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    No Level/No Health Power Up Challenge Guide by ellone

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/11/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fable - No level up / No power up guide
    author: Jason Nicholas (jason.nicholas@gmail.com)
    current version: 1.1
    Version History:
    v1.1 - 
    added formatting to help break up the text, added additional information to some
    areas, added new archery exploit,  added more information for enemies.
    v1.0 - 
    Initial Release
    Things I want to add in the future:
    -- Reliable strategy for completing the game with a melee based character
    -- Equation or something to show time spent charging bow in relation to damage
    1 - Introduction
    2 - Basic Strategy
    3 - Enemy Strategy
    4 - Quest Strategy
    5 - Legal Information
    6 - Contact Information
    7 - Credits 
    Section 1:  Introduction
    Hi there, if you're like me then you probably find that playing through 
    Fable normally to be very easy compared to most other games.  So I decided
    to try and challenge myself to see if I could beat the game with self
    imposed handicaps.  Basically the idea is to play through the game without
    spending any experience points or getting any health or will power ups.
    It's very challenging.  Most of the later enemies and bosses will kill your
    character in one hit or one combo attack.  Early on you will die in about
    three or so hits from weak enemies.  Be prepared to die a lot!! ^-^
    What this guide is:
    This guide is an in depth guide into how to defeat the various enemies and
    boss encounters in the game within the rule set defined above.
    What this guide is not:
    This guide is not a complete walkthrough to the game.  I won't be going into
    detail on where to go and what to do to solve each quest.  I will not talk
    about how to open the demon doors or where exactly the silver keys are located.
    There are other guides that talk about that.
    One final note, I am going to assume that by reading and attempting this play
    style that you have finished the game at least once and are familiar with how
    things in the game work, that being said there will be minor spoilers for the
    With that said have fun!
    Section 2:  Basic Strategy
    The first tip I can give is to make sure that you have on you at all times,
    either as many res potions as you can afford or the maximum of nine.  These are
    your safety net in case you screw up and mistime a move or something just goes
    wrong.  Next is weapon choice, basically since you won't be leveling up at all
    heavy weapons will not be as effective that leaves you with light weapon
    choices, longsword, cleavers, katanas, pick hammers, axes, and maces.  Out of
    those choices I recommend longsword or katana, with preference being on katana.
    As for range weapons, learn to love your bow, you'll be using it a ton.  Armor 
    is not very important I found, you're going to die in 3 or 4 hits regardless
    of what kind of armor your character is wearing.  So go with a suit that you 
    like.  Personally I choose the Assassin Suit.
    Healing is very very important, generally you want to heal after you get hit.
    I found red meat and pies to be a very effective way to heal.  They heal
    damage over time instead of an instant recovery from a health potion.  I found
    some interesting things from the regen effect healing.  If you eat a piece of 
    meat or a pie and are in what I call a regen state.  Then if you take a hit 
    that would kill you, the regen will heal you instead of using a rez potion to 
    bring you back to live.  This is an important thing to note because it can 
    save you rez potions on some of the more difficult quests.  Also note that for 
    some reason the game likes to map health potions to the first layer d-pad 
    instead of food items.  So to be most effective with food you are going to 
    want to map them to your second layer commands.  The health augmentation is a 
    life saver.  Whenever you take damage it activates and gives you a regen 
    effect heal.  It saves you on healing items and food cost, when you are hit 
    just take an evasive style until the damage is healed and then continue 
    In general combat you want to use your longbow as much as possible.  Your main
    form of evading enemy attacks is going to be rolling.  You want to spend as much
    time as possible while in combat in a roll.  There's only 2 attacks in the whole
    game that can break you out of a roll and damage you.  The more time you spend
    standing the more chance you have of taking a stray hit from a melee or ranged
    Now if you're rolling all the time then how are you ever going to attack let
    alone kill anything.  This brings us to archery abuse tactic number one.  I like
    to call this the rolling shot.  Basically if you draw your bow you are able to
    execute rolls without losing the effect of drawing your bow.  It is also
    possible to fire shots while you are mid roll.  To easily do this I like to
    hold the controller so that I press the "x" button with my right index finger
    and the "y" button with my right middle finger.  It takes some getting used to
    but this is invaluable in finishing some of the harder parts in the game.
