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    Optiional Items Guide by Archer Plus

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    The Guide to Optional Quests and Other Helpful Nuggets of Information.
    After you've finished the main quest you probably want to get everything
    out of the game you can and this is what this FAQ tries to accomplish. If
    you have any questions or requests for additions or items I may have
    overlooked, email me at Daniel_Hoffman001@hotmail.com
    Don't bother sending death threats, hate mail or racial slurs, you are just
    wasting your time.
    v1.1 Added info for 4 tattoos, changed title of FAQ to match listing on
    Gamefaqs, elaborated on bright plate armor, demon door #11, temples
    of avo and skorm, added 4 more titles from arena shop I hadn't written
    down previously and fight club. Various other minor changes.
    Preamble - Tips and Tricks                   
    When you use hero save, nothing you have done to the world is
    recorded. You could play to the end of the game never using world save
    and you would be back at the very beginning. Note: If you don't world
    save after graduating from the guild you will lose every item you have
    when you load. Your statistics are recorded but you lose all real estate,
    spouses, and some quest items. This lets you duplicate any non-unique
    item in the world like silver keys, master elixers and so on. You can
    replay any quests you want if you haven't world saved after completion.
    Hold down on your control pad to teleport at any time. This can be a real
    time saver. You can go back to where you last teleported from even if
    there is no cullis gate.
    Pay attention to the combat multiplier. This applies to all experience, not
    just combat experience so eat your food and drink your skill potions
    when your multiplier is 20x or higher (or as high as you can get it) Assign
    these to your quick menu for rapid use. Using mana shield is the best way
    to ensure that your combat multiplier stays high. If you want to build up
    your character quickly, mana shield can shave 80% off the time
    necessary to max out your character. Loading another area halves your
    combat multiplier. Getting hit knocks you down to the nearest multiple of
    5 or to 40, whichever is lower.
    Your non-right trigger action menu on the bottom left will show on the
    down action a spade when you can dig (this is important!), a hook when
    you can fish, a mask when you can steal, a lock when you can pick locks
    and other context appropriate actions. The left and right choices are
    random but will often show food or potions when you are injured/need
    will. Pushing up opens your complete list of items and actions.
    20 silver keys are the most anyone needs, if you want to find them
    without using a guide, look for circles of flowers or ripples in water.
    There are more keys in the game than you need, especially if you are
    using hero save.
    Loading will start the day you are on at the beginning (dawn) and you will
    be at the entrance you most recently used to enter the area listed on your
    save game. If you want to finish the game with only 1 day passing in
    game time you can.
    Rent is left in bags next to your property sign each day. If you don't let
    days pass in the game, you will never get rent. Buildings take 2 days from
    the time you rent them to start earning rent and a maximum of 3 days rent
    will accumulate at one time.
    You can only have one of each weapon, clothing, tattoo, haircut, trophy,
    book, fishing pole and spade and 9 resurrection phials so if you find one
    in a chest and you are carrying it, the item is lost.
    Your quest info updates so if you don't know where to go or what to do
    next, go to the quest, read it and use the quest area zoom if you need to.
    This would answer some common questions people have as would
    reading the Logbook.
    Making money fast: At the very beginning of the game when you don't
    have a lot of money or skill you can play pairs at Bowerstone making
    1000 gc every minute or so. You can rob stores easily with Guile 3.
    shopkeepers outside using the follow command, give them a few beers
    until staggering drunk and go to town on their stuff. Sell them back their
    most expensive items which will be put on the empty shelves and repeat.
    Not all items can be stolen including gems and generally things costing
    more than 5000 gc. You get skill points when you sell the items because
    of the profit. Once you have a house with trophy plaques you can attach
    trophies, sell the house, remove trophies, buy the house and repeat to get
    quick cash.
    Eating meat gives strength, carrots give skill and fish/apple pie give will.
    Might as well get experience while healing. Eating when not injured
    makes you fatter, time will make you thin again.
