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    Imperial Cult FAQ by ocissordei

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    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
    Imperial Cult FAQ
    By Ocissor Dei
    Version 1.0
    1. Intro
    2. How to Join
    3. Favored Skills
    4. Frequently Asked Questions
    5. Quest Givers
    6. Quests
    7. Legal/thanks
    1. Intro
    First off, no this isn't a guide for the imperial legion,
    they are two different guilds.  The IL keeps the peace,
    the IC makes peace.  The Imperial Cult is basically the
    "goody two shoes" of all of the guilds.  It donates money
    to the poor, hunts people that hurt innocent people, and
    heals those that are sickened. However, you can get a lot
    of sweet enchanted items by doing these quests, some
    which will have a constant effect of boosting your stats.
     This guild is really sort of a Mage Guild 2 that
    specializes with healing and enchating.
    2. How to join the Imperial Cult:
    Talk to an Oracle about joing the imperial cult (there
    are 4 of them, but the easiest one to get to is the one
    in Fort Moonmoth near Balmora).  They hang around at
    imperial shrines.
    3.  Favored Skills
    Although it's not necessary for you to be a mage to
    succeed in the cult, having points in these skills will
    help you advance faster: (format goes skill (governing
    Speechcraft (personality)
    Restoration (willpower)
    Mysticism (willpower)
    Conjuration (intelligence)
    Blunt Weapon (strength)
    Enchant (intelligence)
    4. FAQS
    Q: When I joined a cult there wasn't anything that said
    duties or anything, the Oracle just gave me a bunch of
    jibberish about Lay servants and junk.  How do I get
    A: Unlike most other guilds, the person that let's you
    join doesn't necessarily give you missions.  All mission
    givers are located in the Imperial Chapels of Ebonheart
    Q: Imperial Cult? Isn't that like the temple?
    A: Nope, the imperial cult worships the divine 9, where
    as the Temple worships the trbune.
    Q: Imperial Cult? Is that like the Mehunes Dagon?
    A: No, the Mehunes Dagon is sort of the anti-christ of
    the Temple.
    Q: I can't find X. Where is it?
    A: Look around
    Q: I accidently killed X, how can I do y?
    A: Well you could try to respawn them using the console
    or if they aren't vital for the quests and just give you
    directions or something you can use this FAQ.
    Q: What does an Almoner do in Morrowind?
    A: An almoner collects items or money to help the poor or
    Q: What does a lay healer do?
    A: A lay healer collects items to be mixed into curing
    items or delivers curing items to the sick
    Q: What does a shrine sergeant do?
    A: A shrine sergeant investigates misgoings in shrines
    and helps deal with haunted houses and ghost sightings.
    5. Quest Givers
    Almoner Service: Iulus Truptor at the Imperial chapels of
    Lay Healer service:Synnolian Tunifus at the imperial
    chapels of Ebonheart
    Shrine Seargant service: Kaye at the Imperial Chapels of
    Oracle quests (require advancement): Lalatia Varian
    6. Quests
    Almoner Quests from  Iulus Truptor:
    Quest 1: Skyrim's mission 's alms for the poor.
    Head to the Skyrim mission located just outside of the
    Castle Ebonheart..  Once inside, ask around for alms for
    the poor.  You may have to do some persuading, but you
    should be able to get to 100 pretty quickly.  Heidmir
    will give you 100 gold if you bribe him enough.  Head
    back to the Imperial chapels for your reward.
    Once you've advanced enough in the cult (I believe
    initiate is the rank needed for this quest) you can get
    do another quest.
    Quest 2: Argonian mission's alms for the poor.
    Head to the Argonian mission, and ask Im Kilaya for alms,
    and bribe him a little and he will give you your gold.
    Quest 3: Ald Ruhn's alms
    Head to Ald Ruhn and bribe people to give up money if
    necessary.  If you belong to a faction then go there and
    ask for alms (they like you more than other people.  The
    temple really doesn't help though because they "already
    gave at the temple").  The fighter's guild is pretty
    generous, most will give you 10 gold.  It seems as if
    when people say that "they can't help you", they will
    never have money to give no matter how much you bribe
    them.  Those that say "maybe if I liked you more I would
    tell you" or something to that extent can be bribed for
    $.  Most of the dunmer in the area "aready gave at the
    temple".  Most other races will give you some money
    (Argonians are particularly stingy).  It shouldn't be
    that hard to get 100 drakes, 200 drakes may be hard
    considering that most of the people in Ald'Ruhn are
    dunmers.  It is possible to take some money out of your
    own pocket and tell Iulus that you got double.    (
    You'll get a book for this quest that increases your
    mercantile skill.
