llunela gives you two soul gems to trap the souls with, so if you have Summon
    Creature spells, or already happen to possess high level souls you could easily
    take care of the first part. If not, Daedric shrines are a prime hunting-ground
    for high-level souls.
    Duke Vedam Dren (brother of that twerp Orvas Dren of the Dren Plantation) can
    be found at Ebonheart in the Grand Council Chamber. Conveniently, there is a
    boat from Sadrith Mora to Ebonheart. Ask him about the construction papers and
    he will agree to issue them if you promise to do things for the good of his
    people, or something like that. Wasn't really paying attention at this point,
    just wanted my HOUSE!!
    An interesting game glitch can happen here, which allows you to be a member of
    two Great Houses simultaneously. If you have killed Orvas Dren by this point,
    you can ask the Duke about the Comonna Tong and he will make you the
    Grandmaster of House Hlaalu!! This happened to me. Sure enough, when I checked
    my faction listing, I was listed in both Telvanni and Hlaalu. My rank in Hlaalu
    was only Lawman though, not Grandmaster, and I found that the Hlaalu people
    would now give me Hlaalu quests to complete. Neat as this is, it will cause a
    major problem later in the game because you will be sent to kill the owner of
    the Hlaalu Stronghold, Raynasa Rethan, who won't be there because YOU are the
    owner of the Hlaalu Stronghold. For a tip on how to get around this, see
    section 4.5.8.
    Anyway, take the papers and souls back to Llunela and she will begin
    construction on your house. Within a few weeks you will get a message in your
    journal saying you should check back with her about your stronghold. When you
    see her, she will mark the location of where the stronghold is being
    constructed on the map and asks you to visit to make sure everything is going
    smoothly. She also informs you that your new home is being built on top of the
    grave of some guy named Uvirith. (Great...) Hence the name, Tel Uvirith. Travel
    to Tel Uvirith and talk to the orc on the hill, whose name is Gashnak
    gra-Mughol. She gives you a message to take back to Llunela saying that
    construction on the tower is going smoothly. A rather pointless trek in my
    opinion, but it's cool because you get to see your little baby tree starting to
    grow into a house. When 1 more week has passed, you will get another journal
    message saying that the first stage of your stronghold has been completed.
    6.2 STAGE TWO
    At stage one your stronghold is still a mere sapling in the ground. Talk to
    Llunela again to behind the next phase of construction. She wants you to
    investigate the Dwemer ruins, Mzachend, to the northwest of your stronghold and
    bring her back any schematics you find. These ruins are quite small so finding
    the schematics is not a challenge. Just make sure you enter the ruins to the
    northwest of the stronghold, NOT the nearby ruins to the southwest. Take them
    to her, and pay the construction fee of 5000 drakes, and stage 2 will begin and
    be completed in about a week.
    You can actually enter the stronghold now, and there is a shelf and table and
    two beds. There is also a chest for storage, that already contains Master and
    Grandmaster alchemy equipment. Outside the tower are the houses of Arelas the
    spellmaker and Menas the potion merchant.
    This stage can begin when you have achieved the rank of Master. Talk to Llunela
    again, who wants you to explore yet more ruins to find her the book "Secrets of
    Dwemer Animunculi." The ruins are called Galom Daeus, and they are southwest of
    your stronghold. Travel south to the lava river and follow it west. When it
    ends, there will be more lava in front of you, and the ruins are on the other
    side of that lava. The ruins are overrun with vampires, so be careful. You will
    find the book in the Dwemer Observatory.
    After you give the book to Llunela and wait a few weeks, your stronghold will
    be complete. The final stronghold has both an Upper and Lower Tower, as well as
    a small dungeon below (look carefully and you'll find a dead body there. Can
    this be Uvirith??) The Upper Tower has added beds and drawers for storage. Two
    more merchants will take up residence at the base of the tower: Hlendrisa
    Seleth an enchanter and Omavel, a merchant who sells spells and potions. By far
    the coolest thing about this stronghold is the presence of steam centurion

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