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    FAQ/Walkthrough by StuckInMyPants

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Items in this Area
    • Potions
      • Will Master's Elixir - From the Silver Key Chest (5 keys required).
    • Quest Summary
      • Escort the traders to the Trader Camp
    • Guild Reward: 2000
    • Renown Reward: 500

    Start going a little forward then a cutscene will trigger. But you are faced with a decision. Do you let the trader go with you or leave him behind for some evil points. Right after the cutscene, veer off to the right to receive a Resurrection Phial. Proceed to Darkwood Marshes. Now you get to see your first Balverine. There is also a Demon Door nearby and it will send out 5 waves of enemies. The difficulty will increase with each wave. It's pretty tough but it can be done. You get a Dark Will User's Outfit for defeating them. Continue forward to Darkwood Lake.

    Here you will be ambushed by some bandits. They are not too tough, but you need to keep an eye out for the Traders. When you get to the lake part, turn to the right and get the 250 gold in the treasure chest. Proceed forward a and walk near the illuminated rock. You will know which one it is because one of the traders will say something about,

    "Look, it's one of those rocks".

    You will see a hole in the top of it. Stand back a bit and shoot an arrow in the hole at the top to receive a silver key. Don't forget to walk over it to pick it up. There is also a silver key chest directly behind you, but alas you need 15 silver keys. So just keep movin' to Darkwood Camp. There are a few traders here. And there are two treasure chests. Tell the Traders to follow you when you are ready to move on. Now you are at the Ancient Cullis Gate. Nothing special, just enemies and treasure. You should be at Darkwood Weir. Head through the water path and get the lightning augmentation from the chest. Now head up a ways and you will fight your first troll. The battle can seem a bit daunting at first, but all you need to do is whip out your bow and roll when it throws the rocks at you. Continue on to Barrowfields to complete your quest. And now you are very close to a familiar place...

    • Quest Summary
      • Maze has more information regarding your sister. Speak to him at the tavern in Oakvale.
    • Money Reward: 0
    • Renown Reward: 0

    Meet Maze in front of the tavern to continue the story. There are a few different side quests available in Oakvale. Do them at your leisure but you need to return to the Guild to start the next quest.

    Hero's Guild

    Take the quest card so you can find more out about your sister.

    • Quest Summary
      • Find the Seeress in the Bandit Camp, who might tell you about your sister Theresa
    • Money Reward: 4500
    • Renown Reward: 1000

    Teleport to Oakvale and go to The Clifftop Path. Now you need to sneak by the guards. The best way to do this is to let them see you. That's right. It's totally the opposite of what you are supposed to do. After they see you, you will need to kill them then run behind the big rock close to the gate. Wait for the guards to walk past then RUN!!! Now you will be in the Abandoned Road. The goal is to collect all of the pieces of the Bandit suit. Don't worry there are plenty of enemies to try to stop you. So just do what you do best. There are a few treasure chests and barrels along the way, so sure to pick them up. Now that you have all of the Bandit suit you need to proceed to Twinblade's Camp. Wear the Bandit suit to get past the guard. On a side note you can change your armour back once he lets you in.


    Twinblade's Camp

    Now you need to get into Twinblade's Elite Camp. But you need a Bandit Camp Pass. There are a few ways to get in. You can either play Guess the Addition, which I find a little difficult, or you can pay a nearby bandit 1000 gold pieces. Now, a 1000 dollars seems a bit steep at this point but there is a total of 750 gold pieces in nearby barrels. So you only end up paying 250 gold. Or, if you are really devious, you can kill either person to get the Bandit Camp Pass.

    Now you should be in Twinblade's Elite Camp. Your goal here is to get into Twinblade's Tent. But again the way is shut. So you can either hire the assassins, up the hill, to create a diversion for 2000 gold (BLAH) or you can kill the guard that is guarding the imprisoned girls. Again, it's a really tough decision. On a side note, I wouldn't advise attacking the assassins, because they are a bit tough and you get absolutely nothing except experience points. So create your diversion then proceed to Twinblade's Tent.

    Now that you are in Twinblade's Tent you have to *gasp*, fight him. Now, I what you're thinking. Holy Crap! That dude is huge. But despair not. Just roll out of the way when he attacks, don't even bother trying to hit him. When he tries to stab you with his sword this is the best time to attack. His swords will be stuck in the ground leaving his back vulnerable. Keep using this strategy for a rather painless victory.

    Now you are faced with yet another decision. Do you let Twinblade live or rip out his gizzard? Well if you go with the later, then not only do you have to fight Twinblade, but his minions as well. Oh and you get 120 Renown points if you do kill him. Time to head back to the....