    Finally archery abuse tactic number two is something I like to call a charged
    shot.  It's really more for showing off than anything.  Basically the longer
    you hold down "x" with your bow drawn the more damage you do.  So if you hold it
    down for like 5 mins you can deal 5,000 damage to a rock troll with a yew
    longbow and kill it in one hit.  You can get some pretty high combat multipliers
    doing this.  In the rock troll example if you kill one in a single hit then your
    CM will go from 0 to 61, all in 1 attack.  Makes opening the Greatwood Caves
    demon door a joke when the earth troll starts to spawn in the area.
    Section 3:  Enemy strategy
    In this section I will be going over the basic strategies to be used when you
    encounter each of the different enemy types in the game.  I won't be including
    boss fights in this section.  One thing to note, every enemy in the game even
    bosses is weak against sharpening augmentation.  Note also that every monster
    in the game can easily be taken out with the rolling shot technique.
    Small Wasp - 20hp  
    Blue Wasp  - 30hp
    Red Wasp   - 50hp
    Really no special strategy is required for them, range or melee work both 
    equally as well.  Just hack away and they'll die fast.  Remember to roll every 
    once and a while against the blue and red wasps because they tend to actually 
    Stag Beetle       - 10hp  
    Stag Beetle Queen - 200hp
    See wasps
    Black Scorpion - 100hp 
    See wasps
    Basic Bandit (Melee)          - 200hp
    Basic Bandit (Archer)         - 150hp
    Basic Bandit Fire Archer      - 200hp
    Basic Bandit Leader           - 400hp
    Twinblade Bandit (Melee)      - 700hp
    Twinblade Bandit (Archer)     - 300hp
    Twinblade Bandit Fire Archer  - 350hp
    Twinblade Bandit Leader       - 1000hp
    Assassin Bandit (Melee)       - 1500hp     
    Assassin Bandit (Archer)      - 600hp
    Assassin Bandit Fire Archer   - 650hp
    Assassin Bandit Leader        - 1600hp 
    Ahh the bandit, probably the most common enemy in the game.  Also they serve
    as the basic foundation of how the enemy AI works.  The bandit archers prefer to
    stay at the rear of the battle and fire arrows at a distance.  The bandit melee
    fighters are not very aggressive and prefer to sit and gloat more than try to
    strike you.
    Typical bandit melee attacks consist of a 2 and a 3 hit combo attack, a lunge
    attack, and a short range fast hit to break combos.  As the bandit grades get
    higher so does they damage they can do per attack.  Also their blocking skill
    Rolling shot should take care of them easily at any range with minimal risk for
    yourself.  Just be careful of stray archers and remember to try and use extra
    melee fighters to screen the archers for you.
    Hobbe Grunt              - 600hp
    Hobbe Leader             - 900hp
    Hobbe Spellcaster        - 300hp
    Small Hobbe Fighter      - 120hp
    Small Hobbe Spellcaster  - 100hp
    Pretty much follows the same pattern as a bandit, same strategies that apply to
    bandits will apply to them.  Just note that hobbe leaders attack is a jumping 
    attack that is easy to avoid.  Also the mages make a distinct sound before 
    attacking so when you hear the sound that's your cue to roll.  The missed 
    blasts will damage other hobbes.
    Weak Balverine   - 250hp
    Balverine        - 500hp 
    I believe they are the fastest moving enemies in the game, I haven't tested that
    out though.  Anyways RANGE ONLY for them.  Going melee against them is suicide.
    When in close they have a double swipe melee attack that is easy to avoid but if
    it connects it's death for you.  Also at medium range they have a lunge attack 
    that sets them up for a melee strike.  The lunge attack is one of the only 
    attacks in the game that can hit you while you are in a roll.  Ideally you want
    to fight them as far away as possible but if you're forced to fight in a small 
    space you want to constantly be rolling to avoid attacks.  The rolling shot 
    technique is probably the best way to take out groups of them.
    Undead Soldier       - 400hp
    Undead Lieutenants   - 1000hp
    Undead General       - 2000hp  
    See bandits but much much slower, you could probably take out a whole group of 
    them with the bow before they even get into melee range.  Note though that you 
    can't decapitate them even though they are humainsh type monster.
    Wood Nymph     - 250hp
    Lake Nymph     - 500hp
    Succubus Nymph - 500hp
    The few times you actually encounter them, they don't really pose that much of a
    threat.  If you're fast with your bow you can usually kill them before they 
    summon monsters to aid them.  Just remember to roll after you shoot to dodge 
    their attacks.
