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    Temple Rewards FAQ by invertmylateralus

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/29/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fable Temple Rewards/Demon Doors/Hero Glitch FAQ
    Author: Invertmylateralus
    E-mail: santiagom018@hawaii.rr.com
    Started: 9/28/04
    Latest Version: 1.00 (9/28/04)
    Table of Contents
    Section I: Introduction / Legal Stuff
                IA: Contributing to the FAQ
    Section II: Version History
    Section III: Temple of Avo
    Section IV: Chapel of Skorm
    Section V: Weird Randomness / The Odds and Ends of Diety worship.
    Section VI: Demon Doors
    Section VII: Hero save uses.
    Section WTF: Crazy theories.
    Section VIII: Thanks
    Section IX: Contributions
    Section X: Closing
    	Section I: Introduction / Legal Crap
    This FAQ is intended to guide you through the various tasks needed to attain
    the rewards from the Good and Evil Temples of Fable. It also will cove demon
    doors and there rewards and the Usefull....uses....of the Hero Save Glitch. It's
    kind of short because there isn't much to say but I hope it helps. It may have
    some spoilers.
    	Also some of the Temple "Odds and Ends" info may be a little
    convoluted, but I am currently working on simplifying them as much as possible.
    This FAQ can be found on the following
    If it is found on another site, please let me know (contact information at
    the bottom of the FAQ) so I can take the appropriate measures
    to get rid of it.  You may use this FAQ for your own personal business.  You
    may not use this FAQ for any other purpose without my permission.  If you
    ask me, I'm sure I can help you with whatever request you may have of my
      IA: Contributing to the FAQ
    Send me an e-mail (listed at the top and bottom of the FAQ) with your own
    temple reward information, and I will do my best to include them in the
    FAQ.  Please keep them comprehendible. Vampiro
      Section II: Version Information
    Version 1.1: 9/29/04
    	Modified it to the Fable Temple Rewards/Demon Doors/Hero Glitch FAQ per
    Version 1.0: 9/28/04
    	The FAQ is Born.
    Section III: The Temple of Avo.
    	In my six Evil test runs (all on different files), I have found this
    procedure works every time when you are fully evil and have not previously
    donated before.
    Step-1) Have at least 45,002 Gold.
    Step-2) Donate 45,000 Gold to the temple. You will receive the sentius. If you
    do not receive the sentius, it is because you are not fully evil!. Remember the
    modifiers clothing give you do not affect the outcome, so you must be fully
    evil w/o clothing modifiers.
    Step-3) Donate 1 gold. You will receive the Gift of life (4-10yrs off your
    current age).
    Step 4) Donate 1 gold. You will Receive the Title "Paladin"
    Special) Get life reduction easily. (Pure evil char.)
    	Simply donate 1000 gold 3 times in a row.
    Notes: You do not have to be fully evil to receive the sentius, however the
    starting donation (of 45,000 gold) will have to be increased greatly the less
    evil you are. The reason for this is you need to donate a certain amount and
    have accumulated 1000 "good" points from the temple to receive the sentius. If
    your pure evil you are presented 1000 good points for your starting donation,
    but significantly less if you are not pure evil.
    Section IV: The Chapel of Skorm.
    	In my Seven Evil test runs (all on different files), I have found this
    procedure works every time when you are fully Good and have not previously
    Sacrificed before.
    Step-1) Walk to the CoS.
    Step-2) Teleport to Oakvale and hire the Mercenary there.
    Step-3) Recall to the CoS.
    Step-4) Teleport to Twinblades camp or Bowerstone and hire the merc there.
    Step-5) Recall to the CoS.
    Step-6) Wait until 11:00pm ( a little before the day/night divider is
    horizontal with the night on top and the day on the bottom.) and as soon as a
    merc takes his pay, Sacrifice him. (make sure to skip all the talking and
    Step-7) As soon as the second merc takes his Midnight pay, Sacrifice him too.
    (again skipping all the talking) You will recieve Skorms bow.
    Step-8) Sacrifice any other person. You will recieve 4-10 yrs off your age.
    Step-9) Sacrifice any other person. You will receive the "Necromancer" Title.
    Special) Easy Sacrificial Villagers. (Must have Quests left to take.)
    	To obtain unadulterated sacrifices for skorm without running the risk
    of permanently killing off someone you may want later on, simply take any quest
    that allows a boast and Recall the villagers outside the Boasting area to the
    Notes: As with the Sentius you do not have to be fully aligned to light for the
    Bow. The point is to gain 1000 Evil points with your Midnight sacrifice.
    	Also some people prefer to use 6:00am (a when the day/night divider is
    Vertical with the night on the left and the day on the right.)  instead of
    midnight. While that works just as well, I chose Midnight because you only have
    to wait 5 Minutes instead of 10 minutes when you load a game saved at the CoS.
    Section V: Weird Randomness.
