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""And the Miricle Boy sticks the Flair!""

BMX games have a history of suck-nosity. Mat Hoffman 1, Mat Hoffman 2, those Xtreme games, they all just sucked. But that's where this little gem steps in. Read on to find out why this could be the best extreme sports game available.

The modes are just like any other action sports game's. Career being the central single player experience. It isn't much, but it's better then previous games. You work your way up through the ranks of the BMX world. 3 different stages of goals per level. As always, you unlock the levels as you progress. Nothing new here.

Up until this game's release, these were the biggest levels ever in an extreme sports title. Big doesn't automatically equal good though. You have to fill the huge areas with enough objects to keep the gamer entertained. And boy, did they ever pack those levels with fun. Everything from the basic kicker style ramps to water slides to freeways. In other extreme sports games, there is only 2-3 good levels. Not the case here. There is only one baddie in this game, which is the Railroad.

The controls... Lets just say they will anger you at first. The learning curve is long, especially if you have played a lot of Tony Hawk and Mat Hoffman. Once you stop trying to treat it like its the Tony Hawk engine, you'll love it. You'll get a sense of accomplishment when you finally nail that double Decade Air or triple back flip.

The graphics are realistic. Better then any other game in this genre up to this point. The riders are quite similar to their real life counterparts. The Swamp dirt level really stands out. Blades of grass, gorgeous water effects, the whole lot. All trick animations are nearly perfect. It's a massive improvement over the already beautiful Playstation 2 version.

The soundtrack is a mixture of hard rock and some underground-ish hip hop. Ozzy frickin' Osbourne. GodSmack. Sum 41. They did a good job selecting music that fits well with the game. But if you just feel the need to get down to some Phantom of the Opera while you bust a no footed can-can over a hot-dog stand, you've got Custom Soundtracks at your disposal. You freak.

The SFX, however, are pretty stank. Lets say you get hit by a car. It happens a lot with a freeway level and all. The sound is just some odd metal echo... Resembles an old man in a wheel chair being rolled down the stairs. Several more poorly recorded SFX like this are unforgivable. The rest of the game's quality is just too high for the sounds to be like this.

Moving on, You'll spend an average 15-20 hours in the Career mode. Add a very well put together Create-A-Park mode adds X amount of hours depending on how much you played with LEGOs as a child. But the real fun in this game is the Multi-player. All the normal modes like High Score are there. But there is a highly unusual and highly addictive addition called 'Wipe-Out'. The premise is simple; crash the hardest. You get points for accumulating the most damage to your body and your bike in 1 wreck. Great mode. I would wait for an oncoming bus and jump off the bypass in the Airport level, falling 20 feet and being decimated by the bus after I hit the ground. Haven't you always wanted to do that? Here's your chance.

Overall, Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX 2 is a challenging and rewarding action sports title. And come on guys. Ryan Nyquist and Dave Mirra are the best pro BMX-ers out there. You know you want to be them! So do it. You can't miss this experience if your a fan of the pro BMX scene. Buy it if you want another good game for your collection. Buy if you need a good multi-player experience. If neither of those apply to you, buy it anyways.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/03/04, Updated 12/13/04

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