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    Fighters' Guild Guide by supermog

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    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
    Fighters' Guild Guide   v0.2
    Written by me, Warren Pena, aka supermog
    Copyright 2002 by Warren Pena
    *Table of Contents*
    Part 0: Before you get started
     0.1     Purpose of this guide
     0.2     Notes about this guide
     0.3     Contacting me
    Part 1: Ranks and advancement
     1.1     Rank 1: Associate
     1.2     Rank 2: Apprentice
     1.3     Rank 3: Journeyman
     1.4     Rank 4: Swordsman
     1.5     Rank 5: Protector
     1.6     Rank 6: Defender
     1.7     Rank 7: Warder
     1.8     Rank 8: Guardian
    Part 2: Eydis Fire-Eye
     2.1     Quest 1: Slay the rats
     2.2     Quest 2: Slay the Egg Poachers
     2.3     Quest 3: Kill the Telvanni Agents
     2.4     Quest 4: Get the Code Book
     2.5     Quest 5: Helaviane Desele's Debt Money
     2.6     Quest 6: Dura gra-Bul's Bounty
     2.7     Quest 7: Kill an orc leader
     2.8     Quest 8: Stop the Verathi Gang
     2.9     Quest 9: Hunger in the Sarano Tomb
    Part 3: Percius Mercius
     3.1     Quest 1: Clear out Vas
     3.2     Quest 2: Bring Nerer Beneran to justice
     3.3     Quest 3: Bring Daldur Sarys and his cronies to justice
     3.4     Quest 4: Delivery to the Elith-Pal Mine
    *Part 0: Before you get started*
    0.1 - Purpose of this guide
    This guide details the quests needed to advance in the ranks of the
    fighters' guild, as well as how to complete those quests.
    0.2 - Notes about this guide
    This guide is very much a work in progress.  More versions with more and
    better content is coming.  This version has all of Eydris Fire-Eye's
    quests, as well as all of Percius Mercius's quests up until you are
    required to be a guardian to continue.  Yes, you can do all these
    quests without doing any others, though you can go off and do others
    if you wish, too.
    All works are copyrighted by the people that created them.  That means
    that this guide is copyrighted by me, and Morrowind is copyrighted by
    Bethesda Softworks.  Please don't be a jerk and rip people off.
    The only place this guide should be is www.gamefaqs.com.  If you find
    it elsewhere, it's been illegally copied.
    I made this guide while playing a male character.  Some rank names may
    be slightly different for female characters.
    I made this guide as only a member of the fighters' guild and the
    Blades (the story guild).  Members of multiple guilds may run into
    some conflicts between the fighters' guild and their other guild(s).
    The quests in this guide are sorted by who gives them to you.  They
    don't have to (and, in fact, can't) be completed in the order they
    are listed in this guide.  Many quest givers have rank requirements
    that must be met before they will give you quests.
    0.3 - Contacting Me
    Please be sure to read the entire "Before you get started" section, as
    well as all of whatever section you're on, before asking me for more
    information.  If you need to contact me, I can be reached at
    *Part 1: Ranks and Advancement*
    Note: I made this guide as a male character; some rank names may be
    slightly different for female characters.
    The fighters' guild has several favorite skills.  As you progress in
    ranks, the fighters' guild will require that you improve at least
    some of these favorite skills in order to qualify for advancement.
    These skills are:
    Long Blade
    Blunt Weapon
    Heavy Armor
    Each rank requires you to complete a certain number of quests.
    You are also required to increase your stats and skills to certain
    levels.  The stat and skill requirements for each rank are shown below.