    	While adding this may very well Kick the rest of my hard earned
    reaserch in the balls, 6 times in out of my 13 runs, I received the Bow from
    the ToS on my First donation, with a normal villager, with a neutral aligned
    character. I Don't know the Reason for this, but I do have a theory. I believe
    it has to do with the amount of days passed in game. When I checked that stat
    later in those games it was always a day or two after a day that ends with "6".
    So I think that Sacrificing on the "66th" In game day may greatly increase your
    chances for the reward. I am currently testing that hypothesis.
    The Odds and Ends of Diety worship.
    	This will explain the fundamentals of the Temple Rewards for those who
    are not fully aligned to one side.
    	Fact 1) There are a total of 5 responses you can receive from temple
    avatars ranging from Worthless to Gift material. For Example a worthless
    response from the chapel of skorm would be the "this pittance is of little
    worth" or the Avo one would be "your rewards will be slight". The "Gift
    Material" one at CoS would be something along the lines of "Your Sacrifice is
    Accepted. Your reward is evil in its purest form". That phrase will change once
    the requirements for it are made and you have received 1000 evil points from
    the CoS. He will instead say "Your desire for my evil taint is most gratifying.
    You will go far" and you will receive the bow. Secondary gifts (Age
    reduction/Alignment Titles) Have no Response Requirement. Once you have
    Achieved their required point amount (usually 500 alignment points received), a
    donation/sacrifice of any caliber will net you your reward.
    	CoS Responses: Determined by a mix of The Time of Day and your
    alignment bar. Donations made at or near (within 10 seconds) Midnight or Dawn
    will net you the highest Response, while lesser responses will be give as you
    stray further from those times. Also donations made on the hour will net you
    more points/better responses than donations made between the hour. Once a "Gift
    Material" donation is made after receveing 1000 Evil points, or when that gift
    breaks the 1000 point mark you will receive your gift, skorm's bow.
    	ToA Responses: Directly linked to the amount you contribute. This
    amount increases significantly the more you are aligned toward Good. For
    instance a full evil Character may need a 45,000 to receive the "Gift material"
    response while a nutral Character may need 150,000 gold and a pure Good
    Character may need to donate excess of 250,000 gold. Therefore the easiest way
    to reap rewards from this temple is to be as evil as you can get first. The
    time it takes to get evil is far quicker than the time it would take to
    legitimately amass that kind on cash (If you are cheating however that is a
    different story).
    	Fact 2)
    Section VI: Demon Doors
    	Demon Door #1-Heroes' Guild.
    		To Open: Speak to it while you have your LAMP item turned on.
    You receive the lamp as a reward for completing your Apprentice Traning.
    		Rewards: Elixer of life, a tattoo, and a book.
    Demon Door #2-Greatwood Gorge.
    		To Open: Earn 50 evil points in its presence or be Completely
    Evil and speak to it. Eating 10 crunchy chicks will also do the trick. (1CC=5
    evil points. 50/5=10)
    		Rewards: Legendary Weapon-Wellow's Pickhammer.
    Demon Door #3-Rose Cottage.
    		To Open: Give it Chocolate as a Gift.
    		Rewards: Clothing Set-Will Users Bright outfit.
    Demon Door #4-Greatwood Caves.
    		To Open: Have an active combat multiplier of at least 14.
    Becomes easier to achieve the higher your characters damage gets.
    		Rewards: Legendary Weapon-Cutlass Blutane
    Demon Door #5-Darkwood Marshes.
    		To Open: Complete Combat Challenge issued by the door.
    		Rewards: Clothing Set-Dark Will Users Suit
    Demon Door #6-Barrow Fields.
    		To Open: Your Personality Screen must say you are "Obese".
    Simply eat health replenishing food at full health to gain weight.
    		Rewards: Will Masters Potion, a protruding gut.......
    Demon Door #7-Grey House.
    		To Open: Must be Married to Lady Grey.
    		Rewards: Legendary Weapon-Ronok the Axe.
    Demon Door #8-Abandoned Road.
    		To Open: Speak the the DD wearing the Entire Bright Plate Armor
    set, then the Dark Will Users Suit set, then the Bandits Gear set. The Bright
    Plate armor can be bought in its entirety at the Arena, and can be bought
    cheaper in pieces from Knothole Glade and Wandering Traders in Darkwood. The
    Dark Will Users Robe is in the Darkwood Marshes Demon Door. The Bandits Gear is
    obtained on the Abandoned path in multiple chests.
    		Rewards: Legendary Weapon-Dollmasters Mace
    Demon Door #9-Witchwood Stones.
    		To Open: Whack the stones on the north end of the map so they
    spell "HITS". Then talk to the DD.
    		Rewards: Health Augmentation, Chainmail Leggings, Ressurection
    phial, Howl Tattoo, Various books, a sapphire, and a Ruby.
    Demon Door #10-Knothole Glade.
    		To Open: Shoot it hard enough with a ranged Weapon.
