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"Extreme sports games don't get much finer....."

Back in the Playstation days, I remember playing Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX. I played it to DEATH (beat it completely with every character). It took a lot of commitment and skill to beat that game. Z-Axis developed Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX 2 for Playstation 2, and now have masterfully ported it over to the X-Box.

GRAPHICS: The graphical muscle of the X-Box shows, as this game is virtually glitch-free, which is a big step up from the Playstation 2 version. The overall look has been slightly improved, but the game looked great on Playstation 2 anyway. The water textures look a lot better, and the little features, such as blades of grass, have been added. All in all,Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX 2 is a beautiful looking game.

SOUND: The soundtrack is alright, but the feature that really saves this game's sound is the ability to copy your own custom-made soundtracks onto the X-Box. Don't like Ozzy Ozbourne or Sum 41? It doesn't matter. Simply copy your favorite CD onto the X-Box hardrive. However, the rest of the in-game sounds are simple. The grunt after falling is the same all the time, but the rest of the in-game sounds are in the ballpark.

CONTROL: This is another area where the game shines. The innovative trick system is one of the reasons you always come back for more. You could go through an entire sitting without seeing the same trick twice. The controls are tight and accurate. You will almost always do the trick you intended to do. If you really played it, it might take you 10 minutes to seriously get the hang of the game. It is an easy game to play, and the controls only help.

FUN FACTOR: This is a very addicting and fun game to play. However, there is one minor drawback (if you consider it a drawback) to this game. This is not a game you will beat in one night. It will take you a while to beat this game with even one person. It takes a very commited person the play and beat this game. If you don't want to play this game for more than a couple days, subtract 2 from the score.

With everything considered, this is a great game to purchase in the field of extreme sports. However, make sure you really want to beat this game before purchasing it. This game does not make a very good rental, though. You'll rarely be able to beat the game in 3 or even 5 days, especially if it's your first time.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/01/02, Updated 01/01/02

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