    1.1 Rank 1: Associate
    Requires: Join the fighters' guild
    1.2 Rank 2: Apprentice
    Requires: 30 Strength
              30 Endurance
              1  Fighters' guild skill at 10
    1.3 Rank 3: Journeyman
    Requires: 30 Strength
              30 Endurance
              1  Fighters' guild skill at 20
    1.4 Rank 4: Swordsman
    Requires: 30 Strength
              30 Endurance
              1  Fighters' guild skill at 30
              2  Fighters' guild skills at 5
    1.5 Rank 5: Protector
    Requires: 30 Strength
              30 Endurance
              1  Fighters' guild skill at 40
              2  Fighters' guild skills at 10
    1.6 Rank 6: Defender
    Requires: 31 Strength
              31 Endurance
              1  Fighters' guild skill at 50
              2  Fighters' guild skills at 15
    1.7 Rank 7: Warder
    Requires: 32 Strength
              32 Endurance
              1  Fighters' guild skill at 60
              2  Fighters' guild skills at 20
    1.8 Rank 8: Guardian
    Requires: 33 Strength
              33 Endurance
              1  Fighters' guild skill at 70
              2  Fighters' guild skills at 25
    *Part 2: Eydis Fire-Eye*
    Eydis Fire-Eye hands out quests in the Balmora fighters' guild.
    The first few quests she hands out are very easy, and since you
    start the game by traveling to Balmora anyway, this is a great place
    to start.
    2.1 Quest 1: Slay the rats
    Eydis Fire-Eye orders you to destroy an infestation of cave rats
    in the house of Drarayne Thelas.  To get there, head east from the
    fighters' guild and cross the river.  Thelas's house is straight to
    the east of the middle bridge.  Head into the lower level door and
    talk to Thelas.  Ask her about the cave rats.  She then tells you
    there are three of them and gives you the key to the upper level.
    The first cave rat is in her bedroom in the back.  Slay it.  Then head
    outside and up the stairs to her storage room.  Slay the two rats in
    there.  Go back to the lower level and talk to Thelas again about the
    cave rats.  She gives you a reward of 100 gold.  Head back to the
    fighters' guild for your next quest.
    2.2 Quest 2: Slay the egg poachers
    Fire-Eye now wants you to rid the local egg mine of poachers.  From
    the fighters' guild, head south through the town exit.  Then, head
    south along the river bank.  Eventually, you will enter the Ascandian
    Isles Region.  Continue along the river bank, keeping en eye out for a
    campfire on the right (shouldn't be too far into the region).  Right
    next to this campfire is the entrance to the mine.  Go through it.
    Head south and west along the path, fighting when you must, until a
    yellow square appears on your map.  At that point, the path will turn
    east.  Continue following it.  After a full circle, you will arrive at
    the entrance to the queen's lair.  Go through it.
    Head north, being careful to travel slowly so as to avoid having
    both poachers attack you at once.  Not far at all into it, the first
    poacher will aggro you.  Kill her.  Continue north and the other
    poacher will aggro on you.  Kill him too.  At that point, turn around
    and leave the mine through the same path you came in through, and
    return to Balmora the same way you left.  Talk to Fire-Eye to receive
    your reward of 100 gold and 4 Quality Restore Fatigue potions.
    2.3 Quest 3: Kill the Telvanni Agents
    A group of Telvanni agents have been responsible for some
    disappearances and thefts at the Caldera Ebony Mine, and it's up
    to you to stop them.  Go next door to the mages' guild, then to
    the bottom floor of the guild.  Go all the way north and talk to
    Nasaline Marian.  Choose travel, then Caldera as your destination.
    Exit the Caldera mages' guild and leave town through south exit next
    to the guild.  Head due southwest, making your way over the mountains,
    until you reach the mine headquarters.   At the headquarters, head over
    a bride going NNE through some mountains.  You should see a dude
    standing on the other side.  This is Avelag, one of the Telvanni Agents.
    Talk to him about the topic Telvanni Agents.  He'll aggro you.
    Kill him.  Then, head straight west.  You quickly run across a door
    into a cave named Ashanammu.  Enter it and kill all three Telvanni
    agents inside.  Return to Balmora the way you came, and talk to
    Fire-Eye to receive your reward of 400 gold!