    • Quest Summary
      • Maze has asked to meet you in his quarters in the Guild--=
    • Money Reward: 0
    • Renown Reward: 0

    Head up to Maze's quarters and talk to him. After that take the quest card and head on out. Take the warp to Witchwood Cullis Gate so you can find the Archeologist.

    • Quest Summary
      • The Archaeologist is protected by a magical door. Find this door.
    • Guild Reward: 1200 Gold
    • Renown Reward: 0

    Witchwood Cullis Gate

    Make your way from Witchwood Cullis Gate to Witchwood Stones. Up ahead you need to find out the Demon's Door name. It's a good idea to go ahead and head all the way up to the Temple of Avo then to Knothole Glade to activate the warp. You can go ahead to the Temple of Avo and talk to a person to find out the Demon Door's name for a small price. But for those of us that are lazy it's 'Hits'. Just hit the correct stones in order to spell his name. Head in the Demon Door to finish the quest.


    Instead of spelling Hits, a clever, albeit slightly immature player (Im talking about myself here) might notice that he or she is able to spell a certain four letter word. Doing so will spawn Balverines, you naughty boy/girl.

    Hero's Guild

    Now that you are back here it is time to help out the good people of Knothole Glade. Take the quest and warp to Knothole Glade.

    • Quest Summary
      • Defend the people of Knothole Glade from the White Balverine.**
    • Money Reward: 6200
    • Renown Reward: 800
    • Maximum Number of Boasts: 3

    You need to kill the Balverines outside of the gate before you can go in the town. After you defeat them a White Balverine will appear. You can't kill it right now, so you just need to hit it ten times before it runs away. After it runs away the chief will tell you about a women that knows how to get rid of the White Balverine. Just walk around until the White Balverine attacks again. After you beat it, you will see a cutscene. She gives you a silver augmentation. You need to put it on a weapon. After that, you need to run off the White Balverine again. Cutscene. Head to Witchwood Lake for the final showdown. Not only do you have to fight the White Balverine, but also he calls for some help and you have to fight Balverines too.

    After you get the Balverine Head, go back to Knothole Glade to talk to the chief to finish the quest. It's that time again....

    Hero's Guild

    Check the Guild table for the next quest card, which should be The Arena. Take the quest then teleport to Knothole Glade. You'll have to walk to the Arena from here. So head to Witchwood Lake then to the Arena Entrance. Talk to the guard on the left in front of the doors. I recommend saving right now, just in case you want to do the Hero Save exploit in the Arena.

    • Quest Summary
      • Earn gold and renown participating in rounds of combat at the Arena.
    • Money Reward: 0
    • Renown Reward: 2000
    • Maximum Number of Boasts: 4

    After watching the cutscene, you've got a few minutes to walk around and do whatever you want before an automatic cutscene will appear. So now it's time to go and fight. Go up the stairs and talk to the guards.

    There are 8 Rounds in the Arena and each round has different enemies that increase in difficulty as the rounds progress. It is important that you don't go back to the waiting area unless you absolutely have to. If you do you lose your gold increments and it starts back at 100 gold.

    • Round 1: 4 waves of Wasps. Easy. 100 Gold
    • Round 2: 4 waves of Hobbes. Again fairly easy. 600 Gold total.
    • Round 3: 4 waves of Balverines. Still easy. 1,600 Gold total.
    • Round 4: 4 waves of Undead. Yep. 3,600 Gold total.
    • Round 5: 4 waves of Bandits. A little harder. 6,600 Gold total.
    • Round 6: 2 Earth Trolls. Did it with my eyes closed. 10,600 Gold total.
    • Round 7: 2 Rock Trolls. A bit hard, just lock onto one of the Trolls and keep rolling while charging up your bow. Do this the whole round and there is a good chance you won't even get hit. 18,600 Gold total.
    • Round 8: 1 Giant Scorpion. Easy. Just lock on and shoot with bow. Roll out of the way when it charges at you. 28,600 Gold total.

    After the cutscene you have to fight Whisper. She is still the same as before. After beating her you are faced with a decision. Do you let her live or die? Let her live and you get um, nothing. Kill her and you get an extra 10,000 gold. But before you make your decision, you can use the Hero Save exploit. Just Hero Save it now and if you want you can start the whole Arena quest over but you will still keep all of your exp, gold, stats, and anything else you have gained. So make your decision. Then, you get to enjoy a cutscene with the lovely Lady Grey hitting on you.

