Review by MoeBear

"Loons - the fight to Nowhere"

When I first got the Xbox, this was my second game I purchased, not based on reviews or word of mouth, it was cause I love Loony toons. Bugs and the gang are always my heroes. Its a shame after all these years they can't seem to put together a decent Bugs bunny game or a Loony toons game. Don't get me wrong games like Taz Wanted wasn't bad, but then again, not great.

Lets get to the basics about this game. Its trying to be similar to the game Whacked, but whacked is much better in every way. Its a beat them up game, or a brawl game, you might call it that. I played it by myself, wasn't amused, played it with my friend and brother, and it wasn't exciting. It has the same concept over and over, nothing changes. Only the scenery. And there aren't that many boards to see. Its a shame, they could of done so much better.

The controls are very simple, not hard to pick up, the story??? who cares, just get in there and kill everybody else, over and over and over. Here's the best part, to unlock things is very hard. In the different boards, about 6, you need to clear them with different methods. So in other words you need to do one board about a dozen times to unlock some silly side game, which makes you wonder why???? You feel like banging your head on the wall. Lets say in one board you need to clear it with no props, that is very hard to do, if you walk over one accidentally, you might as well die and start from the beginning.

Lets talk about the good stuff in this game. The graphics are great, just like the cartoons, entertaining and funny, even the little scripts they got going. Can't complain about the details of the cartoons, they look just like they are suppose to and even better. The only reason I even gave this game a four was cause of this, and I love bugs.

So you heard it from the horse's mouth. If you like this type of game, then go get it at a cheap price. Doubt its very expensive now, I paid 20 bux new and that was a long time ago. Have fun playing it, cause I really didn't.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/03/06

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