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    Persona FAQ by Aceofblades

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                              FABLE: Persona FAQ
                                   V. 1.04
                              Started Oct 3, 2004
                               By Ace of Blades
    I : Introduction
    II : Titles of Renown 
    III: Class Titles
    IV: Titles acquired through vendors
    V: Miscellaneous: Titles acquired 
    through drinking/sleeping around
    VI: Haircuts 
    VII: Tattoos
    VIII: Trophies
    IX: Tips
    X: Copyright and special thanks
    I. Introduction
    This guide is designed to help you through the non-mission world 
    of Fable, the miscellaneous things such as Titles, Haircuts and 
    tattoos that will make your game more enjoyable and your character
    more attractive to the common folk. I'll share some tips and 
    secrets that I've picked up along the way and some tips for making 
    your character as evil or good as you wish for him to be. 
    This is my first FAQ so I hope you enjoy it!
    The way the titling system works in this game is it will first 
    name your renown title, then your class title and finally your 
    chosen vendor title, such as Legendary Spellwarrior called Sabre. 
    Enjoy the Guide!
    II: Titles of Renown
    These are titles that are given to you by your rate of Renown, 
    and go by levels (up to 7)
    Renown Level
    1: Unsung
    2: Recognized
    3: Familiar
    4: Well Known
    5: Famous
    6: Very Famous
    7: Legendary 
    III. Class Titles
    These titles are achieved through your actions and leveling up. 
    Some of these seem to be very random and can change in just one 
    level up, and many factors affect them. It may be tough to stay 
    a certain title, but you can try by not leveling or using the 
    same fighting style. More will be added if discovered, but known 
    ones are as follows in no particular order.
    Warrior: Pretty simple, just use melee a lot.
    Spellwarrior: As a warrior level up spell stats, 
    use mostly spell and melee.
    Barbarian: Use barbaric weapons like the pickaxe.
    Fighter: A mix of Skill and strength got me this one.
    Infiltrator: Level up Guile, achieved when you receive lockpick.
    Assassin: Evil Alignment + Skill and melee = assassin.
    Battle Mage: Use a lot of Attack Spells. 
    Will User: Use Mostly Magic.
    Witch Hunter: Use ranged and Spells.
    Knight: Level up Physique.
    Soldier: Level up Health.
    Bounty Hunter: Level up Toughness.
    Archer: Level up Accuracy or use mostly ranged.
    Rouge: Level up Guile, use melee and ranged.
    Mystic: Level up Magic Power.
    Thief: Adept at stealing and level up guile.
    Scout: Level up Speed, or lots of ranged attacks, with some melee
    Apprentice: Don't level up.
    Druid: Evil Alignment, evil magic
    Slayer: Evil Alignment, Archer and Melee
    Runemaster: Good Alignment magic user.
    Invoker: Level up physical Spells.
    Hunter: Use the bow as a warrior.  
    IV. Vendor Titles
    These are titles that our bought at various vendors throughout Albion, 
    There are 17 for sale, 12 in lookout point and 5 at the arena entrance. 
    Check out the title and the cost below. You can achieve 2 other titles via
    special circumstances at the temples...
    Lookout Point
    Maleficious (600)
    Assassin (280)
    Avatar (1,000)
    Liberator (600)
    Druid (200)
    Ranger (260)
    Runemaster (450)
    Hood (200)
    Sabre (250)
    PieMaster (100)
    Chicken-Chaser (40)
    Arseface (60)
    Reaper (250)
    Deathbringer (350)
    Pilgrim (160)
    Gladiator (500)
    Arrowdodger (150)
    Temple of Avo
    Paladin - Donate over 50,000 to the temple of Avo
    Temple of Skorm
    Necromancer - Sacrifice victims to the temple of Skorm, how 
    many depends on your alignment.  
    V: Miscellaneous Titles
    These are titles that are achieved through doing various 
    things around Albion, such as getting drunk or sleeping around.  
    Unknown: Not married
    HeteroSexual: Married to a woman
    HomoSexual: Married to a man
    Bisexual: Married to women and men
    Drinking Titles
    More on the way, these are titles you get on account of
    drinking and partying.
    Lightweight: 0 beers
    Teetotaller: 1 or more
    Alcoholic: 50 beers or more
    Drunkard: 100 beers or more
    Dipsomaniac: 200 beers in a row!
    VI: Haircuts  
    Haircuts and Tattoos give your character the look you desire, and 
    without this style your just another punk warrior.Haircuts can 
    always be bought in Bowerstone South and there is a permanent 
    tattooists in Knothole Glade, however traveling Barbers and tattooists 
    can be found everywhere.