    Meet Theresa outside the Grey House.
    • Money Reward: 0
    • Renown Reward: 0

    Now you need to go to the Grey House to speak with your sister. Teleport to Barrowfields then head to the Grey House. Since you are already here head inside the house to fight some undead. After you kill them all, check the barrels and shelves. Be sure to read the Dusty Notebook for a little info on Lady Grey. There is also a Silver chest on the top floor that requires 10 silver keys. Check the Silver keys FAQ to find all 25. Now head around back to the cellar. That's one weird family. It makes me wonder what other skeletons they have in the closet (that was a pun). Return to the Hero's Guild for another quest.

    Hero's Guild

    Time to take the Archaeologist quest, again. Teleport to Bowerstone South then make your way to Bowerstone North. Take the left path to Bowerstone Jail.

    Find the Archaeologist in Bowerstone Jail.
    • Money Reward: 7000
    • Renown Reward: 500
    • Maximum number of Boasts: 3

    Now you need to make your way past the minions. Kill them, but don't forget about the two treasure chests and barrels off to the right side. Proceed to Windmill Hill. A magician minion has set up a magical barrier, so you must kill him to get to the next area. Dispose of the enemies then check around for barrels and chests. Also search the houses. And be sure to dig wherever there is a dirt patch surrounded by red flowers. You will see the Down button on the D-pad change to the spade if the is an item to dig up. On a side note, if you ever see anyplace that is secluded or looks suspicious, walk around it to see if the digging icon will appear. Alright, now head to Gibbet Woods. The summoner calls a Rock Troll which has 5000 HP. Beat it then head for the summoner and the other minions. Proceed to the Prison Path. This part is timed. You need to defeat all of the minions within a few minutes to save the Archaeologist. Slow time is very helpful for this part and in fact, it's arguably one of the best spells. After you have rescued the Archaeologist it's time to go talk to the gatekeeper at the graveyard. From the Prison Path, backtrack to Gibbet Woods then head to Headsman Hill then Lychfield Graveyard.

    Talk to the Gravekeeper.
    • Guild Reward: 1500 Gold
    • Renown Reward: 200

    Head down to the Gatekeeper's house and eavesdrop on him and another guy. You find out about the armour that you will need to gain passage through the Demon Door up ahead. Talk to the Gatekeeper after the cutscene to get him to let you through the doors. There are tons and tons of places to dig, so be sure that you walk around and look at your dig icon. Now you need to find the armour.

    • Nostros' Helmet- In the Gatekeeper's House, on the shelve.
    • Nostros' Sword- Dig in front of graves, right beside the tomb where you get the silver key. The grave in front says, "It says, Yaggath Sonnag-Sleeper in the Dark, wake and rise.'"
    • Nostros' Armour- In the tomb that says, "Here lies Lady Fylorn. Dead by her own hand."
    • Nostros' Shield- Fish by the tomb that says, "Here lies The Dark Duke

    Sibelis. His reign of torture is no more."

    Now go up to Nostros' tomb and give him the armour to proceed. Make your way through the Old Graveyard Path then to the Circle of the Dead. Here you need to kill enough enemies to light up the circle. Also the enemies can only be hurt if they are inside the circle. Now it's time to rescue your mother. Head into the Underground Chamber.

    Find your mother and escape from Bargate Prison.
    • Guild Reward: 0
    • Renown Reward: 0

    Make your way from the Underground Chamber to the Underground Tunnel. Then fight your way to the Clifftop Path then to the Underground Passage. Now proceed to the Torture Chamber and release your mother after the cutscene. Just start heading back the way you came until you are stopped by a cutscene with the Jack of Blades in it.

    Oh yay! You're caught. You can't do much but listen to people talk. After the guard comes back you have to race. It is very easy, just follow the way the guards point and run Forest, run. Once you get on top of the fort, there is a slightly faster way just after the first turn. Just take a left before you make your second turn around the corner. Now since you won, you get a special treat. During this "session" you need to sneak (depress left analog stick) and find the code on the wall. Walk back over to the table and open any book.

    Remember what you just did. Yeah, well do it again. Seriously. This time just choose a different book. Now, back in your cell, open the door and go directly across to the cell and break the barrels to receive your stick. Release your fellow prisoners then head out the door. While the prisoners are fighting the guards run up the flight of stairs and in the door off to the right. Open the chests to get your belongings and a Guards suit. Now that you have you stuff, head back out and down the stairs, to the front door. Release your mother, once again, and start making your way out.

    Rescue your mother, Scarlet Robe, from Bargate Prison.
    • Money Reward: 0
    • Renown Reward: 0

    Once you get to the Underground Passage it's time to fight the Kraken. He only shows his tentacles first so lock on to one and shoot it with your bow. It should only take two shots per tentacle. Once you have killed all four, then he will show his face. Keep shooting him with arrows and rolling out of the way when he shoots his acid at you. Repeat these steps to beat him. Head to the exit to watch a cutscene and finish the quest, finally. Teleport to...