    2.4 Quest 4: Get the code book
    Sottilde of the corner club has a code book, and Fire-Eye wants it.
    To get to the South Wall corner club where Sottilde hangs out, leave
    the fighters' guild, cross the river to the east, and pass through
    the first row of houses.  The South Wall corner club is on the south
    end of the second row.  Sottilde stands right inside the lower
    entrance.  There are several methods of getting the code book from
    her.  Don't out right attack her, as there are many people watching,
    and either death or stiff fines await.  Another method is to taunt her
    to attack you, and then kill her.  Careful, though, 'cause she's
    thieves' guild and this will get you expelled immediately.  A much
    better method to talk to her and ask her about it.  If she won't hand
    it over, bride her with a little gold, and try again.  She gave it to
    me at disposition 76, which took 20 or 30 gold pieces to get.  Note
    that, since she's thieves' guild, if you are also a member, her
    willingness to give it to you may be affected.  However you get it,
    take the book back to Fire-Eye for your reward: 50 gold.  Grrrrr...
    2.5 Quest 5: Helaviane Desele's Debt Money
    Helaviane Desele owes a fighters' guild client 200 gold.  It's your
    mission to collect the gold from her.  Travel south to the Balmora
    silt strider.  Buy a ticket to Suran.  Head down the stairs from the
    silt strider station.  At the bottom of the stairs is the entrance to
    the House of Earthly Delights.  Go through the door.  At the bar
    counter in front of you is Desele.  Through bribing, or another means
    of your choice, get her disposition towards you to 75 or above, and
    then ask her about the debt money.  She'll fork it over.  Go back to
    Balmora and give it to Fire-Eye.  Your reward is half the gold, 100
    pieces.  Since I used bribe, I barely broke even.  :(
    2.6 Quest 6: Dura gra-Bul's Bounty
    Fire-Eye informs you of a bounty on the head of an orc named Dura
    gra-Bul.  Gra-Bul lives in a house in Balmora.  Simply cross the
    southern most bridge to the east, and your at her house.  Enter and
    taunt her until she attacks you.  Remember to use taunt so you’re
    attacking in defense and thus risk no bounties on your head.  Kill
    her, and return to Fire-Eye for a reward of 250 gold.
    2.7 Quest 7: Kill an orc leader
    Alof the Easterner is having some troubles with orcs.  Go to his farm
    for more information and instructions.  To get there, take the silt
    strider to Seyda Neen.  From there, travel along the road to Pelagaid.
    Once you reach Pelagaid, travel to the body of water just north of it,
    and then walk clockwise around it.  On the north side, you'll reach
    Alof's farm.  Talk to him, and he'll tell you the orcs are hiding in a
    shrine called Ashunartes and that you need to kill the leader, Burub
    gra-Bamog.  This shrine has two entrances, and both are to the NNE of
    the farm.  Travel NNE over land.  If you reach Marandus, you've gone
    too far.  The entrance you want to go in is southeast of the other.
    The correct entrance is in a valley between two hills, while the wrong
    entrance is on a hill.  Once you enter the correct entrance, the orc
    leader Burub gra-Bamog will aggro you.  Kill her, and then return to
    Fire-Eye to receive your reward of 500 gold.  Caution!  Some of the
    enemies in this area can't be hurt with a normal weapon.  Be sure to
    carry an enchanted weapon in case you run into one of them.
    2.8 Quest 8: Stop the Verathi Gang
    A group of smugglers called the Verathi Gang is based out of a cave
    called Mannammu.  Take the silt strider to Seyda Neen, and then the
    road Pelagaid.  Head south out of Pelagaid, and follow the road
    southwest.  Not far at all out of Pelagaid, you should cross a tiny
    strip of land between two bodies of water.  Right after this is the
    cave.  Like most of the gang exterminations, you only have to kill the
    leader, Dovres Verethi, but you'll have to get past all the other gang
    members to get to him anyway.  After you kill him, head back to
    Fire-Eye for your reward of 1000 gold.