    1) Youngster Style - Description - The kind of hairstyle smallfry go for.  
    Stats:  0 Attractive
            0 Scariness
    Cost and location - (30) -  Find upstairs adjacent to the marital home 
    in Oakvale.
    2) Normal Haircut - Description - You won't stand out with this 
    traditional style.
    Stats: + 50 Attractive 
           + 50 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (85) - Steal from first civilian house in 
    Bowerstone S.
    3)The Buzz - Description - Intimidate the young and elderly 
    with this cut.
    Stats: - 50 Attractive
             0 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (36) - Stolen from barbershop
    4) Ponytail - Description - Favored by Swordsman and Mages. 
    Stats:   0 Attractive
           + 50 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (66) - Stolen from Barbershop (upstairs)
    5) Short Hair - Description - You'll blend in with the crowd with 
    this style.
    Stats: + 50 Attractive
             0 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (65) - Stolen from the house to the right of
    the Oakvale marital home.  
    6) The Warrior Stripe - Description - Get the warrior look with this 
    Stats: - 50 Attractive
           - 50 Scariness
    Cost and Location: (50) - Can only be obtained while wearing the 
    pudding basin during the beardy baldy quest (see below).
    7) Plaits - Description - Favored by Ancient warriors from distant lands.
    And Small Girls.
    Stats: - 50 Attractive
           - 50 Scariness
    Cost and Location (45) - Obtained upstairs in the HookCoast Tavern. 
    8) Bald - Description - A sign of Wisdom, work-related stress and
    androgenetic alopecia. 
    Stats: + 50 Attractive
           - 50 Scariness
    Cost and Location- (40) - Stolen from barbershop
    9) Pudding Basin - Description - The Bores cut of choice. Much favored by
    Stats:  0 Attractive
           -50 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (38) - Stolen from Barbershop or given to you 
    during beardy baldy quest.
    Facial Hair
    1) Normal Beard - Description - An unremarkable beard style.
    Stats: + 48 Attractive
           + 48 Scariness
    Cost and Location (82) - Stolen from Barbershop.
    2) Regular Beard - Description - A usual sort of beard.
    Stats: + 48 Attractive
             0 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (64) -Found in First Civilian House in 
    Bowerstone S.
    Standard Beard - Description - A standard beard style.
    Stats: - 48 Attractive
           - 48 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (30) - In the lookout Picnic grounds.
    3) Long Beard - Description - A beard you could hide a bandit in.
    Stats: - 48 Attractive
           + 48 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (54) - Stolen from Barbershop 
    4) Strip Beard - Description - They say those in far cities wear this.
    Stats:   0 Attractive
           + 48 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (63) - Found in Bowerstone Jail in a barrel
    5) Tramp Beard - Description - More of a life choice than a style. 
    Stats:  - 48 Attractive
              0 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (24) - Found in Hook Coast or Bowerstone Jail
    6) Mutton Chop Beard - Description - Imposing and Eccentric. 
    Stats: +48 Attractive
            0 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (62) - Found during Beardy Baldy Quest.  
    7) Big Beard - Description - For those with a hearty laugh and 
    large girth.
    Stats:  + 48 Attractive
            - 48 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (58) - Can only be bought at travelling barbers.
    Chin Beard (goatee) - Description - Unknown.
    Stats: Unknown.
    Location - I have so far only obtained this after spending a year in
    1) Trader Style Mustache - Description - The facial hair of the traveling 
    merchants of Albion.
    Stats: - 48 Attractive
           - 48 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (25) - Beardy Baldy Quest or in a barrel in 
    Bowerstone Jail.
    2) Foreign Mustache - Description - Warriors from distant lands have 
    brought this style to Albion.
    Stats:  - 49 Attractive
            + 49 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (47) - I believe it can only be purchased from travelers. 
    3) Short Mustache - Description - Says more about you than a dozen books.
    Stats:  0    Attractive
            + 49 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (54) - Found in Prison in Cellblock 2 
    (2nd door, check the skeleton)
    4) Power Mustache - Description - A mustache to bolster the confidence 
    and scare the dim.
    Stats: + 49 Attracive
           + 49 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (67) - Witchwood Lake 
    5) Sheriff Mustache - Description - Worn by those in Authority.  
    Stats: + 48 Attracive
           + 48 Scariness
    Cost and Location - (88) - Stolen from Barbershop or found in
    Bowerstone Jail. 