    Earth Troll - 2000hp
    Rock Troll  - 5000hp
    Easy.  Either melee them or use range.  Just remember to roll when they lift 
    their arms to dodge their up close attack or roll until they stop throwing 
    boulders to shoot them.  Also note that you can hit their rocks back at them for
    big damage but you won't have slow time to help you and taking the extra damage
    for a missed swing isn't worth it.  For insane combat multipliers charge up your
    shots with your bow and kill them in one shot.
    Minion Dreadwing - 2000hp
    Minion Wardog    - 1800hp 
    The only reliable way I have found to kill these guys without getting 
    slaughtered is to abuse the rolling shot trick I mentioned in the basic 
    strategy section.  If you insist on fighting them in melee know that they will 
    block almost any frontal or side assault, also their attack pattern consists of
    a four hit combo attack and also they have a combo breaker attack so be wary of
    Screamer - 400hp 
    Nothing special really, by the time you meet them one or two bow shots should 
    finish them off without having to worry about any attacks from them.
    Section 4:  Quest strategy
    Ok here I'll go over and highlight strategies for completing the various quests
    in the game.  Also I will list strategies for the boss encounters here.  I'm
    only going to go through the quests received from the hero's guild not the other
    optional quests.  I will say which quests is a story quest and which is
    considered to be an optional quest.  Also note I will be starting with the
    picnic area quest since the start of the game is the same regardless if you
    are attempting this challenge or not.  I will assume that no money glitches
    will be used to make money fast so keep that in mind.  I know you can just
    get a ton of money and buy master equipment and full augs right off the bat
    to make some of the quest situations easier.
    **                           Important Note!!!                               **
    **                                                                           **
    **      When your hero training is done the game will force you to visit     **
    **      the experience chamber in order to advance.  Just enter and exit,    ** 
    **      don't spendany points on any abilities or you defeat the point       **
    **      of the no leveling up.                                               **
    **                                                                           **
    Optional prequest things to do:
    -- Open Darkwood Marshes demon door for the dark will user clothes.
    -- Open Rose Cottage demon door for the bright will user clothes.
    -- Also it may be a good idea to get your character married as soon as possible.
       The reason for this is that it is only around a 3500 gold or so investment,
       but if you marry the right kind of wife and keep her happy she can give you
       expensive gifts such as obsidian+ caliber equipment.  That could be a big 
       help early on, to sell or use.  
    -- Also take time to perfect the rolling shot, it is vital for completing the 
       later quests in the game.
    -- Collect Silver Keys as you go along, you'll want at least 15 of them.
    -- It is possible to obtain Skorm's Bow before accepting the first quest.
    Story Quest:  Wasp Menace
    Quest Strategy:  
    Nothing really hard about this quest.  Basically take your bow and start to 
    fire away at the wasps, Until you kill them all.  Then the boss spawns.
    Boss Fight - Wasp Queen
    Hp:  400
    Boss Strategy:  
    She isn't really that hard if you're using a range weapon.  She has no long 
    range attacks so just stay back and snipe away at her.  Occasionally she 
    spawns green wasps to help fight you.  No real special strategy is required 
    for her.
    Story Quest:  Attack or Defend Orchard Farm
    Quest Strategy:  
    If you're an evil aligned character choose to attack the farm, your main 
    opponents will be guards.  Use rolling shot to take them out easily without 
    taking any damage.  If you choose to defend the farm the same strategy applies 
    just you will be fighting bandits instead of guards.  Can take the no protection
    and without a scratch boasts to help earn some extra cash.  Regardless of which
    quest you take the boss fight remains the same.
    Boss Fight - Whisper
    Hp:  1,500
    Boss Strategy:  
    She's basically the same as you fought her in the combat training.  I would 
    suggest using melee on her.  Wait for her to attack then roll to the side and 
    counter attack twice while she has an opening then repeat until she gives up.
    Alternate Strategy:  
    Whisper is even easier than I thought this time.  When She tells you to flourish
    her, melee her and then hit her with a flourish.  Now the fight starts just draw
    your bow and make some distance between you two.  She doesn't block arrows at 
    all this time so just pick her off until she gives up. 