    After you get here, proceed to Darkwood Weir, then to Ancient Cullis Gate.

    Activate the Cullis Gate to Hook Coast, in Darkwood.
    • Guild Reward: 4200 Gold
    • Renown Reward: 500

    Head to the Cullis Gate, then you will have to kill enough Undead enemies to activate the Gate. Once you do this you will be in...

    Hook Coast

    Here is one of the cooler towns that you don't get to spend a lot of time in. Anyways, head up to the magical barrier to see a cutscene. Now ya' got to leave, and we just go here too. But there is time to play around in the town before you have to transport back to...

    Hero's Guild

    Now you need to meet your mother in Maze's quarters for another cutscene. After the cutscene grab the book behind you which will complete the quest. Head back and talk to the Guildmaster to get a quest card from your mom. Teleport back to....

    Dispel the barrier at Hook Coast Ruins.
    • Guild Reward: 16000 Gold
    • Renown Reward: 1500

    You have to defeat a new enemy, Screamers. Hmm....wonder why they are called that? Anyway, head up to the Ruins to see a cutscene, then you must fight...Maze. Cast slow time and physical barrier to beat him with ease. After you beat Maze head back to the...

    Hero's Guild

    Once you are here, the Guildmaster will tell you that you must defeat Jack. Step into the portal and you will be teleported to the Witchwood focus site.

    Stop Jack activating the Witchwood focus site.
    • Guild Reward: 5500 Gold
    • Renown Reward: 1000

    You don't really have to fight the enemies just proceed to the big boulder. Watch the cutscene, then you will be transported to another focus site. Same thing here. You must do this a total of 4 times. Once you see all four sites then the quest is complete.

    Hero's Guild

    This is it. Go to the Library to see a cutscene and one final quest.

    Fight Jack of Blades.
    • Guild Reward: 25000
    • Renown Reward: 20000
    Super Important Notes about this battle
    • First off, once you beat the game, DO NOT skip the credits. If you do you will NOT be able to continue playing the game.
    • One you beat the boss, you are faced with a choice. This choice affects what reward you get. By making the good choice, you gain some good points *yawn*, and for making the bad choice, you gain a lot of evil points and the most powerful sword in the game. This is the only way to obtain this sword.

    Head into the Chamber of Fate to start the battle. This battle is fairly easy for being the final battle. You don't even have to come within striking distance of Jack if you don't want to. The easiest way to do this battle is to just whip out your bow and start firing off arrows. Jack will shoot an electric ball that will explode into many different balls that go across the screen. This can be easily dodged with a well-timed press of 'Y. Once you roll, you can slide your finger over to the X button and immediately begin charging your bow before you complete the roll.

    Once you get most of his health down, he will float above the center platform and continue to shoot shockwaves and electric balls at you. Just keep dodging to the left or right while charging up your bow as soon as you come out of the roll. Don't bother using manual aim, just stick to auto aim and dodge like crazy. Although he does have one move that will drain your health, he uses it very rarely. I have only seen him do it once and that was when he had one more hit left. Follow this strategy and you should beat him with relative ease.

    After you defeat him, you are faced with one final decision. It should be pretty obvious which decision is good and which one is evil. If you decide to take the evil action, you will gain the Sword of Aeons, which has 500 attack power. Yes, it's as broken as it sounds. You also get a whole bunch of evil karma, so for all of you good players out there, well, you won't be good after this. Heck, you probably won't even be neutral. For choosing the good decision, you get some good karma and the Plate Helme.......Oh, wait. What? You only get good points? Huh. Well, at least you feel good about yourself, right? Maybe? Not really. So, make your choice wisely. Now the credits roll, AND WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT SKIP THE CREDITS. If you do, you cannot continue playing your file. Congratulations, you beat Fable!!!!


    Demon Doors

    • Heros Guild - In between two waterfalls on the small island.
      • Clue - Your path is dark. Only a light will reveal it. And You are not bright enough.
        • How to open it - Use the lamp, given from Maze, to open the door.
    • Greatwood Gorge - South part of the area, near the Greatwood Cullis Gate Entrance.
      • Clue - "This is the deal. You perform an act of great evil in my sight, and I'll pop open."
        • How to open it - Eat 10 - 15 Crunchy Chicks in front of the Demon Door. Once you eat 10 talk to it, if it doesn't let you in, eat one more and talk to it again. Repeat until you gain access.
    • Rose Cottage - Southwest part of the area.
      • Clue - "I never open on a first date. My heart has been broken too many times before. I could only let someone who really loved me through."
        • How to open it - Give the Demon Door a Gift. Any will do.