    Quest 4: Shirt and vest
    For this next quest you'll need to get a red shirt with a
    black vest.  Dunmer don't usually carry them, but you can
    probably get one from the clothier in caldera (take a
    guild guide, its fast). Once in Caldera, head to
    Falanaamo's Clothier shop (its directly east of the Mages
    Guild.  Bribe him so his dispostion is around 85 (I had
    to spend 300 dollars bribing him for a lowsy shirt!).
     You do get some other goods, like a free shirt and some
    pants, but that's about it.  Head back to Iulus and give
    him the shirt-vest combo.  (He gives you a book that
    increases your Mercantile skill...wow)
    Quest 5: Brandy!
    Head to balmora and straight to the Southwall Cornerclub
    (thieves guild place).  Talk to Bacola Clascius about
    donating brandy.  He'll give you a bottle, and tell you
    that the Comonna tong (Council Club) has some as well
     Head over to the Council club and go into a room door to
    the right of the bar.  Look in the chests for some the
    brandy (there should be 5).  Shut the door, take the
    brandy and head back to Iulus.  Tell him that you got
    enough brandy and you'll be rewarded.
    Quest 6: Big money from Cunius Pelelius.
    First off, head to Caldera.  You'll want to head to the
    Governor's hall.  Once inside, Cunius Pelelius will be
    right in front of you (he's the bald white guy).  Talk to
    him about donating 500 drakes.  If you:
    Demand the gold that he promised: He will fight you and
    there is no way that you will ever get the gold
    Press him for commitment: He will be glad to discuss it
    at a later date.
    Thank him for his attention: He will be glad to discuss
    it at a later date.
    You can also take the gold out of your own pockets if you
    have lots of money
    Quest 7: Generous pledge from Canctunian Panius.
    Head to the East Empire Company hall in Ebonheart (very
    convenient!).  Inside, go through a few wooden doors
    until you find him.  Ask him about generous pledge, and
    then offer to track down the clerk and recover gold.
     He'll tell you about  Mossanon, an altmer clerk that
    took 3k.  Ask the orc outside of Panius's room about
    Mossanon and bribe him until he tell you about him guild
    guiding frequently in Vivec's Foreign quarter.  Talk to
    the Argonian Okan-Shei, about Mossanon and he'll tell you
    even more info about Mossanon and even about his love
    life with a telvanni in the Foreign quarter of Vivec.
     Head over to the Mages guild in vivec  once inside, talk
    to the guild guide about Mossanon.  If she likes you
    enough, she'll tell you that he traveled with a Telvanni
    woman a lot to Sadrith Mora.  Travel to Sadrith Mora's
    Wolverine Hall.  If you warped via mages guild, ask
    people about Mossanon, they'll say they saw an Altmer
    with Volmyni Dral.  She lives near Wolverine Hall, about
    two houses to the north.  Head up the stairs and talk to
     Mossanon.  He'll tell you about all of his love problems
    and why he took the gold.  You'll have the option to take
    the gold secretly, demand the gold, or take no action and
    consider his offer.  Once you've gotten his gold head
    back to Canctunian.  Once you've given him the gold back
    and gotten 1k from him head back to Iulus.
    Synnolian Tunifus Lay healer quests
    Quest 1: Marshemerrow Picking and potion delivering
    (Balur Salvu)
    Head directly north until you reach Lake Hairan.  Look at
    the big map that came with the game, and find the farm on
    the map on the southwestern coast of the lake.  That is
    the Salvu farm, and you can't miss it.  Once you get
    there talk to Balur and he'll take the potion and ask
    what he can do for you.  Ask him about "do for you" and
    he'll tell you that you can take some marshmerrow and
    he'll give you a book if you tell him Teach me something.
    Quest 2: Muck and Gnisis potions
    Head to Gnisis and head to Abishpuluu Shand's hut (I
    think its easiest to go by boat from Eabonheart (boat),
    to Vivec FQ to (stilt strider)Seyda Neen and to Gnisis.
     You might even have some gold from the gold from Tunifus
    that he gave you for this mission. Once in Gnisis head
    into Fort Darius in the southeastern section.  Head down
    the stairs and to Chplain Ogrul at the imperial cult
    altar.  He'll take the restore health potions and ask to
    return your favor.  He'll ask you what restore attribute
    spell you'd like to learn, pick one and then exit out
    back into gnisis and next to the mucksponges.  Take 5
    mucks from the sponges and head back to Ebonheart.