    Eating crunchy chicks (-5 alignment per) is the absolute fastest way to
    become evil if you buy enough. Donating at the temple is the fastest way
    to become good or eating a bunch of tofu (+5 alignment per)
    The more profit you make on trades, the more skill experience you get
    but it never really amounts to much. The number in the () is the base
    price and the number to the left is the current price. Merchant base
    quantities are after the / and their current inventory before. Over time the
    inventory will shift to the normal quantities (but some items at some stores
    never change). The guild shop is the WORST place to shop. If you select
    buy all, you don't get all items at the current price, the last items cost
    more. Prices at taverns don't change with quantity. If you select "Buy
    All" then the base inventory of the store will decrease by about 10% but
    after skipping many days this will go back to normal.
    No matter how many Elixers of Life or Will Master Elixers you drink you
    still have to get level 7 in health and mana skills to max your totals (all the
    way across the screen) Apparently the maximum benefit is achieved after
    drinking 4 but they still restore all of the appropriate attribute instead of
    the partial that normal potions give.
    The "apologize" expression (gained at high positive alignment) used on a
    guard will get any crime short of murder forgiven immediately instead of
    having to leave and come back 1-3 minutes later.
    1) Quests - listing all quests broken down into Gold, Silver and Bronze
    Gold Quests: These are key to finishing the game and unlocking all the
    different areas of the map. The main quest is rather short and you can't
    miss anything on it because everything is spelled out and mandatory. I've
    include info on where you have a choice or there are non-quest
    challenges you might miss.
    1) Birthday Gift
    There are 5 possible coins, you only need 3
    2) Melee Combat Test
      Race to Demon Door - get 25 gold
    Some people have trouble with this one, try talking to the guy as far away
    as possible, don't run up to the demon door, just step on the grass and
    when you get back talk as soon as the guy is highlighted. You have 6
    seconds to spare for imperfections in your running technique.
      Get 4 apples for cook - get blueberry pie
    The apples are small but can be found on the ground at various locations.
    If you go to the woods and come back, the apples respawn. This is the
    only blueberry pie in the entire game so treasure it forever.
    3) Guild Training - Opens the outside world
    Shoot Sparrows - 5 gold per
    A+ Archery - better bow
    A+ Melee - iron katana
    A+ Will - will potion & resurrection phial
    4) Wasp Menace
    5) Maze's Info
    6) Protect/Attack Orchard Farm
    It doesn't matter which one you pick, attack provides slightly more cash
    and the effects on your alignment are minimal.
    7) Trader Escort
    8) Maze's New Info
    9) Find Bandit Seeress - Opens Twinblade's Camp
    10) Maze's Request
    11) Find Archaelogist - Opens Witchwood/Knothole Glade
    12) White Balverine
    Use the silver augmentation to kill it, keep weapon for next quest. Ideally
    you have an obsidian or master greatsword for this purpose.
    13) The Arena - Opens Bowerstone North
    Kill/Spare Whisper, take the appropriate boast before quest
    There is no lasting difference from your choice. You still get the prize if
    you spare Whisper. If you kill Whisper, Thunder is upset and
    townspeople everywhere will comment on the brutality of your win at the
    arena until you finish the next quest.
    14) Finding Theresa Again
    15) Find Archaelogist
    16) The Graveyard Path
    17) Rescue Scarlet Robe
    18) Prison Escape
    19) Gateway to Hook Coast - Opens Hook Coast
    20) Return to Hook Coast
    21) Try to Stop Jack
    22) Battle Jack of Blades
    There are two endings based on your final choice. The sword is the best
    in the game if you choose to keep it. If you skip the credits you will not
    be able to keep playing after this point.
    Silver Quests: Optional quests assigned at guild
    These are very straight forward and clearly explained in the game. Just
    go to the map in the guild and accept the quests. Make sure you finish all
    these before you get to Gold Quest #20 or you might have some
    problems finishing Hidden Booty Hunt.
    a) Will Combat Training (shoot 3 bandits with Whisper)
    b) Snow Troll Attack, Suppress Uprising, Minion Camp (undoable
    1) Hobbe Killing Contest
    2) Hobbe Cave
    3) Execution Tree
    4) Break Siege
    5) Lost Trader
    6) Bounty Hunt
    7) Bandit Spy Extraction
    Bronze Quests: Optional quests found in the world at large.