    Silver Keys

    • Lookout Point
      • Attack the thorn bushes to the SouthEast of the statue. The silver key is down the path.
    • Bowerstone South
      • Second story of Armor shop, on the balcony.
    • Fisher Creek
      • From ripple in water.
    • Guild Woods
      • Ripple in water near where you fought the bandits
    • Orchard Farm
      • Fish off of the pier on the Eastern most part of this area. Look for the ripples in the water.
    • Greatwood Lake
      • Dead end at the North Eastern part of this area, in front of the broken bridge.

    Silver Key Chests


    Each Silver Key Chest in the game requires a certain amount of Silver Keys to unlock it; 5, 10, 15, or 20 keys. You do not lose your key when you open a chest. When you pick a key up, you have it forever, and each key you pick up is added to your total amount. No keys or chests are permanently missable. Also be aware that there are a total of 25 Silver Keys in the game, but you only need 20 to open all of the chests.

    5 Keys Required
    • Greatwood Lake
      • Center of the area on a small island, next to a single tree.
        • Item Received - Elixir of Life
    • Hobbe Cave
      • Room next to the entrance
        • Item Received - Will Master's Elixir
    20 Keys Required
    • Heroes' Guild
      • Near the Melee Ring

    Treasure Clue Locations

    • Do the Bounty Hunt quest (quest received from Guild); rescue the second lady and she will give it to you
    • Do the Lost Trader quest; find the guy's brother and he will give it to you
    • After you kill the last assassin (Look at the next section for their locations)
    • Knothole Glade
      • Get high score in the archery competition or kill the NPC to automatically receive it
    • Orchard Farm
      • In a treasure chest right next to the fence by the Orchard
    • Windmill Hill
      • Behind the house in a chest

    Assassin Locations

    • Knothole Glade
      • Near the Archery competition.
    • Hook Coast
      • Near the Bell
    • Witchwood Cullis Gate
      • At the Cullis Gate
    • Windmill Hill
      • Near the Windmill
    • Prison Path
      • Just walk down the path

    Dolls Locations

    • Doll of You
      • Buy in Bowerstone North or you can get it off of an assassin
    • Doll of Thunder
      • Buy in Bowerstone North or Buy in the Arena
    • Doll of Maze
      • Win from beating Shove 'ha penny (Hook Coast)
    • Doll of Twinblade
      • Win from Guess the Addition (Twinblade Camp)
    • Doll of Whisper
      • Win from Coin Golf (Oakvale)
    • Doll of Briar Rose
      • Win from Card Pairs (Bowerstone)
    • Doll of Jack
      • Give all 6 dolls to the teacher in Bowerstone South


    You need to donate in between 35,000-60,000 gold pieces to the Temple of Avo. Just keep trying different amounts until you get a price that you are comfortable with. You can also receive years off of your life if you donate enough money.


    Skorm's Bow

    Go to Skorm's Temple and sacrifice a person (preferably the Temple of Avo merc or The merc in Twinblade's Camp) at EXACTLY 6AM. Keep an eye on your money that is deducted from your purse. The Merc will take $20 every half an hour.


    • Q: How do I unlock the Tavern's Cellar doors in Bowerstone?
      • A: There is a statue outside of Bowerstone South in Lookout Point, it will rotate throughout the day. When it points to Bowerstone (around 9 P.M. - just after 11 P.M.) then the doors are unlocked. You can interact with the statue and it will say, "The statue is pointing to Bowerstone".
    • Q: I can't get Skorm's Bow!
      • A: It can be frustrating at times. As of right now, there is no 100% accurate way to get it every time. People have gotten it by sacrificing random people, others believe they have a set way. I got it from sacrificing the Temple of Avo Merc at exactly 6 A.M., but only once. I tried it on my new file and couldn't get it.
    • Q: How do I get really buff?
      • A: Well there are a few ways. First you can pretty much just max out your strength category and you will see quite a bit of definition. I have also heard that increasing your guile early on will make you tall. I'm not sure if that is true or not. The second way is to cast the spell Berserk and when you are able to walk around after the spell has been cast, save it then load you saved game. Your guy will be abnormally huge and without all of that fire. If you want to get back to your old self, just cast Berserk again.
    • Q: How do I get scars?
      • A: Get hit. A lot.
    • Q: Can I have different color hair?
      • A: Kind of. If you are really good at a young to mid age, you will notice that your hair will turn a light blonde. Other than that black, grey and white are the only other colors.
    • Q: How do you decapitate people?
      • A: There are a few ways. First, after you hit an enemy X amount of times (it depends on your strength and how strong your weapon is), the enemy will become dazed. When they are dazed, use your flourish move to decapitate them every time. However, when they are dazed, it means they will die in one more hit. It can be easy to accidentally kill them before you mean to. Secondly, shoot an enemy in the head with your bow by going into 1st person view. And lastly, once you upgrade your lightning spell to level four, the enemy heads just start falling off.
    • Q: How do I get divorced?
      • A: Don't ever visit her and she will eventually get mad at you then divorce you, but this can take a while. So I suggest you smack her around a bit (it's just a game, calm down, don't send me hate mail).
    • Q: Where can I find the Plate Helmet?
      • A: You can't. It's not in the game.
    • Q: Why not?
      • A: Because the developers are a bunch of big meanies.

