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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jesterguy

    Version: 2.00 | Updated: 10/15/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fable (Xbox)
    - FAQ/Walkthrough
    Written by: James Pelchar (jesterguy)
    Version: 2.00
    Date: 10.15.04
    Email: !!BEFORE YOU EMAIL ME!!  Please look for the info in the guide,
           if it is not there, then mail me for more info.  Make sure to
           check the FAQ section for commonly asked questions.
           jester01 at gmail dot com
    Table of Contents:
    I.    Updates
    II.   Introductions
    III.  Controls
    IV.   Game Overview
    V.    Walkthrough
    VI.   Optional Quests
    VII.  Sidequests
    VIII. Buying Houses/Marriage 
    IX.   Item List
    X.    Weapon/Armor List
    XI.   FAQ
    XII.  Legal
    XIII. Credits
    I. Updates
    Version 1.00 - Walkthrough still in progress (obviously), as is the 
                   rest of the guide.  There is a lot of information to
                   cram in here and I'm working as fast as I can to get it
                   all in.  Big update coming up next!
    Version 1.50 - Put some more into the walkthrough portion.  Most 
                   significant update was to the Sidequests and 
                   Item/Weapon/Armor areas.  Didn't get to the House and
                   Game Overview yet, but hopefully next update it'll be
    Version 2.00 - Completed the walkthrough, continuing work on side
                   sections.  Next update I'll be adding in new sections
                   and reworking areas of the walkthrough.
    NEXT UPDATE - Game Overview, spells, houses, fight club and more!
    II. Introduction
    Fable is argueably one of Xbox's most anticipated and biggest titles.  
    There is a lot to explore and do in this world, hopefully this guide 
    will help you through it.  
    You'll find comprehensive item/weapon/armor lists, sidequest locations, 
    a walkthrough to help you through those tough areas, and much more.
    III. Controls
    The controls for Fable seem complex at first glance, but are simple 
    once you get used to them.  More on this in the next update!
    - Regular
    A:         Talk
    B:         Run (Hold) 
    X:         Attack 
    Y:         Block 
    White:     Melee Weapon
    Black:     Range Weapon
    L-Trigger: Target
    R-Trigger: Will Menu/Gather EXP
    Start:     Pause Menu
    Back:      Character Menu
    L-Stick:   Walk
    R-Stick:   Rotate Camera
    L-Stick 1: Creep
    R-Stick 1: Expand Map
    D-Pad:     Command/Item Menu
    IV. Game Overview
    V. Walkthrough
    I haven't created a section for each specific location that you visit, 
    some are grouped together if they are in the same quest.  Most towns 
    have their own section but other areas around them are usually in the 
    section of their closest town.
    -- Oakvale --
    - Items
      Teddy Bear
    Your story begins in Oakvale, a pretty small country village.  Your 
    father wakes you up and reminds you to go and get your sister a gift 
    for her birthday today.  For every good deed you perform, you will be 
    given a gold piece by your father.  You will in turn use this to buy a 
    gift.  There are a few ways (both good and bad) to raise some funds in 
    the town.  Doing good deeds will have the townsfolk singing your 
    praises, bad deeds will have them speaking pretty harshly about you.  
    You can read your sister's diary inside your house that may have some 
    clues of events to come...
    Walk forward and talk to the little girl who lost her teddy bear, you 
    will pick it up later.  
    - Walk around the back of the house on the far right and you will see a
      man fooling around with another woman.  Accepting the bribe to keep
      your mouth shut will get you 1 Gold, but it will also count as a bad
      deed.  You can choose to reject it and go down the slope into the  
      middle of town and find the man's wife standing out in front of her 
      house.  Tell her about her husband's affair and you'll get a good 
      deed (also counting as 1 gold).
    - Continue forward and the path forks, head right.  A man will approach
      and ask you to watch his barrels while he uses the bathroom.  The kid
      will taunt you and try to make you break the barrels, but there is
      nothing inside of them.  Keep watch until the time runs out and you
      get a good deed.  Walking away or breaking them is a bad deed.
      NOTE: Look at the timer, if it's green then you're in the right
            place, red means you've walked away and won't complete this.
    - Go back and take the left path where it forked and you come upon a
      small child being bullied.  Give the bully a punch to the teeth a few
      times and he'll scurry off, good deed! 
    - Find the little girl wherever she is at in town and give her the
      bear to get a good deed. 
    Head back to your father and he'll give you a few gold pieces based on 
    how many good deeds you did.  Go into the middle of town and find the 
    trader standing outside and buy some Chocolates from him for 3 Gold.  
    You'll find your sister standing in a little field by herself and give 
    her the Chocolates.  But before you can go home, bandits ransack the 
    village, burn it down, and kill the citizens.  All but one path is 
    blocked now, follow it and you'll find your father laying dead on the 
    ground.  A mysterious loking man named Maze will save you from a bandit 
    and take you to the Hero's Guild.
    -- Heroes' Guild --
    - Quests
      Melee Combat Test
    - Items
      (Book) 'Making Friends'
      (Book) A Love Story
      (Book) Book of Spells
      (Book) Creatures of Albion Book I
      (Book) Creatures of Albion Book II
      (Book) Creatures of Albion Book III
      (Book) The Arena
      (Book) The Dragons
      (Book) The Hierarchy of Weapons
      (Book) The Northern Wastes
      (Book) The Old Kingdom
      (Book) The Other Land
      (Book) The Pale Balverine
      (Book) The Tale of Maxley
      (Book) The Tale of Twinblade
      (Book) Three Haikus by Miko the Bard
      Apple Pie
      Apprentice Outfit
      Blueberry Pie
      Cooking Apple x4
      Elixir of Life
      Guild Seal
      Health Potion x2
      Howl Tattoo
      Iron Katana
      Iron Longsword
      Kryndon Tattoo
      Resurrection Phial x3
      Will Potion x2
      Yew Crossbow
      Yew Longbow
    You'll meet your roommate, Whisper, and she will guide you around the 
    grounds for a while.  You can begin collecting some items right now if 
    you feel like it, or you can go ahead and meet the Guild Master 
      When you gain control of the hero, go to the very top floor via the
      stairs that you're standing by.  Search the bookshelves in the right
      room to find the Kryndon Tattoo and (Book) A Love Story.  The middle
      room contains (Book) Three Haikus..., and then enter the leftmost
      room to find (Book) The Tale of Maxley.  Head downstairs into the
      room with the map table in the middle and go into the library on the
      middle-left side.
    The library, naturally, has a pretty good collections of books 
    including: The Pale Balverine, The Hierarchy of Weapons, Creatures of 
    Albion Book I, II & III, The Arena, The Tale of Twinblade, The Northern 
    Wastes, The Old Kingdom, and The Other Land.  Now that we're done 
    searching the inside, head outside through where the store is at inside 
    the Guild.  Next to the bushes you'll see two apprentices arguing about 
    who's the fastest runner in the guild, you can do a little minigame 
    here and try to beat the time.  If you accept, run forward, then across 
    the bridge into the middle ground area, then hang a right past where 
    people are training and across another bridge.  The Demon Door is 
    straight ahead, just get on the platform where it is at, you don't need 
    to physically touch the door.  Run back within the time and you get a 
    little (very little) extra gold.
      Inside the top left building on the map is the servant's quarters. 
      Talk to the woman inside and she asks you to collect some apples for
      a pie she needs to make.  These are scattered all around the middle
      grounds, you can find around 7 but you only need 4 to complete the
      task.  Take them to the woman and she gives you a Blueberry Pie for
      helping her out (yum!).  When you are ready, go to where the Master
      is standing and he will start your training.
    The first thing you learn is how to attack, he puts you in the ring 
    against a dummy, just hit it until you complete the set amount.  Now 
    you will get to use a Stick, pull it out and beat the dummy senseless.  
    A bell rings off in the distance and you are given your first quest.
    - Melee Combat Test -
      20 Gold
      30 Renown
    Head into the Guild Woods and run to where the red dots are on the map, 
    these are the beetles.  Just use the basic tactics you learned to 
    defeat the set of 10 insects and return to the Master.  At this point 
    you can begin as an apprentice.  You will now be a teenager and have 
    the Apprentice Outfit on, go down to the melee training area again 
    where you recieve the Iron Longsword.  You'll need to practice hitting, 
    blocking, then using those skills you need to defeat Whisper in a one 
    on one match.  After beating her, wait around for a minute until a man 
    approaches and offers to grade your skills.  Once again you fight 
    against Whisper, get her health bar all the way down and if you do well 
    in the battle, you get an A+ and an Iron Katana.
      Now that you have completed the melee weapon training, you can move
      onto the ranged weapon.  Meet the master at the circle and he gives
      you a Yew Longbow to use.  First he teaches you how to shoot at the 
      stationary targets, then the moving ones.  Get your practice in here
      and then wait for the man to come over and offer to grade you.  I 
      don't know what the exact score is, but it's better than 150.  Stand
      towards the front middle-left of the circle and aim to the back right
      corner.  This gives you a perfect angle to hit all 3, but the one in
      the back is the best one to hit.  Beat the score and you get a Yew
    Your next training is in the use of Will (or magic).  After hitting the 
    targets you have the option to continue your training or play in the 
    woods with Whisper, select the option to play.  Go into the woods and 
    the 2 discover that there are bandits across the pond.  Either use your 
    ranged weapon to kill them or your magic abilities.  After doing this, 
    go back and do the Will Test, hitting 11 or more targets gets you an A+ 
    and a Will Potion and a Resurrection Phial.  Head towards the main 
    building and you can talk to the man standing outside.  He offers you 5 
    Gold for every sparrow you can kill.  Kill 7 of them and he will throw 
    in a little bonus Gold as well.  There are 3 main locations that the 
    birds are at: on top of the roof where the entrance to the dining area 
    is at, over in the courtyard where the fountain and 2 arguing men are 
    at, and on top of the slave quarters.  Go into the guild and leave your 
    teenage years behind.
      Enter the guild woods one more time and talk to Maze.  You will need 
      to melee attack, range attack, and will attack him 7 times each.  You
      can now graduate and recieve a Guild Seal and a supply packet
      including Resurrection Phial x2, Health Potion x2, Will Potion, Lamp,
      Apple Pie, and 51 Gold (not bad, eh?).  Go back outside to where the 
      Demon Door is and pull out your Lamp, showing this will open up the
      door.  Check the shelves for a Howl Tattoo and (Book) Book of Spells,
      then the table for (Book) 'Making Friends', and finally the chest for
      Elixir of Life.  Go to the map room and select the available quest.
    -- Lookout Point --
    - Quests
      Wasp Menace
    - Items
      Apple Pie x2
      Green Apple x5
      Health Potion
      Silver Key
      Standard Beard
      Wasp Queen's Head
    When you exit the gate, take note of the Trader right by the doors when 
    you come out.  You can talk to this man and have him change your title 
    (for a fee) if you're tired of being called "Chicken Chaser".  So why 
    not upgrade to something more noble...like Arseface...
    - Wasp Menace - 
      500 Gold
      200 Renown
    Right as you are coming out of the Guild, a man runs up to you and 
    alerts you that the picnic area is being attacked by wasps.  This man 
    will lead you to the location.  When you reach the top of the hill in 
    the center area of Lookout Point, chop down the 2 bushes off to the 
    side and pick up the Silver Key at the bottom of the little path.  
    Also, go to where the old begger is being bullied.  Helping the begger 
    gets you good points, helping the bully gets you evil points.  If you 
    want to chase the bully off, you can use some expressions like burping 
    a few times, or you can just beat the hell out of him.  Continue 
    following the panicked man into the Picnic area.
      As you enter you see a swarm of wasps attacking citizens, some are
      running around and some laying dead on the ground.  Take out the few
      wasps there initially and a giant queen wasp appears.  She bring
      additional swarms which should be killed first, then focus on the
      queen.  You really don't need strategy here, just go in slashing or
      hang back and try to shoot it as best you can.  She doesn't have much
      hit points so she'll go down pretty quickly.  You recieve the Wasp
      Queen's Head trophy for your victory.  Since the villagers around 
      here are dead, they won't have any use for the food laying around, go
      and collect it.  You can find Apple Pie x2, Health Potion, Green
      Apple x5, and the Standard Beard haircut.  From here you can either
      return to the Guild and level up some stats, or go straight to
      Bowerstone South.
    -- Bowerstone South --
    - Items
      (Book) 'Eyes of a Killer'
      (Book) 'The Guild of Zeroes'
      (Book) 'The Repentant Alchemist'
      (Book) 'The Sock Method'
      (Book) 'Windbreaker Rule Book'
      (Book) 'You Are Not a Bad Person'
      50 Gold x3
      100 Gold
      Ages of Might Potion
      Ages of Skill Potion
      Apple Pie x2
      Briar Rose Hero Doll
      Dark Villager Boots
      Dark Villager Shirt
      Dark Villager Trousers
      Fire Monkey Tattoo
      Fist Fight Level 1 Passed
      Golden Harvest Tattoo
      Harvest Tattoo
      Health Potion x2
      Leather Chest Piece
      Mutton Chop Beard
      Normal Haircut
      Regular Beard
      Seachaos Arm Tattoo
      Silver Key x2
      The Pudding Basin
      Trader Style Moustache
    NOTE: Looking for a place to stay at night?  You can sleep on the mats
          outside.  It's not the Plaza Hotel, but it'll do.  There's also
          one in Bowerstone Quay you can use without being disturbed.
    The kind guard will give you a general overview of the town.  Right as 
    you start, turn around and you will see a Trader by the gates, talk to 
    him.  He has in his inventory a Fishing Rod and Spade.  I'd highly 
    suggest buying the Spade, and you can get the Fishing Rod too, but 
    you'll be able to get one for free shortly if you can wait.  Also, buy 
    a Red Rose from here too, you will need it a little bit later.  Now we 
    can continue on into the town and pick up the rest of the items laying 
      Go into the Clothing Shop, it is the first one on the left and head
      upstairs.  There is a Silver Key out on the balcony and on the shelf
      inside is (Book) 'The Repentant Alchemist'.  Right across the road
      (first house on the right) you can find Normal Haircut and 50 Gold
      downstairs, and Regular Beard.  Continue up the hill and into the
      house on the right side past the Tavern.  In here you find Seachaos
      Arm Tattoo, (Book) 'Eyes of a Killer', and 50 Gold.  Enter the house
      directly across the road from it and you can find Health Potion,
      Apple Pie, 100 Gold, The Pudding Basin haircut, and Ages of Might
      Potion.  Upstairs of the Babershop has the Ponytail haircut and Apple
      Pie.  Proceed up the hill and to the left house, you can get (Book)
      'The Guild of Zeroes', (Book) 'You Are Not a Bad Person', Dark
      Villager Shirt/Boots/Trousers, 50 Gold, and a Health Potion.