    2.9 Quest 9: Hunger in the Sarano Tomb
    A creature called a Hunger has invaded the Sarano ancestral tomb.
    The Sarano family has contracted you to go and kill it.  Similar to
    Fire-Eye quest 7, you're going to take the silt strider to Seyda Neen,
    the road to Pelagaid, and then the road clockwise around the body of
    water north of Pelagaid.  When you reach the shrine on the north
    side of the lake, turn north.  The ancestral tomb shouldn't be far
    off.  Be sure you have an enchanted weapon when you go inside, as many
    of the enemies in there can't be hurt with a normal one.  Also, be
    sure to save before entering, as some of the enemies can drastically
    reduce your stats, and it really stinks when your strength gets
    reduced to where you can't even wear your armor any more.  You can
    trust me on that one.  :)  Not far in, you'll see two doors, one on
    the right, and one on the left.  The one on the right is locked.
    Enter the one on the left.  You'll fight some baddies, and then go to
    the back of the room.  In the circle of ashes is the key to the room
    on the left.  Take it.  If you haven't already, wield your enchanted
    weapon, then use the key to go through the locked door.  Go down the
    stairs.  Hunger's standing right there, just waiting for you to kill
    it.  Do just that.  Guess what!  There's an ebony helm on his body!
    Yea!  You can continue exploring the tomb if you want (there's not
    much else), or you can return to Fire-Eye for your reward of 1000
    gold (and you get to keep the helm!)
    *Part 3: Percius Mercius*
    Percius Mercius is the ex-guildmaster of the fighters' guild, and he's
    a little disappointed with the way the guild is going these days.  If
    you ever have questions about your orders, you can talk to him about
    them.  Mercius hangs out in the fighters' guild in Ald-Ruhn, and gives
    orders from there.
    3.1 Quest 1: Clear out Vas
    Ulyne Henim has hired you to help her clear out a den of necromancers
    called Vas.  Ask Mercius about it, and he'll mark the location of it on
    your map.  It's WAY up north!  Be prepared for a long journey!  I'm
    sure there is a more efficient route than the one I took, and I'll put
    in a better route when I discover it, but here's one way to get there
    and shave off a little time.  Take the silt strider to Khuul.  From
    there, head north straight to the coast.  Swim/walk along the cost,
    but don't head north the islands until you have to swim the least
    distance possible to reach the long island.  Pull out your weapon and
    hop in.  You are gonna run into some evil fish along the way, but
    nothing you shouldn't be able to handle as long as you choose the
    shortest distance to swim.  Once reaching the first island, you want
    to head east, once again trying to make the distance you must swim
    from it to Vas as short as possible.  Swim across, and Vas shouldn't
    be far from the shore.  Just outside the entrance to Vas, you'll run
    into Henim.  Talk to her, and she'll join you.  Enter Vas.
    Vas itself isn't much of a dungeon.  Just work your way down the hall
    until you reach a door marked "Vas, Tower."  Enter the door.  You'll
    find yourself in a circular room with some ghosts, some skeletons, and
    a necro.  Kill them.  On one side of the circular room, on the upper
    level, you'll see a passageway leading to another circular room.  Walk
    through the passage way, and in the second room, you'll meet up with
    Adram.  He'll aggro on you, so don't hold any reservations about
    killing him.  Once he's dead, Henim will thank you and stay there to
    "finish some business."  Take a breather and get ready for the long
    trip home.  Go back to Ald-Ruhn the same way you came.  When you get
    back to Mercius, tell him you finished the job for your reward of
    500 gold!