    Optional Quest:  Hobbe Killing contest
    Quest Strategy:  
    This optional quest is a good way to make some extra money early on.  The thing
    to remember is that the spell caster hobbes have a lot less hp than the melee 
    or leader hobbes.  I used melee to do this quest, just remember to keep dodging
    and to not draw out your combos for too long.  One thing to note is that if you 
    flourish Whisper then she gets knocked down to the ground and takes a bit to get
    up.  She can't fight when she's trying to recover.  You do gain +5 evil points 
    every time you hit Whisper though.  The stronger grade weapons you use the 
    easier the quest will be for you too.
    Optional Quest:  Hobbe Cave
    Quest Strategy:  
    This quest is kind of difficult just because of the shear number of hobbes you 
    have to kill.  First thing is first, I suggest freeing the bandit held captive 
    before moving on to find the boy.  Decline the nymphs offer to exchange the 
    bandit for the boy and kill her.  Now clear out all the hobbes in this room 
    before trying to move on.  In the moonlit tunnel is where the hobbes start to 
    target the boy trying to kill him.  You have to be fast in killing them because
    you have no way to heal the boy.  Alternativly you can just run passed this 
    screen and skip the combat.  The next two screens just make your way to the exit
    as fast as you can ignoring all the hobbes.  If you do it right you should make
    it to the end with the boy safe.  From here it's your choice if you want to give
    the bandit his 300 gold or just kill him.
    Story Quest:  Trader Escort
    Quest Strategy:  
    In this quest you'll have your first encounter with balverines.  They shouldn't
    be too hard to dispatch of with your bow.  Pretty much your standard fare as you
    progress through the zones in this quest.  Just kill the bandits and hobbes and
    try not to let them hit the traders.  You can afford to have one trader killed 
    and still complete the quest.  When you make it to the Darkwood Camp the traders
    life bar is restored.  Right before you finish the quest you'll have to deal 
    with an earth troll but it shouldn't be too bad.  Just dodge the boulders and 
    shoot him up.
    Story Quest:  Find the Bandit Seeress
    Quest Strategy:  
    This quest is kind of easy, your main enemies will be bandits, bandits, and more
    bandits.  The first part of the quest where you have to sneak passed the guards
    to get into the open gate.  Just kill the three bandits, they'll shut the gate 
    then run to the west side of the map and hide behind a large boulder.  When the
    new guards come out they'll walk right passed you and you can slip inside the
    camp.  Alternativly if you can kill a bandit in one shot (200hp) then you can 
    just walk in the open gate.  The next section is just a bunch of combat with 
    bandits, just slowly move your way across the map and try to decapitate as many
    as possible.  From here there is little combat until the boss fight.
    Boss Fight - Twinblade
    Hp:  3,000
    Boss Strategy:  
    Unfortunatly range weapons don't work so well against Twinblade so you're going
    to want to go with melee this fight.  The basic strategy is to just lock on to 
    him with your target and roll around when he attacks until he places his swords
    in the ground and starts breathing heavy.  That is your chance to circle around
    back and hit him.  This is really the only time you will be able to damage him.
    You can also damage him at any time by executing a flourish move on him.  Stay 
    away from the sides of the circle or else the bandits there will swing at you.
    Eventually when you do enough damage to him you'll have a cut scene then you'll
    have to decide if you want to spare Twinblade or kill him.  It's your choice.  
    If you decide to kill him eliminate all the bandits in the circle first, then 
    engage Twinblade.
    Alternate Strategy:  
    Just charge your bow up and dodge his attacks for about 3 or 4 mins then wait 
    for him to stick his swords in the ground and rest.  Roll around behind him and
    shoot him, enough damage should be registered to go straight to the cut scene.
    Story Quest:  Find the Archaeologist
    Quest Strategy:  
    The only real combat in this quest is when you face off against a rock troll. 
    Just roll to dodge his rocks and shoot.  If you really want to show off use 
    the charge bow trick and kill him in one shot.  Your combat muliplier will go 
    from 0 to 61.  Remeber that he throws four rocks in a row then takes a little 
    rest before repeating.  After that just go spell out the name of the door with 
    the rocks.  (It's H-I-T-S if you didn't know) and enter to speak with the 
    **                             Important Note!                               **
    **                                                                           **
    **    Inside the cave is a 15 key silver chest with a health aug in it.      **
    **    This is the only place you can get a health aug besides spending       ** 
    **    45,000+ gold for one in Bowerstone North.                              **
    **                                                                           **
    From here on out I would recommend using Bows exclusivly. Get a steel weapon
    and place the health aug in it so that you can gain the regen effect from it, 
    it's a life saver.