      Finally, when it gets night out and the statue on Lookout Point is
      pointing to the town of Bowerstone, you can enter the cellar behind
      the tavern.  Inside is a chest containing the Leather Chest Piece.
      You can smash up some barrels inside the town for some extra little
      items, but make sure nobody is watching (night is a good time). 
      Barrels by the schoolhouse has the Golden Harvest Tattoo, the barrels
      in front of the house/side of the blacksmith have the Harvest Tattoo
      and (Book) 'The Sock Method'
    You can go into Bowerstone Quay and talk to the man by the docks.  He 
    tells you about his daughter and what kind of man she likes.  First you 
    will need to get The Pudding Basin Haircut, then the Mutton Chop Beard, 
    and finally the Trader Style Moustache.  After talking to him again he 
    reveals that he has no daughter and it was a big joke (ha ha...), but 
    he gives you the Fire Monkey Tattoo for your troubles.  You can also 
    come here at night and enter the Fist Fighters Gang fight for 50 Gold.  
    Win it and you'll get some renown, experience and the Fist Fighter 
    Level 1 Passed item.  There is also a minigame inside the tavern, you 
    play a game of memory where cards are layed out face down on a table 
    and you match them all within 40 seconds.  You can make some pretty 
    decent money here, and if you are skilled enough you can win the Briar 
    Rose Hero Doll.
      When you are ready to progress the story, talk to Maze outside of the
      Tavern.  He mentions a rumor that your sister could be alive, and
      after he's done talking another quest is opened up.  I suggest going 
      into the Guild Woods first and fishing in the pond (if you bought the
      rod) and getting the Silver Key.  You can also fish along the path to
      the Picnic area on Lookout Point to get Ages of Skill Potion.
    -- Greatwood --
    - Quests
      Protect/Attack Orchard Farm
    - Items
      (Book) 'Making Friends'
      (Book) 'The Rotten Apple'
      (Book) A Hero's Journey I
      100 Gold
      Coron Visor Tattoo
      Elixir of Life x2
      Fishing Rod
      Golden Fish
      Health Potion x3
      Jet x2
      Leather Gauntlets
      Piercing Augmentation
      Silver Key x3
      Treasure Clue 5
      Upper Dress
      Whisper's Brooch
      Will Master's Elixir
      Will Potion
      Working Moustache
    The newest area you will be venturing into is the Greatwood, Orchard 
    Farm, and surrounding areas.  Lots of stuff to do around here, so lets 
    get started.  First, check Lookout Point and wait until the statue is 
    pointing at Greatwood.  Then enter and go to the little area on the 
    left as you enter, there will be a chest containing a Piercing 
    - Protect/Attack Orchard Farm -
      750/1000 Gold
      400/400 Renown
    You've got a good and bad option here, good is obviously to protect the 
    farm.  Either way, Whisper approaches you as you enter Greatwood and 
    boasts that she will be taking the opposite quest as you.  Kill off any 
    of the wasps that are attacking the people in the woods, and follow 
    along the left edge of where you came in and it should lead you to a 
    small area with a chest and a few things laying around including: 
    Health Potion x3, Will Potion, and Will Master's Elixir.  Before 
    continuing the quest, go to Fisher Creek (it is the path left of where 
    you came in on the mini-map).  You will discover a man stuck in his 
    house because of wasps swarming outside.  Kill them all and he thanks 
    you, gives you his Fishing Rod.  Go around his house and you find a 
    chest with Leather Gauntlets inside, then enter the house to find 
    (Book) A Hero's Journey I.  There are 5 fishing spots here, you can get 
    100 Gold, Moonfish, Working Moustache, Silver Key, and the Golden Fish 
    trophy.  Leave this area and go to Greatwood Lake (left of the Fisher 
    Creek path).
      Head up the hill to the right of the bridge and get the Silver Key.
      Go across the bridge that isn't broken and you can now open up the
      key chest which contains Elixir of Life.  You can head to Orchard 
      Farm now and begin the real quest.  There are 3 boxes inside the barn  
      that you need to protect from 3 waves of bandits (3 bandits in each). 
      If you see one getting away with a box, focus your attacks on that
      one.  They all come down the same path so stand there with your
      ranged weapon at the ready and you can take out 1 or 2 (3 if you're
      good) of them before they even get down to the area you're guarding. 
      After killing the waves of bandits, Whisper challenges you to a
      fight, defeat her and you get Whisper's Brooch.
    Now that you can explore the farm, there is a fishing spot inbetween 
    the house and barn that you can pull an Elixir of Life from.  Also, go 
    out back of the barn to find a chest containing Jet.  You can go around 
    the back of the house and (you're going to hell for this) dig up the 
    grave site of Marna Jennings for Upper Dress.  Inside the house is 
    (Book) 'The Rotten Apple', and (Book) 'Making Friends'.  Head east of 
    the house and barn area, there is a chest with Treasure Clue 5, then 
    fish off the little pier beside the orchard to get Coron Visor Tattoo.  
    Finally, go to the very back and off the pier you can fish and get 
    another Silver Key.
      Right now you can go back to the Guild and level up.  There is also a
      mini-quest to do at Lookout Point where a trader asks you to escort
      him to Orchard Farm.  It's not far and it is pretty good money at
      this point, so I would accept it.  For getting him there without a
      scratch he gives you Jet.  You can also do the Hobbe Killing Contest
      right now if you have enough renown and feel up to the task.  See the 
      Optional Quests area of this FAQ for more info on that.
    -- Darkwood --
    - Quests
      Trader Escort
    - Items
      250 Gold
      500 Gold x2
      Assassin Shirt
      Dark Vortex Tattoo
      Flame Augmentation
      Leather Boots
      Lightning Augmentation
      Resurrection Phial x3
      Silver Key x4
      Steel Axe
      Steel Pickhammer
      The Cutlass Bluetane
      Trader's Feather
      Wellow's Pickhammer
      Will Bright Lower Robe
      Will Bright Upper Robe
      Will Dark Upper Robe
      Will Dark Lower Robe
      Will Master's Elixir
      Will User's Bright Boots
      Will User's Bright Gloves
      Will User's Dark Boots
      Will User's Dark Gloves
    Before attempting this mission, I suggest upgrading (at the very least) 
    your weapon.  An Obsidian Cleaver is a pretty decent weapon for now, 
    very affordable and very strong at this point.  If you don't have the 
    funds for this, you can try opening up the 2 Demon Doors in this area 
    containing 2 very useful weapons.  Read below for more details on that.
    - Trader Escort -
      2000 Gold
      500 Renown
    Come up to Greatwood Gorge and you'll be asked to pay a toll.  Paying 
    it will let you pass without any trouble, or you can fight all of the 
    bandits and get some extra experience and items from their camp 
    (fight!).  In thier camp you will find a Flame Augmentation and 500 
    Gold by the fire pit, then behind the camp is a Steel Pickhammer and a 
    few assorted items in the barrels.  There is a Demon Door right at the 
    exit here.  You can eat Crunchy Chicks in front of it and I also hear 
    that killing a citizen will do the trick.  Around 10 or so Crunchy 
    Chicks should let you pass to get Wellow's Pickhammer.  Head down to 
    the Cullis Gate exit and follow it down until you reach the Rose 
    Cottage entrance.  You can fish right here and catch a Moonfish, then 
    go into the cottage area.  Go over to the Demon Door and present it 
    with a Red Rose (the one you were supposed to buy in Bowerstone South).  
    The chest contains Will User's Bright Gloves, Will User's Bright Boots, 
    Will Bright Upper Robe, Will Bright Lower Robe.  Outside of the cottage 
    is a circle of roses, dig in the middle to find a Silver Key.  You can 
    also chop down the bushes beside this circle and get 500 Gold from the 
      Cut down the bushes in Darkwood Caves and you can enter Hobbe Cave.
      Go to the main chamber, down the moonlit tunnel and into the focus
      chamber.  Dig in the circle of mushrooms to get a Silver Key.  Also,
      in the first room you can enter the Cave Larder which holds a Silver
      Key chest with a Will Master's Elixir in it (5 keys).  If you can do
      it, you can also try to get your combat multiplier up to 14 or
      greater and then talk to the Demon Door.  **See the end of this 
      (Darkwood) section for an easier way to get in the door.  When you
      are done in this area, head to the Darkwood Entrance where you can
      begin the quest.
    You meet the 2 traders you are escorting, then as you head down a 
    little bit an injured man will ask you to let him follow as well, the 
    choice is yours.  Before leaving this area, get the chest on the right 
    before the exit and you pick up a Resurrection Phial.  As you enter the 
    marshes, a Balverine will attack, take it out before it harms any of 
    your party members.  You will also see a Demon Door here.  If you 
    choose to try to open it, make your party wait somewhere safe, such as 
    the top of the steps by the entrance.  You fight off a few waves of 
    guardians, and inside you get Will User's Dark Boots, Will User's Dark 
    Gloves, Will Dark Upper Robe, Will Dark Lower Robe.  Continue on and as 
    you come down the steps, stay there and use your range weapon to kill 
    all of the letal spores around the marsh.  Now go into Darkwood Lake.
      Careful of bandits running around here!  To the left of where you
      enter, you can find a chest with Leather Boots.  Go down into the
      "lake" (rather like another marsh) and to the right is a chest
      containing 250 gold, then to the left there is a key chest that takes
      15 keys that you can come back to later.  Right near the exit is a
      big white rock with a hole in the top that you can talk to, it says
      something seems to be stuck in it.  Shoot an arrow through the hole
      and a Silver Key will fall.  Go into the camp and on the left are 2 
      chests with a Resurrection Phial and Steel Axe, and one of the
      barrels here has the Dark Vortex Tattoo.  You can enter the Chapel of
      Skorm and grab the Assassin Shirt outside, if you want to know what
      the real purpose of this place is, see the Sidequest part of this
    When you enter the Ancient Cullis area, if you brought the other trader 
    along with you he will change into a Balverine around the steps.  Have 
    your 2 main traders wait by the entrance and just have the other one 
    follow you so you won't harm the 2 good traders.  Keep those 2 traders 
    by the top and take out all of the enemies in the area, make sure to 
    get the Resurrection Phial in the chest towards the exit of the area.  
    Fish off of the bridge where the waterfall is at and you can get a 
    Silver Key.  In the next area make a left when you hit the water and 
    you'll come across a chest with a Lightning Augmentation and a few 
    assorted items in the barrels.  Have your party stay somewhere back 
    here and approach the exit where a giant....troll thing pops out of the 
    ground.  The best approach to this is to hang back and fire arrows at 
    it until it dies, it leaves a Ruby on the ground.  Gather your party 
    and head into Barrow Field where the traders will rejoice like crazy.  
    Follow them down to the bridge to complete the quest.  You will also 
    get a Traders Feather trophy for finishing this.
    **DEMON DOOR - Now that you've reached Barrow Fields there is an easier
      way to get your muliplier up at this point.  Go the spot with the
      demon door and try to kill everything without getting hit.  As soon
      as everything is dead, use your teleport to go to Barrow Fields and
      into the Grey House.  Kill all of the undead here and it should bring
      your mulitplier up to around 20 or so.  Now teleport back to the
      Greatwood Caves (should be on recall) and then get your mulitplier up
      to 14 and talk to the door.  If you can't get it the first time you
      can just keep going back and forth between Grey House and the Caves
      until you make it.
    -- Oakvale --
    - Quests
    - Items
      (Book) 'Making Friends'
      (Book) 'The Oakvale Raid'
      (Book) 'The Sock Method'
      (Book) 'The Trials of Aarkan'
      (Book) 'The Ugly Guide'
      (Book) 'Windbreaker Rule Book'
      (Book) A Hero's Journey III
      (Book) Dusty Notebook
      250 Gold
      500 Gold x3
      Ages of Skill Potion
      Ages of Will Potion
      Assassin Boots
      Balverine Skull Tattoo
      Coron Night Tattoo
      Dark Lower Dress
      Dark Upper Dress
      Fist Fight Level 2 Passed
      Golden Carrot
      Health Potion x3
      Normal Beard
      Oak Crossbow
      Resurrection Phial
      Scrawled Parchment
      Sharpening Augmentation
      Short Hair
      Silver Key x2
      Spiral Dementia Tattoo
      Tallin Clan Arm Tattoo
      Tallin Clan Leg Tattoo
      Will Master's Elixir x2
      Will Potion x3
      Youngster Style
    Before heading across the bridge, go back up to the Grey House.  Defeat 
    the skeletons that come through the floorboards inside and you will 
    unlock the cellar.  Inside the house you can find (Book) Dusty 
    Notebook, Ruby, Tallin Clan Leg Tattoo, Ages of Skill Potion, Ages of 
    Will Potion, Normal Beard, and the 10 key box upstairs has a Sharpening 
    Augmentation.  Go into the cellar and pick up the Scrawled Parchment by 
    the skeleton and the Will Master's Elixir.  On the back side of the 
    house is a scarecrow that holds the Tallin Clan Arm Tattoo.  Finally, 
    head to where the Demon Door is located and fish in the pond for a 
    Silver Key.  Leave the area and go into Barrow Fields.
      Go towards the Demon Door and get the Sapphire from the chest.  You
      can also fish at the water right here and get a Moonfish.  If you 
      want to enter the Demon Door here, get your health full and start
      eating things like Pies, Meat, Tofu, whatever.  You gain weight when
      your health is full and you continue eating.  Eat enough and the door
      will open for you.  Inside you get a Will Master's Elixir.  Go  
      towards the town and fish off the side of the bridge, there is a 
      Coron Night Tattoo there.  Check the scarecrow for a Health Potion, 
      then go and fish by the other scarecrow for 500 Gold.  When you are 
      ready, head into your old hometown of Oakvale.
    Enter Oakvale and find Maze over by the tavern and he will tell you 
    about Twinblade's bandits and leaves a guild card.  You can do a little 
    shopping or head to the tavern and try to win the Whisper Doll at the 
    table golf game.  Go to the barn area by the tavern and dig inside the 
    entrance of the middle one to pick up the Balverine Skull Tattoo.  Next 
    to the tavern you can go on the beach, all the way to the right side is 
    a chest with Assassin Boots.  Go up the path and behind the house where 
    the man was cheating on his wife at the beginning and get 250 Gold from 
    the chest.  You can find (Book) 'Making Friends' in this house (for the 
    3rd time!), and also (Book) A Hero's Journey III, and a Health Potion.  
    Go to the house right next to this and get (Book) 'The Trials of 
    Aarkan', Dark Lower Dress, and Short Hair.  Enter the house across the 
    road and get the Will Potion, Youngster Style haircut.  