    		Rewards: Health Augmentation, Chainmail Leggings, Ressurection
    phial, Howl Tattoo, Various books, a sapphire, and a Ruby.
    Section VII: Hero Save uses.
    	Use 1) Multiples of Item "X"
    		To gain multiples of any item obtainable during a quest simply
    play until you receive the item, Hero Save, then load the hero save. You will
    be at the beginning of the Quest, and you will be able to obtain the received
    item again.
    	So you can do this for:
    	1)Health Elixers-During the "Orchard Farm" or " Hobbe Killing Contest"
    quests, simply fish up the Health Elixer in the little pond at Orchard Farm,
    Hero Save, then re-load your file.
    	2)Silver Key, Fire Augmentation, 1500 gold, and Will Masters Potions in
    the "Hobbe Caves" Quest. Just dig up the Key from the Old Womans Rose Garden,
    Steal 500 gold from the chest behind her house, open the 5 key chest holding
    the Will Masters Elixer in the 5 key chest of the "Cave Larder" area of Hobbe
    cave, and finally open the two chests containing 1000 gold and a Flame
    Augmentation. Once you've attained all of the items, Hero Save, Re-Load, and
    Repeat till satisfied.
    	3)Pretty much any Item obtainable during a quest.
    	Use 2) Eternal Youth.
    		To Gain Eternal youth you must visit the Temple of Avo during
    the "Find the Archeologist" Quest, Donate till you receive the age decrease,
    then Hero Save, Reload, and Repeat. Since this can only be done during this one
    quest it would be wise to max out your stats before starting the Age Reversal
    process. Also the amount of money you spend saves with your age decrease so
    make sure you have a way to obtain the cash you need. (Rent, Trophy Glitch)
    	Use 3) Easy Cash. {Waiting on Permission of person who first posted it}
    	Use 4) Easy Exp, $$, Renown.
    		Hero Save at any point in the arena to retain all items, exp,
    renown gained up until that point. Then Re-load and you can get it all over
    Section WTF: Crazy Theories.
    	If you watch the intros for the Lionhead Studios Logos and the
    Big Blue Box logos, you will see that they chronicled the rise and
    predetermined fall of their game!
    For instance, in the LionHead one, we see this powerful warrior
    storming ahead, Raising his weapon, it what seems to be his attempt to
    leave a mark in this plain world of bland white expanseness, only to
    have it blow up in his face as soon as he strikes!
    Translation: The Powerful Warrior is Peter M., His Weapon is Fable, and
    the Blank white expanse is the sea of mediocre rpg's currently plaguing
    the world, however when his "weapon" strikes the "expanse", It blows up
    in his face because the project was too ambitious for its own good!
    And then in the BBB one, we see a little box get eaten by a larger
    orange box. That orange box is then consumed by a Big Blue Box, chewed
    on, and then promptly spit back out.
    Translation: The little box represents "all other rpg's", the Orange
    box that consumes it is "Project Ego", the RPG to end all RPG's, The
    Big Blue Box is obviously BBB studios. So what does this mean? It means
    that BBB tried to consume (create) "Project Ego" but soon found that
    they had bit off more than they could chew and instead released a
    "Chewed Down" version of "Project Ego" Namely.......FABLE!
    So What Does This MEAN!?!?!?!
    It means that PM and BBB knew they were releasing a sub-par product,
    and they added that knowledge right in the intro to Taunt uS!!!!!! I'm
    surprised they didn't have ashton kutcher pop up after the credits and
    he'd be all "You Got FABLE'D" and I'd be all "Oooh Man, j00 got me man,
    j00 got me good, aw man......"
    4 J00!!! I WILL EAT J00'R CHILDREN!!!!!!!
    erm.........that was fun.
    Section VIII: Thanks
    - The Darkness for helping me out with my first FAQ.
    -Vampiro for your encouraging AIM sessions.
    - Whoever reads this FAQ and instead of posting another "how do I get Skormz
    BOW!!11!1shift+1!!" topic.
    - Big Blue Box, Lionhead Studios, and Microsoft Game Studios for making this
    - CjayC, for making GameFAQs.
    - Everyone who would like to contribute to my FAQ.
    - That guy who said you had to Sacrifice your wives from every town to get the
    bow......that B.S. really made me want to find out more about theses temples.
      Section IX: Contributions
    The following people have contributed to this FAQ by e-mailing me information
    on the Temple Rewards.
    Um.... No one yet.....
     Section X: Closing
    	Well that's it. All insightful comments/criticism is welcomed. However
    I do ask that you keep such comments as "j00 R st00p1D TeH I3o\^/ 1s A ranD0m
    f00L" to yourself. Chi, cera, cera.
    If you want to contact me, with questions, concerns, criticism, or just to tell
    me you like my FAQ, my e-mail address is:
    or AIM me at: Invert1227
    of join me in a game of GGXX#R with the GT: Chris1227
    |||Copyright 2004 Christopher Santiago|||

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