    Weapon Appendices


    The weapons will probably end up being sorted by their damage, although I may sort it by name. Haven't decided yet. Weight is your swing speed. Light is the fastest, while heavy is the slowest.



    NameDamageAugmentation SlotsLocation FoundWeightDescription
    Stick200Default weaponLightN/A
    Iron Longsword300Default weapon. Automatically received from starting the Melee TestLightA functional, if weathered, sword wrapped in simple leather bindings and undecorated. The Longsword is equally effective in defence and attack and has been a mainstay of Heroes throughout Albion's long history.
    Iron Katana330Heroes' Guild - Received from doing the Melee Test after doing the initial tests, but before continuing with Quest: Guild Training (G)LightThis simple but lethal sword is one of several imported into Albion from the western lands. Following the fall of the Old Kingdom, the trade route collapsed, leaving this an exotic, deadly weapon.


    NameDamageAugmentation SlotsLocation FoundWeightDescription
    Steel Pickhammer300Greatwood Gorge - In a barrel in the Northwest alcove. Can also be bought from vendors.LightDespite the distinguished steel and gold craftsmanship, this fine weapon has still seen much practical use. The blade is covered in scratches and the hilt is weathered and salt-stained, indicating it probably belonged to a naval captain.
    Wellow's Pickhammer120Piercing x2The Arboretum - In a treasure chest in front of a tree surrounded by light.LightWellow ruled the northern ridges of the Old Kingdom, and his warlords carried Pickhammers said to be forged from a strong but extremely light metal in hidden mines. This one belonged to Wellow himself.


    NameDamageAugmentation SlotsLocation FoundDescription
    Yew Longbow600Default weapon. Automatically received from starting the Skill testThe weapon of archers in large armies, a Yew Longbow is long, resilient and powerful.
    Ebony Longbow1302Bought from vendorsThe suppleness and strength of ebony make this a very accurate, powerful weapon.


    NameDamageAugmentation SlotsLocation FoundDescription
    Yew Crossbow800Hero's Guild - Received from re-doing the Skill test and getting an A+ gradeThe flexibility of yew makes it a good wood for Crossbows as well as Longbows.

    Armor and Clothing Appendices

    • If you are wondering why some armor sets have a higher total armor rating than if you were to add up all the pieces, it's because some armor sets don't include a head piece and your head has a natural armor rating of 38.

    Apprentice Outfit

    Apprentice OutfitArmor RatingAttractivenessScarinessAlignment ModifierLocationDescription
    Apprentice Gloves50000Default equipmentTrainee gloves.
    Apprentice Upper Robe200000Default equipmentThe Guild standard Robe top.
    Apprentice Lower Robe175000Default equipmentThe lower section of a Guild Robe.
    Apprentice Boots25000Default equipmentThe boots worn by most Guild Apprentices.
    All pieces combined488000N/AThe clothing of a trainee Hero. Not very protective.

    Dark Villager Outfit

    Dark Villager OutfitArmor RatingAttractivenessScarinessAlignment ModifierLocationDescription
    Dark Villager Trousers175074Bowerstone South, House South of Barber Shop, cabinet, bottom floorSlightly scary trousers.
    Dark Villager Shirt2000137Bowerstone South, House South of Barber Shop, cabinet, bottom floorDarker, sinister shirt.
    Dark Villager Boots25021Bowerstone South, House South of Barber Shop, cabinet, bottom floorDesigned by the dark cobblers.
    All pieces combinedN/AA full set of scary villager clothing.


    DressArmor RatingAttractivenessScarinessAlignment ModifierLocationDescription
    Upper Dress1660310Orchard Farm - Alcove to the west, just north of the HouseThe upper section of a normal, everyday dress.
    All pieces combinedN/ADon't let society's preconceptions stop you from expressing yourself.