      Go across the bridge and down into the eastern section of town, the 
      house on the right has (Book) 'The Oakvale Raid'.  There is a fenced
      in area right in front of this house, a chest in there has a 
      Resurrection Phial.  Enter the house right beside the one you just
      came from to get Dark Upper Dress and Will Potion.  Go down the path
      to the beach area and inside the barn down there is an Oak Crossbow. 
      For now, head back up and into the house diagonal from the field with
      the Phial in it and get a Health Potion.  The other house by the
      beach path has (Book) 'The Windbreaker Rule Book', (Book) 'The Ugly
      Guide', Spiral Dementia Tattoo, and (Book) 'The Sock Method'.  Head
      north and you will come to a gravesite before the Memorial Garden
      entrance, dig here to unearth 500 Gold.
    Go down to the eastern beach and talk to the ghost pirate who asks you 
    to help him dig up his buried treasure.  Go to the eastern beach (by 
    the tavern) and dig on the left side of the pier to find 500 Gold.  His 
    wife is standing on the beach down here, give the money to her and 
    return to the ghost pirate.  He gives you the location of more treasure 
    at a graveyard.  Take a trip to the Memorial Garden to pay your 
    respects and dig up some graves.  Dig up the sites that say "You're 
    standing on my head.", "Mr. K Dunn..." for a Golden Carrot, Health 
    Potion.  Dig next to the big statue in the middle to find a Silver Key, 
    Obsidian Greataxe.  Also, try to play the table golf game in the bar to 
    pick up a new doll for your collection.  Finally, try to do the fight 
    club down by the barns, you'll need to have passed the one in 
    Bowerstone before you can do this one though.  Winning it gets you the 
    Fist Fight Level 2 Passed item.  When you're done with everything, talk 
    to Maze and get the new quest.
    -- Twinblade's Camp --
    - Quests
      Find the Bandit Seeress
    - Items
      100 Gold
      250 Gold x3
      500 Gold x2
      Ages of Might Potion
      Ages of Skill Potion
      Ages of the Will Potion
      Assassin Trousers
      Bandit Bandana
      Bandit Boots
      Bandit Gloves
      Bandit Pass
      Bandit Seal
      Bandit Shirt
      Bandit Trousers
      Fist Fight Level 3 Passed
      Harion Shoulder Tattoo
      Key to Hostage Cage
      Resurrection Phial x3
      Silver Key
      Steel Greatmace
      Twinblade Hero Doll
    The Clifftop Path can be accessed from the eastern beach in Oakvale.  
    There are three guards patrolling the area in front of the gates, you 
    are supposed to sneak past them by pushing in your left thumbstick to 
    creep around without being seen.  This isn't Metal Gear Solid or 
    Splinter Cell, shoot them with an arrow and walk in like you own the 
    place if you don't feel like hiding and what not.  Your best bet is to 
    find a vantage point where the 2 guards aren't around eachother and aim 
    for the head.  This way it will decapitate them and they won't be able 
    to sound the alarm.  There are three barrles sitting by the fence near 
    the cliffside, one contains the Harion Shoulder Tattoo.  Enter the 
    gates and you overhear two bandits talking about needing a full set of 
    gear to get inside Twinblade's Camp.  There really isn't but one way to 
    go here so there is no way to get lost.  Follow the main path and pick 
    up the Bandit Boots, Bandit Shirt, Bandit Trousers, Bandit Bandana, 
    Bandit Gloves, Resurrection Phial from the chests as well as the Ages 
    of Skill Potion and 250 Gold from some barrels.  Equip the full bandit 
    suit and head all the way up to the gates of Twinblade's Camp.  Talk to 
    the guard (who's a very friendly chap) and he lets you inside.
      You can find 250 Gold in one of the barrels by the bar, and go
      through the water by here and into the back corner is a chest with
      500 Gold and a barrel with Ages of the Will Potion.  Dig inbetween
      these and you'll find a Silver Key.  You need to pick up a pass in
      order to get into the elite camp, there are two ways you can go about
      doing this.  The first is to talk to the guy near the bar and play
      the memory game, win and he gives you one for free.  The other way is
      to talk to the guy standing by himself right outside of the tavern's
      tent and you can simply buy one for 1,000 Gold.  Either way, get the
      pass and enter Twinblade's Elite Camp.  There are lots of various
      items in the barrels here, two of the noteables are Ages of Might
      Potion and 100 Gold.  Also, pick up the Resurrection Phial and
      Assassin Trousers from the chests in this area.  By one of the
      campfires there are a few tents and one has a Steel Greatmace hanging
      on the side of it.  You'll have to use your steal command if you want
      to get it, just wait until nobody is looking directly at you and
      you'll snag it rather quickly.  You can hire some assassins to creat
      a distraction for you to enter Twinblade's Tent.  If you're trying to
      do good things, look for a cage containing two hostages and kill the
      guard pacing back and forth by it to get the Key to Hostage  Cage. 
      The people run out and the bandits chase them, leaving the doors
      unattended.  Also, try and do the fight club here at night for the
      Fist Fight Level 3 Passed item.  When you are prepared, enter to meet
    Twinblade looks like a pretty tough match, but he's more bark than he 
    is bite.  You'll see a little thing with your sister and the fight 
    begins.  The basic tactic to beating him is just run until he sticks 
    his swords in the ground.  This is the only time he is really 
    vulnerable, any other time he can block your attacks (both ranged and 
    melee) with ease.  Just keep repeating this process until he is on the 
    edge of death.  When you are given the opportunity to kill him, first 
    go into the tent and get the 250 Gold, Resurrection Phial, and 500 Gold 
    from the chests, then up the hill off to the side and pick up a 
    Diamond.  At this point you can let him live or kill him, attacking him 
    will send the circle of bandits after you.  While he is kneeling just 
    kill off the entire circle of bandits to get some extra experience and 
    the rest is up to you.  You get around 600 extra experience for 
    finishing him off but whatever you do, the result is the same as far as 
    the story is concerned.  You will get the Bandit Seal for completing 
    this quest.  Talk to Maze back at the Guild and a new quest will open.  
    You'll need to teleport to Witchwood Cullis Gate for this one.  While 
    you're here, try to do the tavern game and win the Twinblade Hero Doll, 
    there is more information on this in the Sidequests are of this guide.
    -- Witchwood --
    - Quests
      Find the Archaeologist
    - Items
      (Book) 'The Guild of Zeroes'
      (Book) 'The Sock Method'
      (Book) A Love Story
      (Book) Creatures of Albion Book I
      Arken's Crossbow
      Chainmail Gauntlets
      Chainmail Leggings
      Elixir of Life
      Flame Augmentation
      Health Augmentation
      Howl Tattoo
      Obsidian Greathammer
      Power Moustache
      Resurrection Phial x3
      Silver Key x2
      Will Master's Elixir
    - Find the Archaeologist -
      1500 Gold
      0 Renown
    Just to the right of where you enter there is a Resurrection Phial in a 
    chest, and on the left behind the fence is a fishing spot where you can 
    reel in a Moonfish.  Continue forward and you'll come to a very massive 
    Rock Troll.  This thing not only throws single boulders, but he can 
    throw 3 at a time.  I found the easiest way to get him to stop 
    attacking all together is just run up right on him and keep circling so 
    that his back is to you.  He will simply keep rotating to try and face 
    you and won't stomp or throw anything at you.  Just keep hacking at him 
    with your melee weapon and he'll go down eventually.  You get lots of 
    experience and pick up a Ruby and a Sapphire for your troubles.  A 
    barrel at the back has (Book) 'The Guild of Zeroes' along with a couple 
    of assorted items.  Head for Witchwood Stones now.
      In the pond across from the Demon Door you can fish for a Silver Key.
      Right by where your path forks there is a chest on your right behind
      some bushes with an Obsidian Greathammer.  Finally, past the 4
      lettered stones is one with Chainmail Gauntlets.  Go to the stones
      and HIT them to spell out the Demon Door's name.  Spelling a naughty
      word gets you attacked by balverines, spelling it's real name (HITS)
      will get you inside the door.  The Archaeologist is a little less 
      than happy to see you.  While in here pick up the (Book) 'The Sock
      Method', (Book) A Love Story, (Book) Creatures of Albion Book I,
      Ruby, Sapphire, Howl Tattoo, Chainmail Leggings, and Resurrection
      Phial from the chests and barrels.
    Go into the Temple of Avo area.  Right next to the temple is a 
    Resurrection Phial.  For more information on the Temple of Avo and the 
    Sword in the Stone, see the 'Sidequests' area of this guide.  Enter 
    Witchwood Lake and you can find the Power Moustache card to the right 
    of the entrance.  Dig next to the statue illuminated in red and you can 
    get a Silver Key.  Go ahead until the path forks and make a left.  
    There is a chest on your left that has a Flame Augmentation and a 
    fishing spot on your right that you can get a Will Master's Elixir 
    from.  Go into the Knothole Glade entrance area and shoot an arrow at 
    the Demon Door to open it and get an Elixir of Life.  If you have 
    collected all of the Silver Keys up to this point, you can get access 
    to the 15-key chests.  The one in Darkwood Lake has Arken's Crossbow, 
    and the one at Witchwood Stones' Demon Door has a Health Augmentation.  
    You can also try to do the Chaple of Skorm sidequest now, see the 
    Sidequests part of this guide for more information.  Since there is 
    nothing left to do now, go to the Guild and pick up the new quest card.
    -- Knothole Glade --
    - Quests
      White Blaverine
    - Items
      (Book) 'The Balverine Slayer'
      (Book) The Bloodline
      500 Gold
      1,000 Gold
      Chainmail Boots
      Fist Fighters Trophy
      Red Widow Tattoo
      Resurrection Phial
      Scarlet Robe Hero Doll
      Seachaos Leg Tattoo
      Silver Augmentation
      Silver Key
      The Dollmaster's Mace
      Theresa's Letter
      White Blaverine Head
    NOTE: After you accept the card, you can head into Witchwood Stones, a
          man will run up and ask you to help his wife that is being 
          attacked by Balverines.  If you follow him you will get jumped by
          about 10 guys, find him again after killing them and he says he 
          had to trick you otherwise they'd kill him.  He gives you a 
          Resurrection Phial and you get some experience and good guy
          points for it.  
    - White Blaverine -
      6200 Gold
      800 Renown
    Right across the bridge when you enter Knothole Glade, there is a 
    little hidden path to your left with an Emerald at the end of it.  Go 
    towards the gates and kill off a few regular balverines outside and 
    they let you inside the gate.  You talk to the guy in charge of the 
    village and he asks you to help kill the White Blaverine.  One comes 
    after you, just hit it 10 times and it runs off.  He then says you 
    should go speak to the woman at the top of the hill to find out how to 
    kill it for good.
      Go down the path to the left and get the Ruby from the chest.  Back
      up to the main part there is a chest with 1,000 Gold next to the
      blacksmith's shop.  At the end of the town you can dig between two
      houses on your left in a circle of plants and pick up a Silver Key. 
      The White Balverine will attack again and after you chase it off the
      woman comes out.  It turns out that the blaverine is actually her
      husband and she gives you a Silver Augmentation to help you kill him. 
      If you have the Arken's Crossbow you can use that and save the Silver
      Augmentation for later, otherwise just augment it to one of your
      weapons and attack it again.  You will then be sent to kill it at
      Witchwood Lake.  Each time you hit the White Balverine he calls more
      of his buddies to gang up on you.  The only important one is the
      white one so focus all of your attacks on that.  Kill it and you get
      the White Balverine head and you can head back to the town now. 
      Speak to the mayor and you get a nomination to the Arena, (Book) The
      Bloodline, and Theresa's Letter.  Since you can roam around and go
      into houses, the obvious choice here is to start looting the town.
    The house to the right of the statue has a Seachaos Leg Tattoo and 500 
    Gold.  Go to the north part of the village, I will do these houses 
    going clockwise starting on the one to your right as you enter the cul 
    de sac.  The first house has a Red Widow Tatoo, upstairs in the one 
    after the Marital House has Chainmail Boots.  The last house has (Book) 
    'The Blaverine Slayer'.  If you've been keeping up, you can enter the 
    final round of the fight club, winning it gets you the Fist Fighters 
    Trophy.  Right now you can enter the Demon Door back by the Bandit 
    Camp.  You can buy the Bright Plate armor from the blacksmith here in 
    Knothole or you can also find some pieces on the traders wandering 
    around right outside town.  Go up to the door and talk to him wearing 
    the Bright Platemail suit, then the Dark Will User's suit, and finally 
    your Bandit suit.  You now have access to The Dollmaster's Mace.
    -- The Arena --
    - Quests
      The Arena
    - Items
      Chainmail Helmet
      Champion's Seal
      King Scorpion Sting
      Silver Arrow Trophy
      Thunder Hero Doll
      Treasure Clue 4
    At the entrance to the Arena you can purchase yourself a new title if 
    you're getting tired of your old one.  I picked "Gladiator" since it 
    seemed somewhat fitting for what I was about to face.  Talk to the 
    guard at the gate and he gives you a rather lengthy introduction to the 
    Arena.  Make sure to pick up a Thunder Hero Doll from the guy at the 
    shop here.  After you roam around for a minute or two, Chameleon dies 
    in the Arena and you are selected to go next.  Gather whatever weapons, 
    armor and items you want and talk to the guy by the door to begin.
    - The Arena -
      0 Gold
      2000 Renown
      Round 1: Wasp Horde (100 Gold)
        This first round is very easy, you just fight a few swarms of wasps
        so winning is easy.  Winning will get you 100 Gold.
      Round 2: Hobbes (500 Gold)
        Now you'll fight those oh so fun Hobbes.  I reccomend taking out
        the 2 magic users first since they just hang back and launch stuff
        at you.  This way you can focus on taking out the close range ones
        without any problem.
      Round 3: Balverines (1,000 Gold)
        Whisper joins you for this one, though she doesn't offer as much
        assistance as you'd hope.  It starts off  with a pack of 
        balverines, then a pack plus a white one, then a pack plus 2 white
        ones.  Take out the regular ones first then use your silver 
        augmented weapons to kill the remaining white ones.  The regulars 
        are pretty weak so killing them off right away saves you a lot of
      Round 4: Dawn of the Undead (2,000 Gold)
        I think this should have been Round 3.  These slow movers are a 
        piece of cake (mmm...cake).  You can hang back and fire arrows at
        them or just run right up and shatter them.  Either way you choose,
        it's incredibly easy.
      Round 5: Band of Bandits (3,000 Gold)
        You've fought em a million times recently so you should be pretty
        familiar.  The first group will be done in a couple seconds, but as
        you progress you start getting the beefier ones.  They block a lot
        and will unleash some good combos so if you haven't learned how by
        this point, now is a good time to try and defend.