    1) Collect Hero Dolls (Bowerstone South)
    The teacher is looking for exactly these 6 (ps: Every doll does nothing)   
    Briar Rose : Bowerstone South - Card Pairs (faster than 30 sec)
    Whisper : Oakvale - Coin Golf (2 under par)
    Twinblade : Bandit Camp - Spot the Addition
    Scarlet Robe : Knothole Glade - Card Sorting 
    Thunder : Arena or North Bowerstone - Item Shop
    Maze: Hook Coast - Shove Ha'Penny (30+ points)
    You can use slow time to win Spot the Addition and Card Sorting with
    ease. Coin Golf takes the most practice by far. You can get holes-in-one
    on the first 2 if you are really good.
    2) Treasure of the Ghost Pirate (Oakvale)
         He's on the east beach, asks you to dig up his treasure and give it to
    his wife, then he tells you to dig up your reward in the memorial garden.
    3) Ghost Granny Necklace (Orchard Farm)
         When escorting a trader the main way will be blocked, go around
    through greatwood lake. The farmer and his wife will be standing outside
    their house and are waiting to talk to you. This quest is assigned at night.
    You have to go back and forth between the grandmother and the farmer
    doing what they say until the quest is complete.
    4) Temple of Avo
    Donate gold to get your reward....
    Some people have gotten it to work with as little as 34,000. 42,000
    worked for me. Someone said they had to donate 100,000 and that 2 x
    50,000 didn't work. General opinion is that the more evil you are, the
    less you have to donate but some maxed out evil people had to donate
    more than others that said they were less evil. Your clothing and tattoos
    don't change the amount you have to donate even though they change
    your apparent alignment but not everyone pays attention to that. I suggest
    saving and reloading if it doesn't work. Once you get the mace (and if
    you get it before any other reward)  you may donate 1 gold to get the
    title and 1 to get youth. This makes it very cheap to get infinite youth with
    hero save/reload technique. If you are wearing no outfit and have no
    tattoos you can email me with how many bars to the left or right of center
    your alignment was. Perhaps time of day has something to do with it but
    this is hard to prove. If you don't donate enough to get the mace then
    you might get the title or youth but only one thing per donation and only
    once per game. Getting consistent results in different games is apparently
         Reward: Sentinel Mace, Paladin Title, Youth
    5) Chapel of Skorm
         Get 1000 evil points of sacrifices or sacrifice at midnight exactly.
    Some people like sacrificing mercs, especially the one from the temple of
    Avo. You can use the fee paid to mercs every 12 hours to find out when
    6 am is. Some people have said 6 am is just as good as midnight. You
    can get followers at lookout point when you have a chance to boast for a
    quest. Drag these poor souls into the guild and pull them onto the cullis
    gate by walking around to the far side before stepping on and recall to
    the temple. Do this enough and eventual success is guaranteed and is
    much faster than dragging people all the way from Oakvale through Dark
    Wood. You might need Bright Plate and the Fire Monkey Tattoo to
    make your apparent alignment high enough that people will continue
    following to their doom.
         Reward: Necromancer Title, Skorm's Bow, Youth
    6) Archery Competition (Knothole Glade)
         Get a score in the 250-400 range
         Reward: Treasure Clue and Trophy
    If you are no good at archery, kill the operator to get the trophy and clue
    7) Sword in the Stone (Temple of Avo)
         Max physical attributes and you can pull it out. Also, if you raise all
    your physical stats 3 levels from the first time you try to pull the sword,
    the sword should come out.