    6) Worker Mustache - Description - The mustache of the working man.
    Stats:   0  Attractive
           - 49 Scariness  
    Cost and Location - (39) - Found in Fisher Creek.
    VII: Tattoos
    "Nothing says drunken and mystical like a good tattoo." 
    Tattoos not only make your character look cool, but they affect 
    your alignment and possibly deeper secrets that have yet to be 
    Face Tattoos
    Howl- Description - Given to warriors who hunt Balverines.  
    Stats: + 51 Attractive
           + 51 Scariness
           - 51 Alignment  
    Cost and Location - (62) - Found in Heroes Guild Demon Door.
    VIII: Trophies
    Trophies are very valuable objects. Using them, you can not
    only quickly and easily raise your reknown, but they look damn
    cool. You can mount them in your house, show them to people for
    a little respect, or show them to an assload of people via a 
    1) Champions Seal- Value 2,000 - Description - The arena Champions
    Seal is a respected symbol throughout all of Albion. Only the most
    powerful of heroes and brave warriors have earned the right to carry
              Obtained: Complete Arena mission
    2) Bandits Crest - Value 1,000 - Description - Twinblades Crest, with
    the bandit camp emblem.
              Obtained: Complete Find the Bandit Seeress Mission
    3) Wasp Queens Head - Value 100 - Description - The slain Wasp Queen.
              Obtained: Complete Wasp Menace Mission 
    4) King Scorpion Sting - Value 1,000 - Description - The Sting of the
    King Scorpion, still stained with venom.
              Obtained: Kill Scorpion in Arena
    5) Hobbe Tooth Trophie - Value 300 - Description - A hobbe tooth, 
    coated with gold, on a chain.
              Obtained: Complete Hobbe Cave Mission
    6) Trader's Head - Value 5 - Description - A sliced off head, still 
    slightly fresh.
              Obtained: Complete Bandit Spy Extraction Mission
    7) Fist Fighter's Trophy - Value 1000 - Description - The prize for 
    winning the Knothole Glade Fist Fighters Gang.
              Obtained: Win the Four Fist Fighters Challenges in 
              Bowerstone Quay, Oakvale, Twinblades Elite and Gnothole.
    8) Thunder's Helmet - Value 1,000 - Description - Taken from a proud
    warrior over a duel over lady grey.
           Obtained: Defeat Thunder in battle
    9) Kraken's Tooth - Value 1500 - Description - A fang from the sea creatures
           Obtained: Complete Gateway to Hook Coast Mission
    10) White Balverine Head - Value 800 - Description - The blood soaked head of
    a White Balverine.
           Obtained: Complete White Balverine Mission
    11) Golden Fish - Value 100 - Description - The Fisherman's golden
           Obtained: Complete Fishing Lessons Mission
    12) Hobbes Head - Value 300 - Description - There appears to be some
    disgusting insect life crawling through it.
           Obtained: Complete Hobbes Hunting Expedition Mission 
    13) Minion's Helmet - Value 900 - Description - The rolling helmet
    of a mysterious beast. 
           Obtained:  Complete Find the Archeologist (II) Mission
    14) Silver Arrow Trophy - Value 300 - Description - The prize for
    winning the Knothole Glade Archery Competition.
           Obtained: Win the Archery competition (score over 400) or 
                     kill the announcer and take it from him.
    15) Trader's Feather - Value 300 - Description - The traditional 
    feather of the trader's of Albion, given out of thanks by the 
    Barrow Field Trader's.
          Obtained: Complete the Trader Escort Mission
    16) Undead Hand - Value 800 - Description - The severed hand of 
    undead warrior.  Slightly soft to the touch, but beginning to 
    disintegrate. Smells Rancid. 
          Obtained: Complete Graveyard Path Mission
    17) Whisper's Brooch - Value 300 - Description - An Heirloom thats
    been in her family for generations, and surrendered with a scoul.
          Obtained: Hobbes Killing Contest
    18) Jack of Blades Mask - Value 2500 - Description - A sinister 
    mask worn by Jack of Blades, all that remained after his defeat. 
          Obtained: Kill Jack of Blades
    IX: Tips
    Raising your Reknown- There are many ways to raise your reknown
    throughout Albion, but if you can't wait heres a few pointers-
    1) Take the No Damage boast: Taking this boast usually almost doubles
    your mission reward, and as long as you keep your physical shield in 
    tip-top shape you will never be hurt.  Using physical shield is
    a smart tactic anyway because this will increase your chances of 
    a huge combat multiplier.