      Round 6: Ingrid and Bertha (4,000 Gold)
        These are 2 Earth Trolls that are set on either end of the arena.
        I suggest you just go up and wail on them with your melee weapon.
        You're going to be catching hits from both ends and trying to 
        barely jog and shoot your arrow isn't going to work to well.
      Round 7: Stanoth and Groyn (8,000 Gold)
        One has to wonder what their Rock Troll parents were thinking
        naming them Stanoth and Groyn (groin).  Just run up behind them and
        start hacking away.  Luckily this will block the attack from the
        other side.  Also, just use a regular attack until you see him jump
        and then use your flourish attack to hop in the air.  This will not
        only make him take a hit, but it will stop you from taking damage 
        when he jumps and slams on the ground.
      Round 8: Arachanox (10,000 Gold)
        This guy looks pretty intimidating but is actually very easy to
        kill, easier than the balverine one I'd say.  The easiest thing to
        do is run back and shoot arrows the entire time.  It's not going to
        be the fastest way but it will get the job done.  The only 2 things
        you need to worry about is having him charge at you (in which case
        you'd run away from it) or if you see the red line coming at you 
        and it explodes when it gets to you (in which case you'd run away
        from it).
    When you defeat the scorpion, Jack of Blades comes out and says that 
    you and Whisper will have a fight to the death.  Whisper says she won't 
    kill you but will fight normally.  Just get her health bar all the way 
    down and you decide if you want her to live or die.  Killing her gets 
    you an extra 10,000 gold, letting her live makes you forfeit this 
    money.  Either way, you'll come across a statue of your mother and Jack 
    of Blades tells you a little bit of your history.  Once the story 
    sequence is over, talk to one of the 3 villagers standing by the gate 
    outside the Arena and he gives you a Chainmail Helmet since he was so 
    impressed with your skills.  Right now you can go to the Grey House to 
    continue the story, or do the optional quests waiting at the guild.  
    There is more information on those in the Optional Quests section of 
    this guide.  After beating those I went on to the archery contest in 
    front of Knothole Glade's gates and won Treasure Clue 4, Silver Arrow 
    Archery Competition Prizes:
     ~150 Points - Carrot
     ~160 Points - Tofu
     ~170 Points - Red Rose
     ~180 Points - Health Potion
     ~190 Points - Perfume
     ~200 Points - Moonfish
     ~210 Points - Treasure Clue 4
     ~220 Points - Silver Arrow Trophy
     High Score  - Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond
    Try to get just about exactly what you need for your prize.  Also, 
    after you win the trophy the new high scores win the various jewels.  
    Try and just barely beat your high score so you can keep winning them.  
    For example, if your last high score was a 240, try to get around 241 
    or 242 points.  This way you win the jewel, get 100 renown and it's 
    easy to win it again the next time you play.  Since it only costs 10 
    gold to play and you can sell these jewels for anywhere between 200-700 
    gold apiece, you can turn a nice profit if you have the patience.
      Meet your sister at Grey House and she informs you that your mother
      may be held at the Bargate Prison.  The archaeologist should have
      information on how to get there, so your next task is to find him. 
      Get the card at the Guild and be on your way.
    -- Bowerstone North --
    - Quests
    - Items
      500 Gold x2
      (Book) 'The Tailors Tragedy'
      (Book) 'The Trigamist'
      Bright Lower Dress
      Bright Upper Dress
      Bright Villager Gloves
      Doll of You
      Foreign Moustache
      Lady Grey's Necklace
      Mana Augmentation
      Mutton Chop Beard
      Ronok the Axe
      Silver Key x2
      Strip Beard
      Thunder's Helmet
      Will Potion
    Enter the house on your right and grab the Bright Villager Gloves, 
    Bright Lower Dress, and Bright Upper Dress.  Across from that on the 
    little corner house has 500 Gold and (Book) 'The Tailors Tragedy'.  Of 
    note at the item shop you can pick up a Doll of You, get the Thuder 
    Hero Doll if you missed it at the Arena, a Black Rose, and the Solus 
    Greatsword.  In the back of the shop is another 500 gold chest.  In the 
    house across from the item shop you can find Foreign Moustache, Will 
    Potion, and (Book) 'The Trigamist'.  Finally, in the house right next 
    to the entrance to the jail you can get the Mutton Chop Beard and Strip 
      Talk to Lady Grey inside the manor and she asks you to find a fitting
      gift for her from the shop.  Buy a Black Rose and present it to her, 
      then make sure you've got a house and talk to her again.  She now  
      asks that you find her necklace, talk to some of the gossips around 
      town (green dots).  Find the one that says you might find a clue in 
      Oakvale, then head to that town.  Go to the Memorial Garden 
      (graveyard) and you will see two guys standing there being very 
      suspicious.  Go around the back of them so that you're on the other 
      side of the wall.  Push in the left thumbstick so you can creep up 
      and listen in on what they are saying.  You overhear that the 
      necklace is buried between the 2 boats on the east beach.  Head down 
      and dig when you see your shovel icon come up and you find Lady 
      Grey's Necklace.  She asks you for one more thing, to beat Thunder in 
      a fight.  Go Bowerstone Jail and you'll find Thunder waiting on the
      bridge.  He challenges you and says to meet him at Headman's Hill by
      the execution block.
    You'll have to beat Thunder 3 times.  The easiest way is to do a 
    flourish attack on him to take him off his feet, then run behind him 
    when he is on the ground.  After he gets up you can put a nice combo on 
    him that he can't block and finish the round off.  Also, when he starts 
    to do his Lightning attack, run out of it's range and fire some arrows 
    at him.  He takes both you and himself down a cliff where you will 
    fight again.  Beat him here and go into the cave and finish him off.  
    Just follow the same strategy the whole time.  You get Thunder's Helmet 
    for your victory.
      Inside this cave is a silver chest (15 keys) containing a Mana
      Augmentation.  Outside you can fish in the pond and get a Silver Key
      then talk to the Demon Door to give you an exit to Gibbet Woods.  Go
      and talk to Lady Grey at the manor in Bowerstone and marry her.  You 
      will get 15,000 gold for the dowry as well as 1,000 renown.  Check
      the bed inside the manor for a Silver Key, and then get the Katana
      Hiryu from the silver chest (15 keys).  You can also get into the
      Demon Door at the Grey House which has Ronok the Axe.
    -- Bowerstone Jail --
    - Quests
      Find the Archaeologist
    - Items
      100 Gold x2
      500 Gold
      Ages of Might Potion
      Ages of Skill Potion
      Ages of the Will Potion
      Ebony Longbow
      Flame Augmentation
      Minion's Helmet
      Piercing Augmentation
      Resurrection Phial x2
      Sheriff Moustache
      Silver Augmentation
      Silver Key x2
      The Murren Greathammer
      Trader Style Moustache
      Treasure Clue 6
      Wedding Ring
    - Find the Archaeologist -
      7000 Gold
      500 Renown
    The minions have taken the Archaeologist, they block a lot so your 
    flourish attacks will come in handy.  Try to keep the guards with you 
    alive, you'll gather a couple more in the areas ahead, they will be of 
    some help later on.  Off to your right across the bridge is a Piercing 
    Augmentation, and right before the entrace to Windmill Hill are a few 
    barrels, 2 of them contain Ages of the Will Potion and Sheriff 
    Moustache and a chest contains an Ebony Longbow.  In the next area, the 
    scarecrow to your left has a Trader Style Moustache.  Fish in the 
    ripples by the little pond to get a Wedding Ring.  Go up the hill and 
    dig in the circle of flowers by the scarecrow to get a Silver Key, then 
    get the 500 gold from the barrels next to the fence in front of the 
    house.  You can get an Ages of Might Potion and 100 Gold downstairs in 
    the windmill house, then a Resurrection Phial upstairs.  Out back in 
    the barrels is 100 Gold, and then Treasure Clue 6 in the chest.  Dig in 
    the circle of flowers out here to find another Silver Key.  Head for 
    the entrance of Gibbet Woods.
      Get through all the minions here and keep going to Prison Path.  This
      is kind of like the final stand for the monsters, you'll need to make
      your way down to the Archaeologist before he is taken away on the
      boat.  Kill all of the minions in the area before the clock runs out
      and he's saved.  You can either take them on as you go or just run
      straight to the docks and have them all gather around there and then
      fight.  If you have some soldiers with you they will help out with
      taking the hits and giving them.  He tells you of a passageway to the
      prison through the Lychfield Graveyard.  This concludes this quest
      and you get a Minion's Helmet for completing it.  You can pick up a
      Silver Augmentation from the chest on the docks, as well as a
      Resurrection Phial from the barrels.  Among the barrels on the steps
      you can get an Emerald, Moonfish, and Ages of Skill Potion.
    Go to Headsman's Hill now since it isn't blocked off, get the Flame 
    Augmentation from the chest on your left overlooking the cliff.  Before 
    beginning this next section, head to the Guild and open the 20 key 
    chest outside and get The Murren Greathammer.  Enter Lychfield 
    Graveyard when you are ready.
    -- Lychfield Graveyard --
    - Quests
      The Graveyard Path
    - Items
      250 Gold
      1,000 Gold
      Ages of Skill Potion
      Fishing Rod
      Health Potion x2
      Howl Tattoo
      Karlan Wings Tattoo
      Nostro's Armor
      Nostro's Helmet
      Nostro's Shield
      Nostro's Sword
      Resurrection Phial
      Silver Augmentation
      Silver Key x3
      The Buzz
      Undead Hand
      Will Potion
    - The Graveyard Path -
      1500 Gold
      200 Renown
    The gates are locked so you'll have to go and find the gatekeeper.  
    Walk over to the little shack on your left at the bottom of the hill 
    and you overhear him and another guy talking about burying a set of 
    armor.  Get the Spade from the chest in front of the house if you 
    haven't got one already (I reaaally hope you've had one this whole 
    time).  Get The Buzz and Ages of Skill Potion from the shelves inside 
    the house, then Nostro's Helmet from the shelf behind where he is 
    standing.  Talk to the gravekeeper and he lets you inside the 
    graveyard.  Alright, lets get digging!
      For this area I'm going to go in a clockwise pattern.  Go to the left
      of where you enter the gates and fish off the side where the ripple
      is at to get a Silver Key.  Go into the little grave area past this
      and dig by two graves on the right hand side for Nostro's Sword. 
      Down inside the little tomb is a Silver Key, and there is another one
      right past that in the middle grave by the plot near the bridge. 
      Also you can get 250 gold from the grave closest to the bridge and
      1,000 gold from the plot closest to the bridge on the other side.  Go
      into the grave area to the right of where you came in at and dig by
      the empty box for the Karlan Wings Tattoo, then over in front of the
      mushrooms for the Howl Tattoo.  Dig in the center of this area for a
      Health Potion.  Cross the bridge and in the plot right in front of
      you is a Will Potion and Health Potion in the few graves.  Go to your
      left and fish off the side for Nostro's Shield.  Go down into the
      open tomb and get Nostro's Armor.  Head up the hill and cut down all
      of the bushes to find a chest with a Fishing Rod.  Bring all of the
      armor items to Nostro's tomb at the top of the hill and he opens the
      Demon Door for you.
    Head down the hill, cross the bridge and go the right and there is a 
    Resurrection Phial in the chest.  Continue forward and before you enter 
    the door at the end, get the Silver Augmentation from the chest to the 
    left right before the exit.  Get the Resurrection Phial from the chest 
    on the right of the circle, and there is a Piercing Augmentation in a 
    silver chest (10 keys) to the left.  Walk over the light in the middle 
    of the area and a bunch of little undead will come after you.  Half are 
    ghosts that you can't hit, so just look for the ones with the red 
    outlines and hit them.  Once all of the circles are lit up, you'll 
    fight 3 bigger ones.  Kill those 3 and the door will open, you complete 
    the quest, you get an Undead Hand, and a new quest card.
    -- Bargate Prison --
    - Quests
      Rescue Scarlet Robe
    - Items
      250 Gold x3
      Ages of Might Potion x2
      Ages of the Will Potion
      Dark Chainmail Helm
      Dark Leather Chest
      Guard Boots
      Guard Gloves
      Guard Hat
      Guard Shirt
      Guard Trousers
      Harion Arm Tattoo
      Harion Shoulder Tattoo
      Kraken Tooth
      Lightning Augmentation
      Obsidian Katana
      Prison Cell Key
      Resurrection Phial x3
      Sharpening Augmentation
      Silver Key
      Small Moustache
      The Pudding Basin
      Your Missing Belongings
    Go past the little circle of water area and into the Underground 
    Tunnel.  In the center area the barrels contain an Ages of the Will 
    Potion and The Pudding Basin.  Enter the tunnel that leads north on 
    your map and it has a Resurrection Phial in the chest.  Head down the 
    last tunnel and out to the Cliffside Path.  When you come in, take the 
    opening to the right and down to the watery area.  There is a Dark 
    Chainmail Helm in a chest to the right and on top of the little island 
    thing in the middle is a Sharpening Augmentation.  Go back and take the 
    normal path and walk over to the little area on the left right off the 
    main walkway.  There is a Lightning Augmentation in the chest and you 
    can dig in the mushrooms right by this for a Silver Key.  Continue 
    upward and before the exit, get the Resurrection Phial from the chest 
    overlooking the watery area.  Be careful trying to go into the next 
    area, you will get ambushed by some undead when you go to the door.
      Kill off whatever guards come after you and take the left path when 
      you come into the center area.  You can get yet another Resurrection 
      Phial (does anyone actually need these things?) in the chest and you 
      can grab a couple Health Potions from the table.  Head for the next 
      area, in one of the barrels on this last tunnel is 250 Gold.  There 
      are lots of barrels and chests in this last big room.  The barrels 
      right in front of where you come in have 250 Gold and one next to the 
      staircase has a Moonfish.  The chest in the back have an Obsidian 
      Katana, and the one in the back room facing the stairs has a Dark 
      Leather Chest.  At the top of the stairs you can find 250 Gold and an 
      Ages of Might Potion.
    Enter the torture chamber and you'll find your Mom locked in the cell, 
    pull the lever to let her out and take the exit.  When you come down 
    the stairs Jack of Blades appears and takes you prisoner.  Your 
    cellmate will tell you a bit about this place as soon as the guard 
    leaves.  Every year on his birthday, the warden has a few prisoners do 
    a race around the courtyard area, the winner gets to listen to some 
    poetry (yay!).  Win the race and inside his office he'll begin reading.  
    Pay close attention to the the time and alertness meter on the screen.  
    Keep this meter as low as possible so the warden doesn't hear you and 
    send you back, make sure to do it quickly though since you don't have a 
    lot of time.  Sneak to the bulletin board and get the code, then open 
    the book and you will get the Prison Cell Key.
