Review by Frowdo

"Dave Mirra Bails on the Xbox"

One of the few BMX titles out for the Xbox falls a bit short, but still one top.

Graphics - 7 out of 10
The game is pretty nice looking, with very good looking levels. They look realistic enough to make you forget about the half pipe on the train tracks. They may not be as tight as the Tony Hawk 4 or even Matt Hoffman's, but they hold their own.

Sound - 6 out of 10
The one thing this title title has is an awsome, but limited soundtrack. You'll hear well known songs like Sublime's Summertime and even a Ozzie and Godsmack. After a while they'll getted drilled into your head. There also seemed to have been a problem with the songs where if they change in mid run, your game would freeze for a few seconds till the next song started up. As for sound effects, Grinds sound decent, but there isn't a whole lot of SFX for anything else.

Control - 6 out of 10
If you've played Matt Hoffman or Tony Hawks games the controls are pretty similar. There are a few instances however that landings were pretty tough to land and times doing a Grind-to-grind were impossible.

Level Design - 6 out of 10
This was probably one of the hardest parts to rate of the game. The levels look good plenty of stuff to trick off of, but not too much that you feel overwhelmed. Also the levels at least feel like they are pretty large. There was one major flaw that stuck out. If you bailed, crashed, or splashed there was a pretty good chance you'd start again in a bad position. Let's take the second level, the train yards for instance. If you try doing the hardcore challenge to jump onto the nearby cargo ships and missed, you would more than likely have to start out in an area cut off by two ramps so close that you couldn't build up any speed to jump them, so into the water you went again till you found a decent spot. Getting up off the ground and imediatly slamming into a wall was also very common place.

Replay Value - 7 out of 10
Well despite some of the drawbacks it's fun to play, plus with the ability to unlock 3 bikers, upgraded bikes, and outfits for everyone it can be worth it.

Multiplayer 5 out of 10
Well the multiplayer is kinda lame. When you first look at it you notice that there are a ton of different options, but reading through them they are mostly pretty basic. Longest grinds, highest jumps, ect. are pretty boring not just because it already does that in other modes, but it's not real accurate when it comes to measuring distance. Some other multiplayer options though aren't bad, highest score, best trick, and horse are all basic ones you can find in Tony Hawk or something, but best Bail has to be my favorite.

Overall 7 out of 10
In my opinion despite the little flaws and sound problems this is a pretty solid game. Any game that has the Slim Jim guy and an Amish boy as playable characters are a must have. Also the use of respect over money to move on seems a bit more realistic. No one I've ever seen made $2000 from grinding a telephone cable, but I'll respect anyone dumb enough to do it. Also the tasks needed to be completed are pretty straight forward and easy to understand. It's really nice that they even light up and highlight areas were the tricks to be done. Lacking are a lot of pointless collecting tasks, most are tricks needing to be done in certain areas, points, or a good combo. All in all Dave Mirra is a solid BMX game that at the very least would make an excellent rental, and with the price lowered it's a decent buy as well.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/28/03

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