    8) Hidden Booty Hunt (6 treasure clues)
    1. Awarded after finishing the bounty hunt quest.
    2. Awarded after finishing Lost Trader quest
    3. Awarded after killing the last assassin (5) in Assassin Quest
    4. Held by Archery Contest in Knothole Glade.
    5. Found in a chest in Orchard Farm on way to dock.
    6. Found in a chest behind the windmill on Windmill Hill
    The treasure is at Orchard Farm between the lightpost and hay stack
    next to the barn
    Reward:  Frying Pan, but if you don't have all 6 clues before digging, it is
    9) Beardy Baldy (Bowerstone Quay)
    Wants you to get a specific haircut, beard and mustache
    You get to keep the cards for the ridiculous hair styles so you can look
    weird anytime you want
    Reward: Fire Monkey Tattoo (+51 attractiveness, +51 alignment)
    10) Mayor's Invitation (Bowerstone North)
    1) Buy a martial house. You don't have to live in it, just own one.
    2) Get a black rose from the shop right there in Bowerstone North
    3) Recover the Necklace: The necklace is buried between the two boats
    on the south beach in Oakvale, two crooks in the cemetary talk about it
    4) Defeat Thunder at Headsman's Hill, north of Bowerstone
    If you marry the helpful woman in the park, Lady Grey won't marry you
    and you won't be able to get 2 of the legendary weapons but you'll have
    made the other woman happy and Lady Grey really isn't a nice person. If
    you haven't bought the Solus Greatsword, Lady Grey will give it to you
    11) Assassin Hunt
    Kill all 5 Assassins to get treasure clue #3, here are their locations
    Knothole Glade- cross the bridge
    Witchwood Cullis Gate- near focus site on right side
    Windmill Hill- go up steps
    Prison Path- go towards pier
    Hook Coast- upper level, go towards bell
    X) Fight Club
    There is a group of guys that fight in Bowerstone Quay, Oakvale,
    Twinblade's Elite Camp and Knothole Glade that must be beat in that
    order. They gather 2 minutes or so after you wake at night at those
    marked circles in the dirt and they run off at daybreak. If you have level
    7 speed then you can blast through all 4 without a challenge because
    even the leader of Knothole Glade can't throw a punch faster than that,
    otherwise you may have to attempt to avoid getting hit. You get a trophy
    for winning. Nobody talks about fight club so it doesn't show up as an
    official quest.
    2) Map Regions (alphabetical order)
    * Demon Door, # Cullis Gate, % Silver Key Chest
    *Abandoned Road - Door #1
    Ancient Cullis Gate
    Bargate Prison Courtyard
    #* Barrow Fields - Door #2
    Bowerstone Jail
    Bowerstone North
    Bowerstone Quay
    # Bowerstone South
    Chapel of Skorm
    %Circle of the Dead - 10 Keys - Piercing Augmention
    Clifftop Path
    Darkwood Camp
    Darkwood Entrance
    %Darkwood Lake - 15 Keys - Arken's Crossbow
    *Darkwood Marshes - Door #3
    Darkwood Weir
    Fisher Creek
    *Gibbet Woods - Door #4
    *Gray House - Door #5
    *Greatwood Caves - Door #6
    #Greatwood Cullis Gate
    Greatwood Entrance
    *Greatwood Gorge - Door #7, 3 chests, 6 barrels, Bandit Toll
         flame augmention, 500 gold, 2 health potions 2 will potions
    %Greatwood Lake - 5 Keys - Elixer of Life
    Headsman's Cave
    Headsman's Hill - 15 Keys - Mana Augmentation
    #*% Heroes' Guild - Door #8, 20 Keys - Murren Greathammer
         There are a lot of books and a tattoo in the bookshelves.
         You lose access to part of this area after Gold Quest #2 
    Hobbe Cave Entrance
    #% Hook Coast - 15 Keys - Murren Greataxe
    #* Knothole Glade - Door #9
    Lookout Point
    #*Lychfield Graveyard - Door #10
    Memorial Garden
    # Oakvale
    Old Graveyard Path
    Orchard Farm - Ripples: Elixer of Life, Chest
    Picknic Area
    Prison Path
    *Rose Cottage - Door #11
    Temple of Avo
    # Twinblade's Camp
    Twinblade's Elite's Camp
    Twinblade's Tent
    Windmill Hill
    Witchwood Arena
    #Witchwood Cullis Gate
    Witchwood Lake
    *%Witchwood Stones - Door #12, 15 Keys: Health Aug.