      Open your cell and break the barrel in the cell facing yours and you
      get a Stick, remember this from a loooong time ago?  Free all of the
      other prisoners in the cells and make for the courtyard.  Grab every 
      piece of food you can, you'll need it!  Watch for the guards here, 
      you can kill them but it'll take a while since you've got an 
      extremely pathetic weapon and no armor.  Go into cell block 2 (next 
      to where you exited your cell block from) and get the Small Moustache 
      from behind the banner.  Now go to cell block 3 and grab the Plate 
      Boots from the chest in the back.  Run up the steps and go into the 
      barracks via the door on the first landing.  You can get an Ages of 
      Might Potion from the barrel, and the Harion Shoulder Tattoo, Harion 
      Arm Tattoo from the shelves.  Inside the chests are Guard Gloves, 
      Guard Boots, Guard Hat, Guard Shirt, Guard Trousers, and Your Missing 
    Go out the door down in the courtyard and into the torture chamber, 
    pull the lever again to release your mother.  Just keep heading out the 
    way you entered the prison and you'll come back to that room with the 
    circle of water in the middle.  You are faced off against Kraken, a foe 
    about 20 times your size.  It's tentacles are your first target, you 
    can fire arrows at them while they are in the air and when they slam 
    down to hit you, run over and hack them with your melee weapon.  Take 
    down all of the tentacles and it's head will come up.  Just fire arrows 
    at it when it's in the middle, then when it comes more towards the side 
    you can reach it with your melee weapon.  Just make sure you watch out 
    when it attacks, it will spit a stream of....something at you, just try 
    to run out of it's way as best you can.  Once you damage the head 
    enough the tentacles come out and you repeat this process.  After 
    beating the Kraken, you get the Kraken Tooth and a new Optional Quest 
    will be accessable at the Guild.
    -- Hook Coast --
    - Quests
      Gateway to Hook Coast
    - Items
      (Book) 'The Sock Method'
      (Book) Arban's Thaumaturgica
      (Book) The Dragons
      (Book) The story of 'x'
      250 Gold x2
      500 Gold x2
      Arrowhead Tattoo
      Coron Birth Tattoo
      Maze Hero Doll
      Maze's Clasp
      Plate Gauntlets
      Sharpening Augmentation
      Silver Key
      The Eyes of Avo Tattoo
      The Murren Greataxe
      Tramp Beard
      Vambrace Tattoo
    - Gateway to Hook Coast -
      4200 Gold
      500 Renown
    Go to the Darkwood Cullis Gate, it's before Darkwood Weir and after the 
    Darkwood Camp/Chapel of Skorm area.  You have to kill enough undead to 
    fill up the meter for the cullis gate to activate.  Once you get to 
    Hook Coast, go to where the abbey is at and your mother will tell you 
    to come back to Maze's quarters at the Guild.  But first, you should do 
    some "shopping"
      As you come down the steps from where you came in, the first house on
      your left can be lockpicked.  Inside is 500 Gold, a Silver Key, and a
      silver chest (15 keys) containing The Murren Greataxe.  Head towards 
      the right of where you came in, the first house has a Sharpening 
      Augmentation upstairs.  The weapon shop has 500 Gold in it as well.  
      Upstairs at the tavern you can find (Book) 'The Sock Method', (Book) 
      The Dragons, Plaits.  Also, make sure to play Shove Ha'penny 
      downstairs and you can win a Maze Hero Doll.  Go up the steps right 
      outside towards the abbey and go into the houses up here.  The first 
      one contains 250 Gold x2, Arrowhead Tattoo, Coron Birth Tattoo, Tramp 
      Beard.  The one past that has The Eyes of Avo Tattoo, Vambrace 
      Tattoo, (Book) The story of 'x', and Plate Gauntlets.
    Go back to the Guild and to Maze's place.  Some of the monsters that 
    Jack of Blades had before take your mother away.  She leaves a very 
    important item though, the (Book) Arban's Thaumaturgica.  This will 
    conclude this current quest.  Go back to the Guild and talk to the man 
    in the map room to begin the next quest.
    - Return to Hook Coast -
      16,000 Gold
      1500 Renown
    Like the title of the quest says, return to Hook Coast.  Go up to the 
    barrier where the abbey is at and you'll find that Maze is working for 
    Jack and has your sister too.  Once the scene is over you are thrown 
    into battle with Maze.  He is a pretty admirable foe, but nowhere near 
    undefeatable.  I found the Slow Time spell pretty useful here, I would 
    use it and run around the back of him and put a combo on him with my 
    melee weapon.  Physical Shield is also a very good thing to use since 
    he's got a few magic attacks he likes to use.  Physical Shield will 
    nullify his magic and physical attacks, and you can just attack him 
    however you wish.  You'll have to follow and fight him all over Hook 
    Coast so get ready to do some running.  Once you have defeated Maze, he 
    tells you Jack is activating all of the focus sites around Albion.  
    Return to the Guild to begin the next quest.
    -- Albion/Heroes Guild  --
    - Quests
      Try to Stop Jack of Blades
      Battle Jack of Blades
    - Items
      Jack's Mask
      Sword of Aeons
    - Try to Stop Jack of Blades -
      5,500 Gold
      1,000 Renown
    The first place you go to is Witchwood.  You get to fight alongside 
    Guild members, guards, and even the hero Briar Rose who you might have 
    met at Bowerstone South at the very beginning of the game.  Fight or 
    run your way through the minions, undead, and whatever else is after 
    you and get to the Focus Site.  Jack has already activated it and runs 
    off to the next.  You'll then do the same at Greatwood Lake, Hobbe 
    Cave, and Gibbet Woods.  Once you've hit all the Focus Sites, you are 
    taken back to the Guild.  Level up anything you need and go towards the 
    - Battle Jack of Blades -
      26,000 Gold
      20,000 Renown
      Enter the Chamber of fate and you'll finally have your match with
      Jack of Blades.  He cuts your mother's throat and begins the battle. 
      He cannot be hit until you take out the group of Minions he sends
      after you.  As soon as they are all killed, the forcefield around him
      is taken down.  Just get your melee weapon, and do flourish attacks
      on him until his bar is halfway down.  He then will levitate in the
      middle and a bunch of rocks plow through the floor.  Get your ranged
      weapon out and fire off as many shots as you can get.  When you see
      him get ready to throw his attack, run behind a rock so the attack
      doesn't hit you.  Come out, shoot, then hide.  Later, rinse, repeat. 
      When Jack dies you are given the Sword of Aeons and face the ultimate
      choice: kill your sister and attain Jack's power, or throw the sword
      away and the darkness is gone.  This is a choice you will need to
      make for yourself.
    NOTE: Sit through the credits and you can continue playing!
    VI. Optional Quests
    - Hobbe Killing Contest
      900 Gold
      200 Renown
    This quest opens up before you do the Trader Escort main quest.  Head 
    to Orchard Farm and find the owners of the place, they have a problem 
    with Hobbes (the little monsters, not the tiger) running around their 
    farm and need them to be...terminated.  It's a head to head contest 
    between you and Whisper to kill the most before the timer runs out.  A 
    good starting point is when you first run in and the hobbes are on the 
    little area across the bridge.  Try to shoot the exploding barrel and 
    take a couple out for an early lead.  Though its not the most honest 
    way (but really, who cares?), try to steal kills from Whisper by 
    finishing off hobbes she already started.  Winning this quest gets you 
    a Hobbe Tooth Trophy.
    - Hobbe Cave
      5500 Gold
      400 Renown
    Talk to the woman in the house at Rose Cottage and she asks you to 
    bring her son James back.  She will give you the Hexagon Key to open a 
    door with a bit later.  There is an assassin in the first room when you 
    enter the cave that you can bring along with you.  Head down into the 
    main chamber and there is 500 Gold x2, Flame Augmentation inside the 
    chests.  Go all the way down to the Focus Chamber and you find James 
    being held prisoner.  You can either give up the treasure hunter if you 
    brought him, or fight your way out.  I chose to fight.  To kill the 
    nymph just keep shooting it with your ranged weapon, keep moving so 
    that the hobbes don't slam you around to much and hit the nymph as much 
    as you can.  Then just get out of the caves as fast as possible.  You 
    can simply run past all of the hobbes on the way out, the boy won't 
    take but a minimal amount of damage.  Once you exit the cave, everyone 
    does so don't worry about waiting up for them.  Outside you can split 
    the money with the treasure hunter and be on your way.  Head back to 
    the Rose Cottage and before talking to granny, enter the house and get 
    (Book) A Hero's Journey II and Will Potion.  You will get a Hobbe Head 
    trophy for completing the quest.
    - Lost Trader
      2600 Gold
      150 Renown
    Enter the Abandoned road via the Clifftop Path off of Oakvale.  You'll 
    find Stan, a guy that lost track of his brother Thomas somewhere around 
    here.  This is very simple, just go up the path while killing the 
    bandits along the way until you find Thomas.  Since there is only one 
    way to go there isn't a lot of room for error.  Just keep ahead of 
    Thomas so you can take out the enemies without getting him harmed.  
    Reunite the brothers and you get Treasure Clue 2.
    - Break the Siege
      5000 Gold
      450 Renown
    NOTE: After completing this quest, it is a good time to steal from the
          shops around Knothole.  All of the villagers and shopkeepers are 
          hiding so only the guards are out.  If you are caught stealing,
          they won't attack or fine you for it, they just walk off.
    A bandit asks you to deliver a message to the chief at Knothole Glade, 
    and the chief asks you to get rid of the bandits outside.  Talk to the 
    guard and have him open the gates.  Use your arrows to pick off a few 
    of them from the start, then when they rush you use the melee weapon.  
    Watch out for any bandits that might sneak past and try to free the 
    leader.  Kill them all and you win.  DO NOT kill the leader and DO NOT 
    let him get out.
    - Execution Tree
      4500 Gold
      200 Renown
    Guards are escorting a bandit prisoner up to the execution hill and 
    need you to stop his bandit friends from freeing him.  You have to 
    stick close to the 2 guards and the bandit otherwise they won't move.  
    Plus this way you get some entertainment by the guard's colorful 
    "I reckon there'll be a few of them in that Windmill too, they should 
    knock that thing down."
    "I like that old windmill, never did nothing to no one."
    (or something to that effect)
    The bandits attack at the middle of the hill at Bowerstone Jail, the 
    bottom and by the windmill at Windmill Hill, twice at the bottom of 
    Gibbet Woods, and once at Headsman's Hill.  Keep them away until the 
    prisoner is on the chopping block and you complete the quest.
    - Execution Tree Rescue
      4600 Gold
      200 Renown
    Alternatively, if you feel like being a bad guy for a little bit you 
    can try and rescue the prisoner from the guards.  This one is actually 
    more fun, but it's just evil.  You've got 3:40 to get to the hill and 
    save the bandit, but you'll have to take out the guards along the way.  
    Just kill and move as fast as you can and take out the executioner when 
    you get to the top.
    - Bounty Hunt
      5400 Gold
      400 Renown
    Some bandits have taken hostages and you need to track them down.  Go 
    into Greatwood Forest and take care of the few bandits and go to Fisher 
    Creek.  Kill them all here and you save the guy.  Head back out and 
    kill the bandits again and make your way to Greatwood Lake.  Once 
    again, kill the bandits and you save the sister, she will give you 
    Treasure Clue 1 for helping her and her brother out.
    - Bandit Spy Extraction
      5800 Gold
      400 Renown
    This one gets you a lot of evil points, so if you're trying to be a 
    good Hero, you might want to avoid this one.  Enter Bowerstone North 
    and talk to Tanya, one of the more attractive bandits in the game.  She 
    asks you to bring Otto back to Bowerstone North, he's a bandit 
    traveling with a trader convoy.  You can also hire some bandits for 100 
    gold each.  This mission is pretty tough but these rent-a-bandits are 
    extremely weak and of little use, so I wouldn't even bother with them.  
    Kill off the bandits in Bowerstone Jail, then go to the next place
      You can catch him on Windmill Hill if you rush up there, but he'll be 
      right at the entrance to Gibbet Woods if he leaves the area.  Make 
      sure to kill the traders he's walking with they carry a Moonfish, 
      Golden Carrot, Diamond, Jet, Sharpening Augmentation, Lightning 
      Augmentation.  When you talk to him and have him follow, some more 
      bandits will come after you.  I definately reccomend you use the Slow
      Time spell when you come into Bowerstone Jail with the bandit, there
      are a bunch of guards around the entrance and they are all gunning
      for your friend.  If you see him take some damage, use your heal
      spell to get him back to good health.  You will also get a Sharpening
      Augmentation and Trader's Head trophy for completing the mission.
    VII. Sidequests
    1.  Silver Keys/Chest Locations
    2.  Demon Doors
    3.  Treasure/Treasure Clues
    4.  Doll Quest/Bar Games
    5.  Fight Club
    6.  Fishing/Digging/Stealing
    7.  Chapel of Skorm
    8.  Temple of Avo
    9.  Sword in the Stone
    10. Orchard Farm Escort
    -- 1. Silver Keys/Chest Locations --
       Special chests you encounter across the land require a certian 
       amount of Silver Keys to unlock their contents.  These keys can be
       used as many times as you need them.  The following are the key
       locations in chronological order:
       A. Lookout Point - At the top of the hill in the middle area there 
          are some bushes off to the side that can be cut through.  Down  
          the little path is a Silver Key.
       B. Bowerstone South - Go inside the Clothing Shop and go upstairs 
          and out on the balcony. 
       C. Guild Woods - Find the little pond with a ripple in the water and
          fish there, reel it all the way in to obtain your key.
       D. Fisher Creek - Fish in one of the spots outside of the house. 
       E. Greatwood Lake - Up the hill where the broken bridge is at (to
          the left of the lower, structurally intact bridge.)
       F. Orchard Farm - Go to the very eastern part of the map and fish
          off of the pier.
       G. Rose Cottage - Dig in the circle of roses outside the house.
       H. Hobbe Cave - Go all the way down into the Focus Chamber, there is
          a ring of mushrooms on the far side that you can dig in.
       I. Darkwood Lake - Find a tall white rock that you can target and
          talk to.  It says that something seems to be stuck in the top,
          shoot an arrow through the hole and a key will fall.
       J. Ancient Cullis Gate - Fish off of the bridge where the waterfall
          is at.
       K. Grey House - There is a pond right by the demon door.
       L. Memorial Garden - Dig next to the big statue in the middle.
       M. Twinblade's Camp - Go behind the water by the tavern and dig
          between the chest and two barrels.
       N. Witchwood Stones - Fish in the pond adjacent to the Demon Door.
       O. Knothole Glade - Dig in the circle of plants between two houses
          toward the back part of the town.
