Impossible scarring?

  1. Hi so I hope Im not breaking any rules but this is not really a question that can lead to a fix in game rather Im just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I am playing fable pc and recently started a new game. My problem is I just got out of the beggining training and have not done one quest yet instead headed straight to bowerstone. Once there I waited for night to box with the guys at the quay. Well I agreed to box and the second my shirt was removed I seen impossilbe scars on my chest in the shape of a balverine attack. They are two obvious claws scraping down my players chest. This is completly impossible because I have not even been hit once not even by whisper. Anyway anyone else have this problem before? Also is there a mod to remove scars? Im all for scars but I only want "legit" scars. Or maybe a mod that fixes some of these common glitches?

    Im on fable tlc

    User Info: Lynx1s

    Lynx1s - 4 years ago

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