    2) Trophies at Dinner time: If you want to get a quick 1,000 or so 
    reknown, go to a town such as the Heroes Guild or Gnothole Glade just
    as the shops close.  This will cause everyone to congregate in the 
    local tavern, and you can get an easy 19 or 20 trophy spots with 
    virtually no effort. Also when showing trophies be sure to use slow 
    time to catch any straglers.
    3) Exploiting the Spade: Using this trick, you can gain massive amounts
    of reknown by simple using a spade when at the time you are taking a 
    boast.  You will notice that every time you dig, another NPC will 
    genearate, and using this trick you can easily get a crowd of NPCs to 
    show off a trophy or two.  Be careful, the more that you dig the dirtier
    your X-box gets! If you don't want to screw up your game, keep the NPC
    count below 100.  Credit goes to the Rayven for finding this trick.  
    Undead at Cliffside Path: More than just reknown, this is 
    the key to unlimited experience.  After the prison mission, equip 
    a strong weapon and return to the Cliffside Path Armed with the 
    spell Physical Shield and several mana potions. Use physical shield 
    and begin hacking away at the infinitely spawning undead, and you 
    can gain max reknown, light points and experience in less than an hour 
    (no joke).  Not good if you have the will to be bad.  
    The Beardy Baldy Quest: Early on in the game, you'll have the 
    oppurtunity to help a bitter old man who is looking for a suitor for his
    daughter. Head to Bowerstone Quay and talk to a the man sitting on a 
    bench (be sure to be wearing the pudding basin haircut, or you can never 
    obtain the warriors stripe!) I'll leave the comedic twists to you, but 
    be sure to complete this quest because it leads to several good haircut 
    cards that are difficult to obtain otherwise, not to mention arguably the 
    best tattoo in the game, the Fire Monkey.  
    The Archer Glitch: Need even more easy Experience/Reknown?
    I know the feeling, and thats why I'll throw you this little doozy.
    Equip any Bow or Crossbow and Draw it back for 3 minutes.  This will
    cause the bow to gain a tremendous amountof strength, and when fired
    at an unsuspecting monster/bandit/rock troll it will do the full
    damage without a problem. Using this trick can get you some pretty
    insane exp and combat multipliers in Witchwood lake, where even an 
    Ebony Crossbow can take down a rock troll in a single shot (and give
    you a 61 combat multiplier instantly to boot)!Try it out on tougher 
    enemies and you may be surprised with the results.
    Stealing and your appearance: Obviously, you won't be a very good thief 
    if you're wearing bright plate armor and everyone is cheering your name. 
    Instead,Equip a complete assassin outfit and you'd be amazed who will 
    suddenly cease to notice you.  Oakvale is the most effective place to 
    steal because they carry pricy items and with the assassin outfit you can 
    steal from the salesman while hes still in his shop. If this still isn't 
    working for you, you can also get the shopowner to follow you to the pub 
    for a few beers. Get him to an area far away from the shop, have him drink
     his troubles away and you can steal everything from his store in broad 
    daylight. Breaking and entering at night may make you feel badass, but 
    its highly overrated...
    The Arena - Land of Exp: Before you even take the arena, get your phys. 
    shield up to at least 3. Take the no damage and any other boasts you wish 
    to, and enter the arena with your phys. shield already in place. Battle 
    through the rounds, and your combat multiplier will be around 50 by the 
    time you reach the final battle. Now its your choice,you can walk away with 
    a world of reknown, money and experience, or you could hero save and do it 
    again for even more.  Using this trick will effectively enable you to gain 
    almost all the experience or money you will need for the entire game.
    The Spade Portal: You can dig through walls and other blocked areas 
    such as fences with this handy trick. Map a spade to a hotkey, and keep 
    digging with your back to the barrier. You will emerge on the other side,
    often in a "blue hell" type situation. Try it out and see where you can go,
    someone has actually made it all the way to the top of hook coast.  
    X: Legal Info and thanks
    This FAQ is created by me, Ace of Blades,  and is not to 
    be used by websites other than gamefaqs.com without my permission. 
    None of this document is to be copied in any way, and if 
    you want to use it on your site, you can email me at 
    Special Thanks:
    I want to Thank DaEightofSpades, Alien Man, Doctor Vic, 
    Fated Swordsman, CrAzYcArL, superdood123, Carod, Xeno Baller, 
    OURdean, Xandier, M. Lewis and any others who helped me create this FAQ. 
    Thanks guys, more on the way!

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