    Story Quest:  White Balverine
    Quest Strategy:  
    When you get to Knothole Glade you'll have to kill 4 balverines before they 
    let you in the town.  Once you get in the town you are attacked by the 
    white balverine.  You can't damage it at all, at this point but if you hit 
    it ten times it will go away.  Just use your rolling shot here but don't really
    bother charging up your shots for too long because damage doesn't matter, you 
    want fast hits.  When you get attacked the second time, the same strategy 
    applies as when you got attacked the first time.  After getting the silver aug,
    the balverine attacks you one more time.  Just be careful this time because the
    town guards try to assist you but you can hit them with stray arrows if they 
    get in your firing line.  You don't really have to use the silver aug to be able
    to win this quest.
    Boss Fight - White Balverine
    Hp:  3,000
    Boss Strategy:     
    Since you have a free shot before the white balverine decides to attack you.  
    Just sit behind him with him targeted and draw your bow for a good 2 or 3 mins,
    depending on what grade of bow you are using.  Longer charge time for weaker 
    bows.  Anyway after about 3 mins of charging shoot him.  The shot should deal 
    3000 damage killing him instantly ending the quest.  The six brown balverines 
    are still summoned to fight you so it is up to you if you want to fight them 
    or run away.
    Story Quest:  The Arena
    Quest Strategy:  
    This is probably one of the most difficult quests to complete.  Before you start
    this quest you will probably want to have the max amount of rez potions and 
    plenty of health recovery items.  As for weapons, you'll want your health aug 
    melee weapon to help cut down on healing costs.  Finally I recommend having a
    firm understanding on how to execute the rolling shot and to be able to target 
    new enemies without much delay.  If you really want to show off take the boasts
    without a scratch and no protection.  Don't worry about impressing the crowd 
    either, they are really only impressed by flashy displays of magic.  Which you 
    don't have.
    Round 1 - Wasps
    No real strategy required here, if you got this far into the game then you 
    should be able to handle this round with no problem at all.
    Round 2 - Hobbes
    Same idea as the wasps, if you're clever you can have the mage hobbes use their
    projectiles to damage the melee ones as you circle around them.  Any extra help
    just makes things easier for you! ~.^ 
    Round 3 - Balverines
    From now on you'll have Whisper fighting along side of you as an ally.  For the
    most part she is worthless and you'll end up doing most of the work anyway.  
    But there is one important thing to note.  When a wave starts from now on, some
    of the enemies will target you and some will target Whisper.  Depending on the 
    distance it takes them to engage you or her, they will choose the shorter route.
    The ones attacking Whisper won't bother you at all until you make an offensive 
    action toward them.  So you can effectivly divide and conquer the waves instead
    of having to fight everything at once.
    The hard thing about this round is the speed and number of the balverines that 
    come after you.  Especially during the later waves of the fight when the white 
    ones get mixed in.  You're going to be constantly rolling to avoid their attack.
    If you need a breather, remember that they will try to charge through the traps
    to get to you.  Try to take out the white ones first before the brown ones, and
    remember to leave the ones on Whisper alone until you are ready for them.  I 
    recommend using the silver aug if you havent' already, it greatly increases 
    your damage output against the white balverines.
    Round 4 - Undead
    Not really much to say about this one.  They are so slow they shouldn't even 
    get close to you before you shoot them dead with your bow.
    Round 5 - Bandits
    This round isn't too bad, just take them out with rolling shot and they won't 
    stand a chance.  Like the Hobbes you can use the archer bandits to help deal 
    damage for you.  Also when you finish killing the ones coming after you and are
    bored, you can try to decapitate the ones attacking Whisper.  The assassin class
    bandits can not be decapitated though so don't even bother.
    Round 6 - Earth trolls
    Rolling shot should take care of them nicely.  Sometimes one of them will 
    target Whisper and you won't even have to worry about dodging rocks from two.  
    earth trolls throw two rocks before taking time to rest.
    Round 7 - Rock trolls
    Just like the earth trolls just more rocks to dodge.  Remember rock trolls throw
    four rocks before stopping to rest.
