Art & ModelsGeoff Crookes
Art & ModelsMike Leatham
Art & ModelsTony Pilger
Art & ModelsEverton Richards
Art & ModelsDan Sarkar
Art & ModelsMat Tremblay
Art & ModelsMario Vazquez
Art & Models/Level DesignMike Bastien
Art & Models/Level DesignPancho Eekels
Art & Models/Level DesignDave Ewing
Art & Models/Level DesignBastiaan Frank
Art & Models/Level DesignScott McGregor
Art & Models/Level DesignJames Schmalz
Art & Models/Level DesignCassidy Scott
Character Models & AnimationJames Edwards
Character Models & AnimationSteve Jones
MusicKevin Riepl
ProgrammingAdriano Bertucci
ProgrammingJeff Jam
ProgrammingGlen Miner
ProgrammingTony Pilger
ProgrammingSteve Sinclair
ProgrammingJustin Smith
Sound & MusicStarsky Partridge
Voice TalentShannon Ewing
Voice TalentNancy Risi
Voice TalentTroy Woods


Data and credits for this game contributed by neothe0ne, Mookiethebold, chrono trigger fan, and Blueberry Buttface.

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