"A game? Why yes, yes it is. A GOOD game? Let's talk."

Bear in mind that I have not played Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 1, nor the original PS2 version of this game.

When I first popped this game into my Xbox, I went to do a practice run. I began searching for a good person to be and was about to pick Dave Mirra, since he’s one of the few that I know, until I came across someone that shocked me…why hasn’t he been in other games??? SLIM JIM! Complete with the extraordinarily tall head-thing. I said “sweet!” and began my gaming. There was only one place to pick and that was Woodward Park. To this day, that is still my favorite level. When the run started, I had some trouble with the controls. They seemed awkward at first, but after about two or three runs, they became second nature. It actually took a surprising amount of time to do an actual air trick. Personally, my favorite simple air trick is the tailwhip. After I got good at the game and mastered the tailwhip, I was set. When I successfully landed my first 900 Tailwhip, I leaped for joy.

This is the life and times of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2.

This game is my first, only, and favorite BMX game. I imagine that if you like other BMX games, this has to be somewhere up there with the good ones. There are many levels in this game, ranging from a BMX park, to a swamp, to an airport, all the way to Venice, Italy.

Audio: There isn’t a whole lot of audio to grade. The sounds of a bike moving are pretty accurate, although when I jumped off of a giant water slide down 70 feet and landed on a park bench doing a superman, I’d expect to make a little more of a sound than a little “ugh.” Or when I crash, and apparently my head goes straight through the concrete floor.

Visual: The graphics are good, but not great. So they’re good…but not great. The flow of the moves is done really well, and I really enjoy watching an impossible trick (In real life) be easily landed in this game.

Difficulty (IE – Frustration factor): This game is both easy and hard. You start off doing rookie tricks, then move on to amateur, hardcore, pro, and finally a single insane trick for every level. The amateur ones are always just get a certain number of points in one run, all the way up to the near impossible insane trick (Like, do a double backflip transfer over the walkway overpass). When I finally landed that (I landed it perfectly by the way) I wished I saved the replay, because I was really proud of that. Others, to this day, I still have yet to complete some. Some, I’m still stuck on the hardcore challenges. And I have found myself teaching myself new naughty words between the time I’m throwing chairs around the room and flipping off the TV for not landing right on the most important jump of the run. So yes, there is a bit of frustration. This is NOT a game for someone with a short temper.

There you have it, I’ll be surprised if any of this info as been of use for you. Happy gaming!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/15/02, Updated 11/15/02

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