    Boss Fight - Arachanox
    Hp:  approximately 10,000
    Boss Strategy:  
    This is a pretty long battle and has to be fought a certain way.  One hit from 
    him will kill you or severly injure you.  Also his attack range is large.  I 
    have found only one way to successfully dodge his charging attack.  You have 
    to start off be either side stepping to the right or left.  Then when he starts
    to charge you quickly roll to the direction you were stepping toward.  Finally 
    after you roll to the side you have to immediately roll backward to avoid where
    he swipes at you with his claws.  It might take some practice to get the timing 
    down.  His other attack just consists of charging up and sending a shockwave 
    attack toward you.  Can just roll to the side to avoid it.  Just charge up your
    bow and keep pecking away at his life bar.  Eventually when you do enough damage
    he'll burrow under the ground and release some smaller scorpions.  Whisper will
    probably deal with them but you can pick them off with your bow.  When the boss
    resurfaces you can continue your attack on him.
    Boss Fight - Whisper
    Hp:  Unknown
    Boss Strategy:  
    I wouldn't really call this a boss fight.  Whisper is a complete joke compared 
    to what you faced in the previous battle.  All you have to do is just roll to 
    the side when Whisper attacks and shoot her.  When you do enough damage she 
    will give up and you will have the option to kill her or not.  If you kill her
    you get evil points and a 10,000 gold bonus so it's your choice.
                               -- Post Arena things to do --
    -- Marry Lady Grey if that's what you want to do.
    -- Obtain any legendary weapons you desire
    Optional Boss - Thunder
    Hp:  3,000
    Boss Strategy:  
    If you decided to take the marry Lady Grey quest then you will eventually have 
    to fight Thunder.  Basically he has three attacks he uses.  A sword swipe, 
    a lunging sword slash, and a lightning based attack where he remains stationary.
    All you have to do is dodge his lunge attacks until he starts to use his 
    lightning attack then you roll back to make some distance and shoot him with 
    an arrow.  Just repeat this until he's dead.  As the fight goes on you'll change
    fighting locations but the strategy remains the same he doesn't change his 
    attack patterns.
    Optional Quest:  The Lost Trader
    Quest Strategy:  
    This quest is easy, once again it's bandit killing.  Just make sure the trader 
    you are trying to escort doesn't get killed.
    Optional Quest:  Break the Seige
    **                            Important Note!!!                              **
    **                                                                           **
    ** If you complete this quest then that triggers the assassin attacks at     **
    ** various locations spread around Albion.  It might be best to put off this **
    ** quest until after the save the archaeologist part two quest.              **
    **                                                                           **
    **                                                                           **
    Quest Strategy:  
    Again like the last quest this is just bandit killing.  By now you should have 
    the strategies down pat to kill bandits.  The easiest way to win this quest is 
    to rush their camp when the guards opens the gate and kill them all there, then
    move into the town and finish up any that got by you.  Just be sure to not kill
    the bandit leader or you'll have to start over.
    Story Quest:  Find the Archaeologist part 2
    Quest Strategy:  
    This is probably one of the more difficult quest in this style of game.  The
    main reason is because of the ending of the quest it has to be executed a 
    certain way to have the best chance of winning.  If you took the Break the Seige
    quest before this one then you will want to visit Windmill Hill and Prison Path,
    before accepting this quest to trigger the assassin attacks in those areas.  You
    must be able to do rolling shot to have the easiest time completing this quest.
    Note that the guard allies on this quest are useless and you really are much 
    better off without their help.
    When you start of this quest in Bowerstone Jail, you can either engage the 
    minions or just run passed them to the next screen.  On the Windmill Hill screen
    a caster minion sets up a barrier that can only be taken down by killing him.  
    Just move along the zone killing any minions that spawn until you reach the
    house on the top of the hill.  Now here you have to be careful if you killed the
    assassins before this quest.  If you get too close to the house it will 
    retrigger the events so you will have to kill the assassin here and on the 
    Prison Path again.  This is a bad thing which is why I suggest not taking the 
    Break the Seige quest until after this one is completed.  The next screen is 
    easy.  Either you can kill the minions and the troll or just run passed them 
    to the next area.
    Now this part has to be executed exactly right.  You have five minutes to kill 
    all the minions and save the archaeologist.  To start things off you want to 
    ignore everything that spawns and run straight down to the docks.  Ok now this 
    is important once you are at the docks you can't go too far back or else you 
    will trigger 6 more minions to spawn and you will most likely lose the quest.