    Leather Suit

    Leather SuitArmor RatingAttractivenessScarinessAlignment ModifierLocationDescription
    Leather Chest Piece2662600Bowerstone South, Tavern Cellar, opens when the clock is around 9 P.M. - 11 P.M.Good quality hide. Not as protective as armour.
    Leather Gauntlets66500Fisher Creek, In a chest, North of the houseHandmade leather gloves.
    All pieces combinedN/AOffers minimum protection, but can also be used for kinky parties.

    No Outfit

    No OutfitArmor RatingAttractivenessScarinessAlignment ModifierLocationDescription
    No Hat38000Default equipmentYour head is uncovered.
    No Gloves38000Default equipmentYour hands are ungloved.
    No Shirt153000Default equipmentYou are shirtless.
    No Trousers134000Default equipmentYour legs are rather exposed.
    No Boots19000Default equipmentYou are barefoot.
    All pieces combined38251510Default equipmentYou are not wearing an outfit or suit of armour.

    Villager Outfit

    Villager OutfitArmor RatingAttractivenessScarinessAlignment ModifierLocationDescription
    Villager Gloves50000Default equipmentStrong, comfortable gloves.
    Villager Shirt200000Default equipment A reasonably tough shirt.
    Villager Trousers175000Default equipmentThornproof trousers.
    Villager Boots25000Default equipmentDecent, hard-wearing boots.
    All pieces combined488000N/AAn entire villager set of clothes. Not offering good combat protection.


    NameAttractivenessScarinessAlignment ModifierLocation FoundDescription
    Mutton Chop Beard4800Bowerstone Quay - Received from man near pierImposing and eccentric.
    Normal Haircut50500Bowerstone South, House across from Armor Shop, in bookshelf, bottom floorYou won't stand out with this traditional style.
    Ponytail0500Bowerstone South, Barber Shop, in a bookshelf, top floorAn elegant style favoured by swordsmen and wizards.
    Regular Beard4800Bowerstone South, House across from Armor Shop, in bookshelf, top floorA usual sort of beard.
    Standard Beard48480Picnic Area, on the middle table A standard beard style.
    The Pudding Basin0500Bowerstone South, House Southeast of the Barber Shop, in a bookshelf, bottom floor. Bowerstone Quay -Received from man near pierThe bore's cut of choice. Much favoured by scholars.
    Trader Style Moustache- 49- 490Bowerstone Quay, Received from man near pierThe facial hair of teh wandering merchants of Albion.
    Working Moustache0490Fisher Creek, From ripple in waterThe choice of those who do heavy manual labour.
    Warrior Stripe50500Bowerstone Quay - Man near pier. You need to wear the Puddin Basin haircut before talking to him.Turn your hair into a battle cry.


    NameAttractivenessScarinessAlignment ModifierLocation FoundDescription
    Coron Visor Tattoo000Orchard Farm - Fish from the pier in the Southeast part of the Orchard.Face Tattoo. One of the many decorative images created by the Hook Coast artist Ekken Coron.
    Fire Monkey Tattoo51051Bowerstone Quay - Received from man near pierBack Tattoo. The Fire Monkeys were once revered as gods by the old mountain tribes.
    Gold Harvest Tattoo35035Bowerstone South - in a barrel next to the Northeast side of the SchoolBack Tattoo. The central circle represents the earth, while the ten extremities symbolise growth and the ten Harvest seasons. The golden incarnation of this image celebrates a particularly good crop.
    Harvest Tattoo15015Bowerstone South - In a barrel across from the Barber Shop next to houseBack Tattoo. The central circle represents the earth, while the ten extremities symbolise growth and the ten Harvest seasons.
    Howl Tattoo515151Library Arcanum - bookshelf directly behind the treasure chestFace Tattoo. Ancient Knothole Glade warriors underwent a terrible initiation ritual which required them to hunt Balverines unarmed, and painted in their likeness. Some were said to be so absorbed by its fierceness that they lost all trace of humanity.
    Kryndon Tattoo101010Heroes' Guild - 2nd floor, East room in a BookshelfChest Tattoo. The Kryndoms are an old order of assassins who live normal lives by day.
    Seachaos Arm Tattoo555Bowerstone South - House North of Barber Shop, Bookshelf, bottom floorArm Tattoo. The Seachaos tattoos are a favourite amoung pirates.