       P. Windmill Hill - Dig in the circle of flowers at the top of the
          hill by the scarecrow
       Q. Headsman's Hill - Fish in the pond in front of Headsman's Cave.
       R. Lady Grey's Bedroom - Go into the manor at Bowerstone North and
          check the bed.
       S. Lychfield Graveyard - Fish in the pond left of the entrance to
          the actual graveyard.
       T. Lychfield Graveyard - Inside an open tomb at the graveyard.
       U. Lychfield Graveyard - Near the open tomb, dig in the middle grave
          by the bridge.
       V. Hook Coast - Found inside the lighthouse in one of the pieces of
       Now that you have all these keys, it's time to open some chests! 
       Here are the locations, number of keys needed, and the contents of
       the chests:
       A. Hero's Guild (20 keys)
          Found outside by the melee training circle.
          (The Murren Greathammer)
       B. Greatwood Lake (5 keys)
          Found in the center area of the map across the bridge.
          (Elixir of Life)
       C. Hobbe Cave (5 keys)
          Found in a room off of the entrance area.
          (Will Master's Elixir)
       D. Darkwood Lake (15 keys)
          Found to the left of when you come down into the marshy area.
          (Arken's Crossbow)
       E. Grey House (10 keys)
          Found upstairs inside the house
          (Sharpening Augmentation)
       F. Witchwood Stones (15 keys)
          Found inside the Demon Door
          (Health Augmentation)
       G. Headsman's Cave (15 keys)
          Found at the back of the cave.
          (Mana Augmentation)
       H. Bowerstone Manor (15 keys)
          Found inside Lady Grey's bedroom.
          (Katana Hiryu)
       I. Circle of the Dead (10 keys)
          Found on the left side of the circle.
          (Piercing Augmentation)
       J. Hook Coast (15 keys)
          Found at the very top of the lighthouse.
          (The Murren Greataxe)
    -- 2. Demon Doors --
       You will come across Demon Doors every now and then, they are big
       doors with an old face on it that can speak to you.  To enter these,
       you must perform a certain task.  Their location, task, and contents
       are as follows:
       A. Hero Guild - Outside and past where you did the Will training as
          a teenager.  Simply present your lamp to it and it will open, you
          get this lamp when you enter into adulthood.
          (Howl Tattoo,(Book) Book of Spells, (Book) 'Making Friends',
          Elixir of Life)
       B. Greatwood Gorge - I believe the easiest way to open this door up
          is to eat Crunchy Chicks in front of it.  You get evil points for
          eating these things, so chomp down around 10 of them and he'll
          open up for you.  I hear killing someone in front of it might
          work as well, but I just snacked on the Chicks.
          (Wellow's Pickhammer)
       C. Rose Cottage - The demon door is just to the left as you enter
          the Rose Cottage area.  Buy a Red Rose from one of the traders at
          somepoint and give it to the door.
          (Will User's Bright Gloves, Will User's Bright Boots, Will Bright
          Upper Robe, Will Bright Lower Robe)
       D. Greatwood Caves - Talk to this door when your combat multiplier
          is at 14.  Not 15, not 16, not 9 or 10, it needs to be FOURTEEN.
          (The Cutlass Bluetane)
       E. Darkwood Marshes - Right by the entrance, you will have to fight
          off a few waves of guardians to enter the door.
          (Will User's Dark Boots, Will User's Dark Gloves, Will Dark Upper
           Robe, Will Dark Lower Robe)
       F. Grey House - You need to be married to Lady Grey to get access to
          the treasure inside this door.
          (Ronok the Axe)
       G. Barrow Fields - To your left before you come across the bridge. 
          You need to make your character fat to get inside.  You can do
          this by filling your life meter, then continuing to eat. 
          Everytime you eat after the life bar is full, it will pack some
          extra pounds onto your character.  Keep eating until the door
          will open for you.
          (Will Master's Elixir)
       H. Abandoned Road - You'll need to talk to him wearing the Bright
          Platemail suit, the Dark Will User's suit, and finally the Bandit 
          (The Dollmaster's Mace)
       I. Witchwood Stones - You have to HIT (hint hint) the magic stones 
          ahead to spell out the door's name.  The correct answer is "H-I-
          T-S", spelling out a certain cuss word will get you attacked by
          some balverines.
          ((Book) 'The Sock Method', (Book) A Love Story, (Book) Creatures
          of Albion Book I, Ruby, Sapphire, Howl Tattoo, Chainmail
          Leggings, Resurrection Phial) 
       J. Knothole Glade - This one is very easy, simply shoot an arrow at
          its face and it opens.  I believe your strength stats would have
          something to do with it, but at this point in the game it
          shouldn't be a problem.
          (Elixir of Life)
       K. Headsman's Hill - You need to defeat Thunder to get in here.  Do
          the Lady Grey sidequest at Bowerstone North to be able to fight
          him here.
          (N/A - opens entrance to Gibbet Woods)
       L. Lychfield Graveyard - Recover all the pieces of Nostro's armor
          from the graveyard and take it to his tomb to open this.
          (N/A - opens entrance to Old Graveyard Path)
    -- 3. Treasure/Treasure Clues --
    - Clue 1 - Complete the Bounty Hunt optional quest and the girl will
               give this to you for saving her.
    - Clue 2 - Complete the Lost Trader optional quest and you will recieve
               this as a thank you.
    - Clue 3 - Kill the 5 assassins after you defeat Twinblade.  Read below
               for more info/locations of these assassins.
    - Clue 4 - Get the high score at the archery competition in front of
               Knothole Glade to win this.
    - Clue 5 - East of the house and barn area in Orchard Farm.  There is a
               chest that has this clue.
    - Clue 6 - Break the barrels around the windmill on Windmill Hill.
    - Assassin Locations:
      1. Hook Coast       (100 Gold)
      2. Knothole Glade   ('Eyes of a Killer')
      3. Prison Path      (   )
      4. Windmill Hill    (100 Gold)
      5. Witchwood Cullis (Jet)
    - Deciper the Clues
    1: "To begin your quest, go to the region where scrumping Hobbes were
       discovered in legion."
    -  This one is slightly vague since it can be a lot of places, but
       think back to where you battled a lot of Hobbes...
    2: "Your hunt for the treasure can only come good if you start your
       search where fruit lies in wood."
    -  This one ties to the first.  Where are fruit and wood located?
       Perhaps an orchard...
    3: "With your back to the Lake, walk into the light.  Proceed no
       further when it's no longer in sight." 
    4: "The nearest construction points with its limb.  Follow its
       direction, but don't stop on a whim."
    5: "You're not going in circles, but riddle me this: repeat the last
       clue and you won't go amiss."
    6: "Your reward is buried at the end of your trail.  Proceed as
       directed, 'til you're twixt wood and bale."
    -  If you're not fluent in words that NOBODY uses these days, "twixt"
       (short for "betwixt") means between.  Between wood (a barn), and
       bale (like a bale of hay).  Your shovel icon won't appear so you'll
       have to manually select the dig option and the treasure is yours!
    What was all this trouble for?  A frying pan!  Not only is this the 
    most unusual weapon in the game, but very useful.  Though it doesn't 
    have nearly as high of power as some other weapons, it's strength is in 
    the fact that it has 4 (yes, 4) open augmentation slots.  Choose 
    wisely.  I'd highly suggest you not use an experience augmentation on 
    it since if you ever max out your stats, you'll have basically wasted a 
    -- 4. Doll Quest --
    There are 6 dolls you need to get, they are spread across various 
    areas.  Here are their names, locations, and how to obtain them:
    - Briar Rose Hero Doll - Bowerstone South
      I recieved this one for getting a fast time at the card game inside
      the tavern.  I'm not completely sure on what time you need to beat,
      but my time was 25.7 seconds.  I'd guess it's around 30, but like I
      said, I'm not completely sure what the exact time is.
      Basically what I do is go top to bottom, left to right.  Memorize the  
      cards you haven't paired up until you get them.  Here's an example  
      Start here > 3  9  Q  7
                   2  K  Q  2
                   A  9  5  7
                   5  K  3  A < End here
      In this case you'd just keep "3, 9, Queen, 7, 2, King" in your head 
      until you reach the queen that pairs with the first one.  Then you
      can remove that from the order, so it would now be "3, 9, 7, 2,
      King".  Next you would pair off the two, so it becomes "3, 9, 7,
      Ace" until you hit the 9 and pair that off.  And continue this until
      you finish the game.  Just repeating them over and over to yourself 
      will help you keep track of where the cards are at.  To get a fast
      time, you will basically just need to wait it out.  Every now and
      then your cards will be extremely easy to pair off.  As you go top to
      bottom, left to right, there will be pairs next to eachother almost
      the whole way.  I'd say it happens once in every 10-15 hands.
    - Whisper Hero Doll - Oakvale
      I recieved this one for getting a high score on the Coin Golf tavern
      game.  If you get 10 strokes or better on this 4 hole course, you
      will recieve the doll as a prize.
      There are 3 types of things on the table.  The jug is the largest and
      has a white bottom with a brown top.  The glass has a bronze colored
      base and the upper portion is glass.  Finally, the mug has a brown
      base with a steel looking upper half.
    Hole 1: Aim between the jug and the glass and try to land it halfway
            between the jug and the mug, this gives you a clear shot at the
    Hole 2: Aim towards the left edge of the mug, if you position it
            correctly you can get a hole in one.
    Hole 3: Aim for the glass by itself on the edge of the table.  Hitting 
            the right side can get you to bounce off the side of the mug 
            and give you a short shot from the side.  Hitting towards the
            middle can land you between the mug and the rest of the items
            on the table.
    Hole 4: Try to postion the coin between the 2 jugs by bouncing it off
            the glass to the right side of the table.  This gives you a
            clear shot at the glass at the far end of the table.  Aim for
            the left edge of the glass and you can bounce it into the hole
            in 2 shots.
    - Twinblade Hero Doll - Twinblade's Camp
      You recieve this for getting a high score on the Spot the Addition 
      game at Twinblade's Camp.  My score was around 22.3 seconds I
      believe, so I'm assuming that 25 seconds is what you're shooting for. 
      There are 2 ways to go about getting this doll.
      1. The Easy Way
         The easiest way, and the way that a lot of people seem to do this,
         is to use your Slow Time spell.  Use it and talk to man at the
         table and the spell will carry on throughout the game.  This gives
         you ample time to make sure you know exactly what you have and
         what the addition is.
      2. The Hard(er) Way
         AKA the normal way.  It's really not hard, just takes some memory.
         I just assigned each item a different name, there are a bunch
         possible items so I just did it like this:
         "White" for the white flowered tree
         "Grave" for the white tombstone
         "Shroom" for the mushroom
         "Book" for the book
         "Boot" for the boot
         "Fish" for the goldfish
         "Black" for the...whatever the hell that black head is
         "Head" for the skull
         "Red/Green" for the apple, there are both green and red
         "Sword" for the knife/sword
         "Guy" for the little guy holding a spear
         So in a round if an apple, tombstone, tree, boot, and spear man
         appear on the table, I just remember "Red, White, Grave, Boot,
         Guy".  I try to keep the colors together to make it easier.  Just
         come up with your own names for them to help you remember and it 
         will make it a lot easier.  
    - Scarlet Robe Hero Doll - Knothole Glade
      Card Sorting is the name of the game at Knothole Glade.  I don't know  
      what the exact time to beat is, but there is a way to ensure you'll
      destroy whatever record it was.
      You will definately want to use your Slow Time spell here, it pretty
      much guarentees a victory (unless you screw up).  Basically you
      select the cards going from lowest to highest.  Ace being the lowest
      and King being the highest.  So if your cards are set out as:
           A    K   You want to pick Ace first, then 2, 4, 7, Jack, King.
           7 10 4   The game works like this for every round, it's just
           J    2   that you get more cards the higher the round is.
    - Thunder Hero Doll - The Arena
      You can buy this little guy from the shop at the Arena.  
      Walk up and buy the thing.
    - Maze Hero Doll - Hook Coast
    -- 5. Fight Club --
    -- 6. Fishing/Digging/Stealing --
    1. Fishing
    2. Digging
    3. Stealing
    There are a lot of little ways to get some extra items along your 
    journey, three of those ways are fishing, digging and stealing.  This 
    section covers the locations and items you can gain by doing each of 
    these.  It is a work in progress and will take some time to get it all 
    in here, so bare with me!
    1. Fishing
    You can purchase a fishing rod from the trader standing right inside 
    the Bowerstone South gates or you can get one for free after saving the 
    man at Fisher Creek.  You can fish basically anywhere you find water 
    and get a Fish, but certain spots will have a ripple in the water and 
    you can get some other valuable items.  The following are the spots 
    I've come across that have a ripple and what you get for fishing there:
    - Guild Woods - In the pond where you fought the thieves at.
                    (Silver Key)
    - Lookout Point - Along the path to the Picnic Area.
                      (Ages of Skill Potion)
    - Fisher Creek - 5 fishing locations around the house.
                     (Moonfish, 100 Gold, Silver Key, Working Moustache,
                      Golden Fish trophy)
    - Orchard Farm - Between the house and barn
                     (Elixir of Life)
    - Orchard Farm - Past the orchard and off the little pier.
                     (Coron Visor Tattoo)
    - Orchard Farm - Go to the very eastern part of the map on the pier.
                     (Silver Key)
    - Cullis Gate - Right by the entrance to Rose Cottage.
    - Grey House - In the pond by the Demon Door.
                   (Silver Key)
    - Barrow Fields - In the water by the Demon Door.
    - Barrow Fields - Off the side of the bridge heading towards town.
                      (Coron Night Tattoo)
    - Barrow Fields - Down the river from the previous spot, by scarecrow.
                      (500 Gold)
    - Witchwood Cullis Gate - Left of where you enter, behind a fence.
    - Witchwood Stones - Fish in the little pond opposite the Demon Door.
                         (Silver Key)
    - Witchwood Lake - On your right after you take a left at the fork.
                       (Will Master's Elixir)
    - Windmill Hill - To the right of where you enter, in the pond with a 
                      little island in the middle of it.
                      (Wedding Ring)
    - Headsman's Hill - In the little pond in front of the cave entrance.
                        (Silver Key)
    - Lychfield Graveyard - On the left side where you enter the graveyard.
                            (Silver Key)
    - Lychfield Graveyard - Across the bridge and off to the left.
                            (Nostro's Shield)
    2. Digging 
    You can buy a Spade from the trader standing just inside the Bowerstone 
    South gates, this will enable you to dig up items while you are out 
    exploring.  The following are the places I've found to dig and what 
    item you get:
    - Orchard Farm - Around the back of the house at the grave.