    Quest 3: Gurak Gro-Bagrat, stealing from a criminal...
    Wow, who would think to steal from a well known
    criminal... Gheez.  Okay head to the Vivec Foreign
    quarter and go north on to the mainland.  His house is
    also located on the big map that comes with the game.
     The manor is basically  dead north of the Hawia egg
    mine.  There should be some golden kanet flowers along
    with a  bunch of willow flowers.  There may be a woman
    outside the house so watch yourself.  Take 5 willow
    anthers in total from the willow flowers and head back to
    ebonheart (if you know whats good for you, don't enter
    the house.)
    Quest 4: Scrib jelly...
    Head to balmora and exit through the south.  Keep on
    going south along the west side of the Odai.  Keep going
    south until you reach an campfire with miners standing
    around it.  Near them is the Shulk Egg mine.  Kill some
    scribs, get 5 jellies.  If you're having trouble finding
    scribs, there is another mine south east of the Shulk
    (shardan raplay, the Hlaalu Stronghold one).  Once you're
    done that head back to Ebonheart.  (note: there was a
    glitch in my game that Dinok, the redguard at the
    campfire near the eggmine gave me a scrib jelly every
    time I talked to him about scrib jelly and his dispostion
     was 53/100)
    Quest 5: Corkbulbs
    Arvel manor is the best place to get Corkbulbs.  To get
    there head to Pelagiad and go east until you reach Dren
    Plantation.  Head north until you get to Arvel manor.
    Look around the paths near the manor for corkbulbs
    (bushes that are usually squished between rocks).  You
    should be able to find some easily.
    Quest 6: Rats
    Head to any of vivec's cantons with the exception of the
    Temple or Palace (although the Puzzle canal has many
    rats).  Head into the waistworks of any of these cantons
    and then into the canalworks.  You will then have to find
    a trapdoor on the ground near the stairs going down to
    where all the water spews in through the fountains.  Go
    down here, kill all the rats you can find and if it's not
    5 you can either rest until some more hit you or go into
    another canton's underworks.  When you're done with this
    head back to the chapels.
    Quest 7: Netch hunting
    Okay, you need one unit of netch leather.  Wow that's
    really not hard at all.  Tunifus tells you to go to Balur
    Salvu's house but I think it's easier and faster to just
    go outside Ebonheart and vivec and walk around and you'll
    find a netch.  Kill it, get the leather and head back to
    Shrine Sergeant quests from Kaye
    Quest 1:Caryarel's theft
    First off you have to find out where he lives.  This is
    pretty easy seeing that there are a bunch of High elves
    in the hawkmoth garrison in ebonheart.  Once inside the
    Hawkmoth Legion Garrison, find a High Elf (Landorume is
    located on one of the upper floors is a high elf with
    info).  Ask the elf about Caryarel and he'll tell you
    that he lives in Gnaar Mok near Hla Oad near his ship the
    Chun-ook.   Make your way to Gnaar mok (boat from
    ebonheart-Hla Oad-Gnaar mok).  Carayel lives in a shack
    right next to the docks.  His house might be locked, so
    unlock it and enter.  The Chapel limeware bowl is located
    inside of the barrel to the left of his desk.  Once you
    have to bowl head back to Kaye.
    Quest 2: Nedhelas' Haunted house
    First get a daedric or enchanted weapon or get some
    powerful scrolls.  Then find Nedhelas  in Caldera (guild
    guide is quick).  Nedhelas can usually be found around
    his house.  Find him and talk to him. He'll give you a
    key in addition to telling you something about a trap
    door.  In the north eastern part of his house there is a
    trapdoor with barrels on top of it.  Use the key and go
    through there.  Go through the door, kill the skeleton,
    go through the next door kill the ancestral ghost and
    then if you want to open the chest.  When you're done
    looting go back and talk to nedhelas.  Your journal will
    update and you can head back to Kaye for a reward and
    another quest.  Head
    Quest 3:Thelsa Dral's Egg mine
    Head to Khuul (you can take a boat from Ebonheart-Hla
    Oad-Gnaar Mok-Khuul).  Once at Khuul, head directly south
    from the Silt Strider and you should hit the Asha-Ahhe
    mine.  Head inside and up the ramp (the egg miners will
    tell you that there's something down there and that
    they're afraid.  Keep on going through the egg mine until
    you see a campfire with three people surrounding it.