    NameLocation Found
    A Hero's Journey 1Fisher Creek - Found in bookshelf in the Fisherman's house
    A Love StoryHeroes' Guild - 2nd floor, East room in a Bookshelf
    Book of SpellsLibrary Arcanum - Bookshelf
    Creatures of Albion Book IHeroes' Guild - Bookshelf near the Guild Caves entrance
    Creatures of Albion Book IIHeroes' Guild - Bookshelf near the Guild Caves entrance
    Creatures of Albion Book IIIHeroes' Guild - Bookshelf near the Guild Caves entrance
    Eyes of a KillerBowerstone South - House to the North of the Barber shop, bookshelf, bottom floor
    'Making Friends'Library Arcanum - On the table. Orchard Farm - Inside the house on the Western side of the area, dresser, bottom floor
    The ArenaHeroes' Guild - Bookshelf near the Guild Caves entrance
    The DragonsHeroes' Guild - Bookshelf near the Guild Caves entrance
    The Guild of ZeroesBowerstone South - House South of Barber shop, bookshelf, bottom floor
    The Hierarchy Of WeaponsHeroes' Guild - Bookshelf near the Guild Caves entrance
    The Northern WastesHeroes' Guild - Bookshelf near the Guild Caves entrance
    The Old KingdomHeroes' Guild - Bookshelf near the Guild Caves entrance
    The Other LandHeroes' Guild - Bookshelf near the Guild Caves entrance
    The Pale BalverineHeroes' Guild - Bookshelf near the Guild Caves entrance
    The Repentant AlchemistBowerstone South - Top floor of Armor Shop, in a bookshelf
    The Rotten AppleOrchard Farm - Inside the house on the West hand side of the area, bookshelf, bottom floor
    The Sock MethodBowerstone South - In a barrel across from the Barber Shop next to house
    The Tale Of MaxleyHeroes' Guild - 2nd floor, Northwest room in a Bookshelf
    The Tale Of TwinbladeHereos' Guild - Bookshelf near the Guild Caves entrance
    Three Haikus by Miko the BardHeroes' Guild - 2nd floor, Middle room in a Bookshelf
    Windbreaker Rule BookBowerstone South - House across from Armor Shop, in bookshelf, top floor
    You Are Not a Bad PersonBowerstone South - House South of Barber shop, bookshelf, bottom floor
    Ages of Might Potion

    Player receives {100 x combat multiplier} Strength experience points

    • Bowerstone South - House SouthEast of Barber Shop, in a dresser, top floor.
    Ages of Skill Potion

    Player receives {100 x combat multiplier} Skill experience points

    • Lookout Point - Near the Picnic Area, there is a gap in the fence next to a pond, use a fishing pole where the ripples are.
    Ages of Will Potion

    Player receives {100 x combat multiplier} Will experience points

    • Blank
    Elixir of Life

    Permanently increases Maximum Health

    • Library Arcanum - In the treasure chest.
    • Orchard Farm - Fished from the ripples in the small pond near the barn and the house.
    • Greatwood Lake - Center of the area on a small island, next to a single tree, from a Silver Key Chest.
    Will Master's Elixir

    Permanently increases your Magic Points

    • Greatwood Entrance - In chest in Southeast alcove

    Unique Food

    NameLocation FoundDescriptionNotes
    Blueberry PieHeroes' Guild - Given to by lady, in North East most house at the Hero's Guild, for bring her cooking applesA tasty pie. Good for your health, too.The only one in the game
    Cooking ApplesHeroes' Guild - Found on ground near the Skill testing ring and the Melee testing ringA tasty pie. Good for your health, too.Unique apples that can only be found here.

    Quest Items

    NameLocation FoundUseDescription
    Fishing RodBought from a vendor or received from man at Fishers CreekAllows the player to fishA stout fishing rod. Where there is water, there are fish.
    Guild SealReceived automatically from the GuildmasterAllows the player to teleportThis magical device provides the user with a link to the Guild, enabling communication and teleportation.
    LampReceived from the Guildmaster for completing the Quest: Guild Training (M)Used to open the Demon Door in the Heroes' Guild. Also provides a small amount of light around the playerA source of wondrous light.
    Money BagYou start with itIt holds your money.A purse to contain gold.


    NameLocation FoundDescription
    Golden FishReceived after rescuing the man at Fishers Creek and then fishing at a ripple in the waterThe Fisherman's golden fish.
    Hobbe Tooth TrophyReceived for completing the Quest: Hobbe Killing Contest (S)A Hobbe's tooth, coated with gold, on a chain.
    Wasp Queen's HeadAutomatically received after beating the Quest: Wasp Menace (M)The slain Wasp Queen.
    Whisper's BroochReceived for completing the Quest: Protect Orchard Farm (M)An heirloom that's been in her family for generations, and surrendered with a scowl.

    Treasure Clues

    Treasure Clue NumberLocation FoundDescription
    Treasure Clue 5Orchard Farm - Near the Orchard next to a fence, in a treasure chest."You're not going in circles, but riddle me this: repeat the last clue, and you won't go amiss."


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