                     (Upper Dress)
    - Oakvale - Gravesite before entrance to Memorial Garden
                (500 Gold)
    - Oakvale - To the left of the pier on the eastern beach.
                (500 Gold)
    - Oakvale - Right inside the opening of the middle barn.
                (Balverine Skull Tattoo)
    - Memorial Garden - On the grave that says "You're standing on my head"
                        (Golden Carrot)
    - Memorial Garden - On the grave that begins "Mr. K Dunn..."
                        (Health Potion)
    - Memorial Garden - Next to the big statue in the middle.
                        (Silver Key, Obsidian Greataxe)
    - Twinblade's Camp - Between the barrel and chest behind the water.
                         (Silver Key)
    - Witchwood Lake - Next to the statue illuminated in red.
                       (Silver Key)
    - Knothole Glade - In a circle of ferns between two house.
                       (Silver Key)
    - Windmill Hill - In the flowers at the top of the hill by a scarecrow.
                      (Silver Key)
    - Lychfield Graveyard - Please refer to the Lychfield Graveyard section
      in the main walkthrough.  There are a bunch of areas to dig at and
      it's just not necessary to put all that down here again.
    3. Stealing
    You can get the Steal option when you increase the Guile level with 
    your experience points.  When you enter towns you will see items 
    sitting out in places such as barbershops, item stores, clothing 
    stores, weapon stores, etc.  You can approach these items and hold down 
    the Steal command button, if the meter fills up without you getting 
    caught, the item will be yours.  You will be forced to pay a fine for 
    stealing if you are caught so make sure you keep an eye out!  Also, 
    slipping the guards a little money will make them look away and getting 
    the residents drunk helps to make this process a bit easier.
    You can steal whatever the store has in it's inventory.  There are 
    certain items such as tattoo and haircut cards that, as far as I know, 
    can only be obtained by stealing from a shop.
    -- 7. Chapel of Skorm --
    This is one of the most asked questions about this game:  "How do I get 
    the Skorm Bow".  The process is very simple, here's how I did it.  I 
    hired one of the mercenaries (I just chose the one from Twinblade's 
    Camp since he was pretty annoying) and brought him to the Chapel of 
    Skorm.  From here I just waited until the arrow on my little clock 
    thing in the upper right hand of the screen was in the middle of the 
    night section.  You will know when it's at the middle of the night area 
    when the money from your bag is taken out for the mercenary's fee.  
    Once you see the money being taken, talk to to the priest and sacrifice 
    Now I got this on my first try and only had to sacrifice only one 
    mercenary.  My Alignment was about 75% full on the good side.  I have 
    heard that you might need to sacrifice multiple mercenaries to get it 
    to work, one right after the other (all at that same time around 
    midnight).  I don't know how all that works out with alignment and what 
    not, I just know that you sacrifice around the midpoint of night on 
    your clock after the money is taken from your pouch.
    -- 8. Temple of Avo --
    -- 9. Sword in the Stone --
    When you go to the Temple of Avo, off to the side there is a sword in a 
    stone with a bunch of villagers trying to pull it out.  You can't pull 
    it out initially, it's just a way to log your stats at that time.  Once 
    you first try to pull it out, you need to level up your Physique by 5, 
    your Health by 3, and your Toughness by 2.  Once you've done this you 
    can head back and pull it out.  If you're to high on each of them 
    you'll have to max them out in order to be able to pull it.
    -- 10. Orchard Farm Escort --
    You can begin this by talking to the trader on Lookout Point around the 
    statue.  He asks you to escort him to Orchard Farm.  Early in the game 
    you can do this and go right to the farm and that's that.  However, 
    later on you can take this quest and you'll find that the entrance to 
    the farm through Greatwood Forest is barricaded off.  You'll then need 
    to bring him around Greatwood Lake and into the farm.
    Talk to the folks that own the place and they ask you to go to the 
    grave behind the house and talk to the ghost of the mother there.  
    Apparently she was on her way home from an anniversary party and was 
    killed at Greatwood Lake by a bandit.  She then asks you to recover a 
    precious family heirloom for her that the killer stole.  Go to 
    Greatwood Lake and toward the Greatwood Forest entrance, the ghost 
    appears and points out the murderer to you.  Go up and kill the bandit 
    and you get Dead Lady's Heirloom.
    VIII. Buying Houses/Marriage
    1. Getting Married
    2. Buying Houses
    -- 1. Getting Married --
    So your hero is feeling a little lonely, huh?  Well the obvious thing 
    to do is pick up a hooker.  But since this isn't Grand Theft Auto, 
    you're going to have to tie the knot and get a ball and chain and 
    whatever overused marriage related mannerisms you can think of.  First 
    you need to pick the lucky lady/man, once you've found her/him you'll 
    have to make them fall in love with you.  You can do this by:
    - Using your Social expressions
    - Giving gifts
    - Wearing attractive clothing
    All of these things will increase how much they love you.  Having a 
    high attractiveness is a good starting point since it can automatically 
    start you with a big heart or even a red heart.  What do these hearts 
    mean?  Read on...
    You can tell how much a person loves you by the heart above their head. 
    The different sizes, colors, etc. mean different things:
    - No Heart   - They have no feelings for you.
    - Tiny Heart - They have very little feelings for you. 
    - Big Heart  - They like you a lot.
    - Red Heart  - They LOOOOOVE you.
    - Gold Heart - The beginning of the end, er...you're engaged.  
    But to get married they have to love you.  Flirt, give them gifts, do 
    whatever to get the job done.  When they fall in love, the pink heart 
    will be replaced by a big red heart.  At this point you can offer them 
    a Wedding Ring.  Once you present them with a ring and they accept, 
    they have a gold heart to represent your engagement.  Every couple 
    needs a place to live though, so you'll need to go to a town and buy a 
    Marital House.  Try upgrading too, you want to have a nice place for 
    you and your wife to live.  Bring them to the house and talk to your 
    fiancee and you can get married.  The gold heart will turn into a 
    golden ring, symbolizing your marriage.  
    Want to spice it up a bit?  To have sex with your wife just bring her 
    to the area by the beds and talk to her when she is outlined in green, 
    then you can sleep together.
    Every now and then your wife will give you gifts, more on this in 
    future updates.
    -- 2. Buying Houses --
    Bowerstone South
    Marital Home - 1,500 Gold
    Trophy Mount - 1
       Upgrade 1 - 500 Gold
       Upgrade 2 - 700 Gold
       Upgrade 3 - 1,400 Gold
    Knothole Glade
    Marital Home -
    Trophy Mount -
       Upgrade 1 -
       Upgrade 2 - 
       Upgrade 3 - 
    IX. Item List
    This item list is not complete, obviously.  Got a bunch more stuff to 
    throw in there, more to come in the next update.
    1. Trophies
    2. Potions
    3. Gifts
    4. Produce
    5. Others
       - Special
       - Books
       - Haircut
       - Tattoos
       - Dolls
    -- 1. Trophies --
    For completing quests and other little tasks you may recieve a trophy 
    for your efforts.  You can use these to gain renown by showing them off 
    to the inhabitants of this world, or you can mount them in your house 
    to boost it's value and make it look pretty.
    -Title-                -Location-        -Value-
    Bandit Seal            Twinblade's Tent   1000
    Champion's Seal        Arena              2000
    Fist Fighters Trophy   Knothole Glade     1000
    Golden Fish            Fisher Creek        100
    Hobbe Head             Rose Cottage        300
    Hobbe Tooth Trophy     Orchard Farm        300
    Jack's Mask            Heroes' Guild      
    King Scorpion Sting    Arena              1000
    Kraken Tooth           Underground Chamb. 1500
    Maze's Clasp           Hook Coast         
    Minion's Helmet        Prison Path         900
    Silver Arrow Trophy    Knothole Glade      300
    Thunder's Helmet       Headsman's Cave    1000
    Trader's Feather       Barrow Field        300
    Trader's Head          Bowerstone North      5
    Undead Hand            Circle of the Dead  800
    Wasp Queen's Head      Picnic Area         100
    Whisper's Brooch       Orchard Farm        300
    White Balverine Head   Knothole Glade      800
    -- 2. Potions --
    Potions are good for getting your Health or Will up very quickly when 
    you're running low, they are especially useful in the heat of battle 
    when you don't have time to let produce fill up the bars slowly.  
    Certain ones can also increase the overall amount of Health or Will you 
    can have.
    -Title-                   -Effect-
    Ages of Might Potion      Increase Strength experience.
    Ages of Skill Potion      Increase Skill experience.
    Ages of the Will Potion   Increase Will experience.
    Elixir of Life            Increase Health bar amount.
    Health Potion             Restores Health.
    Resurrection Phial        Restores life after death.
    Will Master's Elixir      Increase Will bar amount.
    Will Potion               Restores Will.
    -- 3. Gifts --
    You can use these to earn the love of someone in the world or just make 
    your significant other happy.  Some of the jewels can be sold for a 
    pretty penny too.
    -Title-              -Value-
    Black Rose             300
    Chocolates              10
    Diamond                800
    Emerald                700
    Fake Wedding Ring
    Jet                    450
    Perfume                120
    Red Rose                20
    Ruby                   600
    Sapphire               550
    Wedding Ring           900
    -- 4. Produce --
    Produce is the food and other items you can acquire to eat and trade.  
    Eating certain items can not only increase your health, but also give 
    you Strength, Skill, and Will experience points and even evil points.  
    Items like the Cider Crate, Flower Sack, Grain Sack, and Beer Keg are 
    good if you get into the whole trading system in this game.
    Apple Pie           Increase Health
    Blueberry Pie       Increase Health
    Beer Keg
    Carrot              Increase Health/Skill experience
    Cider Crate
    Crunchy Chick       Increase Health/Evil points
    Fish                Increase Health/Will experience
    Fish                Increase Health/Will experience
    Flower Sack
    Golden Carrot       
    Grain Sack          
    Green Apple         Increase Health
    Red Meat            Increase Health/Strength experience
    Tofu                Increase Health/Good points
    -- 5. Other --
    1. Special
    2. Books
    3. Haircuts
    4. Tattoos
    5. Dolls
    1. Special
    These items you are given or can buy/find along your journey.  They 
    don't fit in with any of the others so I just put them all here.
    -Title-          -Description-
    Bandit Camp Pass Use to gain access to Twinblade's camp area.
    Dead Lady's Heir A precious family heirloom.
    Fishing Rod      Use to fish in areas with water.
    Fist Fight Lv. 1 Won for beating first fist fighting competition.
    Fist Fight Lv. 2 Won for beating second fist fighting competition.
    Fist Fight Lv. 3 Won for beating third fist fighting competition.
    Guild Seal       Use to communicate and teleport to the Guild.
    Hexagon Key      Key to the Hobbe Cave door.
    Lady Grey's N.   Lady Grey's missing necklace.
    Lamp             Use to light your path in dark places.
    Money Bag        Use to hold the gold you acquire.
    Nostro's Armor   Part of Nostro's missing armor.
    Nostro's Helmet  Part of Nostro's missing armor.
    Nostro's Shield  Part of Nostro's missing armor.
    Nostro's Sword   Part of Nostro's missing armor.
    Prison Cell Key  Your ticket to freedom.
    Silver Key       Use to open the silver chests.
    Spade            Use to dig for buried treasure.
    Treasure Clue 1  Clue to the location of hidden treasure.
    Treasure Clue 2  Clue to the location of hidden treasure.
    Treasure Clue 3  Clue to the location of hidden treasure.
    Treasure Clue 4  Clue to the location of hidden treasure.
    Treasure Clue 5  Clue to the location of hidden treasure.
    Your Missing ... Your belongings taken from you at Bargate Prison.
    2. Books
    Books are found on the shelves inside buildings for the most part.  At 
    the moment I don't know of what purpose they serve other than to give 
    you little stories and tidbits of info (maybe that's all they do?).  
    The locations I have listed for each title are where you can FIND them, 
    they can be bought in item shops though.