    3.2 Quest 2: Bring Nerer Beneran to justice
    The cave Sargon is a criminal refuge southwest of Vas.  You have
    orders to kill the criminal named Nerer Beneran, who hangs out in
    Sargon.  Take the silt strider to Khuul.  From there, run along the
    cost to the northern tip of Morrowind.  From there, swim north to the
    long island.  Sargon is located on the far east side.  Several enemies
    hang out inside Sargon.  If you're careful, you'll never have to fight
    more than 2 at a time, but proceed slowly because it's easy to get
    overwhelmed if you go too fast.  Once the first guy is dead, you can
    rest at the cave entrance as long as you don't pull any other enemies
    to it.  When you reach the conjurer on one of the bridges, ignore her
    summoned monster and just pound on her.  She's a wimp, and when she
    dies, so does her monster.  Nerer is at the very back of the cave.
    He can be tough because his weapon casts poison and he wears ebony
    armor.  If your race has inherent powers, use them!  Once you kill
    him, take the ebony armor and put it on yourself. (Oooh!  Shiny!
    Oooh!  Lots of defense!)  Return to Mercius and get your reward:
    another 500 gold to go with your armor!
    3.3 Quest 3: Bring Daldur Sarys and his cronies to justice
    Bandits have been attacking Suran, and it's up to you to stop them.
    They are led by Daldur Sarys and hide out in the cave Saturan.  The
    first thing you need to do is head to Suran.  To get there, take the
    silt strider to Balmora, then the mages' guild to Suran.  In Suran,
    you need to speak with Avon Oran about bandits in Suran.  He is on the
    second floor of his manor, which is due south of the silt strider,
    although you'll have to go around some structures to get there.  He
    tells you that Saturan, the bandits headquarters, is NE over the
    mountains.  Too bad crossing the mountains directly NE of the town
    isn't really an option unless you can levitate.  For you earthbound
    heroes that can't take a straight path, leave town through the north
    exit.  Walk along the eastern mountains, heading NE.  Eventually
    (and it's a good ways down the line), you'll reach a spot were you
    can cross over.  Go to the eastern side of the mountains.  You should
    now be in a dark area.  On the east side of the mountains is a road
    which forms a negative parabola.  On one end of this parabola is a
    temple, and on the other end is Saturan.  Look for this road.  When
    you find it, follow it to one of its ends.  If you reach a crossroad,
    go southeast.  Eventually, after wandering on this road long enough,
    you'll find Saturan.  Draw your weapon, and enter.
    Similar to Sargon, it's a simple cave with only one intersection
    and a river below.  It may just be because I gained two levels
    trying to find the stupid place, but the enemies in Saturan are much
    easier than those in Sargon.  None of them have ebony armor, and the
    ones with weapons that cast spells aren't very powerful.  At the T
    intersection, if you head left, you'll find a few more henchmen and
    Sarys.  Kill him to finish the quest.  If you head right (before or
    after killing Sarys), you'll find a door.  Enter it, and then head
    to the upper level.  Kill the bad guy up there, and take the key
    from him.  You can now free the slaves on the lower level if you
    wish.  After killing Sarys, return to Suran.  I found the easiest way
    to return sans casting mark and recall is to head west, jump in the
    river, and swim south.  The river takes you straight to Suran.  Talk
    to Oran to receive your reward: 1000 gold!
    3.4 Quest 4: Delivery to the Elith-Pal Mine
    After the first three Mercius quests, this one should be a breeze!
    Mercius wants you to deliver 20 flin to Dangor in the Elith-Pal mine.
    Ask Mercius about the Zainab Camp, which the mine is west of, and he
    will mark it on your map.  To get there, take the mages' guild to
    Sadith Mora, then the boat to Tel Mora, then the boat to Vos.  From 
    here, you can just stay on the road!  Take the road to the Zainab Camp.
    Whenever you reach a junction, take whichever path goes towards the
    camp.  Once at the camp, stay on the road going west.  The mine will
    be on the right side of the road and won't be far off.  Once inside in
    the mine, you can't go wrong.  Just keep going down the path until you
    bump into Dangor.  Try to avoid the temptation to take the raw ebony
    since the guards will attack you if they catch you.  Once you give the
    filn to Dangor, head back to get your reward from Mercius: 500 gold
    and a bottle of Cyrodiilic brandy.

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