    With that being said I will try to draw a diagram of how things should be set
    up when you get to the docks:
                     |                            |
                     |                            |          Key:   
                     |             AA             |          
                     |             AA             |          A = Archaeologist
                     |  R                  R      |          R = Range Minion
                     |                            |          M = Melee Minion
                     |                            |          H = Hero
                     |             H              |
                     |                            |
                     |      M    M       M  M     | 
                     |                            |
                     |   R    R       R       R   | 
    You want to kill the two range minions in front, then you want to kill the four
    melee ones, finally finishing with the last four range ones.  It helps to roll 
    a lot to cause the melee minions circling you to be used as a screen to take 
    hits for you.  This means less damage you have to deal to the melee minions and
    also less shots you have to worry about.  Sometimes some of the range minions 
    choose to flee the battle after you finish off the melee minions, making your 
    job even easier.
    Optional Quest:  Execution Tree
    **                         Important Note!!!                                 **
    **                                                                           **
    **                                                                           **
    **                                                                           **
    **                                                                           **
    Optional Quest:  Execution Tree Rescue
    Quest Strategy:  
    Basically for this quest you have 4 mins to make it to Headsman Hill and stop 
    the executioner from killing the bandit leader.  Just ignore the guards and 
    rolling shot to kill the executioner in the alloted time, easy quest.
    Story Quest:  The Graveyard Path
    Quest Strategy:  
    Not really much strategy involved in this quest, it's all undead.  Talk to the 
    grave keeper to open the gate then dig up the needed items.  The only tricky 
    part is the circle of dead, you have to stay on the grey circle and kill undead,
    easy since you're using range.
    Optional Quest:  Bounty Hunt Quest
    Quest Strategy:  
    Weeee more bandit killing nothing special just follow where the game tells you 
    and kill all the bandits and claim your reward.
    Story Quest:  Save Scarlet Robe
    Quest Strategy:  
    This quest is pretty easy, it starts off with undead enemies that you can avoid
    or kill they're easy enough.  Then you start to fight guards later on as you get
    closer to the prison.  You can either fight or just avoid them it doesn't make 
    a difference.  Save your Mom from the torture chamber and make your way out 
    killing the guards or just avoiding them.  Eventually you run into Jack and get
    Story Quest:  The Prison Escape
    Quest Strategy:  
    Again another easy quest for the most part.  Win the race to get an audiance 
    with the Warden.  The first time you won't find a key in his diary so you have 
    spend another year in prison and win another race to get the key.  When you 
    escape you can free the other prisoners, they provide a nice shield so the 
    guards will focus on them instead of you.  In the courtyard just ignore the 
    guards and rush to the second level and in the first door you see.  Open the 
    far chest to get your stuff.  Now you can kill the guards or just ignore them,
    follow the flashing gold symbol on your map and free Mom.  Kill or run passed 
    the guards on the way out and eventually you'll face off against the next boss.
    Boss Fight - Kraken
    Hp:  5,000 (head)  700 (tenticle)
    Boss Strategy:  
    This boss isn't too tough, just roll when the tenticles try to smack you and 
    then shoot them when they are on the ground.  Two shots will kill them.  
    Once all four are dead the head pops up.  Shoot the head and dodge the green 
    laser beam it shoots at you.  At about half life the head goes back under and 
    more tenticles appear.  The second time the head appears the laser beam is a 
    little more deadly it follows you around so you have to be constantly rolling 
    to avoid it.  One hit from the beam will kill you out right unless you are in 
    a regen state.
    Story Quest:  Hook Coast and Return to Hook Coast
    Quest Strategy:  
    Start of this quest is easy just make your way to the gate and kill enough 
    undead until it lets you through to Hook Coast Region.  The next time you come 
    to Hook Coast it will be over run with screamer type monsters.  Just shoot them
    once with your bow and it should kill them.  Next boss fight is one of the 
    hardest in the game.
    Boss Fight - Maze
    Hp:  Unknown (10,000 area is my guess)
    Boss Strategy:  
    Yayaya finally get to kill Maze, I always hated him with his I'm better than 
    you attitude.  Anyway Maze has most of the major hero spells.  Physical Shield,
    he likes to cast this a lot but it wears off after a while so you can just wait 
    until it goes away before attack.  From medium to long range Maze likes to 
    attack you with good old lightning spell.  It is kind of lethal but you can 
    avoid it with some quick rolling.  Besides a physical attack in close range 
    Maze has the enflame spell.  This spell is unavoidable and it will kill you. 