     There should be two dunmer females, one of the is Thelsa
    Dral.  You can try to kill all three of them at once, but
    you'll probably die if you don't have lots of cure
    parylazation items on you.  Its probably easier to just
    take out thelsa Dral and almsivi/divine intervention
    yourself out. When I krept down into the depths very
    slowly they came at me one at a time and made the fight
    significantly easier.  Thelsa has a lot of good potions
    so make sure to loot her.  When you're done head back to
    Quest 4: Mt Kand's silver staff of shaming.
    Find you way to Molag Mar (It can be reached from Vivec's
    Stilt Strider).  Head straight north until your reach Mt.
    Kand (its on the big map). If you have levitate this
    should be pretty easy. Head west from the Cavern of Mt
    Kand and then look south and you should see a semi-tall
    hill/mountain, at the top of that you will find a corpse.
     This is the corpse that you are looking for, take all
    the enchanted items and head back to Kaye.
    Quest 5: Aid Okur!
    Okur either can "see dead people" or is really crazy.
     Okay, head to Hla Oad (you can hop on a ship in
    Ebonheart and get there really easily), and ask around
    for Okur.  People in Hla Oad will tell you that she lives
    "down that path over there".   She lives in the third
    house to the northeast from the docks. Okur will tell you
    that 4 smugglers killed a woman named Julielle and took
    her amulet.  You must find, Dudley, Larisus Dergius,
    Ralos Othrenim, and Thervam Drelas.  They are "strong and
    well armed"(no kidding, you'll see that these guys are no
    push-overs) and live in the cave of Yasamsi to the south.
     To get to the cave, you must exit to the south of Hla
    Oad, and stay on the path.  The cave is next to a swamp
    on the eastern side of the path.  Save and enter the
    cave.  The first one you will fight is Dudley.  Kill him
    and make your way on to Thervam Drelas ( a conjurer).
     Continue down the cave and fight Larisus Dergius (he has
    a powerful claymore).  Continue in the cave past the
    campfire and up the ramp.  Ralos Othhernim is up here,
    kill him and loot him for at least Julielle's amulet and
    if you want to you can loot some of the barrels and
    chests (there are some good scrolls and soul gems here).
     Once you have the amulet head back to Okur and then get
    your reward from Kaye.
    Oracle Quests from Lalatia Varian
    Getting the quests: Talk to Lalatia Varian about Oracle
    Quests, you will have 3 choices.  To get these quests you
    must choose to dedicate yourself to the Oracle's quests.
    Quest 1: Ring of Darkness
    Wow, at first this seems really confusing.  Talk to her
    about Dunmer Savant and dunmer scouts.  To make this
    journey easier you must find them both.  Llaalam Dredil
    is the dunmer savant (Grand Council Chambers), and Nalasa
    Sarothren at the Elven Nations Cornerclub is the Dunmer
    Scout.  Its probably easiest to find the Dunmer savant
    first.  Head to the Grand council chambers in Ebonheart
    (shouldn't be too hard to find).  Llaalm Dredil is
    standing right next to Duke Vedam Dren in the upper
    floors of the GCC.   Ask him about ring of wind and he'll
    tell you about a place where it might be.  Now head to
    Vivec and to the elven nations corneclub in the Hlaalu
    plaza.  Nalasa is located on the bottom floor, she'll
    tell you the exact same thing as Dredil.  Head to tel
    Aruhn (sadrith Mora is close), head west-southwest  to
    the Deardric ruins (Yasinimarus) on the big map.  From
    here head northwest to the mainland, and continue NW over
    some hills until you reach a small pond/pool of water.
     Nammu is here.  Save and enter the cavern door.  Kill
    the Redguard Female, and continue in, kill the dunmer
    with the bows near the bridge. Don't cross the bridge
    unless you really just want some lame items and a fight
    with two very low level Bretons.  Instead, bare left
    deeper into the cavern and kill the Dunmer.  Here is the
    grand chamber that the scout and Savant told you about.
     Keep on the rock path and head up the stairs.  Here you
    will find Galmis Dren wearing a funky mask.  Kill him,
    loot him of the Ring of the Wind and any other items that
    you wish.  Head to the right of Galiamis to find a
    redguard.  He'll ask you for a  divine intervention
    scroll.  If you have one give it to him (there should be
    one in the crates near Galmis) and you'll receive some
    Zenithar items.  If you rescued Jon Hawker (the redguard)
    and mention it  to Varian she'll wonder if it was
    actually Zenithar.