    -Title-                          -Location-
    'Eyes of a Killer'               Bowerstone South
    'Making Friends'                 H. Guild/Orchard Farm/Oakvale
    'The Blaverine Slayer'           Knothole Glade
    'The Guild of Zeroes'            Bowerstone South/Witchwood Cullis
    'The Oakvale Raid'               Oakvale
    'The Repentant Alchemist'        Bowerstone South
    'The Rotten Apple'               Orchard Farm
    'The Sock Method'                Oakvale/Witchwood Stones
    'The Tailors Tragedy'            Bowerstone North
    'The Trials of Aarkan'           Oakvale
    'The Trigamist'                  Bowerstone North
    'The Ugly Guide'                 Oakvale
    'Windbreaker Rule Book'          Bowerstone South/Oakvale
    'You Are Not a Bad Person'       Bowerstone South
    A Hero's Journey I               Fisher Creek
    A Hero's Journey II              Rose Cottage
    A Hero's Journey III             Oakvale
    A Love Story                     Heroes' Guild/Witchwood Stones
    Arban's Thaumaturgica            Heroes' Guild
    Book of Spells                   Heroes' Guild
    Creatures of Albion Book I       Heroes' Guild/Witchwood Stones
    Creatures of Albion Book II      Heroes' Guild
    Creatures of Albion Book III     Heroes' Guild
    Dusty Notebook                   Grey House
    The Arena                        Heroes' Guild
    The Bloodline                    Knothole Glade
    The Dragons                      Heroes' Guild/Hook Coast
    The Hierarchy of Weapons         Heroes' Guild
    The Northern Wastes              Heroes' Guild
    The Old Kingdom                  Heroes' Guild
    The Other Land                   Heroes' Guild
    The Pale Balverine               Heroes' Guild
    The story of 'x'                 Hook Coast
    The Tale of Maxley               Heroes' Guild
    The Tale of Twinblade            Heroes' Guild
    Three Haikus by Miko the Bard    Heroes' Guild
    3. Haircuts
    You can pick up haircut cards along your journey and go to a barber 
    shop or talk to a barber wandering around the fields somewhere to 
    change your hairstyle.  Some hairstyles will make you more/less scary 
    or attractive, etc.  Here are the locations of these cards:
    -Title-                -Location-         -A-   -S-
    Bald                   Steal              +50   -50
    Clean Shave            Steal               0     0
    Foreign Moustache      Bowerstone North   -49   +49
    Long Beard             Steal              -48   +48
    Mutton Chop Beard      B. Quay/Bower. N.  +48    0
    Normal Beard           Grey House         +48   +48
    Normal Haircut         Bowerstone South   +50   +50
    Ponytail               Bowerstone South    0    +50
    Power Moustache        Witchwood Lake     +49   -49
    Plaits                 Hook Coast         -50   -50
    Regular Beard          Bowerstone South   +48    0
    Sheriff Moustache      Bowerstone Jail    +49   +49
    Short Hair             Oakvale            +50    0
    Small Moustache        Bargate Prison      0    +49
    Standard Beard         Lookout Point      -48   -48
    Strip Beard            Bowerstone North    0    +48
    The Buzz               Lychfield Grave.   -50    0
    The Pudding Basin      Bowerstone South    0    -50
    Trader Style Moustache Bowerstone Quay    -49   -49
    Tramp Beard            Hook Coast         -48    0
    Working Moustache      Fisher Creek        0    -49
    Youngster Style        Oakvale             0     0
    Key: -A- = Attractiveness
         -S- = Scariness
    You'll have to steal some haircuts to get the card.  The following can 
    be stolen from the barber in Bowerstone South:
    - Bald
    - Clean Shave
    - Long Beard 
    4. Tattoos
    You can also find tattoo cards all over the place.  Find a tattoo 
    artist and he can ink you up (or de-ink you) for a small fee.  Since 
    these alter your appearance, they will also alter the way people 
    percieve you.  Here are the locations of the cards:
    -Title-                 -Location-        -A-   -S-
    Arrow Tongue Tattoo                       +12   -12
    Arrowhead Tattoo        Hook Coast        +12   -12
    Balverine Skull Tattoo  Oakvale           -10   +10
    Coron Birth Tattoo      Hook Coast        +05    0
    Coron Dawn Tattoo                          0     0
    Coron Dusk Tattoo                         +05    0
    Coron Mask Tattoo                          0    +25
    Coron Night Tattoo      Barrow Fields      0     0
    Coron Visor Tattoo      Orchard Farm       0     0
    Coron Wave Tattoo                          0     0
    Dark Vortex Tattoo      Darkwood Camp      0    +10
    Dorgon Tattoo           Steal             +15   +15
    Doublearrow Tattoo                        +12   -12
    Fire Monkey Tattoo      Bowerstone Quay   +51    0
    Firis Head Tattoo                          0    +10
    Four Spades Tattoo                        +05    0
    Froydian Tattoo                           +10    0
    Golden Harvest Tattoo   Bowerstone South  +35    0
    Gryphon Tattoo          Steal             +15   +15
    Harion Arm Tattoo       Bargate Prison    +10    0
    Harion Shoulder Tattoo  Clifftop Path     +10    0
    Harvest Tattoo          Bowerstone South  +15    0
    Howl Tattoo             Heroes' Guild     +51   -51
    Karlan Wings Tattoo     Lychfield Grave.  +10    0
    Kryndon Tattoo          Heroes' Guild     +10   -10
    Lopion Tattoo                             +10    0
    Poison Web Tattoo       Steal             +10   +10
    Red Widow Tattoo        Knothole Glade    +10   +10
    Remove Tattoos          Steal              0     0
    Ruon Peak Tattoo                          +10    0
    Seachaos Arm Tattoo     Bowerstone South  -05   +05
    Seachaos Leg Tattoo     Knothole Glade    -5    +05
    Seacorpse Tattoo        Steal             -25   +25
    Somrune Tattoo          Bargate Prison    +20    0
    Spiral Dementia Tattoo  Oakvale            0    +20
    Tallin Clan Arm Tattoo  Grey House         0    +05
    Tallin Clan Leg Tattoo  Grey House         0    +05
    The Eyes of Avo Tattoo  Hook Coast         0    +10
    The Eyes of Skorm Tat.  Steal              0    +10
    Valiance Tattoo                           +10   +10
    Vambrace Tattoo         Hook Coast         0     0
    Key: -A- = Attractiveness
         -S- = Scariness
    You'll have to steal some tattoos to get the card.  The following can 
    be stolen from the tattoo place in Knothole Glade:
    - Dorgon Tattoo
    - Eyes of Skorm Tattoo
    - Gryphon Tattoo
    - Poison Web Tattoo
    - Seacorpse Tattoo
    5. Dolls
    You can win these dolls from the various tavern games in the towns.  
    See the Doll area of the Sidequests section of this guide for more info 
    on what to do with these little things.
    -Title-                  -Description-
    Briar Rose Hero Doll     A doll of Briar Rose.
    Doll of You              It's a doll....of you.
    Jack Hero Doll           A doll of Jack of Blades.
    Maze Hero Doll           A doll of Maze
    Scarlet Robe Hero Doll   A doll of Scarlet Robe.
    Thunder Hero Doll        A doll of Thunder.
    Twinblade Hero Doll      A doll of Twinblade.
    Whisper Hero Doll        A doll of Whisper.
    X. Weapon/Armor List
    1. Weapons
       - Melee Weapons
       - Ranged Weapons
    2. Clothing
       - Head
       - Hands
       - Torso
       - Legs
       - Feet
       - Suits
    - Key:
    E  - Experience
    F  - Flame
    H  - Health
    L  - Lightning
    M  - Mana
    P  - Piercing
    S  - Sharpening
    Si - Silver
    1. Weapons
    The following is a list of the weapons that are available to you in 
    Fable.  For Augmentations (Aug), a number represents how many empty 
    slots the weapon has for you to augment things to it.  If it has a 
    letter, that represents the type that is on it already when you 
    find/buy it.  The ones that have augmentations already attached when 
    you get them are the legendary weapons.
    -- Melee Weapons --
    -Name-             -Damage-  -Aug-    -Weight-
    Frying Pan            100      4       Heavy
    Iron Axe              30       0       Light
    Iron Cleaver          30       0       Light
    Iron Greataxe         40       0       Heavy
    Iron Greathammer      45       0       Heavy
    Iron Greatmace        43       0       Heavy
    Iron Greatsword       48       0       Heavy 
    Iron Katana           33       0       Light
    Iron Longsword        30       0       Light
    Iron Mace             30       0       Light
    Iron Pickhammer       30       0       Light
    Katana Hiryu          215     S/F      Light
    Master Axe            113      3       Light
    Master Greataxe       180      3       Heavy
    Master Greatsword     214      3       Heavy
    Master Katana         147      3       Light
    Master Longsword      135      3       Light
    Master Mace           102      3       Light
    Master Pickhammer     90       3       Light
    Obsidian Axe          75       2       Light
    Obsidian Cleaver      83       2       Light
    Obsidian Greataxe     120      2       Heavy
    Obsidian Greathammer  135      2       Heavy
    Obsidian Greatmace    128      2       Heavy
    Obsidian Greatsword   143      2       Heavy
    Obsidian Katana       98       2       Light
    Obsidian Longsword    90       2       Light
    Obsidian Mace         68       2       Light
    Obsidian Pickhammer   60       2       Light
    Ronok the Axe         165     S/Si     Light
    Solus Greatsword      314    F/H/S     Heavy
    Steel Axe             38       1       Light
    Steel Cleaver         42       1       Light
    Steel Greataxe        60       1       Heavy
    Steel Greathammer     68       1       Heavy
    Steel Greatmace       64       1       Heavy
    Steel Greatsword      72       1       Heavy
    Steel Katana          49       1       Light
    Steel Longsword       45       1       Light
    Steel Mace            34       1       Light
    Steel Pickhammer      30       1       Light
    Stick                 20       0       Light
    Sword of Aeons        550   H/M/E/S    Light
    The Cutlass Bluetane  165      L       Light
    The Dollmaster's Mace 135      M       Light
    The Harbinger         198     S/P      Light
    The Katana Hiryu      215     S/F      Light
    The Murren Greataxe   240      P       Heavy
    The Murren Greathamm. 270     E/P      Heavy
    Wellow's Pickhammer   120     P/P      Light
    -- Ranged Weapons --
    -Name-            -Damage-  -Aug-
    Arken's Crossbow    220     Si/F/P
    Ebony Crossbow      150       0
    Ebony Longbow       130       2
    Master Crossbow     200       0
    Master Longbow      180       0
    Oak Crossbow        110       1
    Oak Longbow         90        0
    Skorm's Bow         264      L/S
    Yew Crossbow        80        0
    Yew Longbow         60        0
    2. Armor List
    -- Head --         
    -Name-                  -AR-   -A-    -S-
    Bandit Bandanna          52    -18    +18
    Bright Chainmail Helmet  83     0     +10
    Chainmail Helmet         83    -10    +10
    Dark Chainmail Helm      83    -10    +20
    Guard Hat                58     0     -26
    No Hat                   38     0      0
    -- Hands --
    -Name-                  -AR-   -A-    -S-
    Apprentice Gloves        50     0      0
    Bandit Gloves            52    -05    +05
    Bright Chainmail Gaunt.  83     0     +02
    Bright Leather Gaunt.    66    -02     0
    Bright Plate Gauntlets  100    +05    +02
    Chainmail Gauntlets      83    -02    +02
    Dark Chainmail Gaunt.    83    -02    +05
    Dark Dress Gloves        41    +02    -02
    Dark Plate Gauntlets    100    +02    +05
    Dark Villager Gloves     50     0     +02
    Dress Gloves             41     0     -05
    Guard Gloves             58    -07    -07
    Leather Gauntlets        66    -05     0
    No Gloves                38     0      0
    Plate Gauntlets         100    +05    +05
    Villager Gloves          50     0      0
    Will User's Bright G.    50    +05     0
    Will User's Dark G.      50     0     +05
    -- Torso --
    -Name-                  -AR-   -A-    -S-
    Apprentice Upper Robe   200     0      0
    Assassin Shirt          200     0     +26
    Bandit Shirt            210    -18    +18
    Bright Chainmail Shirt  333     0     +05
    Bright Leather Chest    266    -13     0
    Bright Plate Chest P.   400    +26    +13
    Bright Villager Shirt   200    +13     0
    Chainmail Shirt         333    -05    +05
    Dark Chainmail Shirt    333    -05    +10
    Dark Leather Chest      266    -13    +13
    Dark Plate Chest Piece  400    +13    +26
    Dark Upper Dress        166    +15    -15
    Dark Villager Shirt     200     0     +13
    Guard Shirt             235    -07    -07
    Leather Chest Piece     266    -26     0
    No Shirt                153     0      0
    Plate Chest Piece       400    +26    +26
    Upper Dress             166     0     -31
    Villager Shirt          200     0      0
    Will Bright Upper Robe  200    +26     0
    Will Dark Upper Robe    200     0     +26
    Will Upper Robe         200    +13    +13
    -- Legs --
    -Name-                  -AR-   -A-    -S-
    Apprentice Lower Robe   175     0      0
    Assassin Trousers       175     0     +15
    Bandit Trousers         184    -05    +05
    Bright Chainmail Leg.   291     0     +05
    Bright Leather Leggings 233    -07     0
    Bright Lower Dress      145    +07    -15
    Bright Plate Leggings   350    +15    +07
    Bright Villager Trous.  175    +07     0
    Chainmail Leggings      291    -05    +05
    Dark Lower Dress        145    +07    -07
    Dark Villager Trousers  175     0     +07
    Guard Trousers          205    -07    -07
    Leather Leggings        233    -15     0
    Lower Dress             145     0     -15
    No Trousers             134    -41    -41
    Plate Leggings          350    +15    +15
    Villager Trousers       175     0      0
    Will Bright Lower Robe  175    +15     0
    Will Dark Lower Robe    175     0     +15
    Will Lower Robe         175    +07    +07
    -- Feet --
    -Name-                  -AR-   -A-    -S-
    Apprentice Boots         25     0      0
    Assassin Boots           25     0     +05
    Bandit Boots             26    -05    +05
    Bright Chainmail Boots   41     0     +02
    Bright Leather Boots     33    -02     0
    Bright Plate Boots       50    +05    +02
    Bright Villager Boots    25    +02     0
    Chainmail Boots          41    -02    +02
    Dark Villager Boots      25     0     +02
    Guard Boots              29    -02    -02
    Leather Boots            33    -05     0
    No Boots                 19    -10    -10
    Plate Boots              50    +05    +05
    Villager Boots           25     0      0
    Will User's Boots        25    +02    +02
    Will User's Bright B.    25    +05     0
    Will User's Dark Boots   25     0     +05
    -- Suits --
    -Name-             -AR-   -A-    -S-
    XI. FAQ
    The following are commonly asked questions that I've seen across the 
    message boards, through email, etc.  Hopefully these will answer some 
    of those nagging questions you might have.  For the sake of not having 
    to repeat myself a hundred times, some of the questions I answer will 
    simply direct you to a certain part of this guide.
    1. Fishing and Digging
    2. Demon Doors
    3. Temple of Skorm/Skorm Bow
    4. Beginning Quests
    5. Dragons
    6. Bowerstone Cellar
    1 - Q: How do I fish or dig?
        A: As you enter South Bowerstone, there is a merchant that is 
           waiting right by the teleporter.  You can purchase a fishing rod 
           and a spade from this man to fish and dig with.  Also, the man
           you meet at Fisher Creek will give you a fishing pole for saving
           him.  Other item shops may carry these items too.
    2 - Q: I found a Demon Door but I don't know how to open it.  Any help?
        A: See the Demon Door section in the Sidequests area of this guide
           for how to open up the doors.
    3 - Q: I heard about the Skorm Bow, but how do I get it?
        A: See the Chapel of Skorm/Skorm Bow section in the Sidequests area 
           of this guide to see the requirement for this weapon.
    4 - Q: When I started in the guild, there were two optional quests.
           They disappeared before I could get to them, can I ever do them?
        A: One of the developers had stated that these quests are not 
           possible to do.  The explanation of why they are there and
           disappear is that other heroes in the guild got them instead of
    5 - Q: I read that there is a dragon quest in this game, where is it?
        A: One of the developers has stated that the dragon quest that was
           originally in the game was taken out and there is no possible
           way to do it.  YOU. CANNOT. DO. IT.
    6 - Q: How do I open the cellar behind Bowerstone South's tavern?
        A: Go to Lookout Point and wait until the statue is pointing at 
           Bowerstone South.  Go to the town and you should be able to get
    XII. Legal
    This FAQ is (c) Copyright 2004 to James Pelchar aka 'jesterguy'. This 
    is for personal use only, you may not put this on your site or use it 
    to make a profit. If you do wish to use this FAQ, contact me at my mail 
    and I will consider it. Do not distribute this document, or alter it in 
    any way shape or form. It can be printed out for personal private use 
    only. You CANNOT use this document without my permission. Period.
    Please contact me if you found this FAQ on a site other than 
    XIII. Credits
    I'd like to thank all the little people that made this possible, 
    especially Gary Coleman.  Kidding, kidding, but seriously now folks, 
    thanks to:
    - The People - For reading this guide, I hope it was helpful!
    - Big Blue Box - For creating this game, your time and effort is 
      greatly appreciated, job well done!
    - CJayC - For putting this guide up and making GameFAQs such a great
      place.  Thanks a million.
    The end!

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