Xbox Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File06/22/03Jaxx4059565K
Bunch of money, and still can do Main Quest. Also able to carry over 1 million lB.s in your inventory.
Save Game File11/11/05OMS2203K
First quest still pending. Low level high power character. Have enough STR to kill all enemies using a max of 2 arrows. Also has Azures Star. ( infinite use gem soul )
Save Game File02/06/05omershah488K
Uber maxed out character, lots of money. Only 3 missions done in main quest, character is powerfull enough so that any enemy in game poses no threat
Save Game File11/16/05STAT1STICK442K
Very powerful character, some quests completed, house in Balmora, tons of great weapons, lots of spells, rare items, many keys & more!

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