    Lastly at extreme long range he fires purple orbs like hobbe mages at you.
    This battle really only has two hard parts.  The first is the start of the 
    battle you're in close range with him.  You can run outside of the circle area 
    to help create some distance.  The trick is you want him to try to strike you 
    with his staff so you can rolling shot and hit him that way.  But if you stay 
    too close for too long he will kill you with enflame.  Sometimes he just rushes
    you then casts enflame so be ready for that too.  After doing enough damage to 
    him, he then teleports away farther into the town.  Chase after him until he 
    starts firing the purple balls at you, stop there target him and let loose 
    with arrows until he teleports again.  Repeat this step again, now he should be 
    inside the lighthouse, this is the second tricky part of the battle because the
    conditions are like the first phase.  Basically you want to use the same 
    strategy as the first section but it's a lot harder because the area is even 
    smaller.  Finally he'll teleport outside of the lighthouse where he is a sitting
    Story Quest:  Stop Jack of Blades
    Quest Strategy:  
    This is the last quest of the game.  The first part is really easy but first 
    be sure to restock up on rez potions before going after him.  Just run to each 
    focus site avoid the monsters and trigger the cut scenes with Jack.  After doing
    this four times you'll eventually teleport to the Hero Guild for the final 
    Boss Fight - Jack of Blades
    Hp:  10,000
    Boss Strategy:  
    The start of the fight Jack can't be damaged but he summons some minions to 
    try and kill you.  Kill all the minions then the second stage of the battle 
    begins.  Now Jack tries his hand at killing you.  He has a couple of different 
    attacks that he uses against you.  First attack he swings his sword and then 
    like a wave of energy comes at you.  Second thing he can do is swing his sword 
    then a ball of energy comes after you then splits up 8 ways.  Also he has normal
    melee attacks when you are at extreme close range.  Rolling shot works very well
    against him the thing is though the only time he is vulnerable is just after he
    swings his sword to send the energy attack at you.  Sometimes he even blocks 
    that but most of the time it goes through.  
    After you do enough damage the third phase of the fight begins.  Jack takes to 
    the air and summons rock pillars from the ground.  He still has the same two 
    energy shot attacks but this time the ball attack doesn't split up it is more 
    of like 5 balls spread out.  He does gain a new attack though, he'll like raise
    up his arms and summon light around him.  Then when he fires if you're in his 
    line of sight you will take heavy damage and it is a multi hit attack meaning 
    if it connects it can kill you mulitple times.  Luckily the rocks he summoned 
    will block this attack.  Finally he has the ability to summon minions to aid 
    him.  This phase is pretty easy to defeat.  He doesn't block any arrow shots 
    at all so just shoot away at him with rolling shot.  He follows a pattern of 
    attack.  First he shoots out the energy wave a couple of times, then he uses 
    the energy ball attack, finally he attacks with his ultimate attack.  So you 
    know when you see him shoot the balls at you to seek cover.  After two cycles 
    of that attack pattern he then summons minions.  If he summons minions just 
    continue to focus on Jack and ignore them, they can't hit you when you do 
    rolling shot anyway.
    And after a while you'll eventually come out on top, and then the choice at 
    the end of the game is up to you.
                                  Game Complete!
    Congradulations you just completed Fable without leveling up or extending your
    life bar at all.  If you did everything perfectly you should be at age 19.  Now
    save your game to continue play after or whatever you want to do.
    Section 5: Legal Information
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    Sites that have permission to post this guide:
    Section 6:  Contact Information
    Email:  jason.nicholas@gmail.com
    AIM:  blippy5
    Feel free to contact me if you are having any troubles understanding something
    that I wrote, I tried to write everything I did as clear as possible but maybe
    I can explain something differently.  If you email me be sure to put Fable or
    something similar in the title so I know what it's for, thank you ^-^
    Section 7:  Credits
    Just wanted to add this section to thank the following people:
    Lionhead Studios  - For making Fable
    Prima Fable Guide - The HP information of enemies was gathered from here
    GameFaqs          - For hosting my guide
    Utada Hikaru      - For making good music for me to listen to while I write this
    My friends        - For putting up with me
    And finally anyone that sends me feedback about this guide.
    Copyright 2004-2005 Jason Nicholas

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