    Quest 2: Boots of the Apostle
    Again, head to Llalam Dredil (he didn't have the topic in
    my game) or Nalasa Sarothren and they'll tell you that
    Berandas is probably the site for the Boots of the
    Apostle.  Head to Gnisis (Silt Strider is probably
    easiest) and head south-southeast until you reach the
    Dunmer stronghold of Berandas.  At Berandas, enter
    through the top level of the keep (if you want to see
    some cool lights head to the Propylon chamber).  Kill the
    few enemies near in the area and head into the Lower
    level of the stronghold (get ready for a fight).  Kill
    the atronach. Dremora Lord, and golden saint (very well
    guarded eh?).  Fighting them with paralyzing weapons may
    actually hurt you because they usually reflect it, so go
    in swinging with maybe a spell or enchanted weapon (I
    summoned a golden saint that had a glass jinkblade which
    helped A TON).  Once you've killed or avoided the enemies
    head into the underground section of the Berendas
    stronghold (there is usually an atronach guarding it).
    Once inside, kill the Storm atronach.  Continue through
    the underground passages killing Daedroths and Dremoras.
     Take your first left which will bring you down a path
    next to a pit of lava.  Continue down until you find
    yourself fighting two winged twighlights.  Kill them both
    and continue on to find the body of a dead hero, loot his
    body for atleast the boots and head back to Varian.
     She'll tell you that you can keep to boots.
    Quest 3: Rotheran's Adusasi Assurnarairan the Oracle and
    the Ice Blade of the Monarch.
    First off, head to Dagon Fel (You can probably find a
    boat in Sadrith Mora that will take you there). Once in
    Dagon Fel head basically directly south and you'll get to
    Rotheran.  Rotheran is also marked on the big map so it
    shouldn't be that hard to get there.   Once at Rotheran
    head into the Arena, here there will be a bunch of mages
    that are...very...mean.  Kill them all, and make sure you
    loot Llaren Terano fo.  He has the Ice blade of the
    monarch as well as Adusasis ring (you must loot this to
    saver her).    Loot other peoples body until you have the
    Rotheran slave key and the slave cell key.  Open the
    sturdy wooden doors and free the slaves and find Adusasi.
     Talk to her twice and she'll take the ring from you and
    warp out.  Once you have freed her and gotten the blade
    return to Varian.
    Quest 4: Ujorad's murderers, Carecalmo and Meryaran.
    Can you say Imperial Cult gone Morag Tong? This is very
    similar to a Morag Tong quest, so if you've already done
    it you don't have to do anything for the mission!.  You
    should be able to find Ashimimimlkala southwest of Gnaar
    Mok across a few bridges.  Get inside, kill all that you
    can find and make sure you've killed Carecalmo and
    Meryaran.  Head back to Varian for your reward.
    Quest 5: Skull-Crusher
    First off, remember the two key phrases to ask the Dunmer
    Savant and scout (Halls of the Dead, and Sealed Daedric
    Ruins).  Find Llalam Dredil or Nalasa Sarothren at their
    respective places and ask them about Halls of the Dead
    and Sealed Daedric Ruins.  When asked about Halls of the
    Dead, they'll tell you it could be any Ancestral tomb and
    that the tomb coud lead into an underground path to the
    ruins.  The scout will tell you that the sealed ruins
    could be the ones near Sadrith Mora.  Head there, and go
    northeast of Wolverine Hall to the Ruins of  Anudnabia.
     Head to the island to the east of it and into the Omaren
    Ancestral tomb.  Once inside, head take a right, another
    right, fight the Daedroth and atronach and take a left
    down a rock path (it will be heading west).  Keep down
    the path until you get to a waterfall, head through the
    waterfall, up some stairs until you get to the Forge of
    Hilbonguard (you'll be in the Anudnabia ruins).  Once
    inside of the forge, hop in the water and swim under a
    large hole.   Kill the frost Atronach and open the
    trapped door (it will deal some poison damage if you
    don't have a probe).  Search around in here for some very
    powerful items.  When you are in the very middle of the
    forge, you will find a grandmasters armorer hammer.
     Above that there is a trapped chest (you jump on top of
    the platform where the amorer hammer is and reach it..
     Open it and inside you will find the one and only Skull
    crusher. Reurn to Varian for your final reward.
    7. Legal/Thanks
    All names and mentions of game are reserved rights of
    Bethesda Software inc. However, this FAQ is reserved by
    Ocissordei and is intended for personal use only.  Please
    do not redistribute this in anyway without my permission.
     As of August 18,2002 only Gamefaqs.com has the right to
    post this FAQ.
    Thanks goes out to CJayC for posting this FAQ, and
    Bethesda for making this nasty game.
    Also thanks to Patel because he 0wNz j00!!!
    Got questions about the imperial cult NOT MENTIONED in
    this FAQ, or have something to add?  Email me @

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