    Inside Regions (not listed on map screen)
    Guild Woods - Ripples - Silver Key
    Cave Larder (Hobbes Cave Entrance) - Will Master's Elixer
    %Bowerstone Manor (Bowerstone North) 15 Keys - Katana Hiryu
    Cliffside Path - Along the northern path are infinite undead that can be
    killed in one hit. Using mana shield will allow you to reach any combat
    multiplier you wish. Your general experience will quickly cap out at
    999,999. Other experience types don't max out but you don't need more
    than 999,999 of a specific experience type. You can access this area
    after Gold Quest 16.
    2a) Demon Doors (Key - Reward)
    #1 Bright Plate, Dark Will, Bandit Outfit - Dollmaster's Mace
    The only difficult outfit to get is the Bright Plate and you can assemble at
    set at any time by buying from the wandering traders, purchase at the
    arena or half at Hook Coast. Having a mana augmented weapon at quest
    #9 instead of #19 can be a time saver if you are going the will user route.
    #2 Obese - Will Master's Elixer
    #3 Fight Guardians (not too hard) - Dark Will User's Outfit
    #4 Quest Door
    #5 Marry Lady Gray - Ronok the Axe
    #6 Get 14 combat multiplier in front of door - Cutlass Bluetane
    #7 Evil Act (eat 10 crunchy chicks or murder) - Wellow's Pickhammer
    #8 Lamp - Elixer of Life
    #9 Good bow shot - Elixer of Life
    #10 Quest Door
    #11 Any present - Will User's Bright Outfit
    #12 Quest Door
    3) Lists
    a) Armor Suits (23)
         aa) Regular/Light/Dark Styles
    Villager Outfit
    Will User's - Magic Defense (Find in Demon Doors or Stores)
         ab) Unique
    Apprentice - Free when you graduate
    Guard - Free during prison escape
    Assassin - Increases Stealth
    Bandit - Found in chests during Gold Quest 9
    No outfit - You were born with this one
    b) Titles (and the probably unique quote)
    Arse Face
    Chicken Chaser - "I thought your arms would be bigger"
    Sabre - "Sabre just doesn't cut it"
    Gladiator - "Nothing to Crow(e) about"
    Ranger - "That's an Outdoorsy kind of name"
    Maleficius - "That's a good name for summoning"
    Piemaster - "I don't know if I want to be Mrs. Piemaster"
    Necromancer - "The one and only Necromancer"
    Deathbringer - "I thought you'd be taller"
    Pilgrim - "Alright there Pilgrim"
    Arrowdodger - "No holes in you, eh?"
    c) Tattoos (Attractiveness, Scariness, Alignment)
    There is only one fixed tattoo shop in the game, at Knotwood Glade.
    There are many wandering tattooists that have different selections of
    tattoos. Many tattoos can be found in bookshelves, barrels, people's
    homes and you can steal them from the shop. You can only have one
    chest, torso or stomach tattoo at one time.
         Harion (10,0,0)
         Talin Clan (0,5,-5)
         Sea Chaos (-5,5,-5)
         Fire Monkey (51,0,51)
         Harvest (15,0,15)
         Golden Harvest (35,0,35)
         Eyes of Skorm (0,10,-10)
         Four Spades (5,0,0)
         Dorgon (15,15,0)
         Coron Night (0,0,0)
         Dark Vortex (0,10,-10)
         Kyndon (10,-10,10)
         Lopion (10,0,10)
         Valiance (10,10,10)
         Gryphon (15,15,0)
         Somrune (20,0,0)
         Arrowhead (12,-12,0)
         Seacorpse (-25,25,-25)
         Double Arrow (12,-12,0)
         Arrow Tongue (12,-12,0)
         Howl (51,51,-51)
         Spiral Dementia (0,20,-20)
         Talin Clan (0,5,-5)
         Poison Web (10,10,0)
         Harion (10,0,0)
         Coron Birth (5,0,0)
         Ruon Peak (10,0,10)
         Froydian (10,0,10)  
    The End

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